Sunday, January 29, 2023

Weekly Wrap Up 1/29

 Happy Sunday to all on this last Sunday of January.  I hope this finds you all well and safe.
It is in the 40's this morning and drizzling rain out.  It is to get colder as the day goes on and then we are to have very cold and seasonal week.  I guess it is time.  We have been so fortunate in my area this winter.  Each week that passes, puts us one more week closer to spring!

Updates on my week.  
My niece has been removed from all life support yesterday at 2PM.  They removed her breathing tube; she is now resting on her own devices.  She has been moved to hospice care within the hospital - yesterday was not her day.  All I can think is - in God's time!  God knows when we leave this earth - we do not - not even the doctors can predict.  He must not be ready for her to leave this planet yet.
I want to thank everyone for their prayers and continued prayers.

Fluff is now an indoor kitty.  Thursday and Friday were pretty rough.  She was not a well kitty, after her roaming about.  Her eyes were all goopy and they are now clean and clear.  Both of those nights she slept curled up in my arms.  I really thought I was losing her Friday.  She started having blood come from her mouth.  Well, it appears she lost a tooth, and it was bleeding.  After we got through that - things have improved.  She is eating - gravy foods only.  She is drinking lots of water.  She is pooing in her box.  She is still having a little problem with controlling her bladder and using the box each time!  She has discovered floor registers and the vent on the front of frig and loves the warmth!!!!!  This morning has been the best morning so far.  She slept in a little bed I made her last night - and she come in and greeted me as soon as she heard me stirring.  I am loving her and babying her to the best of my ability!  Will do what needs done, as long as possible.

YES!  God watches over the tiny birds, the flowers, the critters great and small, and YOU and ME!  That is special.

MY week:
  • I did go out Monday to fill my gas tank.  I had .90 per gallon discount to use and had to use before the end of the month.  It was going to snow, so I went out and filled the tank.  I ended up paying 2.31 per gal.!  I had such a good discount, because last month I got 4X points on GC's I purchased for gifts.  Win - win!
  • I stopped at the bank and cashed a $180 check I received in the mail.
  • I made a batch of homemade biscuits.
  • Moved a lot of slush and snow - we had such a slushy wet mix mid-week.  It was heavy!!!!!!!!
  • Thawed a pound of ground sausage - used part in a dish I made and sliced patties and cooked and then froze for later.
  • I found a partial pack of eggroll wrappers in the freezer.  They had been in there for ages!  I sliced into strips, spritzed with oil and salt - and baked a few minutes until crisp.  Great fun and they were good on my dinner one day and I just ate the rest.  No waste.
  • NO grocery or any other shopping this week
  • Laundry catch-up.
  • LOTS of extra laundry and cleaning with Fluffy accidents - that is OK
  • Using what I have, using leftovers, and trying to make some different foods.
  • Just normal cleaning and dusting and vacuuming
My meals this past week:
Broccoli/cauliflower sauté over rice - topped with bacon crumbles
TOTchos - nachos made over tator tots!
Egg, cheese and spicy summer sausage biscuits
Taco/cheese beef hotdogs and green beans
Egg roll in a bowl - used the strips I made on top!  
Beef Manhattan made with biscuit - mashed potatoes
Baked potato topped with corned beef (freezer) and Swiss cheese
                                                                TOTchos - very good
                                                        My yummy 'meal' biscuits

SNACKS - had 2 small waffle sections (freezer) with peanut butter, an extra hotdog, leftover mashed potatoes, biscuit w/jelly, oranges and green beans.
Weird snacks - but using up leftovers!!!!!! - All was tasty.

How has your week been?  I hope you maybe found some deals and bargains.  Is the weather nasty where you are?  We had an icky day or 2 - but just normal after that - yesterday was much warmer.
Love hearing what everyone is up too.

I hope you all have a safe and healthy week.  I pray for each of you.
Blessings from my humble little home to you and yours.

Seek His will in all you do, and He will direct your paths.
Proverbs 3:6

Lord, Decisions do not come easily for many of us.  We have made mistakes and falter at times.  When we give it to You, You guide us and help us on our journey.  When grief engulfs us, keep us in Your arms and help us on the path forward.  Guide us to make the wisest decisions and help lead us to the right direction.  We thank You for each and every blessing we receive each day.  Amen

Prayer is our acknowledgment of needing God in our life,


  1. Cheryl, I worked with a doctor who said patients lived or died in spite of what we did as health care providers. So true. Kindest regards about your niece. Yesterday I attended the funeral of an old neighbor who died at the age of 100. That's a long life. I loved listening to the eulogy that was so full of history. My mom turns 90 in a few weeks. Part of my weekly routine is to visit with her at the lodge where she lives. Another part of my routine for the next 3 wks is checking on my neighbors' house while they're away. This week, I enjoyed supper at my friend's, then a game of cards; lunch here with 2 friends, then scrabble; coffee date with another friend. January has been a very social month for me. Went to a movie - A Man Called Otto starring Tom Hanks; thoroughly enjoyed it. The weather has turned more seasonal with -20C temps. I love the lengthening daylight hours with the sunrise <8:30AM & sunset closer to 5PM. Food this week: made a batch of antipasto; pea/rice/shrimp salad w/ packaged ginger beef & dry ribs; roast chicken w/ lazy beet leaf holupchi from the freezer; chicken noodle soup; zucchini muffins; spaghetti squash w/ leftover tomato sauce.

    1. You are a regular social butterfly!!!! It is nice that you are out and about and having fun.
      100 is a long life. I bet there were some amazing stories. I love you still get to visit with your mom. My mom was almost 91 when she passed (but had health issues). The things she could remember. It was pretty neat.
      Those are the people who have really seen the world change.
      Your meals sound great. Have a good week and enjoy yourself!

  2. Our timing is not the Father's timing. I pray that your niece's family be comforted. All things are done in His will.

    Gloomy and kinda nasty today. I need to go to Fresh Thyme to buy some chicken breasts while they are still on sale. Riley, my Chihuahua, has pancreatitis and can only have boiled chicken breast meat. He is such a beggar and loves to eat. It's hard to resist that sweet little face but I must for his health.

    1. Yes, all things in His time not ours. We never know how things will turn out.
      It is gloomy and wet. I went out and picked up trash out front - someone obviously thought it would be 'cute' to throw their trash out a car window. It is every where. UGH
      Going to cool off this week.
      Have a good one!

  3. Wishing your niece a peaceful passing.
    I hope Fluffy has rallied from the loss of her tooth. When my Sami lost a tooth, it was due to a cancerous tumor that spread throughout her mouth. Fingers crossed that's not what is happening with Fluffy. I'm sure she's enjoying the heat vents!

    1. Thank you so much.
      Fluff has had dental problems in the past - so it is not surprising. This morning she actually yelled at me until I gave her soft treats instead of gravy. She ate them! That is huge.
      She loves the heat - she is probably wondering "where has this place been my whole life?" LOL
      Have a good one.

  4. To everything there is a season as God tells us, it is all in His hands.

    Good to know the Fluff updates. Accidents are part of life and that’s why we have washing machines. 😊

    It’s chilly here too, so I have a blanket to keep me warm. Very grateful for another day.

    1. Yes mam - a season to everything.
      I don't mind cleaning up - she is here and we are getting along good. I launder what I need to.
      Have a nice week. Stay warm!

  5. Sunday again! It seems like the week is only 3 days long anymore!!
    Biting cold and windy today. We'll be lucky to see the sun or a 20° day.

    Hubs was feeling a scratchy throat yesterday and wanted to pick up a few things at the market. Grocery budget was $30 this week. We have a FSA acct. that we thought would cover a few meds. Alas, it didn't cover the Coldeez so there went $13 right away. It seems prevention and hydrogen peroxide are not health items. ??? We went by the bread clearance and the normally discounted loaf we get was no longer $1.99, but $3.79! The normal price is $3.99. or WAS. A loaf of sourdough bread is now $5.99! We didn't buy any. This happened with a couple of items and we ultimately left with money left over because we couldn't stomach the prices. We ended up with bananas, store brand tater tots (I had a coupon!), and a deeply marked down bottle of curl control gel for me...a treat! Then we stopped at the dairy for milk and came home. While we ate lunch we discussed that our entire grocery shopping plan is going to completely change after 30 years! This will not be easy because there is only the now uber expensive market in town. We will now have to approach it like country folk! The once a month thing to 2 stores in the city. We'll see how we do and if it's worth it. My opinion on all this is that we are being gouged and owing our souls to the company stores.... Sing if you like lol. I have never seen anything like this in my entire life and the sentiment seems common. When I commented about the*markdown* price on the bread, an older man picked up another loaf. After staring at it a sec, he put it back and said to his companion, "I can't afford this. They're thievin' from us."
    I couldn't agree more.

    Despite using far less gas than last year, our bill was up a bit. Our thermostat is at 62° during the day and 55° at night so it's not like we're a sauna! Quite the opposite. I'm currently wearing 3 layers of clothing with 2 heavy blankets on me and a corn sack on my neck! My friend in Cali just got hers and it's more than 3x the norm. And her house is kept cold. Sadly, her husband is unemployed right now so she's in a bit of a panic.

    Meals this week we're:
    * Spaghetti.
    * Creamed tuna on homemade toast.
    * Pinto beans enchiladas.
    * Leftover Thanksgiving dinner!.
    * BBQ ranch chicken quarters.
    * Cold cut sandwiches.
    All pretty tasty, especially the turkey dinner!

    Reading -
    On my nightstand - The Long Winter by LI Wilder.
    In my craft room CD player - Christmas at the Amish Market by Shelley Shepard Gray.
    With my Bible study - I'm doing a short history study on the Gospel of Matthew.
    By my reading chair - Executive Power by Vince Flynn.

    Hospice went from a dreaded word to a comforting word for me over the past 10 years. Personally, with my mom 10 years ago. Having her home and knowing she was comforted by that. The smells, the sounds, etc. She smiled when I told her. And several relatives later. My mom's nurse was simply an angel among us. I wanted to cry and hug her every time she showed up! Cheryl, I hope your niece will feel the comfort of that environment, even in the hospital hospice.
    And your Fluffers, I'm sure she feels the same about you. Comforted by her angel and home.

    Good week to all! Keep warm!

    1. Sorry your groceries are so expensive there. I buy plain old cheap wheat store brand bread and have never paid even close to $2. Not the healthiest - but it is bread. You can make bread or make biscuits and tortillas. Both are easy and inexpensive.
      The 80's were horrid for me and my household. We ate very frugally and simple.
      I think the idea of going every few weeks to another town is smart. I generally only shop, during the winter especially, every 2 or 3 weeks. I make do with what is on hand.

      Yes, the word hospice has changed some for me as well. It used to be a dreaded word - now it is more comforting. I sure hope things can change - doubt it - but it is not for me to know.

      Fluffy has yelled at me twice today!!! She has been only eating gravies. First time, I gave her a few soft treats I had and she gobbled them. Later on she was giving me the what for - so I gave her pate food. Gobbled it. Poor girl is getting hungry after just gravy!!!!!! I love it.
      Have a good week.

    2. There are 2 types of FSAs these days. Here is the coverage list for each:

  6. I hope your cat continues to heal. It's always so scary when they aren't doing well.

    1. Thank you - yes so scary. They are our babies. She is having a pretty good day today!
      Have a nice week.

  7. Ups and downs with Fluffy - mostly ups, tho now. Just like with us! Thanks for the updates and I know you love her so well because you want to…but, thank you for caring so well for the creatures in your life!
    Visiting doggy is here in the garage, napping the day away on his bed/sleeping bag. We have a portable heater on near him as it’s only 26* outside. He gets warm leftovers thru-out the day and fresh water.
    I’m so thankful Fluffy is back home now and LOL at “where has this place been all my life?’”.
    Totchos sound good right now! I’m not familiar with Beef Manhattan…I’ll look that up. I saw a recipe for Mississippi chicken on YouTube that I’m gonna try making (Catherine’s Plates).
    We’re expecting another arctic blast in OK tomorrow and Tuesday. Then back to seasonal temps. I guess it was even cold in FL last week. My cousin told me she wore her coat for the 1st time in 12 years! And iguanas were falling out of the trees…they recover, thankfully.
    Well, keep warm. You are an angel to those animals.

    1. I love all animals - but mine are special!!!! She is having a good day today. She seems very content inside and loves the warmth.
      I am so glad you and the guest doggy found each other. I do believe the dog is more than a guest!!!!!!

      Beef Manhattan is a roast beef (or you can do turkey) sandwich - cut in half and pushed apart - mashed potatoes in the middle and all smothered in gravy. YUM! That was a wonderful memory from childhood.
      Going to be colder here this week as well - especially the lows at night. Not as bad as it was at Christmas though.
      I have heard of the iguanas falling from trees - what a sight.
      You have a great week.

  8. That is hard for everyone and your niece as well. God knows and he is holding her in His mighty hands.

    I am so over being cold! Come on warm weather and sunshine!

    1. It is - because no one knows when or if! She could go on for a long time like this. It is all so sad. God is with her, yes. He takes care of her (and us).
      Spring sure would be nice. It won't be long.
      Have a great week.

  9. There are days I would like to sleep over a vent. My son when he was two like to sleep in front of the refrigerator for the warmth. He had a bed, blankets, and warm pajamas, but he prefered to sleep in front of the refrigerator.

    1. Oh that is funny. Yes, I have stood on the vents many times to warm my feet!!!!

    2. Lol! I was a washing machine sleeper! My grandma had a little braided rug in front of it and it was warm there. The swishing sound put me right to sleep! I can't tell you how many times I put my baby sitting babies in a seat on the washer to knock them out! It was my 13 yr. old version of a car ride!! To this day, I call the washer my lullaby music. Wonderful in my Cali home when it was upstairs and across the hall from our bedroom. Not so good now if I'm in my reading chair and not planning a nap!! I wonder how many of my sweet babies still fall asleep when they hear a washer lol!!!

  10. It started getting cold here yesterday, and the temperatures over night tonight are supposed to be in the -35C range with a wind which will make it feel somewhere in the -40C.

    No deals as I did not shop, but I did do a big (well big for me) batch cooking session. Used up a lot of items from the freezers, fridge and pantry. Hope to use up even more this week.

    God bless.

    1. Brrrrrr. Try and stay in and stay warm. It is so nice to have a pantry and freezer to fall back on.
      Enjoy your week.

  11. Well my goodness, I was sure praying for your niece yesterday and was out today but still lifting the family up in prayer. Wow, God is sure in control and has your niece in the palm of His hand as you know and are comforted. I will continue to pray.

    Awwww...So happy to hear the good news on little Fluffy, that is so cute. I'm glad the bleeding was from the missing tooth, poor little thing. I know she's feeling loved and will get better and better! So cozy in your warm home I'm sure. : )

    This week I made a big pot of red kidney beans with Italian sausage tofurkey and collards in it in a tomato base broth, New Orleans style with brown rice on side. That was two meals and yesterday we had it again, I froze the rest for a busy day. We also had pasta one night with artichoke hearts on the side. Tonight we had scrambled eggs and toast.

    Looking forward to hearing the next good report on Fluffy, that is so sweet. ...Cracks me up...yelling for treats! lol

    Yes, God knows all about the sparrows and every hair on our head too. Today I heard a local radio preacher and he was taking questions. One was do our animals go to Heaven? He said he's changed his view after looking over scripture on that. Yes! He said and gave more detail. Thank the Lord people are *seeing* on that.

    Night night have sweet sleep Cheryl ...and Fluffy and friends!

    1. fluff had another bad night - so it is up and down. Yesterday was a great day for her, then last night happened. I am not real optimistic. Doing what I can. Oh, I believe they go to heaven too.
      VERY sad news - after 36 hours off machines, my niece passed at 4:30 Sunday afternoon. She is at peace now and with the Lord.
      I get excited about positive events - then boom, they seem to have fallen apart. Some days it all stinks.
      You are kind to keep us all in prayer.
      Have a nice week.

  12. Prayers for your niece and you and the family. We went through this when Dh's mom was taken off life support.
    Pet Fluffy for me.
    We are using up leftovers here and eating from the pantry & freezers. I used up 2 pints of spaghetti sauce tonight and 2 partial boxes of pasta and a can of refrigerated cressent rolls. Still one pint in the fridge that I'll use sometime this week. I also made homemade cinnamon rolls to help warm up the house.
    On the menu for the next few weeks: Breakfast casserole; Sloppy joes (from freezer)-BBQ pork (leftovers) on buns; Chili (him)-Chicken soup of some kind(me) and corn bread; Chicken fried cube steaks, fried potatoes and assorted veg in freezer & fresh to use up and taco pizza.

    1. Thank you - sadly she passed on Sunday afternoon. She is now at peace and healed.
      Fluff is again up and down. Sunday was good and then last night was rough.
      Sigh - my brain is tired and sad.

      Your meals all sound so good. Enjoy each of them.
      Have a lovely week.