Thursday, August 5, 2021

Grocery Ads and Looking for Deals

 Today we all want the best deals we can find.  Watching the ads for specials and shopping for those loss leaders is a great way to save.  I also love the clearance sections in stores.
I think we all need to look outside the proverbial "grocery" as well.  There are many, many stores here in the U.S. that sell food and home goods.
Think about alternatives.

I tend to stick to certain stores - but have no qualms to looking at other places.

Kroger, Meijer, Target, Wal Mart,  Aldi, Sav-A-Lot, Fresh Thyme, Trader Joe's ............  There are lots of grocers and affiliates out there.
Big Lots, Ollies, dollar stores of all kinds
Menards, Rural King, Lowes, Home Depot, etc.

Deals can be found every where.  You just have to be aware.  I have gotten some of my best canned veggie deals at Menards in the past.  
I find different and fun food items at Rural King and Menards
Menards will have all kinds of food deals around various holidays - most often cheaper than the grocery store.  It isn't just wood and nails any more!

Some stores have specials that are just a day or two - Saturday specials or weekends only.
Some may offer additional perks if shopping on certain days (ex: additional store points)
Look for clearance sections.  Most all stores have them in more than one department.  You can find some deals.
Some stores have "senior" day and offer a discount to those over a certain age.

Check your area for food give aways - these aren't just food pantries.  They are for anyone, no income limit, surplus food that is being given away to help who ever wants/needs it.  If it isn't given away - it it is trashed.  That is just so wasteful and wrong.  Often times people get tons of fresh produce and often meat.  I have looked around and I can't find anything like this in our area - but many cities have them.  Free food is fantastic - it can help so many.

Now is the time for farm markets.  Every locality has different times and times.  We have a market up the road at our local park every Saturday morning.  Next little burg south of us has a market every Tuesday and Thursday.  Another park close by has a LARGE market on the second Sunday of the month.  We also have family markets and orchards that sell produce and other items every day.
I love these places as the money spent actually goes to PEOPLE not corporations.  Items are fresh.  Yes, they may cost a little more than the bulk items at the grocery - but fresh, good quality, and small owner means a lot to me.
If you live out of town/rural you may find roadside stands  - Those can have some great deals.
Don't forget barter and trade and gleaning as well.

So take time and get to know what store and markets are in your area.  Know their dates and times of availability.  Help a farmer or home crafter - not a store.
Look around and reap the benefits of abundant deals.

Do you have any other suggestions?  Are there different places in your area to get groceries?
I'd love to hear what every one else sees and does.
Have a great day!


  1. I love to go thru the papers to save on the loss leaders

    1. You can sure find some deals - especially around certain holidays. That is the time to stock up for sure.

  2. You are so right! In the summer season, I just love to stop at the roadside produce stands and will pick up a few items here or there. Last weekend, one stand had purple peppers for $0.25 each -- since I'd never had them, I only got 2. These run $1+ at the grocery store in my town. Zucchini @ 2/$1 is standard, sometimes 3/$1. And I can buy a bushel of tomatoes for $10-$15 half bushel (last year, don't know what they'll be this year), straight from the farmer. There is something about fresh picked plant ripened produce!

    While Meijer has become my go-to (after Dominick's closed; and then Mariano's was sold to Kroger and the prices skyrocketed). I like Meijer simply due to variety and competitive prices, and while I don't like that they track my purchases, I DO love the coupons they send in the mail. I supplement my Meijer shopping with Aldi for dairy and staples. A small local chain has the best meats (often locally sourced), and their prices are competitive, so I'll support the little guy. They often have good produce, too, but staples are high, which is why I don't always shop there. I've never been able to decipher the layout of Jewel and can't cope with the back and forth in half-aisles to find everything I need. If a store frustrates me, it's off my list.

    I, too, often get good deals at Menards -- especially if they're running clearance on some of their grocery goods. And most of my 11% Rebate coupons from Menards gets spent in their grocery aisles. Big R Lumber (now Stock & Field) was my go-to for nuts and other baking goods around the holiday. They changed hands right after the holidays and then shut down for corporate restructuring, but are again open. It will be interesting to see if they continue their good prices for their grocery items.

    Shopping the loss-leaders in the grocery ads is a way to truly save money. Another trick I use is to keep a running list on my refrig. Having a well-stocked pantry, there is no urgency to get everything on my list. I can wait a week or two to look for the best price or wait until that item goes on sale. No sense in paying full price, if I can get it on clearance or on special.

    Happy shopping!

    1. You go gal! Sounds like you have it down.
      Farm stands are just plain fun! So many things offered We have a family market farm stand - that I have purchased canning tomatoes from in the past and the prices were wonderful.

      Like you - no rush on anything. Just wait for a deal and then shop.
      It is amazing all the places we can shop and get deals if we just look.

  3. During the Recession, when a friend was caught short and needed groceries before payday, I shopped, then showed her what you've described here as it's the way I've always shopped. Less than $50 filled her refrigerator and freezer with healthy food. I also wrote instructions for how to separate family sized max packs for individual meals and how to batch cook--then freeze--for lunches during the week. I brought all the ads, marked up with what I'd bought, and jotted notes for in-store markdowns that were purchased, but not advertised; I'd gone to 3 grocery stores, Dollar Tree and the Farmer's Market. Told her Dollar Tree often has the best prices on staples such as pasta and rice. She said it was a lot of time and work. I said I'd done it all in under 2 hours and when strapped, it's worth the time and effort. After awhile it becomes routine.

    I wish there were classes offered for this. It could benefit a lot of people. You'd be a great teacher, Cheryl.

    1. I would LOVE to teach classes on these things. I wish there was a place that wanted someone.
      I have helped many a friend, like you. I had a girlfriend who was so head over heels in debt and she finally confided in me. We set each month for about a year - and got her out of debt, got her an emergency savings and taught her how to shop. It sure made a difference.

      Sometimes you have to spend a little time to save - it is well worth it to me.

  4. Well daughter and I have been doing well at the small food banks by going at the end of the day and getting what would be thrown out.

    1. I sure wish we had more places like that that were nearby.

  5. We love our 5% discount at Publix on Wednesdays. We pair that with the best sales they have and do very well at that expensive store. If you see any sort of discount or salvage grocery stop in and give them a look. If they don't have any deals the first time then go again and give them a second look. Also see if they have a Facebook page where they list the new items they get as it is very helpful in not making extra trips. Facebook Marketplace is a good place to look for local produce. Also, we have a lady on Nextdoor who regularly posts her homegrown backyard tomatoes for $1 a pound.

    1. Good job. I wish we had salvage stores around. The only one I could find closed up a few years back.
      Ethnic stores are another good place!

      I never thought to look on Marketplace - will keep tha in mind.

  6. Lots of good ideas from you and your readers! I was looking at the Aldi ad and the Fresh Thyme ad and found that Fresh Thyme was selling fresh green beans for 99 cents a pound and Aldi's beans were $2.99 for a pound package. Do you remember Cub Foods? I enjoyed shopping there and usually found some excellent buys. My mom used to shop at A&P and Standard Grocery. Kroger also tracks your purchases and knows a lot about you. Probably any company with a loyalty card program is the same. It's kind of the way it is privacy.

    It was a hot 'un today. Took the Urban Farmer to his eye appointment and he came home and crashed while I did laundry. Good day to hang clothes on the line. The doctor put a patch over the eye so he didn't have that horrible pain and discomfort he had the last time.

    Having kraut and wieners with corn fritter tomorrow for lunch. The Hillbilly Kitchen lady made the corn fritters and they looked good.

    1. That is a big difference in price. Fresh Thyme sale items are always good. I loved Cubs - used to be the place to shop!
      Mom shopped Standard as well.
      I really dislike loyalty cards. I use for gas points - but would give that up for no card program. If they can sell items to 'most' people with cards for a cheap price - they could sell to everyone.

      Getting warmer for sure. Glad you hubby rested and was comfortable.

  7. At the farmer's markets, when I had chickens, I asked for anything they were tossing. It helps if you bring your own five-gallon bucket. Since I never bought chicken food AT ALL, this was a big help to me and the chickens--I saved money and the chickens got nutritious fruits and vegetables. They even love the silk from corn.

    1. Great idea and a huge savings. I bet those eggs were good too!

  8. I was watching a video yesterday from this lady who bought her cabbage slicer at Rural King. She was using it to make sauerkraut and said it was a life saver.

    We have Food Lion and Food City here that do the one, two, or three day specials. I am not a big fan of them because Food City turns crazy on Fridays when they do that. LOL

    I do love looking at the grocery store ads though.

    I hope you have a great weekend, Cheryl.

    1. I bet that would be a big help - I have always just used a knife.
      I know right? Those crazy sales bring everyone out and what a mess.
      Have a great one!

  9. I use my fliers a great deal. Sometimes when shopping I am lucky enough to find an unadvertised special and if it is something needed in the pantry, I pick it up right away.

    God bless.

    1. Those unadvertised deals are such a lovely surprise. Stock while you can!