Thursday, January 12, 2023

The Random Thoughts in my Head!

We have had some deep conversations this week.  Today I will keep things light.  I thought I would let you know the randomness of my brain!!!!!  Oh some days my brain just flits here and there and everywhere!! 
So here we go.
Looked out the other morning and saw 'big bird' sitting in my tree.  The hawk was HUGE!  It was about 2' tall and the wingspan was tremendous when it took off.  Notice to the left - the squirrel watching it!  There were several squirrels flitting up and down the tree - and the hawk didn't care. It was waiting for birds (who were hiding in the bushes).
Notice the spot to the left of the bird where the large branches converge.  See that little poof of white?  That is a piece of batting from my lawn cushion!!!!!!  Yep, it was an old one and left outside and the squirrels tore it apart and drug a piece about 12 x 12 up the tree for its nest!  That was quite a sight to see!  Crazy buggers.

Been meaning to show you one of the things I got for Christmas.  My nephew got this for me.  
I don't think I showed this - maybe I did.  I go downstairs every day to check my freezer - so this is going to be a huge help.  I just love getting practical gifts!  My basement steps are kind of steep - so it is nice knowing I don't have to go down and check things every day.  Much safer for me - now I just need to get in the habit of not going down!!!!!!

These 2 celebrated their 61st wedding anniversary on this past Sunday.  My brother and sister-in-law.  They graduated together in 1959 - but didn't date in school.  They were just friends.  They married when I was 7.  Funny story, I did not like her at all!!!!!!  She married my brother and I WAS going to marry him!!!!!!!  LOL!  How dare her?
Needless to say, over the years we have grown close and I like her pretty good now!  Hehe

This morning we are having thunderstorms here.  Just crazy to say that in the middle of January.  It is going to drop in temperature today and be pretty chilly tomorrow - just crazy weather.

I am getting ready to go in a cut out a batch of Springerle cookies!  Yes, I am doing my holiday baking now.  The kids are coming in town Sunday for our holiday celebration.  The nephews always look so forward to getting their Springerle cookies.  It is a staple - if they get nothing else, they would be happy - just cookies!  Grandma made them for the boys and now I do.
I have all things on hand for all our munching and eating pleasure on Sunday.  All I need to get is some buns.

I give gift bags with 'food' of all sorts to each of them.  They look forward to that.  Things that are different and just plain fun.  This year my niece gets a little something that some might consider silly in hers.  Years and years ago I painted a few toothpick holders in the crafting I did.  My sis (their mom) got one and I had one - both just alike.
After sis passed (30 years ago next month), no one knew where hers went.  Every time Ang sees mine - she comments, "Mom had one of those sitting on the counter all the time"!  Well, this year - she gets mine.  I also ran across a little hankie that was my sister's and she will get that as well.  It is so sweet - The Three Bears - on it.
Sis was 10 1/2 years older than me - so the little hankie is old.  Ang will cry!!!  I just know it.
                                 Sometimes it is the silly little things that mean a lot to others.

Well, there you have SOME of my random thoughts this morning.  What a mish mash!!!!  
Hoping you all have a great day.  Do what makes you happy and smile and maybe even laugh a little!
Keep it simple.  Have a blessed day.

Be the person you want them to remember!


  1. Oh, your niece is going to love your gift! I love stuff like that. I didn't grow up close with any of my family. Brothers, sister, nieces and nephews. And I keep hearing that the younger generation wants nothing from us. I'm glad that your niece wants it and even better is that you get the enjoyment of seeing her receive it. Cool.

    We got a dusting of snow last night, but we really need a good spring of regular rains. We're heading for the drought that Cali is in. The temp will be much cooler today - my knee agreed with the weather report!!

    Can I share some randomness in my head? I flashed back to being 18. Oh, to have buns and thighs of steel again lol. Anyway, I was thinking about how fast my days went when I was working retail during Christmas. Zoom! And how my best friends (nice Jewish girls) were so lucky that they were free to work Christmas for triple pay!! That was $11 per hour! A fortune. And when we'd all sit down to lunch at Carl's Jr. and compare our paychecks, mine was in the neighborhood of $40 and theirs were over $100 because of that one day! Yeah, life has never been fair 😂.

    Nowadays, time goes even faster...hmph. And my butt and thighs jiggle like a jello salad.

    Carry on.

    1. The 'kids' all like the nostalgic things now that they have their own families and are getting older. There are reasons I never passed it on before. But I know she will enjoy her little surprise in her goody bag. She was so young when her momma passed - about 20. That would be so hard. She says I have become her 'other' mom. I will take it!
      It is hard to believe that CA will still be in drought with all the rain and flooding - but maybe.
      We have been below in rainfall - so as muddy as it gets - we need it.
      Your story is funny. The good old days. I started out making 1.25 an hour when working for mom & dad at 15. Then at 18 I took a job elsewhere and started at 2.25 - thought it was a fortune.
      Yep, time sure does fly.

  2. Such a special post! Family heirlooms are so precious. My daughter carried my grandmother's hankie at her wedding, as her "something old". She wrapped it around her bouquet. Each of my nieces have carried it when they married, as well. Memories!

    Seeing your hawk photo, I had to break out the binoculars yesterday. There was a HUGE bald eagle on the ice on the pond across the street. He was out there for probably a half hour, feasting on something in/on the ice. His wingspan, when he finally took off, was probably 8 feet across. I'll certainly be on the look out for him in the future.

    1. My grandma gave me a white Bible when I was a little girl and I told her someday I would carry it in my wedding. I did! I had my flowers made on top of it. That was my first marriage - but I did it. I still have that special Bible.
      I love the story of the hankie. How sweet and sentimental.
      I would love to see an eagle in the wild. I have seen them in a cage (sad) - but never seen one close up in the wild. That would be just so cool.
      Glen's aunt lives in SW IN and she goes out and takes pictures at the wildlife area - she gets such wonderful pictures of eagles and all sorts on neat birds.
      Keep your eyes open.

  3. Lori, seeing a bald eagle is on my bucket list!!

  4. Good morning! Living where we do, hawks and eagles are common. They're huge birds to be sure! What's funny is the ravens bully them. So much smaller, but they do. I think it's fascinating (if not fun) that the squirrels used the innards of your cushions for nesting material.

    LOVE the pics, Cheryl. Thank you. By the way, my grandma gave me a white Bible that I also carried on my wedding day with a single red rose. MIL wanted me to have a bouquet. Our compromise was that my Sis--and Matron of Honor--carried a bouquet I could throw at the end of the reception. I was a tiny little thing then (ha, ha!) and felt a big bouquet was too much.

    Debby, my 1st job was at a fast food restaurant at 15 making $1.50 per hour plus tips. My next job was at Macy's and I was so excited to be making so much more! LOL! I think it was about $5 per hour, but it helped me earn my way through college. As I look back, we were just all so grateful to have jobs, you know what I mean? It made me feel so independent.

    Lori, I love, love LOVE that the gals in your family all carried that hankie. Traditions like that are precious.
    Have a great day, everyone. --Elise

    1. That is funny that the ravens go after the big birds! Yep, those rascally squirrels tend to tear up about one cushion a year. That stuff must be warm!
      How sweet on the Bible and the rose. Lovely.
      Isn't it amazing what we thought was great money? Shoot, I bought a car, had a cheap apartment and paid for school when in the $2+ range!!! Had priorities!

  5. Good Morning Cheryl, I enjoyed reading your thoughts here. I too hop and skip around in the theatre of my mind! : )

    Oh the little hanky and little white Bible...She's going to love that! Our family loves things like that. : ) Oh those cookies sound so good!

    Enjoyed the little story about the squirrel and the batting... so funny! That hawk sounds so huge! Thanks for sharing! Like a cartoon! Haha! We have hawks and an occasional eagle here, it's amazing and fun to watch.

    Speaking of Bibles, I found some beautiful little white Bibles at Dollar Tree, the same kind we see at Christian bookstores with the gold edged pages and vinyl cover. I bought half a dozen and have given out for baby dedications to two of our grands and then two more this Christmas to our new littlest grands. I inscribe them and I know they will always cherish them. How wonderful that you were able to carry your Bible with your bouquet even though things turned out crummy later. I so get that. Glad you cherish that little Bible still though! How neat! : )

    I sure like that accu temperature thingie, that will be so great. Much safer for you, I don't blame you. I so would not want to go traipsing down steps every day.

    Hilarious story on your sil! Haha....Life is crazy isn't it? lol

    Well, I must say you are one thoughtful gal! I love all of your goody bags and stuff...I think that is just so nice. Not many people are like that anymore! I try to pick up little things for our fam from time to time, they love being thought of.

    "Be the person you want them to remember." Amen to that sister!

    I appreciate you, and I enjoy all of your blogs, serious and fun both. You have a level cool head and it's great peeps can come and share...Kind of like the movie, Boys Town, when the boys are talking to each other at the table.

    Hugs! : )

    1. Somedays my mind is a blur! LOL
      Oh the stories I am sure we could all tell and share (or not)!
      I don't like going down those stairs all the time. Laundry - well it gets thrown down the steps when I need to do laundry!!! Coming back up, isn't that easy!

      I just love getting with my family - and it seems like we are all the same age, as we get older. We laugh, joke, and have fun together. Such a great group of people. We have a good time.

  6. Can you believe a thunderstorm in January? Definitely a good day to work inside, finishing off little piddly tasks.

    We have hawks around here occasionally but haven't seen a bald eagle. Our chickens are in a run with a roof or we might be short a chook or two.

    Going to have red beans and rice, some leftover chicken strips, cole slaw and apple salad for lunch.

    1. I know right? Crazy stuff. I am working on snacks and sweets today.
      Never seen an eagle, but would sure love to.
      Mmmmm - beans and rice. I have chicken strips out thawing - now beans and rice may be on the menu too ! LOL

  7. I'm the oldest of 4 and when we' cleaned out my parents house after my dad and mom had passed away we came across a plastic type bowl with a strange design. It is one of the ugliest things but we all refer to it as the macaroni and cheese bowl. For the last 7 years I have filled it with the mac and cheese our mom made and I bring it to any family get togethers. It never matches any decor but it Is a real family memory both past and present I hope we can keep for years to come.

    1. That is too cool. Love the story and thanks for sharing. I think things like that is just what we all need to keep the feelings and memories going. Your Mom is at each and every one of those get togethers!!!!!!
      Sometimes seeing something and smiling is like we just got a little hug!

  8. Cheryl,
    What thoughtful and great gift ideas! We had a thunderstorm today, too! We have hawks and bald eagles here. A bald eagle took one of my neighbor's chickens and we have all lost chickens to hawks in the past. Our laundry is on the first floor now which is good as hubby generates a LOT of laundry. I only go to the basement for litter box cleaning and feeding the cats. I always read your blog posts even when I don't comment.

    1. There is a lady behind me that has had chickens - but I haven't heard a 'peep' since we had that artic blast. I can't see as she has a privacy fence. I always wondered if the hawks went after them.
      I would like the laundry on the main floor - just no room.
      I am glad to have you here.

  9. Yes, the young ones may not want our furniture, but they do seem to appreciate small family memory type things. :) I gave my son the drinking glasses my mom had for fancy dinners and he was happy to get them, he remembered them from her home.

    My first job (other than day camp counselor) was doing inventory for 90 cents per hour. I was so happy to find a job, even if it was temporary.

    Going up and down stairs is tricky, but it's important to be able to do that, so keep on being able to . :) Don't need to every day, but often enough not to lose the ability. When we moved from a two story house to this one, it only took me a few weeks to feel the difference in my legs. Amazing!


    1. Yeah - they like the smaller things - a lot of memories.
      I guess a 1.25 was a lot of money!!!!! LOL
      I do the laundry down there in the basement - so I do get my exercise. I do my crafts down there too.
      Got to keep in shape - whatever kind of shape that is!!!!!

  10. Such precious memories to give to your niece. I just know she will hold them close to her heart.

    God bless.

    1. I think she will too. Just something little - but a fun memory for her.

  11. Another blast to the past. There's going to be a movie of "Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret"!! I absolutely loved that book as a Tween. Must've read it a dozen times. I hope the movie does it justice.

  12. I made gift baskets for several family members for Christmas and they were a hit. So I've already been picking up things here and there I see on sale/clearance for gift baskets for their birthdays this year.It's really rather fun to put together and decorate the basket.

    So dreary today. It did affect me but I pushed through it. Usually gray skies don't bother me though I am more productive when it's sunny.


    1. Yes - so glad you did the gift baskets. They are always a hit in my family. I even had pre and early teens ask when they could start getting their own baskets. SO they do now.
      It is fun hunting for all the neat little things you know they will love.
      We had rain all day yesterday and snow showers today - and very gray skies. UGH. I do not like January - it is always so dreary. Sun makes the world of difference.

    2. Margaret and Cheryl, What kind of things do ya'll put in your gift baskets? I've done gift baskets with perhaps some pretty Dollar Tree finds like name brand hair accessories or cute glitter kitty ear hair bands and maybe a Walmart Christmas hand towel etc. I'm curious how ya'll do your baskets, ya'll seem very experienced on that. How do ya'll decorate yours? I've used a white shirt box before with tissue and let the lid be a backdrop wrapping in clear cellophane and putting a bow. (Sorry to be a stalker lol I was just checking my emails and things before bedtime)

  13. Nothing special going on here, just have been going to doctors over the past two weeks for check ups. Added the orthopedist to have my neck checked, searching for a reason and a fix for my migraines. I am just exhausted from feeling bad and insomnia.

    Have not seen any good loss leaders I needed so have not been adding to the pantry or freezer. I am not suffering at all, I can go in and pick anything for breakfast, lunch or dinners, I am just to tired to cook a lot so I have been keeping it simple.

    I think your neice will be thrilled to have such special items. Things that connect us to our past, to loved ones, bring so much joy! I have so many things passed to me from Mom, MIL, FIL, aunts. This would be jewelry, dishes, pans, furniture, linens. Lord knows what will happen when I pass but for now they are here with me and give me such great joy when I use them. I guess the one that gets the most use is an 8 inch cast iron skillet from Aunt Mag(mary magdalene)the oldest sister of my MIL. It is the go to pan for cooking cornbread, steak for one. I also have her rocking chair and big cast iron pot that was used in processing of pigs and chickens, making lard, soaps, doing laundry, I use it as an herb garden planter. It is still amazing to me the number of things they did outside in this huge pot. Even empty, it is so heavy. I am sure it was not moved around on the farm. Probably just tipped and cleaned for the next chore. I enjoy all of the advances we have made but I still think of the old days, how people lived. It must have been a big deal to be able to have this cast iron pot they could use for so many things. Well, just a bunch or rambling thoughts in my mind. Stay well until we talk again!