Wednesday, March 1, 2017

'March' ing Forward & Some Pics

Good morning and HAPPY MARCH 1st!   Happy Ash Wednesday!

A new month can mean new beginnings.  Now is the time to start fresh new habits - if you have fallen short thus far this year.  New beginnings can start at any time.  JUST START!  It is never too late.  Let today be THE day for a new beginning of some sort in your life!

March came in like a lion in our neck of the woods.  We had some pretty nasty storms over night and damage in some areas of the state.  We are fine in our neighborhood.  I sure hope this means that March will go out as a lamb!
Spring weather is always the most scary in my opinion.  In this area of the country we have many strong spring storms that bring lots of lightening, rain, tornadoes, and hail.
ONLY 19 days till calendar Spring!  Daylight savings time starts on the 12th - so we will 'springing forward' with the clocks. 

Spring is arriving in our yard - as things are coming back to life.

Daffodils are loaded with buds - they will be so pretty.

Lilies of all sorts are popping up.  Lots of tiger lilies and the greens of 'surprise' (or resurrection) lilies.

Squirrels are getting frisky and playing like crazy.  This little fellow was actually this close to the camera!  They feed from my hand all the time.

Forsythia is starting to bloom and the grass is really greening up.  Squirrels and kitties are the only ones using the bench at this time - I cant wait to sit out there and admire all the pretty flowers!

Peonies are poking their little heads out.  Get excited to think they will be blooming in 6 weeks or so.  One of my favorite flowers (because of smell).

Kitties sunning themselves on the drive.  This is Momma - isn't she a beauty?  She and Fluffy love laying in the warm sun.

I do believe Spring is my favorite time of the year.  The world is coming back to life and beauty abounds in everything and every where.

Today officially starts SPRING CLEANING at my house!  Have you started yet?
Let's all get busy and start something new in our lives at the start of this new month.  Let us know what you are up to!
I'm going in to clean out the bedroom closet then I am starting a pot of homemade chicken noodle soup!  YUM

Have a great day my friends!


  1. HI Cheryl, I love Spring too! Our bipolar weather is confusing the poor bulbs and bushes. I have snowdrops up just to have been covered with real snow that is now melting off again. I can hear the snow sliding off my roof and onto our awnings and it is driving Doofy nuts. He is convinced that there is something on his roof that must be destroyed! ;)

    1. LOL that is so funny about the melting snow!
      we haven't had much of that - but hot then cold. Yes mother nature is either going through menopause or is bi-polar!
      Have a good one.

  2. March roared into our area like a lion. This morning it was Spring by this evening we are cold and have a 1/2 inch of snow on the ground! I love your cat -so pretty! Have a great night.

    1. It is suppose to snow a little here tonight as well. It was in the 70's a couple days ago. Crazy weather for sure this year.

      Have a good day.

  3. The weather is just crazy. We had so much rain in San Diego we made records. I have never seen anything like it.
    I am ready for spring. The Kitty is so sweet.

    1. I hope you haven't had to deal with awful flooding I have seen on TV. Amazing how CA has had drought for years then all this rain!

      She's a pretty big girl!
      Have a lovely day.

  4. Weather here too is up and down, loads of wind the past week bringing in various warm and cold fronts, a big branch is stuck in our willow tree, will need to figure out how to get it down and out of there.

    Love the pics, same here, bulbs creeping inch after inch with each warm front, and then holding tight when the cold hits. Snowdrops up, and daffys holding. Buds on all trees. Wonder if the apple trees will produce this year, last year a late frost got them.

    1. I just love seeing all those bulbs poking through.
      I sure hope the fruit trees do good. Hopefully as long it is doesn't freeze after blooms set.

      Good luck with that limb. Be careful when walking under the tree!
      have a great day.

  5. Hi Cheryl, I can't wait for spring like weather to arrive. I love the pretty forsythia. Nancy