Sunday, January 22, 2023

Weekly Wrap Up 1/22

 Happy Sunday to all.   I hope this finds you all well and safe.  
Winter seems to have come to my town!  The week started out pretty warm and decent - this morning it is snowing.  I don't think it will be a lot - but it is white!  The weather this week looks to me normal winter temperatures - no warm stuff.  Oh well, it was bound to happen.

The squirrels are nuts!  I have seen more squirrels in my yard and the neighbors this week, than I have ever seen before.  They are everywhere!!!  They are also quite frisky, if you know what I mean!  LOL
Tons of birds out there - I am trying to cut back on feeding them some - so they are doing a great job cleaning up after the squirrels.  Seeing 3 different types of woodpeckers, and still seeing the occasional robin.

My week was quiet:
  • Of course, I had the family in town on Sunday - much fun.  So quiet once they left.
  • Had my financial guy come for a review on Wednesday - pleasantly pleased considered the market.
  • Been using leftovers and freezing what I can't eat right away.
  • Ran to the library and dropped off, picked up and renewed my library card.
  • Been doing a lot of reading this week.
  • Cleaned out more drawers.
  • While out to library, I did run in WM Marketplace to check cat food supplies.  They had one type canned I have a very hard time finding (that cats love) - so I bought a case of 24.  Got them some treats as well.
  • No other grocery shopping - need nothing
  • General cleaning
  • Eating leftovers, all meals from home
Meals this past week:
Smorgasbord I made for family
Chili and crackers
Ham & cheese sliders and salad
Loaded baked potato - chili, cheese & sour cream
Long grain/wild rice w/broc. added, chicken strips, and fresh veggies
Pork fried rice - used leftovers to make
Mac topped with salsa, smoked sausage and salad
SNACKS - oranges, fresh veggies, Triscuits and cheese, snack mix

How was your week?  Any good deals?  What have you all been doing on these winter days?  This month is such a blah time - it is hard to motivate some days/weeks!  I took this week off for the most part - need to get back to being busy this week.

FRANCES - just a note - please do not stop commenting!  I will check the behind the scenes stuff daily.  Not sure why your comments go there sometimes.  Sorry.
HILOGENE and KIM - if you are reading, please know that you have been on my mind.  I pray for you both every day.  Praying your life is calming a little - I know nothing is normal.  HUGS

I would like to ask for prayers please.  My adult niece (R) was hit by a car on Monday evening (as a pedestrian).  She was not expected to make it through the night - miraculously she did.  She has endured back surgery, 2 leg surgery's, she has a tube to reduce swelling on the brain, and a breathing tube.  Sadly, this is the 2nd time she has been hit in 2 years.  She only a few months ago got out of a nursing home.
Her life has been tragic and sad (due to bad decisions).  She has 2 adult daughters, and they were both there this week (another miracle).  They have all been estranged for years.  She is now not doing as well, and they believe breathing tube will be changed to trach, and brain activity is minimal.  I don't know how many more miracles we can expect - it doesn't look good for her.  I know God's Will be done.
I ask you pray for her, but especially her daughters, her mom and sisters for peace and comfort.  Also, for the person that hit her (it was an accident).  I cannot imagine what they are feeling.  Thank you.  This is such a sad situation.

Wishing you all a safe and healthy week.  Blessings from my humble little home to you and yours.
God bless you all.

He will shield you with His wings.  He will shelter you with His feathers.  His faithful promises are your armor and protection.  Do not be afraid of the terrors of the night, nor fear the dangers of the day.
Psalm 91:4-5

Lord, please help us to put our trust in you.  Whether at home or out - we know we have Your love and You protect us.  The world seems scary, and many have suffered - just help us to face all things with trust and knowing that You are with us.  Shield us, from our own fears.  AMEN

Today's affirmation:


  1. Cheryl, thank you so much for the comment and your kind thoughts. I think about Kim a lot and hope she is doing okay. I can’t believe it is a month already…I am lucky to have friends and family, and I know it just takes time, but gees, what a roller coaster of emotions. Overall, I am doing fine, just wish things were different. I don’t think that will ever change ;). Thank you again, Hilogene in Az.

    1. Glad to hear from you. It does take time and yes, you will always wish things were different. I know I still do. Friends and family are wonderful - but it isn't the same. HUGS - just know you are prayed for often.

  2. Prayers for your niece and all of your family!!
    Not sure if you have heard but Sam lost her husband this week, so we all need to send healing prayers to her as well.
    Hilogene, I'm sorry for your loss. Kim continues to be in my prayers.
    This type of life altering loss is heartbreaking.

    1. Oh no - I did not know that! My goodness, so much sadness happening. Huge prayers and loving thoughts going out to Sam. I am so sorry to hear that.
      Thank you.

    2. Which Sam? I follow a few named Sam.

    3. the only Sam I have seen here is Sam of Sam, Coffee, Money & Thyme. LORI is this the same one????

    4. Yes Cheryl that is the Sam I'm referring to.

  3. I’ll be praying for your niece, her daughters and mother. My heart goes out to Sam and Kim and Hilogene. They all continue to be in my prayers.

  4. (Little Penpen) so sorry about your niece, what a tragic thing to endure. Enjoy your lil happy squirrels when you need an extra smile this week.

  5. My thoughts go out to your niece, it does sound as though a miracle will be needed. It's been a hard month for a number of bloggers, losing family members. .
    Your mention of squirrels and birds reminds me I need to get out and fill the feeder, before I head off to buy groceries.

    1. Thank you = yes, it doesn't sound good at this point.
      It sure has been a tough month for sure. Sad way for many to start the year.
      Feed those sweet babies!

  6. Your niece and the entire family are in my prayers. Lynn Ewing

  7. The weather has been mild. I enjoyed 3 2-mi walks this week in the sunshine. Walking is very meditative & restorative for me, putting one foot in front of the other, moving forward. My friend's adult son died 2 yrs ago in the pandemic. The memorial is being planned for this spring. I was asked to contribute to the playlist. One of the songs I chose was Grace by William Prince. There's a line in that song - "That's what this Amazing Grace is for, Bring me to my knees so I can finally stand." Some of my best life lessons have been learned on my knees. Kind thoughts to all those experiencing hardship.

    1. Enjoy that wonderful weather.
      Boy is that right. I do believe those are the lessons we learn from - on our knees. Life gives us so many challenges - good and bad.

  8. Praying for your Niece and all of your family.
    My thoughts and prayers go out to Kim, Hilogene and Sam. Sending many hugs.

  9. I will pray for your niece and her family, that is tough. Really tough. I know how things like this can be. ...Just so tragic when loved ones make very bad choices in life.

    Your week must have been very tumultuous with your niece and all but a nice quiet too. I love that meme you posted, oh it is so very true!

    What have I been doing? I'm decluttering our bedroom just ten minutes at a time and I'm getting ready to get radical with my studio...Oh dear me, since Christmas it's become even worse but that's going to stop this week. It will get worse before better but that's okay. I've been putting little trees and things up in my Wonderful Life little town area that I'm going to leave up and my Christmas trees are Valentine trees now. I'm enjoying putting up little bare trees I ordered too on my kitchen window sills with the tiny battery fairy lights on wire...I'm a little girl on things like that. It clears my mind.

    I made cauliflower chunks baked in a little olive oil with seasoning last night and we had our pizzas of our choice. Then the Odd Couple movie was on so we caught the last part of that, made me laugh!

    I'm thankful to God because of Him taking something ( a prestigious looking wolf in sheep's clothing situation) that could have been very dangerous to our daughter but seeing her cheerfully leaving for church to meet her long time girl friend who has helped her too at this time. God moves in mysterious ways... : ) I have told my daughter just like Elise wrote...'There is a Romeo out there for you'. At least she will be with young adults today that have the basics right. Right? : ) God hears our prayers.

    May I mention that 'All Creatures Great and Small' has started a new season on pbs? : ) I think tonight is episode 3. That is always a bright spot. : )

    Praying for our nation. I appreciate you and will continue to lift your niece up in prayer. Love your blog here, it's delightfully old-school. I'm an old soul so it suits me fine! : ) ~Amelia

    1. Yes, sometimes a quiet week is just what the doctor orders. Thank you for your prayers.
      I am having cauliflower chunks today. Great minds!
      I am so happy your daughter is getting out with friends - that is her best medicine. Obviously God took a moment to let her know that this fellow was NOT the ONE!

      Old school - I like that. I think that describes me pretty well.
      Thanks for heads up on the program.

    2. Yes, I'm totally old school and have been since I was probably three years old! lol Hahaha...I'm 62, hubs is 69 and when we dated in '79-'80 we listened to elevator music in the car. lol One of our daughters when getting married in '17 told the 40s instrumental quartet leader who was providing background music for the reception that she and her fiance were 'old souls' ...That really rang true to my heart, I had never heard the term before.

      Great minds! Yes! ; ) lol

  10. Oh, Cheryl, your niece and family will be added to my prayers! Also Sam. I pray for everyone here all the time, even those who read without comment; I may not know you (personally), but God does. And He cares.

    We still have snow on the ground. Much of that should melt off today. More snow is due tomorrow. While it wasn't a busy week, I got more accomplished than expected. Nothing exciting, just the regular stuff. Next weekend Hubs and I will be in SoCal for his mom's Celebration of Life. Youngest son will housesit/dog-sit for us. It will be a quick trip... 2 days of driving for an afternoon there, but it matters. I'll roast a spiral ham (from our freezer) for the luncheon.

    Life is so fleeting. Even for those who live to grow old. I often wonder how many today understand that? Will the things we fret about today be important down the road? Once we're gone? Each generation faces its own challenges and those usually fade with time. Or so it seems (to me). Anyway... on a brighter note...

    Amelia, I'm so happy to read about your daughter's cheerfulness today. In time she'll be happier than she thought possible. Mona, what a wonderful song and thought. And while some are enjoying the antics of squirrels, we were greeted early yesterday morning by two very large elk in our driveway! Even the females are as big as horses or mules. Because of all the evergreens on our property, there are always birds, but we're seeing more elk this winter, too.
    Blessings to all as this week begins! --Elise

    1. Thank you.
      Well our snow ended and it has melted already!. We have more coming this week.
      Please have safe travels for the memorial. It will be something needed for some type of closure.
      Oh my, elk!!!! Wow, wouldn't that be something. Nature is in full bloom around your place!

    2. It's not what most people think of as wildlife in Arizona, is it? Or snowy winters for that matter! LOL!

    3. Elise, Elk! Oh my goodness! We have deer, eagles, coyotes and cougars but *elk*. Wow, now that is really something! Amazing.

      Becs is doing well today but she misses the little 'lad' to put it way too nicely, just the companionship of course but knows it was not what it appeared to be like a cruel joke. We know the truth of it all but it's hard for her to swallow, very confusing to her at this time. Thank God she had remained friends with this young lady from a church they attended together, her friend is a little older in her middle 30s and has also been in some awful dating situations, unmarried, it's strange now days. Both girls are attractive, sweet Christian girls, her friend is a surgical nurse and recently had the opportunity to go out with a doctor with a similar background as the little 'lad', she said...No. thank. you! lol. It's so hard on these girls now days and I'm sure nice guys too. Our eldest daughter is 40 and married when she was 39, it was hard for her. But she just had her first little baby and her husband is the sweetest thing ever. My other son in laws are true gems too. Thank the good Lord. Thanks for your prayers and encouragement! I did tell her about her sister and she truly took it to heart and was encouraged. : )

    4. I truly can not imagine having to work through the dating scene in this day and age. Nothing is as it appears!!! She is a very lucky gal to have found out now.

    5. Amelia, my sons are 35 and 30, unmarried. Neither has really dated. I think one of the most difficult challenges for the younger set today--where dating is concerned--is finding someone like minded when your faith matters. The most recent reports are that barely 30% of those between 18 and 35 yrs. old polled say they have religious faith of any kind. That's down significantly from the 1990s.

      My 30 yr. old son was invited to and attended an LDS group of young adults when we first moved here. He hoped to make friends more than anything else. He knew dating would be out of the question and didn't pursue that. He attended different churches at that time, too, and found one, but none have unmarried people in his age group. It's tough. Nevertheless, your oldest daughter is proof it's not impossible. Thank you for sharing that. --Elise

  11. Yes, prayers for your niece’s family! For their healing and comfort and for the person who hit your niece.
    The prayer and affirmation you posted are so good…and comforting.
    You got a lot accomplished for your “week off” ;). Glad you got good news from your finance guy.
    I think our weather here is typical for Oklahoma winter…like yours. No white stuff currently.
    We have a visiting doggy that lives somewhere around here…not in our neighborhood, tho, cuz we have a FB page for our neighborhood and people are asking where he lives. He comes by every morning, clean, warm and dry and camps out in our yard or a neighbor’s yard.
    Since this development is only a couple years old, I think he’s been hanging out here prior to construction and the construction workers’ left behind trash has gotten him a few tasty nibbles…he does have a tumor on his neck and no tag or collar. He has now graduated to sleeping all day in our garage on an old dog bed. Not sure what the right thing is to do? Don’t want to call Animal Control on him. Anyhoo, that’s the “wildlife” in our neck of the woods.
    Keep warm and take things slow and easy.

    1. Thank you mam.
      Weather hasn't been too bad this year at all - except that one frigid arctic week.
      Hmmm - sounds like you may have a doggy!!! It seems to have chosen you to love. Weird, it must live close by, if it is clean, warm and dry every morning. He loves you!!!!!!
      Slow and easy - my life!

    2. Thanks, Cheryl.

  12. Greetings, all!
    Cheryl, that's terrible about your niece. I'm trying to loosen my inner control freak and I've really been praying "Thy will be done" for most things. And the request for whatever comfort is needed. The hardest part is that I can't see the big picture and I want the Lord to explain his answer lol, like my algebra teacher wanted!!

    It's just cold today. I was cold through all of church, the stop at the market, and now while I'm under a blanket. I've got 2 corn sacks on me and I'm still chilled! I'm grateful for the little rain we got and definitely for the 3 days I got to spend time reading on the patio. There will be none of that anytime soon!

    I only had $15 for groceries this week so I was pleased with my deals.
    8 # of oranges for $3.99, cheese for $1.29 for 8 oz., All for $1.99, and 8 fresh bananas bundled in the clearance shelf for $1. Plus milk from the dairy.

    This week's cost gripes lol!! Eggs were $4.79 with a limit of 2 and a 6 oz can of tomato paste was $1!!! When were tomatoes priced like gold?!

    1. Debby, be grateful the eggs are only $4.79 there. Ours are about $8 per dozen now. A sale price is still about $7. All since the Christmas season, when I could get them for $3.89 (limit of 2). As for tomatoes, I'd read last summer that so much drought in America, along with increased farming costs meant a lot less tomatoes that were harvested. It's why so many stores had shortages last summer. So that cost got rolled into canned goods using tomatoes. Chicken will be the next thing (avian flu), followed by beef later this year as more breeding cows went to slaughter last year. It's always something!

      Although we have the pellet stove for heat, as well as whole house furnace heat (that we rarely use), I've taken to sleeping with wool gloves and socks on. The other I get, the colder my hands and feet seem to get. Of course, when summer temps soar, remind me of how cold I was this winter. LOL!

      I'm a big picture gal like you. Add to that a fierce need for things to make practical sense. And like you, I've now focused on that part of the Lord's Prayer we all know... "Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven." I've also stopped asking for a text or email to let me know what it's all about. ;-)

      It is what it is and we'll all get through it with the help and encouragement of each other. Hang in there! --Elise

    2. Oops.. the older I get... not other. Same difference?

    3. Debbie - we have to let go sometimes. Why we think God needs our approval or permission is beyond me - but sometimes we do. I have finally adjusted to the fact that I am but a grain of sand in this world - and nothing or no one needs my approval! Thank you for prayers.
      I can still get tomato paste for super cheap at Aldi. Better get busy planning a garden! When I went in to get cat food at WM - 3 doz. pack of large eggs was 10.89. I didn't need any - but probably should have bought them.
      We have to adjust - no other way around it. Let some things go and do or get others. I have a lot of things that wouldn't bother me a bit I could quit buying in order to get other things.

    4. Elise so true. It is what it is and we will get through it with the encouragement of each other.

  13. Oh Cheryl, how terribly sad for your niece, praying for her family and the person who accidentally hit her, healing and comfort. Sadly a few days ago we heard that the brother in law of one of hubbies cousins had taken his own life, tragic for his family and friends, only in his very early 40s. Our daughter was sad as she knew him well when they were younger.
    We have had pretty frosty weather all week but sun the past few days which made it feel slightly warmer. Our new rescue dog is beginning to feel at home but is still pretty nervous. We took him to visit at our daughter's house this afternoon, he was quite happy wandering around. She sent me back with some mending and a couple of frozen items she did not think would get eaten, so that's dinner tomorrow sorted.
    Thinking about you too at this difficult time. Hope all your family will be there for each other.

    1. Thank you so much.
      Oh my goodness, how terrible that someone felt the need to take their life. I know it happens a lot - I just wish folks understood that NOTHING is that bad. Just breaks your heart for their families. So much pain and sadness lately.
      The sun sure can make a big difference in physical and mental attitudes. I just love the sunshine. I think sometimes I starve for it.
      Your doggy will get used to all and everything and will be right at home soon. Love that you take him visiting!
      Nice on some free food! Enjoy it.

  14. prayers going out for your niece,and for you and your special good advice every day..what the world needs frugality and common sense

    1. Thank you. I know the world sure needs common sense - AMEN to that!!!!!!

  15. Your Scripture selection and prayer are definitely timely!

    Will pray for your niece's recovery and the healing of the estrangement in the family. That is just so sad. I feel for the person who accidently hit her. That would be something that would stay with you.

    Thanks to all who prayed for my oldest daughter Alana's shoulder surgery. She came through just fine even though the surgeon found a torn rotator cuff as well as damage to the bicep. We are puzzled as to why this would happen. It was on her left side which is not the dominant side.

    Prayers for Kim and Hilogene! Sending virtual hugs!

    Looks like we have some crummy weather ahead. Sure hope the prediction is wrong!

    1. Thank you.
      I am glad your daughter's surgery is over and successful. Poor thing must have had a lot of pain before.
      Icky weather bound to happen - glad it has been later than sooner!

  16. Hello again!

    I forgot a couple of things. I laughed about your squirrels. Just a few days ago, I was telling my husband that the squirrels were either nuts or very randy lol!!! Chasing around all over.

    I forgot to list my meals and reads. I hope it gives others ideas. I know they help me.
    Pinto beans and a ham bone.
    Taco Pasta.
    Grilled cheese and tomato soup.
    Vegetable fried rice.
    Everything but the kitchen sink soup.
    Breakfast. Eggs, fried potatoes, and sliced kielbasa.

    I'm reading...
    On my nightstand - The Bloomsbury Girls by Natalie Jenner.
    In my craft room CD player - Black Echo by Michael Connelly.
    With my Bible study - bits of this and that.
    By my reading chair - The Panic Zone by Rick Mofina.
    We watched Miss Scarlet and the Duke. That's it!

    I also cleared out 2022 from my desk files and started putting tax stuff together. Put together a big donation box, too!

    Also, I usually get most of my canned stuff at Aldi, but it's not close and I just needed 1 can of tomato paste for chili this week. I should have a lot more, but my hubs confused tomato sauce and paste so I have lots of sauce lol.

    1. Your meals all sound delish!
      Yes, they are getting 'randy'. I have actually seen them having their fun a couple times!!!!!! Oh my. There will be a lot more squirrels in a while!
      I have been getting tax stuff together as well.
      Make sure your check that inventory before going back to the store!!!!!

  17. Cheryl I will say prayers for your niece.

    God bless.