Sunday, August 15, 2021

Weekly Wrap-Up 8/15

 Good morning to all.   I hope this Sunday finds you well and happy.
It is in the 60's this morning!!!  No humidity.  I actually shivered a bit when I went out this morning!  LOL
What a difference a couple days can make.
It was so incredibly humid and hot this past week.  This is just a wonderful relief.  Windows open and house airing.
We got a little rain on Monday (not much) and nothing to speak of after that.  Everyday they reported a chance - well it didn't happen here.  I have had to water all week,

My week:
  • Last Sunday I went to the once a month farm market in Irvington.  It was nice to go again (I hadn't been in 3 years).  Not as big - but plenty of things to see.  I got 6 peaches and a HUGE cantaloupe (11 lbs.).  All has been so tasty.
  • Harvesting garden.  Zucchini has really slowed as has cukes.  I did find a huge 'baseball bat' zucchini out there!!!  Tomatoes are really starting to come on great!  So enjoying those.
  • I did finally get the old grill out to curb for heavy trash.  I kept the grates for 'just in case'.  It didn't make it to heavy trash - someone picked it up.  Glad it is gone - I just kept forgetting to get it out for heavy trash (once a month)
  • Paid bills, balanced checkbook, cleaned paperwork up and sorted
  • Been working on  my big declutter and doing well.  I am up to date on items removed for the  entire month.  I have 3 boxes, 4 bags and 2 large items in the vehicle to drop off so far
  • When working downstairs I found 4 boxes of very old baking soda.  Brought up for cleaning use in bath and kitchen
  • Line dried laundry.  Hung all the t-shirts on hangers to dry - and once they dried (windy day) - they were ready to hang up in closet!
  • Spent Saturday (first cooler day) working outside.  I deadheaded all the coreopsis and pulled some weeds in flower bed.  Got the front flower bed cleaned out of lots of spiderwort, ivy and Vinca vine
  • Glen's aunt took me out to eat at the 50's restaurant and then came back and spent the afternoon catching up on Tuesday.  That was nice.
  • Shredded, cubed and chopped zucchini for the freezer for winter use
  • Made a meal of goulash this week and remade it into a different dish on day 2.  Ate some and froze a helping
  • Kept some seeds from that cantaloupe I got and some seeds from zucchini.
  • I did make a run to Kroger this week.  Supplies were good and shelves full.  Cat food was back a lot more than usual.  I got 70 cans of cat food.  I found 10 snack packs of pistachios for .49 each!  My favorite nut and they are always so expensive.  I also used a GC of $25 at Kroger that I had forgotten about!

Meals this week:
Leftover beans & dirty rice and cukes and tomatoes
Lima beans, smoked sausage and sliced tomatoes
Went out to eat with Glen's aunt
Goulash and tomatoes and cukes
Pizza casserole (used leftover goulash) and tomatoes
Sausage dogs and sliced tomatoes
Macaroni/cheese, salmon, and sliced tomatoes 
Fruit for snacks

How was your week?  Anyone else decluttering?  How are those gardens doing?  Anyone canning yet?  I think I may begin canning this coming week.
Blessings from my humble little home to you and yours.  Stay well and safe this week.

For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under the heaven.
Ecclesiastes 3:1

Help us Lord, to understand that all things happen in Your time - not necessarily ours.  
You are our light and our hope.  AMEN


  1. Sounds like your big declutter is going well! The person who took your old grill probably was going to sell it for scrap. There is a guy here who drives through the neighborhood every trash day and collects scrap metal. I got his phone number and call him when I have something good for him. He gets the money, and I get rid of the junk - a win-win!

    We had nearly 6" of rain in four days, 3.75" falling in a few hours one evening! This was accompanied Friday evening by damaging winds that did a number on my front flower bed. I did get everything upright and tied to a trellis yesterday. Needless to say, my water barrels are full. We have more rain coming this week, too. The latest produce count is: 9 zukes, 7 cukes, and 363 cherry tomatoes. I shredded and froze zucchini and froze tomatoes.

    Averaged completion of a PL blanket a day, mostly quilts. Used small yarn balls to make multi-colored crochet borders on fleece blankets.

    Put about 10 lbs of duplicate/excess genealogy paper at the curb. I've been going through all of my grandmother's and my records. Still have some to go through, but it looks like most of it will be going. Giving some gene. books to the library for their book sale.

    Stocked up on cat litter and prune juice at WalMart. Filled our prescriptions at Costco. Figured out we will save @$520/yr. Got gas there, too, saving $.22/gal. I don't drive very much, but it will add up to @$24/yr savings.

    Other frugalities: cut up an old t-shirt to make plant ties, checked WalMart inventory online before driving there so I didn't make a fruitless trip, reading a book I own, added partially used genealogy notebooks and emptied 3-ring binders to our office supply pantry, baked chocolate chip peanut butter bars to use up some old peanut butter, laundry on the line, collected cosmos seeds for next year.

    My front yard pollinator garden is doing its job. Monday evening, before the storms moved in the next day, I had an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail, Red-spotted Purple, and Question Mark butterfly along with a female hummingbird feasting on nectar from the butterfly bush, zinnias, and mexican sunflowers. When I came out with my butterfly ID book, they totally ignored me, making it easy to identify the Question Mark, which I had never seen before. Had a Monarch butterfly yesterday that worked around me while I tied up plants.

    Hope everyone has a safe and frugal week with rain for those who need it (I'll take a pass on the rain for a while!)

    1. Yep, I am sure the guy was going to scrap the grill. People go up and down the alley the night before heavy trash and pick what they want. That is fine with me!

      Sounds like you tomatoes are going gang busters! WOW
      You gave me an idea for old genealogy reference books. May contact library. I thought about listing on free place. SO many are nice hard back books. They cost me a small fortune back in the day.

      Love you are getting so many PL blankies done. You really kept busy this week.
      Love that you are IDing all the nature. Cool. It sure is something to watch and enjoy. That is a lot of rain - we could sure use some. I am gad you could salvage your plants after the storm.
      Hope you have a great week.

  2. Hi Cheryl,
    Also have been trying to go through things to donate. Hate to say but I have 4 different sizes in my closet. MY weight goes up and down. A few months ago I was down 25lbs. Then the came and so did my weight.
    I tend to hang on to clothes for that reason plus I don't wear out a lot. That is a good thing, I have clothes for all my sizes.
    I am happy to say we got rain yesterday and last night. Saves a lot of money on the water bill.
    My neighbor across the street lost her husband a couple of weeks ago. I picked up some fruit at the farmers market for her. When I went over to deliver it, her children were holding a garage sale. I asked about what I thought was a bowl or candy dish. Turns out it was a bulb covering for a sixties floor lamp (mid century modern) that I am now the owner of. It is not only a lamp but a piece of art in my opinion. I went home to get the checkbook and her kids said no charge because of things I had done over the years. I would gladly paid for it. I will just continue to bring her fruit and veggies.
    Does anyone besides me like older things for their home?

    1. Heck, you are ready for anything and that is OK. Hubs always had a few size levels of clothing as well. Finally he gave up the smaller ones!
      NO you are not the only one who likes old things. That is my house!!!! Nothing modern at all.
      Sounds like you got a deal and that they appreciate you. I have used old globe covers upside down outside as candle holders (wind didn't blow out candles).
      Hope you have a great week.

    2. I love old items in my house, too, especially old lamps and shades.

    3. They are always so pretty and I love quilts too and linens.

  3. Your weather sounds wonderful minus the heat and humidity. I’m ready for cool weather whenever Mother Nature wants to send it.

    That is so nice that you have once a month heavy trash at your home. We have that here, but have to haul it ourselves. I’m grateful to have a place to get rid of things when we need to get rid of them.

    Nice find at Kroger’s on the pistachio nuts. We like them too.

    1. It is glorious out today!!!!
      Yes, the city trash company does the pick-up. They have a big claw that picks stuff up and dumps into big truck.
      I love pistachios. I was happy.
      Have a good one.

  4. It is a lovely day here in Indy. I'm visiting my sister, who never opens a window and stays shut indoors with AC on all day/night thru summer! It drives me nuts! But it's her home so I respect that. Trash collection where I live in Wisconsin is very particular, no heavy or large items, and if the bin lid is open more than an inch they won't pick it up. You got some great deals this week. Best, Celie

    1. You are in my neck of the woods today. I love fresh air - I know people who are like that as well - never open a window.
      So happy our collectors aren't like that. People get to put out big stuff once a month and regular trash can be heaping.
      Hope you have a nice visit!

  5. Rain has moved in and we are to have a lot of it from tropical storm Fred over the next 3-4 days. Yesterday it thundered loudly for an hour with the sun shining. It was weird but finally the rain did move in. We need it badly as it has been very dry here.

    I hemmed two dresses that I was not wearing into tunic length tops. We got a deal on seasoned pork tenderloins at Publix, 3/$10. We love to throw those on the grill and they are great to have on hand for a company meal. While we were out we stopped at the discount grocery because they had posted Brach's Classic jelly beans for 3/$1. We got 6 bags and put them in jars when we got home. They will last us a long time. When we were at Aldi I was surprised to find many holes in stock. Some canned goods had been replaced with name brands for twice or more the regular store brand price. So here we go again. We had lunch out on Friday with a BOGO meal coupon. That was a nice break.

    1. Glad you are getting rain. It looks like it could here, at the moment. Not holding my breath!
      What good deals you got. I have noticed that Aldi is starting to sell some name brands - but noticed that a while back.
      Good deal on the lunch.
      Have a good week and enjoy a jelly bean for me!

  6. You're doing so well with your decluttering and keeping up with the yard work too. I'm impressed with your industry.

    Thank you for the kind words on my post yesterday. The support is much appreciated!

    1. I keep trying. Slowly the turtle wins the race!!!
      You are welcome. I just know it can be frustrating and scary. Your grandson is a lucky little boy to have you both.
      Take care.

  7. It was a challenging week for me, but I managed to declutter a little. I changed out my comforter and shams, for a new one I got on sale, and the old "thinning" one and shams have been sitting on the floor in my laundry room. I finally got around to laundering it all yesterday, and it is folded and ready to go for donation. I thought about keeping it for back-up, and then rethought that idea! It's served its purpose, let it go. I also cleaned out my refrig and purged all of the past-date mayo-based condiments and dressings that had been opened how long ago??? Oil-based, I'd probably keep longer, but the creamy ones, better safe than sorry! From the preserving perspective, I dehydrated 2 trays of oregano and another 2 trays of basil this week, and split a bushel of #2 Romas with a friend -- a total of 14 quarts and 15 pints (I think?) to split between us. So, I am decluttering my empty jar collection, LOL!!!! At the farmstand where we got the tomatoes, I also got 2 huge green peppers (2/$1) and a nice ripe cantaloupe. So blessed to live in this area.

    1. Good for you on decluttering. I tend to keep blankets and comforters - just in case there would be no heat or for the animals.
      I need to go through the frig again. It is easy to lose things in there, isn't it?
      You did good with your fresh goods. Now that is a great way to declutter the jars!!!! Great price on peppers.
      Have a good one.

  8. Your Naked Ladies are so beautiful. I miss mine. I absolutely love pistachios. That is such a good price!!! The curb was where I put everything, furniture included. There is someone out there who will pick up what a person has. I never paid to have anything carried off. We had one day each year for big item pickups. I will be removing the seeds from muscadines today.

    1. I love that you can out things out and they are things someone else 'needs'. That happens here a lot.
      Enjoy those muscadines!

  9. Irvington is such a beautiful part of Indianapolis. I did not know that Butler University had previously been located there.

    We have a guy we call when we have anything to scrap out. He came after the old washer and Home Depot was going to charge us $25 to haul it away. He works at the Coke plant in Speedway and does lawn care as a side gig, along with collecting scrap metal. Hard worker.

    Oh my goodness, I am enjoying this cooler weather. Last week was just about the last straw. Everything is so dry tho, watering as much as we can. Still water in the barrels. I was checking the zucchini plant and found not one but two enormous zukes. I told the Urban Farmer that we had Louisville Sluggers in the garden.
    Still picking green beans and shared some beans and tomatoes with a neighbor. They had an abundance of pickling size cukes so she gave us a bag of those.

    Where is the 50's restaurant in your area? It's nice to find something that is not part of a chain. We used to go to Iron Skillet for special occasions but it has gotten expensive, just like everything else.

    I admire the way you keep busy and productive. An inspiration to us all!

    1. Yes Irvington is a lovely spot. It has a lot of history.
      Nice that you have someone to come and get things for you - that has to be a big help.
      It sure has been dry and hot. This weather is so nice. Loving the cool mornings and evenings. Probably won't last long. I am still using rain water for pots - but not garden. Hose is taking care of that.
      Those baseball bat size are good for shredding.
      Actually a couple places. Shelby Street Diner is a nice little 50's place - good food. We went to Edward's, which just has that vibe and the music! Good food there as well.
      Take care and enjoy those fresh goodies!

  10. 11 pounds is huge for a cantaloupe.

    1. You bet it is! I had to carry it back to the car too!! LOL


  11. Sorry I am not responding to your post, but just venting. Many of us are older, we have lost our partner in life and are trying to find a way forward without them. Why do people think they have the right to find fault in the way we live? Why do they think they have the right to judge our how we live our life? I am happy that I do not feel the pressure to feel I have to keep up with everyone's idea of the so called modern society. I am happy to live a quiet life. I like baking my own bread, filling a pantry to sustain myself and others if the need arises. I LOVE MY ANIMALS and do not regret any money I spend to take care of them. I enjoy cooking from scratch so I can save for other things. I do not have to go eat at restaurants when I can cook better with less money. I do not have to spend money on fancy clothes, shoes, jewelry, hair care or makeup. It is not my place to make you comfortable, I only have to do what makes me happy. If people can't accept that I am okay with that. The day may come that you may have to make changes in your life to survive. I don't have to worry about that, the simple life is a good life, I have lived this way for a long time. I do not have to worry if shtf. We have all witnessed this with Covid but the only thing I had to do was get masks. This is not going away, you must adjust to the every changing world. Take stock of your life, you need food, water, medicine and shelter. Take care of those things first everything else is a not have to but a bonus.
    I think you would agree with me Cheryl and I appreciate you and the education you give to all of us.


    1. Preach it sister! AMEN. Tomorrow's post is about choices - this is so appropriate.
      NO ONE needs to tell us what we should do. We are adults and make our decisions.
      I was the same - all I did was start wearing a mask - as I already had them from when someone might come by that was ill around hubs back in the day.
      I changed nothing really.
      Bless you and you just keep on doing what you are doing!!!!

  12. That was a huge cantaloupe.

    I need to start saving seeds, I bet that cuts down on costs quite a bit.

    God bless.

    1. Yes it was huge and wonderful tasting. I don't usually save seeds - but this was so good and thought just maybe I could replicate! My brother saves lots of seeds.

  13. I am so grateful that I found your website, no one gets it. I am done trying to explain it. I am sure that many of my family have suffered in the pandemic but none will admit and start to plan for the future.
    I think I was blessed early in my life, I never felt the need to keep up with anyone. Not saying I did not have nice things or vacations but they were something we planned for and could pay in cash, we did not take on debt just to impress. I think your post tomorrow about choices will be very well received. We all need to step back and look at the future and plan to be ready for what comes next. I am getting there a step at a time, I shop the loss leaders and clearance items so my pantry looks good. I buy another bag of dog food each time I go out so building that up. I used to have just 2 little dogs but a dear friend passed in April of 2020, no one stepped up to take care of his baby, so I now I now have an 80lb dog that eats a lot. He is a sweetheart and makes me feel safe. He would never bite anyone but just his appearance and bark scares everyone that comes to the door. Sometimes I just go to the door and crack it while he stands at the front window, I cock my head that way and ask "do you want to meet him?" They are off my porch in 2 seconds. Makes me laugh every time...I am a bad girl.
    Looking forward to your post tomorrow!

    1. You sound like a very smart lady. I agree with all the things you do and are saying. choices can be for anything - and we need to do what we find that works for us. Well, everyone else will just have to fend for themselves.
      So many don't get it - :"I can run down to the store" - until it isn't there. Then what??
      You keep doing you. We are all in this boat together and we support each other.
      You found your sisterhood!!!!!

  14. Cheryl I laughed out loud re your baseball bat zucchini. I would be happy to find one of those! Humidity makes me feel like a wet dishrag. Awful. Yes I agree things add up! We see little opportunities everywhere and make the most of them. And this makes for happiness too. Busy hands = happy hearts! xxx

    1. Those surprises in the garden pop up now and then. Zucchini grow so fast and they are quite good at hiding. It made a lot of grated zucchini for bread!
      Little things do make a difference.