Sunday, January 1, 2023

Weekly Wrap-Up 1/1

 Well here we are - 2023!!!!!!  Happy New Year to all.  I hope this finds you well and safe.  It seems like just a couple months ago we were bringing in 2022.
It is a mild and slightly foggy morning here.

This has been quite a year for many.  Loss, sadness, health problems, financial problems, etc.  Life happens and sadly, it seems these things go along with that.  We are here today - as hard as it is for some - please know we are all here together and we love each other.

After the artic blast over Christmas, we warmed up.  The year ended and the new year started much warmer.  Friday last to this most recent Friday we had a "feels like" temperature that was almost 100* different!  Crazy stuff.
The kitties are sure enjoying the nicer weather!  The little dickens are back to greeting me at the back door each morning waiting for their breakfast.  During that cold spell, they very rarely left the greenhouse! (I don't think Fluff did).

My week:
  • Spent Christmas at brother's with his kids and grands.  Such a nice time.  Good meal and my nieces and nephews love me!  I got some very nice gifts.
  • Cleaned out the silverware drawer in the washstand - oh my.  I have been a collector of odds and ends pieces of flatware over the years and G got knives.  I have a big box for donation.  I have kept plenty.
  • I got together flatware and utensils and other household items for a young couple I know that are getting their first place together.  Several things they can use and things out of my house - win-win!
  • Got the new calendar marked up and in place for the new year
  • Went out and pick up sticks and more sticks from yard.  I swear, all the limbs and sticks I pick up after wind, should have my trees without any!!!!!
  • Unplugged all the water bowls outside - giving the garage light meter a rest for a bit!
  • Took down all Christmas stuff, except me tiny tree yesterday
  • Took out all the trash, washed all the laundry and paid all the bills to end the year!
  • Went to NO after Christmas sales
  • Made an entire loaf of French bread (from freezer) into pizza - ate some and froze some
  • Working on deep cleaning - behind and under - it seems to never end!
  • Kept the fronts of all the holiday cards - for notecards
  • I did finally run to the grocery.  I got a lot of clearance deals and it all cost me $0 - as I used a GC.  I got a couple spectacular finds!
Look at this!  1/2 gallons (sort of) of holiday ice cream on clearance for .56!!!!  It was advertised for .99, but our store had it on clearance.  Funny, one endcap had it with stickers for .75 and the other end of freezer aisle had it for .56!   Now get this - I had .45 coupons - so I got 2 for .11 each!!!!!!!!  Definitely my deal of the year!!!!!  I am not a huge eggnog fan - but I use about a heaping spoon of ice cream every morning in my homemade frappe - so I figure for basically FREE, this will add richness and creaminess to my drink.
One pound bags of hazel nuts for .90 each!  I got these for the squirrels!!!  I cannot buy peanuts that cheaply!  They love them.  I got several bags.
So yep, I got some great deals to end my year.  I also got a bag of 10 clementines for .99.  Cabbage was on sale this week for .39/lb.  Used the GC and nothing out of pocket!  Nice way to end the year.

Meals this past week:
Dinner at family's home
Jalapeno burger topped w/Mex. rice & beans and cheese
French bread pizza - froze a big part
Chicken/mushrooms/peppers over a potato
Homemade chicken noodle/veggie soup
Soup w/o broth topped with cheese and sour cream  (froze broth)
Crab (faux) salad sandwiches and fresh veggies

How was your last week of the year?  Did you go after holiday shopping?  Looking for gifts or finds for the new year?  Any grocery deals?
Has your weather gotten any better?  I hope those in the extreme snow areas, have dug out and gotten mobile again.  It sure was something in some areas.

Let us please continue to keep all our friends here in prayer.  So many have had losses of spouses this year, loss of other family and friends, loss of fur babies, and some have had financial difficulties and some health issues.  Lift each of our family of friends up for comfort and healing - whether it be physical, spiritual, or emotional.

Thank you all for being here and starting this new year with me.  I wish you all health, happiness and abundance in this coming year.  May you be comforted and know that God is in control (especially we cannot understand).  
Stay safe this week.
Blessings to you and yours from my humble little home.

So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God.  I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.
Isaiah 41:10

Lord, please be with all those who are hurting and comfort them.  Be with all who are weary and give them strength.  Give the hungry and the homeless, shelter and nourishment.  Please help each of us to gain strength from our family and friends and from within.  Guide us and hold us close in your protective arms.  Give us a new year of hope and joy.


  1. Amazing deal on the ice cream and chestnuts! The squirrels must love you! Cleaning out your silverware drawer is a great start to the new year and sharing your excess with others is so sweet of you. I love that your nieces and nephews love you so much. 💕

    Nice to get to unplug the water bowls too. This is my kind of weather right now, much warmer, but not hot or cold. I hope you have a wonderful 2023, Cheryl. 😊

    1. I was very pleased with the deals! I have a lot of drawers that need a good de-cluttering!
      I am loving the temps right now, not too shaggy for January!!!
      Thank you!

  2. Life happens. It's good, then it's bad, then it's good again. I feel gratitude for family & friends who have sustained me in the past yr & trust that they will continue to do so. I look forward to the coming year & the changes that it will bring. I trust that I will continue to manage these life changes. As much as I need my circle of family & friends, I also find fortitude in solitude so I relished the last 24 hrs of solitude after being in the company of others for the past 8 days. Putting Christmas away, laundry, food prep was a grounding exercise. We all travelled safely yet I experience anxiety travelling in the winter conditions. The weather has warmed to a balmy -10C, a big contrast to -38C. The frost on the trees makes a truly beautiful winter landscape. Besides the revelry of the holiday, we finished the last of the preparations for a rental property so it was a busy time. I'm still in recovery mode. Meals - beef dip w/ raw veggies; veg/rice stir fry with packaged ginger beef & dry ribs; baked beans/stuffed meatloaf; potato soup. Cheryl, I appreciate your positive attitude & words of encouragement. Happy New Year to you.

    1. Glad you are getting to have some recovery mode time! That is needed by everyone now and then. Sounds like you have had a busy holiday on many levels. Glad your travels were safe, food good, and company pleasant!
      Your meals sound good.
      Thank you!!!!

  3. "Do not fear"! Such comforting words!

    You found some good bargains! The ice cream will be perfect for smoothies.

    Enjoy these warmer days while they last. Erin says that Indiana weather is schizophrenic.

    1. This winter the weather has sure been schizophrenic! Such extremes.
      I think it will make my morning drink so creamy and rich! Yum.
      Fear gets us nowhere! Faith is everything.

  4. Cheryl, a lovely post to start the new year. Thank you for the positive and compassionate thoughts. Hilogene in Az.

    1. Hi sweety. Hope you are doing OK. You have truly been on my mind so much.
      Thank you. You take care of you and try to keep the faith. HUGS

  5. Wow! You scored some amazing deals at the grocery store! I remember the good old days of couponing and being able to get things for those prices. I sure do miss that! Glad it has warmed up for you and the kitties. My backyard gang of strays are also enjoying this warmer weather.

    1. I remember those days! It was those kind of deals every week - not now. I just happened to have a couple coupons from Kroger (they mail to me), and it worked!!!!
      The kitties have got to be happy with warmer temps. Love that you have a 'gang' of babes!

  6. Happy New Year Cheryl! Wishing you the best in 2023.
    Great deals at the grocery store.

    1. Thank you. Have a great one and enjoy that cruise that is coming up!!!!!!

  7. Wonderful post to start a New Year, Cheryl. Life is always a mixed bag and 2022 was right up to the last day. Everyone here is in my prayers every day. Hoping 2023 is kinder and gentler to us all.

    What great deals you scored at the supermarket! I haven't seen prices like those in decades. We picked up one more spiral ham from Basha's on the 27th (final day at the low price) for the freezer. Hubs also got a boneless pork butt roast yesterday for BBQ pulled pork that I'll cook up today, much of which will be frozen. Our meals this week were beef roast on Christmas day, the family Christmas ham dinner (leftovers frozen), roast chicken w/stuffing and green beans on my birthday, skillet beef, rice and veggies using leftovers, skillet tortellini w/chicken and broccoli using leftover chicken, French toast, scrambled eggs and ham, then pizza for New Year's Eve. From all the various meats I got: 3 cups beef broth, 4 cups ham broth and 7 cups chicken broth, all tucked into the fridge freezer door.

    We're well prepared for the snow storm on its way in today. We're supposed to get as much as 10 inches by Tuesday. Hubs just took down the little tree. Gifts have been put away. I have a new journal to start the New Year and a box of new pens. No post holiday shopping, as we saved all gift bags--again--and I still have plenty of giftwrap and cards.

    This will be a good few days to actually sit down with a book; something I really haven't been able to do for many months. Both sons got me daily devotional books and I look forward to starting those today, too. It will be a nice, quiet, albeit cold & nasty outside start to 2023. I actually look forward to the post-holiday quiet.

    Happy New Year! --Elise

    1. All of your meals sound so good. You did great with all that wonderful broth! That will make some really good soup this winter.
      Yep, 2022 was a mixed bag for sure. I am kind of glad it is behind us and we get to start again. I really am looking forward to 2023.
      I keep boxes and bags as well. Lots of tissue paper re-used. Cards fronts used for other things. Years ago, I bought so many boxes and things on sale - it will take forever to get through them all.
      Hope you don't get that much snow - oh my! Stay in, stay warm and safe, and enjoy some quiet time.

    2. I have saved pictures, images, etc with the thoughts of making greeting cards, but I think using them for gift tags on gifts year-round is a better idea. I get cards for .50 at DG.

    3. I love the cards from Dollar Tree - they are nice and cheap.

  8. Wow, you sure found some deals! : D That is so great!

    You mentioned saving your Christmas cards? I saw the neatest thing on Frugal Money Savers youtube. She cut the front of a greeting card off and then put that on the front of a solid colored wrapped gift and it looked amazing! You can use tissue paper, brown paper etc. Simple but beautiful and can be used for birthdays etc. I'm thinking we could use calendar pics too for larger packages! : )

    I'm praying for those who are suffering huge losses this Christmas...Oh my heart. I don't know them personally but the Lord does.

    So nice to see your blog this morning Cheryl! It brings me to normalcy! : ) I appreciate you! (((hugs)))

    1. I use the card fronts for notecards (grocery lists), tags for gifts, whatever I need. Yes, they are very pretty on plain packages. You can even frame really special ones for a pretty Christmas picture.
      Thank you. Normalcy has changed over the past couple years - but I love that we keep it pretty normal here. Just a bunch of good friends chatting.

  9. You got some very good deals on clearance! I shopped the local grocery again and got 8#/$4 potatoes and 5#/$2.50 sweet potatoes. Aldi was well stocked again. The local store was almost out of eggs.

    Since Husband is still on soft food, I'm not fixing anything special this week, but planning on fixing things for myself that he doesn't like anyway. Tonight is sloppy joes (actually "sloppy Joses", using a tortilla instead of a bun).

    Our food box was very good last week. Among other things: 5# mandarin oranges, 3# pears, a very nice salmon steak (saving for when H. can chew again), 5# bag of flour, 2# fresh strawberries and a bag of ceasar salad fixings (threw out the wilted greens and kept the rest for a treat for me in my salad all week).

    I've been doing some long overdue cleaning this past week. Gave the shower walls and tub a very thorough scrubbing and cleaned all the dried-on grease spots from the backsplash behind the stove. An old plastic membership card made a good scraper for both projects. Wipe today or scrub tomorrow is very true!

    Cut out more quilts for Project Linus and am ready to start sewing. Pieced together batting ends and got 5 more quilts worth out of them. Lots of reading in the evenings. I finished "Gates of Fire" by Steven Pressfield. It's a very interesting novel about the ancient Greeks and the Battle of Thermopylae. I read it on my tablet, which I am enjoying very much.

    We had good weather the latter part of the week, even getting into the 60sF. The snow and ice are gone, leaving lot of remnants of the neighbor's pine tree in my yard. We're to have 66F with rain on Tuesday, then downhill from there. I'm praying for decent weather on the 16th for Husband's trip to the dentist to get his crown. It's a long walk into the building, and he can't do it on snow or ice.

    Going to check my saved seed inventory this week to see if I need to order seeds. I prefer Burpee for their quality and will mail order just to be sure I can get what I want. I don't trust that the stores will have what I need when I need it.

    I second what Amelia said about your blog bringing normalcy. I sometimes look around here and wonder if we're crazy for all the cost-cutting and saving that we do. Then I come here and realize that there ARE other kindred spirits, even if the don't live in the trailer park.

    1. You got some deals too. You food box sounds really nice. Is that something you order or is that a general food box from the pantry? I think it sounds really neat.
      You have been busy. I need to tackle the bath this week! UGH Good idea on the old membership card - smaller and beats using a squeegee.
      We are to get to 60's too - then cooler at the end of the week. It doesn't sound bad here - just normal stuff. No artic blast!

      I think there are more of us than we think. I just like how everyone shares and brings along kind attitudes and helping words. That is what normal should be.
      I appreciate you guys and your kind words.

    2. The food box is from the 412 Food Rescue and is the food saved from the landfill by grocery stores, etc. and provided to low-income neighborhoods for free. Many larger cities have similar programs.

  10. I'm trying a new gluten free bread in the bread machine recipe. If it works, it could simplify my life and help keep prices down. Fingers crossed. Rainy and windy here with snow expected overnight. I too made chicken veggie soup. The ginger beef and beef rice veggies meals sound great. Need to make something like that.
    And bring out my devotional book for the year thanks to EM.
    Frances, there is a gal who lives off grid named Jackie Clay, long time Backwood Home Magazine writer. She and her husband have a seed company called Seed Treasures. I find them to be a reliable seed source and their seeds are heirloom, meaning you can save them and replant each year. Keeps costs down.
    New Years Day is an off peak electricity day with our electric company. so I'm doing laundry. Running the electric dryer is a big draw.
    I love the Christmas card idea. HobLob sells packages of plain gift bags and it would be very cute to just staple them on the bags. Definitely a kid friendly project.
    Tried to find that Steven Pressfield book in our library system but no luck. I put another one of his on hold. Looks interesting.
    Thank you Cheryl for your words of encouragement!
    Best Wishes to all for the coming year
    Central Az

    1. Good luck with the bread venture.
      It is amazing to me that you gals in AZ are getting so much bad weather. I just never thought of AZ as being a snow place!!!!
      Yes, the card fronts would be cute on plain bags.
      I have a bunch of the plain brown 'lunch bags' that I use for smaller gifts. Some ribbon or jute twine and they are so cute. Super cheap!
      Thank you. You gals are the best.

    2. Ellie, which Steven Pressfield book did you put on hold? I'm currently reading "A Man at Arms", which is set in Judea in the 1st Century AD. I also read "The Last Amazon", but I didn't like it as much as "Gates of Fire". I want to read the two about Alexander the Great, but they're checked out. I haven't read any of his books set in more modern times.

  11. The Cmas storm was horribly cold here. I work as a dispatcher for an HVAC/Plumbing company. My boss took the emergency phone so I could enjoy Christmas. He had over 20 calls from the 24-26th. Thankfully it has warmed up from that -30 to -45 windchill.
    We went to Sam's after Christmas and I picked up their large rolls of double-sided wrapping paper. I don't need any but it's a good price. We looked at the spiral hams for $10 off there also but I don't have room in the freezers and I have one already for Easter.
    I used a lot of freezer pantry foods for our family Christmas celebration on NYE day. Now we will be eating up leftovers of our brunch and will be eating out of the pantry and freezers for January & possibly February.
    Thank you Cheryl for all your lovely posts this past year. I tend to save them up for a day-long read on a Sunday. They bless me greatly. Happy New Year! Kay from Nebraska

    1. I hear you on the nasty cold. It was horrendous! That was nice that your boss took the phone for Christmas. I can imagine there were lots of calls.
      I have no more room in the freezer either. Nice problem to have, isn't it?!
      Thanks for being here. I am glad you enjoy it here.

  12. Love reading your Christian messages. They are especially appropriate. You got great deals!
    I have not been able to comment on most blogs for a long time but I fiddled with my settings again and finally got it set where blogger likes me again. I’ve been reading you but I could not say anything

    1. Glad you are still here Rhonda. Blogger tends to mess with things a lot!!!!
      Thank you. Glad you have things figured out. Hope to see you more often now!

  13. Wow those were some amazing deals, Cheryl. I love eggnog but I’m the only one who does so we don’t get it. It’s going to taste good in your drinks! Would be good with coffee…….
    We just got our electric bill $220!!!! What???? Now that my parents are not living here we keep the thermostats at 66, I don’t use the clothes dryer, and we are very careful about our electrical use so I don’t know how it could have more than doubled. Also heating with wood stove. Guess I’ll call this week to find out what’s going on. 🤦‍♀️
    Made a pork roast in the slow cooker today with (homemade) sauerkraut. I have a few pork roasts as they pork loin was on sale for $1.99/# and had them cut into roasts and chops.
    I so appreciate having learned that stocking up a bit at a time and then only buying on sale because you’re stocked up.
    Thank you, Cheryl!

    1. So sorry to hear your electric bill has doubled. I have mine on a year round budget plan - and pay the same every month. That helps me. I know some don't like that - because they like the little bills on low use months. I would rather do it this way than pay those BIG bills. Hopefully it was a fluke or a catch up month. Maybe it was estimated the month before and this was a catch up with an actual read. Hope there is a good reason other than just higher!

      Pork roasts are so good in so many ways.
      It sure makes a difference to know you are covered with a good pantry. It gives a great peace of mind!

    2. Yesterday I made pulled pork in the crock pot from a roast seasoned with fresh ginger (from my son) and Ginger Ale. It tasted fabulous on rolls with a little BBQ sauce.

  14. Debby in Kansas USAJanuary 1, 2023 at 7:50 PM

    Hello, Ladies!

    How about some opening entertainment?! Last week I painted my nails a beautiful teal blue that my buddy sent me awhile ago. Really deep color. I do my nails on Saturday Eve so they're pretty for church. The polish was an absolute mess to remove and left my nails and fingers blue up to the first knuckle!! I look like I'm part SMURF!! I scrubbed and scrubbed with remover for naught. So, this morning I wore my gloves from the car to back home. I hope this will fade before I get arrested for Smurficide!!

    I'm gobsmacked at those deals, Cheryl! I was excited to find the 99¢ ice cream. Our best deal of the week was finding my ketchup for $1/32 oz. I hate sweet ketchup so it's a no sugar, no syrup type that usually runs at $4.29. Since DH eats ketchup on everything (hot dogs...blegh!), we bought 10 of them at Walmart. Dillons had a normal sale of VO5 shampoo for $1 ea so we got 10 of those.

    Other deals included 2 free total carwashes with coupons that would've cost $20 ea. Always good to scour those undercarriages after snow and all the salt and road treatment. I also found a doggy Advent calendar for $2 on clearance. Pup is thrilled as he loves his morning treat. But he's sure gonna miss it after another month!

    My grand accomplishment of the week was scouring the stove hood. Hub took it down for me. Since I hurt my knee, I can't reach it very well without pain so this is a new one for the bi yearlys. It's so beautiful and shiny!

    Elise, how about an update on your Blue? Has she reached her goal weight yet? Is she fat and happy?!

    Glad for a return to normalcy, whatever that will be in '23!!

    1. LOL - that is funny. Hope it fades quickly.
      They were crazy good deals! I was pretty darn amazed. Yes, there are still deals that can be found. You did great. That is a wonderful price on ketchup and shampoo. We need to grab those deals and stock up when we can.
      Pups will be happy!
      I miss the decorations and such - but glad to return to a little normal. I can NOT do a lot of extra spending now!
      I still have a family get together here in a couple weeks - but all is covered for that.

    2. That's too funny, Debby. I haven't put nail polish on since 2002, because within a day it would be chipped. Drove me nuts.

      Blue is doing very well. She's about 35 lbs. now. As I type, she's busy with one of her favorite chew toys. It's a winter wonderland outside and she LOVES snow, so she's just back in from a romp in the yard. We've got 6 inches of it so far. Possibly 10 inches by tomorrow night.

      With people coming and going throughout the holidays, she was a bit jangled, but is very used to our youngest son now. I imagine she'll get used to BIL when he's finally here to stay. She's a bit of a skittish girl who prefers Mommy and Daddy, laying by our feet when company is around.

      We've had to keep an eye on the pup, though. She's been known to root through dirty laundry piles, making off with undies. Yesterday she chewed up a toilet paper roll holder. When scolded, she sulks, but she's very loving and affectionate. That's apparently odd for Australian cattle dogs. Then again, few of those are indoor dogs, which she is. Because... snow.

      Thanks for asking about her! --Elise
      P.S. Came across a receipt in my wallet yesterday; she came to us on October 20th. 1st purchase of basic supplies was just over $200. She's worth every penny spent and more,

    3. P.S.S. While Hubs was on his computer and I was taking a nap, Blue got hold of his boots and chewed one to bits. Oy, vey! They're over $100. Guess I AM doing some post-holiday shopping after all. :-( Elise

    4. YIKES - little stinker. Guess that says "pay attention to me!" Glad to hear she is doing good and settling in. Puppies will be puppies!

  15. Great deals you got there! I got tinned prunes (not to everyone's taste I know, but I love them) for 7p a tin. When I went back the day after the shelf said 26p but they rang through the till at £1.05! I don't understand either.

    Very wet here, I don't think I have any dry footwear, even my waterproof coats aren't that dry. Fortunately it's not cold. It barely gets light, so it's all a bit depressing. But the days are getting noticeably longer, which is always good for my morale.

    I didn't buy, or use any new wrapping paper over Christmas, it was such a sense of achievement! Yes, I am that person who removes all the sellotape from the paper and folds it neatly for reuse. It's now a bit of a game, ' where was this paper used before'. For some strange reason I received a lot of alcohol for Christmas, which is odd because I barely drink. I might regift some of it, because I can't see me getting through it.

    Best wishes for the new year one and all.

    1. Weird that the price on the prunes changed so quickly!
      Sorry you are having so much rain! Like you said, at least it isn't cold and it isn't ice or snow! It does seem things take forever to dry out. I often hang my coat on a door knob by a heat register (mine are in the floor).
      You are after my heart. I save all the wrappings as well. Funny, my family knows it too. They will say, be nice opening that - you know Auntie likes to keep it!! LOL

      Well at least alcohol never goes bad! You could always use it to barter as well - if need be. But yes, that would be great to re-gift!

  16. I went to a hymn singing to welcome in the New Year. What a lovely day! We sang a couple of hours in the morning, broke for covered dish lunch, and then sang a couple more hours in the afternoon.

    Yes, Cheryl, your group is a nice group to visit, you've made it warm, welcoming, and positive. It feels *right* to come here. Thank you so much. :)

    MaryB in NC

    1. Mary that sounds like a wonderful way to bring in the year. Kind of sounds like the old time revivals. I imagine the fellowship was wonderful.
      Thank you so much. So kind.

  17. Just popping in to wish everyone a Happy New Year! I made a quick trip to the store on the Dec. 30 to pick up a few items for NYE. Was supposed to go to a friend's home, but have been fighting a bug of some sort and opted to ring in the New Year under my own roof. I wanted a 1/2# of fresh ground beef for making meatballs to take to my friend's. While the butcher was packaging it, I ran and grabbed another item I needed. I checked the package when I returned and had to call her back as she'd mispriced it -- by 50 cents/lb. I'm going to try and shop as little as possible in January. I'll use what I have in the freezer and in my pantry, only shopping for perishables in dairy and produce. If I'm missing an ingredient, oh well. Learn to substitute or find a different recipe. Thankful for the respite in our weather -- mid- to upper 50's tomorrow, maybe even above 60. I'm enjoying giving my furnace a little break.

    1. I hope you are feeling better now. I stayed home as well.
      Good catch on the price - gotta watch.
      I am going to try and stay out of the stores as much as possible. I really need nothing. I will get fresh and I will look for clearance. If I can save $ on things - that is good.
      Good luck!!!!!
      We will hit 60's tomorrow as well - then Wed. afternoon it starts to drop some. Loving this and the fresh air.

  18. You got some amazing deals! I am so glad you hade a nice Christmas with your family.

    1. Thank you. Hope you are feeling better after your family's loss. Happy New Year

  19. Happy New Year. I stayed away from the after Christmas sales as well. I was pretty sick so that really helped. You got some great deals.

    God bless.

    1. Oh no. Hope you are getting better. No way to spend the holidays! Take care.

  20. I did some Christmas after shopping for specific items and did not go plundering around for deals everywhere. After Christmas I still found turkey breasts for $1.49/lb., got those, baked them and froze them. Then, I got two more and did the same. Today, I baked bscb and froze three of the six. I love cheap protein cooked and frozen for quick meals.

  21. My larders are packed but not inventoried! Tonight, I used Jello that had a June 21 date on it. Jello does not age well at all! I need to see what other dates my Jello has and use it before it goes all bad. I can still use it as it won't kill me, but it is a nasty texture. The green beans are organized and counted--over 100 cans.