Sunday, August 29, 2021

Weekly Wrap-Up 8/29

 Happy Sunday.  My goodness, we are on the last Sunday and weekend of the month.  For much of the U.S. this is considered the end of the summer season - Labor Day will be celebrated in a week - and that is usually the last summer hoorah!  Other countries are just now ending winter and starting summer.  That is so hard for me to wrap my head around!!  LOL

It has been hot, hot, hot and HUMID!  UGH.  We did get a huge rain on Wednesday that was not even predicted (rains were very spotty).  It sure did help.  What was so amazing is that much rain in a normal time would have flooded my back yard.  Not this time - it just soaked right in!  Got sprinkles a couple times after that.
This next week is supposed to cool a bit - to 80's!  YAY!!  No cool nights yet.  It looks like a lot of chances of rain early in the week as the effects of the aftermath of the hurricane move north.

My week:
  • I did a deep watering before the rain came.  It was so dry early in the week.
  • Harvesting garden goods.  I got 1 cucumber and 1 zucchini this week and tons of tomatoes and even started harvesting a few grapes!
  • I did run to Kroger on Tues.  They had empty meat bins - they had thoroughly cleaned.  A truck must have come in that morning - as there were skids loaded all over the store.  By the time I left the meat bins were pretty full as they had several people stocking.  I got more dry, canned and treats for cats.  I bought a case of pint canning jars for 9.99.  I have tons of quarts - but was running lower on pints.
  • I did a fuel fill-up on Blazer.  Gasoline was down .35/gallon from a couple weeks ago - from seeing the signs (I hadn't purchased for a while)
  • Trimmed my hair
  • Canned 5 quarts of seasoned tomato soup/chili base
  • Canned 7 more pints of salsa - did spicier version this time
  • My zucchini plants have finally bit the dust - they are done for this season.
  • I picked some grapes and destemmed.  I ended up with 2 lbs. after removing stems.  Froze till I have enough for jelly.  (going back out today to pick!)
  • I went to my bank on Friday to discuss options for CD's that are maturing.  They will serve no purpose after matured (rates too low).  I wanted ideas on something safe, nothing long term and something that benefits me a bit (makes a little interest).  Hard to find now days!  I think I got some decent options to mull over this coming week and then will go back after holiday.
  • Continuing to de-clutter - I have 2 more boxes ready to go.  Still working in it.
  • All the regular stuff.  Eating from home, using garden produce, laundry in cold, normal cleaning, etc.
  • Cats all got flea meds from supplies I had here
Meals this past week:
Baked potato topped with nacho cheese and meatballs 
Cheeseburger and salad
Tamales topped with chopped tomato
Small pizza - some veggies, but  mainly tomato and cheese
Chili/cheese fries
Grd. beef/hominy/zucchini skillet dinner topped w/parm. and sliced tomatoes
SNACKS - pistachios, cheese on Tris-cuts, fruit, ice milk

                                                Chili/cheese fries - oh so tasty!  A nice treat

How has your week been?  Staying frugal?  Getting decent harvests?  Give us a shout out and let s know what is going on in your neck of the woods.

Prayers for all of those in the path of the hurricane.  Praying for your safety.  This sounds so scary.  16 years ago today was another dreadful day for Louisiana.  I sure hope this isn't as devastating.
Please pray for the military and civilians in harms way in Afghanistan as well.  SO many sad situations.

Blessings from my humble little home to you and yours.  
Stay safe and healthy in the coming week.

Apply your mind to instruction and your ear to words of knowledge.

Lord help us to continually learn and grow in Your ways and the ways that will aid and help our families and friends.  Teach us to be thankful for what we DO have and not disgruntled about the things that are lacking.  Teach us to be flexible and grateful.


  1. Sounds like a good week for you, Cheryl. I’m concerned about the hurricane I headed for Louisiana too. We need to hope and pray for them.

    1. It was a pretty decent week. Yes, prayers need to be said by everyone.

  2. Oh how we would love unexpected rain out West. The fires and smoke are awful.

    My garden? Well, 6 weeks of constant heat over 95F continually dropped my tomato flowers. We've now been under for a few weeks so I finally have fruit developing. Time will tell if I actually pick any. First frost could be in 3 weeks!

    It's a conundrum. We need early snow to start putting fires out. We need late frost/snow to get some garden tomato harvest.

    Zucchini, eggplant and peppers are doing well in spite of the heat!

    I pray for safety through yet another hurricane week in the south.

    1. What a bummer! I pray for rain for the West often. It is so awful. I hope you get some tomatoes before frost or at least get some big enough to pick and wrap to ripen indoors.
      Glad you other veggies are doing good.
      It sure is a sad situation.
      Stay cool.

  3. I hope the folks in the path of the hurricane stay safe. We've had rain for much of the past week with more in the forecast. It was crazy dry here and now it's heading in the other direction. If only we could get a happy medium.

    1. The old saying "when it rains it pours" seems to hold true often. Yes I would be happy with a nice middle ground as well.
      Have a good one.

  4. This has been a difficult garden year. Too much rain then not enough rain. I messed up my knee and just one thing after anouther. My yeild is down but at least i tried and got somewhere. Next year it will be different. BUT so thrilled the last 2 years were good ones and I still have canned goods left.

    1. Sorry. Some years are just like that. Last year I didn't get all that many tomatoes - but this year is gang busters. You just never know.
      Glad you were blessed with a good past yield that will help out over the winter. Next year - WISHING YOU GREAT SUCCESS!!!

  5. I cannot believe how fast the growing season went. We have had five years of drought up here in Manitoba. They tell us all the plants are trying to hurry through their growing cycle. I would have loved to do more canning and dehydrating, but I am only one person that shares with my family. It won’t hurt us to do without this year. I prefer to leave the over abundance for those who have large families and need to buy extras. There are a few giving tomatoes, apples etc away, but for the most part people are using it as extra income this year. My blog has disappeared and I haven’t figured out how to redirect to my new one.

    1. Bless your heart. So nice of you to share your bounty. There are so many who just have so little and I know that must be a blessing to them.
      I keep sharing with many of my neighbors - they sure love the 'fresh' REAL tomatoes as they put it. Nothing like store bought! Just seems the years go faster the older I get - yep - Momma was so right!!!!! LOL
      I am sorry you have had such drought. Our west coast is sure like that as well.

      Well shoot - too bad you lost your blog. If you figure out how to direct us to your new one - please advise. We all love reading different ideas.

  6. It is still crazy hot here, too. We know that cold weather will be late in coming here since the squirrels just this week started stripping the hickory trees. Most years it is early August. After 27 years we know that they know so we can plan accordingly. We have a son and family in Louisiana but thankfully they are way west so they will have little from the storm. We often lose our gas supply here after a Gulf Coast hurricane so we filled up today and will be good for weeks.

    We added many useful items to our pantry this week from the discount grocery. We will restock the taco meat in the freezer from 1.50# ground pork and we bought rolls of good sausage for .79 each. I found a 5# bag of biscuit mix that only requires the addition of milk or water with 14 months on the date so I count that as a real pantry plus in a situation where bread is needed and I only have water. And I was excited to find Malto Meal! It is impossible to find in the South. Butter was only 1.84 at Aldi so we topped off our supply.

    I'm glad to know you are on the west side of the storm. Those on the east get the tornados and such. Have a good week!

    1. I am glad your son is out of the way of the storm. I well imagine gas will go up for a while. Like you I am good to go for a long while as well.

      Wow, what great deals you got. super prices. Man I wish we had a discount grocery around here. I would be all over that.
      I sure hope yo all remain safe!

  7. Also, the CD rates are horrible! All ours rolled off 6-12 months ago and we have a bunch of money just sitting idle. When they recover I think we are buying much longer term than we have before.

    1. Yes, CD rates are horrible - most everything is. Even my Money Market savings gets very little. I was hoping things would change before they came due - but no. I guess we just do the best we can!

  8. Look into an Individual Retirement Account (IRA). CD's are worthless now which is a shame because they were a safe investment in their time. Waiting for the heat to go away but not complaining today. The people in Louisiana and Mississippi are going to get hit hard. Praying for the people who did not evacuate. Take care and keep prepping. Bun

    1. Hi - thanks for the tip. I have a great investment plan else where and could remove something from the bank to there - but I want to be able to get to funds if need be. I think I have a plan! :)

      I know it is so scary. I understand not wanting to leave your stuff - but a life is more important than stuff. Of course, we never know until we are in a situation.
      I will - you keep on prepping as well!!

  9. Yes, prayers for those in Ida's path. I had a similar conversation with my banker this past week and they are going to be bringing on some 3- and 5-year annuities in the next couple of weeks. They'd had an educational meeting about it, but hadn't yet gotten any information for passing out. With a 0.05% interest rate is for the birds! These will supposedly be around 1.5%, so I may research it a bit more. I'm getting a tomato or pepper here and there, which is fine for using in my cooking, but not enough for preserving. My oregano has been going gang-busters, basil is puttering out, and my parsley has been non-productive for the most part, I don't know why. I've stayed away from the store, for the most part, as there's nothing pressing to get. Saves $$$, I guess.

    1. I know, .05 is about ridiculous! And it doesn't matter how much or little you have!! I really figured rates would go up - but everything is kind of catty-wompus now!

      Sorry you aren't getting veggies to put up. AT least some to use. Yes mam, that is a money saver. You did good!

    2. I remember the "good old days" back in the early 80's. My grandmother's savings account was getting an interest rate of 6%! Seems everything went haywire with that Fannie May fiasco.

    3. I hear that. My Mom used to make some great interest back then. Crazy how things have changed!

    4. If you saved in the 80's you had good interest, but my VA mortgage was 14%. It really kept a lot of people out of houses.

    5. You are very correct. Saving and buying were direct opposites. That seems to often happen.

  10. Definitely keeping those in the path of Ida in my thoughts.

    Good week here, not really as frugal as I would have liked, but we are well stocked up for a goodly amount of time and I got to spend the day with our youngest son Kris.

    Garden harvest is ongoing. I have picked jalapeno peppers, bell peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes. Harvey has dug a couple of potato hills and pulled some onions.

    God bless.

    1. So happy you got time with family - that is always a plus. There are times we all spend more than others. If we need or want something - well, that is why we are frugal the rest of the time!

      Great going on the garden. It all sounds yummy.

  11. Praying for folks in Afghanistan, military and civilian alike. Also for people in the path of the storm. Lots of things going on right now.

    Going to see a sports med doc tomorrow for my knee problems. Hopefully he can do something. I looked him up on IU Health's web site and he doesn't look old enough to shave, let alone be a doctor. ha!

    Our flat leaf Italian parsley looks terrible but the curly parsley is going gang busters. Need to make some pesto as the basil is plentiful. Fresh grapes are so much better than store bought.

    1. Good luck with your doctor visit. My brother ended up with the former Colts doc for his knees! The guy knew his stuff. I know hubs doc used to be that way - he looked like a teen!

      I have never had pesto - I keep hearing everyone talk about it. Just not something I ever tried. Fresh grapes are wonderful!

  12. So many things happening in our world and in our country it's hard to keep up. Prayers for all the families of the service members who were killed, the Afghan refugees, the ones left behind, everyone in the path of Ida and still for all in the path of those wild fires. So much uncertainty for so many. So many prayers are needed. We have gotten so much rain in the past three days and much more in the forecast, so I am very happy about that.

    1. Yes things are sad around the world. Prayer is all we have.

      Glad to hear you have gotten NEEDED rain. Our grass has finally greened back up around here. Nice to see.
      Have a blessed week.

  13. Okay this is going to sound crazy but I am planning on being ready for next spring since year was a bust for me. Getting raised beds in place, bringing some good soil to fill them etc...want to get this all done in the fall. My question to you all is how do I keep the critters out so they don't eat my produce. The main problem I have is them going after my tomatoes. I did not get to garden this year due to hip replacement but the year before I had great output of tomatoes. When I would go out to pick them so many already had teeth marks lol. I did not and do not want to think about who was eating them. I live in the city but we have a wide variety of wildlife about plus every once in a while I have seen a rat. What I can I put over the plants or around the plants that would discourage them? I have always used organic products around the garden, want the produce to be perfectly safe as I share it with my neighbors.

    1. You are not crazy to already be planning. Actually that is smart to prepare ahead.
      It cold be anything getting your tomatoes. Some things are easier than others to remedy. Squirrels are often after water - so I keep that available. Possums and racoons just want to eat! You could possibly put chicken wire cages all around your plants (each individually) - that you could open to harvest. I have heard placing human hair around helps or Irish Spring soap. SO many things.
      I sure hope you can come up with a good plan and get your harvest yourself!