Thursday, August 12, 2021

Live on Less and Have Fun With It!

 You can live on less money and really have a great life.  It is TRUE!
It can also be fun!  I like to challenge myself to see how LOW I can go!  LOL.  Being frugal has become a way of life for me and many of you.  If you haven't gotten into the habit of frugal yet - make a game of it.
There are many things to do -  that saves money.

  • Buy ingredients and make your own food.  Stop buying processed and junk
  • Avoid the middleman - buy from farmer's and farm stands and farm markets
  • Use what you have in the frig - don't let things go to waste
  • Don't over eat - saves money and you will be healthier.  Eat smaller portions
  • Don't be afraid to ask people for things you need.  Fixing something or building something - maybe someone you know has parts!
  • Use salvage materials and make do with what you have
  • Share big ticket items if possible - chainsaw, tiller, rug cleaner, etc.
  • Check FREE sites for your area - you may find all kinds of neat things
  • Pay bills on time and avoid paying interest or late fees
  • Take advantage of weather - sun can heat your home, fresh air on cool days, save rain water for plants, etc..
  • Wash clothes in cold water when possible. 
  • If you leave your home for an extended time - turn down/off water heater
  • Unplug electric devices when not in use
  • Stay home and out of stores if you don't need something - do not just browse
  • Plan your trips in the car to utilize the  shortest trip or car pool

  • Have a big night out? - maybe borrow an outfit instead of buying something you may not wear again
  • Buy clearance or shop thrift stores or yard sales
  • Keep your health in check - it is cheaper than doctors
  • Try to have you bills reduced - internet, cable, phone plan, insurance. etc.
  • Entertain at home
  • Draw names for holidays and do a swap instead of buying for everyone
  • Put a spending cap on gifts
  • Try to make homemade gifts
  • Always use what you have - don't buy things you would never eat or use or wear
  • Shop from your pantry and freezer first - ALWAYS
  • Rotate your food - Use the oldest first
  • Do a stay-cation
  • Recycle, Reuse, Reduce and Reinvent
There are so many more things that we can all do - but this is a start.  Just try spending less and look around for new ways and ideas  on how to do things.
Start small and work your way up.  Little changes can actually make big differences.
I know this may be repetitive to many - but hoping new folks that come aboard can get some ideas.
We can ALL use reminders!

Live on less - have fun - and save a bit of money!


  1. I've always been grateful for my maternal grandmother; she lived through the Great Depression and passed on the skills she perfected during those lean years. Waste nothing was a motto. Also, there are so many no-cost activities to enjoy. She taught me to shop smart, cook from scratch and be creative with whatever is on hand. Would that each high school student or young adult today was taught the same way! Blogs like yours help, Cheryl.

    1. You had a wise grandmother! My folks were older and they lived through those times as well and taught me much. Neither had much growing up and they knew what hard work was. I am glad I listened.

      Oh I wish they taught stuff in school today as well. I think it would be good for even adult assistance programs. So many people can't even cook. It really is amazing.
      Thank you!!

  2. Yes to all of the above. Also utilize friends and family and trade each other for skills you have. My BIL is a mechanic and we can barter with him for cooking or laundry or canning his garden produce.

    1. Yes indeed! Love to trade and barter. We all have skills we can share and should.
      That is how we learn new things.

  3. We are no good at staycations! We always find a reason to work, work, work. But, 23 years ago we bought a 1/12 share of a house on a lake and paid cash and for about ten of those years our maintenance fees were only $240 a year, then $360 for about five and now $480. That is for for four full weeks each year! You cannot even go camping for that much money. Plus we have a fully stocked kitchen, washer and dryer and just about anything we could need right there. So, we feel like we have saved thousands over the years on vacations. It is only 2 hours from home so we don't even have to spend a lot for gas to go there. I know a lot of people who say they do not need vacations but my husband worked a very high stress job and he had to get away from it and since we do not have internet there they left him alone. If you can find a partnership to buy into like we did you can really save money. We keep our fees so low because we are all frugal and do our own cleaning and maintenance. We were so blessed to have this when our kids were growing up!

    1. That sounds like a pretty darn good deal. I have a niece that has a time share and enjoys it. Camping was out big get away - we had a camper set in place on a river. We went a couple times a month. Our best fun was just 'wondering' Indiana. We loved our day trips and saw so many neat things.

  4. I have always enjoyed being frugal and finding the best deals and putting money away for retirement and for son's college. I did good, home paid off at 50, son went to a great college and had no student loans. I live a comfortable life, don't need much to be happy. I only buy on sale or clearance, from food to clothes and furniture. I drive a twelve year old car with only 40M miles, it had 20M when I got it. I hope it will last my lifetime. I think the most money The most money I spend in a year is taking care of my dogs, the vet and their medications are not cheap but I could not live without them. I used to use a twice a year city clinic for discounted care but can no longer take and control 3 of them while waiting in a long line for the clinic. If these are offered in your town and you can do it, it is a great way to save. Please keep trying to teach your kids and grandkids how much they can save by paying attention to all of these things, grocery and other things as well. Many of them have not gone without due to our planning, they need to learn from us.

    1. I enjoy the lifestyle as well. You sound like me with my vehicle. It is a 2002 and only has 67,000 miles. Sure I have had repairs - it still looks great - so why get rid of it??
      I spend the most on animals as well. Much more than I spend on me. That is my enjoyment!!!

      Great deal on the pet clinic. Yes, we all need to teach anyone younger than us how to get by on little. They may have to some day!

    2. We have a holistic vet about 50 miles from us and he is only $25 a visit. A friend made an appointment and put her three Great Danes in the back of her Suburban and started on her way up the interstate. They saw something they thought was bark worthy right at the beginning and barked for 50 miles! My friend said she would never try that again. She nearly lost her mind before she got there and then they barked all the way home! ( He was very helpful for a persistent health problem with her dogs though.)

    3. Lanna I can imagine she about went nuts! Oh my. LOL!
      Glad she got good help though.

  5. BY utilizing much of this post I have been able to live a pretty good life. Now I did have years of agonizing debt, but I was still frugal to a fault. Just raising kids on such a low income was very hard. Now we are fine using most of these tricks.

    1. We have all had debt at some point and being of a frugal mindset helps in the payment of such. Choices - it is all about choices.
      It is nice to be comfortable!

  6. Yep, I have always said that people should be happy with what they have and yet so many people seem to want more than they can afford. We could have bought our new vehicle outright but at 0% interest though what the heck we can afford to make payments and keep our money in the bank compiling interest. We worked very hard to be at this point but enjoyed the journey to get here.

    God bless.

    1. Agree. Living simple nd on less - doesn't mean you didn't work hard. Pretty much the opposite. Smart people work to get deals, pay off, and save.
      Wise decision.

  7. It's actually freeing not to feel compelled to shop just for something to do. Eating out usually results in a tummy upset so preparing food at home is ever so much better. The Urban Farmer and I are very much homebodies so our happy place is at home and in our gardens.

    Did you get any rain? The radar showed a ton of rain coming our way but we only got A few sprinkles.

    1. Same here. Major home body and getting more so every day. Home is a happy place for sure.
      Sprinkles is all I got as well. Sure looked like it might rain - but nothing