Sunday, January 8, 2023

Weekly Wrap-Up 1/8

 Happy Sunday all.  One week of the month and year down!  Amazing.  Hope you are all well.
The first part of our week here was nice and warm - shoot we got to 60* one day.  Funny thing about that, it seemed the warmer it got, the colder I got!!!  Not sure what was going on with that!
Got back to seasonal temps by the end of the week.  It is still much, much better than the artic blast we had at Christmas.  It looks like the next couple weeks will be decent as well.  I will be happy to take that!

                                                         Good morning!!!!!!! (not my pic)

It seems that the daylight hours have increased - on both ends of the day!  Light earlier and light later.  I really like that.  The more daylight the better for me.  It is generally a cloudy month - so at least being light longer helps.  We did have a lovely sunny day yesterday.
I got a real surprise this week.  We have NO robins in the area over winter.  I know some places (even close to me) do - but not here.  They generally show up in March.
I have been seeing robins for the last 3 days!!!!!!!  Started out seeing two - then eight - then six!    I don't know if they are lost or just traveling through or staying!!!  I will look at this as a good thing.  
I will take it as a sign!!!!!!!!
It sure was a joyful thing to see!

This week:
  • I cooked a small, corned beef brisket in the crock pot.  I ate 3 meals and froze enough for 2 more
  • All holiday put away
  • Made a gallon of Kool-Aid and drank it all
  • Cut my hair and touched up roots a little
  • Laundry in cold and hung everything to dry.  I use the dryer to fluff only
  • Working on dusting and cleaning the floor to ceiling knick-knack wall - UGH
  • Painted the trim on windows and doors in the kitchen
  • One thing leads to another - and painted trim and interior doors in hallway, living room and dining room - it hadn't been painted in years (I will tell a story this week about this).  It all looks so fresh and clean - took a couple days - but it is nice! (I have had the paint for ages)
  • Scoured bath from top to bottom
  • Did not leave the property this week - no grocery
  • Refilled the feed bins for squirrels and birds with supplies on hand
  • Meals from home 

Meals this week:
My NY day normal - Corned beef, cabbage and black-eyed peas
Cheeseburger and black-eyed peas w/salsa and peppers added
Corned beef hash
French bread pizza (from freezer)
Fried tuna patty sandwich and salad
Stuffed mushroom (from freezer), scrambled eggs and toasted bagel

What have you been up to this week?  Are you still enjoying Christmas decorations, or have you put it all away?  New year cleaning?  I am just in the mood to freshen things up - make a fresh new start.  Did you get any deals this week?
Love hearing from you all and seeing what everyone is up to.
Love that we have had some new people adding to conversations!  All are welcome. 

I hope you all have a wonderful, safe and healthy week.
Blessings to you and yours from me and my humble little home.

Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry, for man's anger does not bring about the righteous life that God desires.
James 1:19-20

Dear Lord we need your help - each of us.  Help us to be better listeners, to carefully choose our words, and to hold our tempers.  It is often quite difficult in this day, even though we know it brings great benefits, as anger does not serve us.
Please be with us, even when hurting or upset to glorify You in all we do.  We can do all in Your Spirit and power.  Fill us each one with love and hope to touch the world with joy.

Be patient, as change takes time


  1. The house is back to normal and it’s starting to feel like January around here. We had a couple very warm days, too. We saw a robin last week, too! I had to ask my husband what kind of bird it was.

    1. Back to 'normal' here as well. I love robins, as they are always a sign of spring here. Hmmm - not sure what to think so early!
      Love those warmer days.
      Have a good week.

  2. Painting trim has been on my to-do list for awhile. I did get the porch & downstairs bathroom painted in the last 2 yrs. In NE Alberta, we won't see robins until June. Temps have been hovering around -10C with clear skies and everyone is reveling in this weather. One week in and it's been a week. Highlights: supper at the neighbors; supper here with a friend, then cards (our favorite game being 11 cent rummy); a walk under the wolf moon on Jan 6; started watching the Yellowstone series (hardcore yet appeals to me on many levels). Lowlights: Most of this month's rent has been spent on remedying plumbing issues at the rental property. I think we've got things handled now (famous last words!). Meals this week: pork chops with cabbage & mashed potatoes; tikka masala naan pizza; broccoli salad w/ ham. Today I'll prepare a make-ahead frittata for brunch with my young cousin tomorrow. Take care.

    1. I did some off and on over the past couple years - bath was done and had the shutters done outside. Been on my list for ages.
      Sounds like a nice week. I have not started watching Yellowstone. I hear it is great.
      Oh, the repair issues can sure each through the funds. Hopefully you are good to go.
      Your meals sound very tasty.
      Have a nice week!

  3. I think your robins must be different to ours, ours being Erithacus rubecula, a year long resident.

    I have been on a mission to rid myself of a minimum of 3 items a day, that's going well and I am reorganising pretty much everything in my home, but heck it needs doing!

    I have cast on a cardigan for myself using gifted yarn and gifted buttons, so it won't cost me a penny.

    I did have to do a bit of food shopping, milk, onions and yogurt, but otherwise I have been eating from the freezer, though it's not visibly any emptier.

    I have put all my pretty china on a tray and displayed it all together, I am really happy with it and I love the fact that the display will change as I use it and things get changed around.

    Days are noticeably longer here too, though I can't say I have noticed it in the morning but it's still light at 4.30 pm now, which is great for me, I hate winter.

    Hope everyone has a good week

    1. Good mission to have! That will help clear the clutter. Some places have red breasted robins all year 0 even some places close to me. They just never stick around my neighborhood - always leave during the winter.
      It is nice to use things you have and still notice no difference in stock!
      What a lovely idea with the china. You can change up your display whenever you like.
      I don't like winter either. We are now light at 8AM instead well after, and light at 6PM instead of before 5:30.
      Have a nice week.

    2. Su, the American Robin is "Turdus migratorius". They aren't even the same family. Yours are in the Old World Flycatcher family and ours are in the Thrush family. We always have one or two who overwinter, but most migrate to the southern USA.

    3. Thank you! I didn't think they could be the same bird. I shall now go and look up your robins.

  4. Good Sunday Morning! It sounds like you had a very busy week, Cheryl. As always, your meals sound so tasty.

    "Be patient, as change takes time." Yes. Tomorrow morning (early) the Solar contractor will be here to see if the ground is dry enough for them to get started. We contracted with them in June. There were steps that take time.

    A 2nd pallet of bagged wood pallets was delivered before dawn yesterday. We now know if we want to use the stove as our primary heat source (vs. propane), it will require 100 bags to get through winter and will preorder 2 pallets (at lower price) during summer months from here on. Learning takes a little time.

    Thanks to all for prayers for my BIL. The last week of last year the house sale fell apart, but a new contract means things will work out far better for him. It will save him thousands, as he now has until the end of February to get stuff moved into storage here. An example I was able to use with youngest son who worries about the world. It looked awful for a week for his uncle, but God used it all for GOOD.

    Speaking of... the insurance will cover all needed work for my sister's Christmas Eve pipe break/water damage, with only a $500 deductible. They'll get new upstairs bath, new ceilings, new plumbing and new insulation. Another disaster turned into GOOD. I share those as encouragement to all going through frustrating stuff.

    In other news, Hubs and I went to an antique shop yesterday and he found himself a solid oak file cabinet in excellent shape for a very low price. And I found a magnalite by Wagner Ware roasting pan with lid in perfect condition. I know I have one the same size in one of the unmarked boxes in the shed, but I'll have one in my kitchen now, and when I find my others, will give one to our youngest for his house. I also found a 1950 Betty Crocker cookbook in perfect shape for him.

    Praying for a GOOD week for all. May you have some happy surprises! --Elise

    1. Patience is a virtue FOR SURE! We can really be tested at times.
      I do believe somewhere along the journey - bad things turn into something good. We may not realize it or even understand it - but whether a learning situation, a growing situation or a financial situation - good comes.
      Happy for both your BIL and sister. Time and patience - there it is again!
      Great finds.
      Have a lovely week.

  5. Hi Cheryl. Glad the robins are in sight! I think I have a roadrunner permanently roosting on my back patio pillar. He/she is only there at night and I don’t want to disturb it by getting close enough to see close up. Hilogene in Az

    1. The robins just make me smile - it feels like spring is close. I have never seen a real roadrunner (in the flesh). How neat.
      Hope you are doing well. Thinking of you.

    2. Debby in Kansas USAJanuary 9, 2023 at 8:35 AM

      A roadrunner story... We used to go to New Mexico very regularly to visit family from before I can remember. My mom drove at night and my grandpa during the day. I was my grandpa's front seat companion and probably drove him crazy with questions. I desperately wanted to see a roadrunner and I looked for hours during every trip. From 6 yrs. to 30...never to see one. (I also looked for a Jackalope for several years, but that's a different story!). After a divorce, my mom moved to the Mojave desert in California and lived right on the edge of town. One day, I was leaving for home. As I backed out of her driveway, there was a roadrunner in her front yard!! I was SO excited, but I couldn't believe that all those years of searching netted me nothing and then BOOM! There he was!

  6. Love all the painting that you're doing. One of my "I'll get to it one of these days" projects is to install and paint trim around the windows (that I replaced over 10 years ago!) Hey, that's what curtains are for, right?!

    Speaking of painting, how is your painted tub surround holding up, Cheryl? I would like to do that to my tub surround, but am afraid I can't get all the soap scum off for the paint to hold. New tub surrounds are so expensive!

    My cleaning project now is cleaning all the smudges on the living room walls and floor from squashing yellow jackets by the hundreds last fall. I had to wait until my shoulder was feeling up to the job, and I am doing it in sections, about an hour at a time. It's 15-year old laminate flooring, and I've never washed it. I don't want to ruin it and am being very careful to not get it very wet.

    My bargain of the week is a transport wheelchair for $50 on Craigslist (online classifieds). Reg. retail $250-300. It's in pretty good condition, but is very heavy. I can get it in and out of the back of the car. Husband has his dental work scheduled for the 16th, and I may need it if the weather is bad and he can't use his walker.

    Cheryl, your discussion of bowl meals last week made me want a taco salad. Husband won't eat Mexican-ish food, so I'm fixing it for myself while he is still on soft food. Got nacho chips on sale for $3.99 (reg. $5.49) and taco seasoning (I don't like homemade) on sale for $.99/pkg. I use only 1/2 a package for 1 lb of ground beef, so I'll save the rest for another time.

    I haven't seen any migrating robins yet, but the titmouse males are starting to sing. I have daffodils coming up on the south side of the house. It's sunny today (Yay!!) with more sun tomorrow and Tues.

    Got the explanation of benefits from the dental insurance company for Husband's teeth extraction, and it looks like they overcharged us for the copay. I will be calling them Monday.

    Started organizing paperwork for our taxes. I always do them as soon as I get the last 1099, usually around Feb. 12. It gets us a refund sooner and helps prevent someone else from stealing it.

    Activities were the same: reading (two books about Alexander the Great by Steven Pressfield), quilting, a little knitting and crocheting

    Little frugalities: dried all the laundry on racks in the house except Husband's flannel sheets. Using a heated rice bag to warm his bed instead of turning up the heat before he goes to bed. Got free newspapers last Sun. and today and the enclosed coupons are going to the mailboxes for whoever wants them.


    1. I have a lot of those "i will get to it someday projects"! Finally getting started. I decided 2023 was going to be my project year.
      The tub surround is perfect. I did a ton of scrubbing first back when I did it. Cleaned and cleaned and used magic erasers - rinsed and rinsed. But it still looks the same today - which is great. Yes, they cost a small fortune to replace.
      I love homemade taco salads!
      Daffodils? wow, that seems early. Nothing here yet.

      Great find on the wheelchair. I got one at GW years ago for when we had to make long walks for exams for hubs (when he was still mobile). I think I paid $10 for it. They are bulky getting in and out - but it is worth it to save them from falling.

      Holly Moley - it is getting to be tax time. Hadn't given it a bit of thought. Guess I need to start going through all the statements. Thanks for the reminder.

      Thanks for the explanation above on the robins! I didn't realize that we have the same name for different birds. Learn something today!!!!!!
      Have a great week.

  7. Hi Cheryl, Oh my all of the Christmas decorations down? You are brave. It always pains my heart in ways to take it all down at once. I have taken down the glittery 'Merry Christmas' vintage cursive signs from the windows and bright red poinsettias for the most part except in the front door pots. It's been a strange Christmas for a couple of reasons. We just celebrated with our little family yesterday, but we sure had a good time! I served Italian lentil florentine soup with grain free pasta to go in it plus healthy grain free super moist chocolate muffins and all four of our daughters made some great stuff too, too long a list to post but grain free dairy free pizza...grain free sugar free cinnamon rolls, gardeneira dip with sieta chips...Roasted red potatoes and veggies too...Oh it was all so good! Thank the good Lord we are all on the same page with nutrition that is super nice! ...and filling! lol

    I love reading what you are up to Cheryl! Your blog is very comforting to me. Good reminder on cleaning bathrooms, my toilet bowls stay clean for the mostpart but the shower needs a serious scouring, we get weird coloration with well water that I don't like. I think we need to call you the energizer bunny! lol

    1. I guess I just bite the bullet and take it down. I do have a snowman out. I miss the lights the most.
      I have family coming in town next Sunday for the last holiday celebration here at my house. Looking forward to it.
      Your celebration sounds wonderful - and yum on all that food!
      I am like you - most things in the bath just stay clean - but others need a good scrubbing now and then!
      No energizer bunny - just a big list of things needing done.
      Have a great week.

    2. Cheryl, maybe you could put up a Valentines tree with the lights? : ) : ) : ) That is what I do...I push it to the limit! lol

    3. Maybe - I keep thinking about just putting out some mini lights on a big plant I have or on a shelf.

    4. Debby in Kansas USAJanuary 9, 2023 at 8:44 AM

      I put little lights on my mantle from October thru March. It makes the living room so cozy all winter. Right now they're woven thru a pine garland and there's gourd snowmen, winter birds, and snowflakes among the branches. It's very pretty! I recommend it for a mood lifter. It's especially nice when it's gloomy.

  8. Oh no....I'm Amelia, not Anonymous! And btw...Love your prayer. Really love that.

  9. Décor is down and put away. I had to rest a bit between sessions, but it is done.

    Still tiring out easily, but while resting I pick up my knitting, or sit and look up things to save on the internet. Some I already do, but others with a tweak here or there I can use.

    God bless.

    1. Take it slow and don't push yourself. It will take a while to get back to par. It is always nice to get new ideas!
      Take care.
      Have a good week.

  10. Excellent Scripture and prayer! I can always count on you for inspiration!

    You are always one busy lady! It seems there is always something to do. Before too long, we'll be working in the gardens.

    1. Thank you!
      Just doing things that need to be done. It is always something.
      Looking forward to outside work!
      Have a great week.

  11. I was going to take the decorations down Saturday (yesterday) but we had the GrandLittles here for the morning, took them out for lunch (they love it because M&D can't afford to do it and we can occasionally.) Then we ended up taking recycling to the city and running some errands. Today is Sunday and while I usually rest & recover, today I canned chicken stock that I made earlier in the week and did laundry (that didn't get done yesterday.) And we both napped. *grin* I don't mind the tree being up and we enjoy the lights. It will come down this week sometime.
    Menu ideas for the week:
    Homemade pizza tonight
    Mississippi Pot Roast (crockpot)
    French Toast & Sausage
    Homemade Chicken Pot Pie
    AF Hot Dogs and Baked Beans
    Date Night with Best Friends

    1. Being with the littles is far more important than taking the tree down or doing laundry. Glad they had a fun day!!!!!! Sounds wonderful.
      I love the lights myself - my favorite part. Sounds like you were busy and deserved a nap!
      Your meals sound good - French toast has been on my mind lately.
      Have a nice week.

  12. We celebrated my oldest daughter's birthday with her and her family today. I love that she wants to have her birthday with us even though she has her own family now. We had a great time. We had breakfast for lunch at her request and instead of cake she wanted a box full of pastries from a local bakery to go with the breakfast. Except for the pastries I pretty much was able to pull the meal out of my pantry, freezer & fridge.

    1. Sounds like a great day! She sounds like a loving daughter.
      Her choices sound great to me!
      Have a wonderful week.

  13. i got all the decorations down on NYE. I do still have a reindeer out that has a broken leg I need to mend before I put him up. I only need to find my E6000. When I baked a 9 lb. turkey breast and a 5 lb. pork loin in the same oven, different trays, I saved the electricity I would have used by cooking them separately. The two small cookie sheets fit at the same time. Then, I divided the turkey breast into four quart freezer bags and the pork loin into three freezer bags. I froze all except one bag with turkey and another with pork loin. I am looking forward to meals with those two meats.

    The days are definitely getting longer morning and evening. And, I love it.

    1. Good job on preparing all that food. Both sound very tasty and will make a lot of good meals. Smart to fix both at the same time.
      I love the days getting longer as well. Daylight is my friend!
      Have a nice week.

  14. Debby in Kansas USAJanuary 9, 2023 at 9:07 AM

    I had a lazy week!! Getting back to normal after having hubs home was tough business!! I sorta staggered around everyday, not really sure where to dive I took naps!!
    I did manage to make a crock full of a cabbage tomato soup base. It was originally was supposed to be a pot of vegetable soup, but my mutant cabbage took up too much room. So, I froze 4 containers of a very nutritious base. Made use of one on Saturday with all kinds of leftover add ins and it turned out delicious.
    I'm still working on my January budget.... enough said.
    I saw that Aldi was advertising their oatmeal at about $1.20 less so I sent hubs to get 5.
    We went to Dollar Tree and the market after church yesterday. I found out why our store doesn't have the best bargains. They ship them elsewhere! To the city stores or for donations. Well, phooey! It makes sense now. I went to look for a puzzle. They had an end c ap with more than 100 on Christmas Eve morning for $4.99. I found a few puzzles in the toy section for over $10. Not the same brand. I asked a clerk and she said that the others were gone somewhere else. In our clearance section, I found the regular stuff that's been there for months. I did find a Manager's special just because I got lucky. Whole wheat tortillas marked from $2.69 to 99¢ ea. I bought 5.

    Meals aren't worth mentioning lol!!

    On my nightstand - The Promise by Robert Crais.
    In my CD player - Black Echo by David Baldacci.
    With my Bible study- finishing up my Advent read.
    By my reading chair - Crooked Heart by Cristina Sumners.
    Just finished watching Annika on DVD.
    New season of Miss Scarlet and the Duke on PBS.
    Both shows are British.

    1. Sometimes I think vacations are needed after vacations! So it would seem.
      Your soup base sounds wonderful. That would make for a great soup. Well, I be darned on the bargains at the dollar store. I wonder why they send them elsewhere?. People like bargains every where. Crazy.
      You have quite a vast reading array.
      I hope you get your mojo back soon!!!!! Have a good week.

  15. I am in odds and ends mode today. I started my day eating 2 aging apples. Next time I was hungry, the final piece of walnut/cranberry/sourdough bread. Then 3 short pieces of celery w/peanut butter-after trimming off the icky ends ;-) So a bit of waste but not total! Next will be a pasta bake leftover. Dinner tonight will be baking 2 aging potatoes (the last of a 5# bag purchased 3w ago) in the microwave alongside fresh roasted salmon and carrots!

    I'm leaving the house today to grab a free shoe stand offered on FB Buy-Nothing. I will use it in the garage to store boxes of canned goods! While out, I'm going to Fred Meyer (the West US version of Kroger) to pick up cheese. 2# bags of shredded cheese on digital sale for $5.99. I'll get the 5 bags allowed. Also a digital $1.99 coupon for my most favorite dk choc bar, also taking the maximum allowed.

    I finished reading a book this morning called: Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the End

    It is a well-written book. Dad was diagnosed with lung cancer back in '94. I attended his diagnosis appt w/he and Mom. I asked the doc multiple questions that I was fairly certain Dad would want the answers to but not really the ability to ask (I'm an OR RN). When we got home I asked him what HE wanted and needed. The book confirms that although my professional focus was fixing the broken body, my focus with Dad (and 13y later Mom), was spot on. I highly recommend the book to everyone. Be prepared for HARD discussions and decisions while you live each day to the fullest you desire.

    Now I'm reading something light: The Dictionary of Lost Words :-)

    Happy Monday ya'll!

    1. Good for you on using up those odd and ends. Heck they fill you up just like other things - and best part is no waste.
      Great deal on the cheese - I am a cheese lover - and always get the Kroger deals when possible.
      Deal on a free stand for the canned goods.

      That sounds like a pretty deep read. It is always nice to be prepared, just in case.
      Hope you have a great week.

  16. There were robins in our back yard this morning here in SC. What in the world? But, I always say, we will have a warm winter when it is so cold to end the year.

    1. I like your saying! The year was bitter to end for sure. So far, no complaints from me on the weather for January.
      I haven't noticed any today - but haven't been looking a lot.
      Have a nice week.

  17. I love reading about everyone using up the odd and ends. I've been doing that too.

    Last night noticed a few pieces of chocolate leftover from Christmas. I did my part and ate them.


    1. You go girl!!!! I applaud your devotion to using up that chocolate!!!!!! LOL
      That is funny. I have been trying to use up things in the frig freezer - so I can re-supply from big freezer.
      Have a good one!!

  18. Wow! You’ve begun the NY with a cleaning, sprucing-up bang. Good on you. We saw some robins just today!
    DH had the flu over Christmas (and his birthday) and shared it with me 😡. It was rough. I’m just now moving around, feeling almost normal again.
    I think it got up to 64 here today. Quite a switch from the arctic blast most of us had. Our family in central Cal is seeing lots of rain.
    We wanted to feed the birds here when we moved to OK, but we have so many beautiful hawks. Even saw a coyote a few weeks ago.
    Stay well everyone,

    1. It seems the robins are making their presence know to many. I like that!
      I am sorry your both got sick and shoot, over the holidays. Not a nice way to spend those special days. Hope you are both on the mend.
      I took a picture of a HUGE hawk in the backyard tree the other day. The little birds sure do hide and get real quiet when 'big bird' is around.
      Have a good week.