Thursday, March 30, 2017

Be 'Depression' Ready

Most of our grandparents, and many of our parents, lived through the great depression.  They endured and survived - we are a testament to that.  Their lives were exceedingly tough and they HAD to be very creative and thrifty.
Everyone had to use items till they could not be used any more.  This is the time in history when the expression " use it up, wear it out, and make it do" came about.  These were words that everyone lived by!  They had to.

Pretty much everyone was in the same predicament, and folks just had to work together sometimes to help one another.  Every single bit of everything was used - food and drink were used to the last drop.  Usable fabric scraps were made into quilts, clothes were made from flour sacks.  People gardened and preserved everything they could get their hands on - people bartered - and folks foraged.  Survival was what mattered.

Money does matter, as much as we would like to think it doesn't.  Some are lucky enough to have homes paid for, vehicles paid, gardens and skills - but money is still needed.  Uncle Sam won't BARTER!

Don't think that times could not get like they were again.  It could happen.  We all need to plan, develop skills, and learn how to get by with less - IN CASE!  Each and every one of us needs to be prepared.

1.  Use what you have.  Don't give in to advertising and the new and fancy.  Most likely what you have will do just fine.  You may not have the newest or the prettiest 'whatever', but if you have something that works - that is what is important.

 2.  "SHOP" major purchases (and even small ones).  Never pay full price or asking price.  You can always get a better deal - it just takes times.  Watch for sales , mark downs and clearance.

3.  DO second hand when possible.  It saves a great deal of money and it is recycling too.  Not only are you helping yourself, you are helping the planet.

4.  Cook - eating out is expensive.  It should be considered a 'treat'.  Don't say "I don't know how"!!  If you can read and you can follow instruction, you CAN cook.  Get a basic cookbook, and start with simple recipes.  You can even find recipes now that are knock-offs of all your favorite restaurant food.

5.  Make things yourself.  Cooking, cleaning supplies, compost, gardening, building, etc.  Learn new skills.

6.  FIX IT - in this throw away society, most people never think about fixing things.  There is probably a video on just about everything on You Tube, explaining how to repair things.

7.  Do your own stuff!  Do your own manis and pedis.  Grow food, sew, groom your dog, do your own yard work, can, etc.  You save so much money by developing your skills and doing it yourself.

8.  Don't be a fashion hound.  This not only goes for clothes, but everything that is new and improved!  You don't need to newest fancy phone, or the Kitchen Aide mixer, or the Rachael Ray cookware - make do with what you have.

9.  Go to FREE events.  Do your research and find what days parks, museums, beaches, etc. are free.  Go on picnics, go bird watching,  read, walk, or just sit and enjoy nature.

10.  PAY OFF DEBT - this is huge!  Pay off your debt as quickly as possible, and try your dang best to not make any new debt.

11.  EMERGENCY FUND - work on having one.  Save every penny you possibly can.  Start out with a percentage of your pay, then add more as you start paying off debt.  Save your change, save your savings from coupons, save gift monies,, save, save!!!!!!!
STUFF is always going to happen and you are going to need an emergency fund.  No one wants to go into debt because the car needs work, the frig needs maintenance, the dryer broke, etc.
Start small and add whatever you can whenever you can.
ALSO it is very important to not have ALL your money in one place.  If the bottom drops out - your funds need to be diverse and accessible.  MAKE SURE you keep funds at home as well!!!

12. PREP on your food pantry, your health and beauty pantry, your craft pantry, your gift pantry, etc.  You need to have LOTS of pantry items on hand, just in case.  The more you put away now - the less you will spend in the future.  It is common sense that the price of things will continue to rise - and if we go into another depression - the prices will skyrocket, IF the items are even available!  The cheaper you can get things now, the more you will save in the future.

We all need to be PREPARED because the next GREAT DEPRESSION could happen at anytime.  If you haven't learned how to take care of yourself and your families with the most primal and basic of methods - you won't survive - at least not well.

I am not saying you can't have fun and experience enjoyable things now.  We all need to have fun and do something special.  If we don't - life will become boring and we will feel deprived - then we spend TOO much!!!
We can even try to make some basic things (like gardening, canning, crafting, sewing, etc.) some of the fun family things we do.  Make it fun for the younger generation to learn!

Folks, gain what skills you can NOW.  Save what funds you can NOW.  Get prepared with pantry prep NOW.
If you don't worry about it - no one will worry about it for you.



  1. I agree it is wise to be prepared. I disagree about worrying about the future(Matthew 6:26-34).

    1. Theresa - You are so correct. Worry never solved anything! it just makes one feel worse.
      I guess my choice of words could have been better - "now is the time to worry about the future" says we don't have faith. Now is the time to prepare!

      I do believe that we must be prepared for whatever comes our way. We all need to be prepared mind, body and soul!


  2. I heard a few years ago the best way to double your money is to fold it in half and put it back in your billfold!

    1. That is a good one for sure!!!
      Best way to save!!!!
      Have a good one

  3. Great points Cheryl,
    I just emptied the bottom of my purse this morning and came out with $8.00 in change for the piggy bank. It's amazing how much the money helps when you need it! Have a great day!

    1. Vickie, it sure is. I used to bank my piggy bank money or my change jar. Now I just keep putting back her at home, and someday it may be a real life saver.

      Pennies make dollars!
      Have a lovely day!

  4. Hi Cheryl, I know I spend money on things I don't have to but I also try to be frugal in other ways. I like that saying about doubleing your money and putting it in your billfold! Nancy

    1. Nancy I think we all spend on things we really don't need at times. You are correct - being frugal in some areas allows us to splurge in other.

  5. Also Cheryl, do you make your own laundry soap? I bought the ingredients but we have hard water and I am wondering if anyone has any thoughts about using it in hard water? Nancy

    1. No I have never made my own laundry soap. I have thought about it, but still have so much that I got cheaply.
      I know lots of people that do make theirs.
      I hope you have good luck with it.