Sunday, March 12, 2017

Frugal Happenings 3/12

Happy Sunday my friends.  I hope you had a lovely week and have managed to stay safe and healthy and frugal!

Thursday I had the windows and doors open as the day was close to 70* and was beautiful.  Today we are back to winter!  It looks like spring, but it sure feels chilly out.
I see a new meaning for the term March Madness!!!  LOL

Did you re-set your clocks?  I love the daylight being later in the evening, but it always takes me a while to re-set my body clock in the spring forward move. 

My week:
  • I picked a bouquet of daffodils with forsythia stems.  It was so pretty and cheery.
  • Been spring cleaning in the office/kitty room.  I have lots of office supplies that won't have to be bought for years!
  • I made a run to Menards and got new furnace filters.  Allergen 8000 were on sale 6.99 AND were B1G1!!!!!!!!!!!!  Woohoo!!  I have enough for over a year. as I got 4 and already had 2. They are 3 month filters.
  • I have had a slow leak on a tire on the Blazer for a while.  While out I decided to stop at tire shop and get it checked (vs. just airing it up).  I had a nail in the tire and they found a nail in another tire too.  Got that fixed and I am good to go!
  • Stopped at Kroger to LOOK at clearance while out.  Got some great clearance
Bulk bologna, bread and over the counter meds.  The meds are dated well into 2018 and 2019.   Saved $10 per box (3 boxes of 42 ea.) for Omeprazole, saved $3 each on Gas-X and $3 each on Rolaids Advanced.  Saved $2 each on bologna and $1 on bread.   Spent $34.02 and SAVED $56!!!!
  • Checked all my vehicle fluids myself and cleaned out the Blazer
  • Filled all the feeders and cleaned all the heated water bowls and plugged back in for the cold nights - so as not to freeze
  • Was craving orange juice - so dug out concentrate from the chest freezer
  • Used all leftovers and re-invented into new dishes
  • Made a bowl of sandwich spread from one roll of bulk bologna
Sandwich spread - meat, relish and Miracle whip - made some yummy sandwiches.
  • Had a sweet tooth, so I made a batch of marshmallow crispy bars - used corn flakes, as that is what I had on hand.  Mmmmmm
  • I found some new small photo albums when cleaning out office (all bought for $1 at $ Tree), and I redid my "Sweets" recipe book.  I have small books for sweets, main courses, breads, and canning all with my recipe cards that I use often.  The sweets book was falling apart.
The old one was crumbling and the spine had broke - it was messy to use.  I love using small photo books for recipe cards!
  • Used part of one of the large sweet (butternut like) squash my brother gave me in the fall.  Will use the balance this week
That's a big squash.  It is so yummy.  Neat thing is when you slice of part of the long part - it 'seals itself'  till you use again.  I used about 8".

Meals this week:
Leftover mac/cheese and sausage with baked beans
Small pork roast with potatoes, squash, carrots & onions
Balance of veggies and pork made into a pot of soup
Chicken strips with mashed pots and corn
Taco salad
Leftover taco meat with other ingredients in loaded wraps
Sandwiches (sandwich spread) and chips and homemade dip

How was your frugal week?  Anyone working on spring cleaning?  I will be doing that for quite a while yet!  Might as well clean inside until we get the next warm spell out doors.

I hope those in the path of the winter storms that I keep hearing about, are safe.  May your week ahead be a blessed one.

Spring is almost here!!!!!


  1. aww never heard of a squash like that -that is neat. I want to make some sandwich spread-what meat do you use. Bologna? I'll come back to see. Have a great week.

    1. I always use bologna, but I bet you could use about anything. With bologna it tastes like the spread you get in the deli - ONLY waaaaayyyy cheaper.
      I chop in Ninja to consistency we want (or use food processor), then add sweet relish and mayo.

      Have a great one!

    2. thanks for the recipe- I think bologna would be the way to go. I'm going to try and make this soon. Have a great day!

  2. Good afternoon, you did good last week 👍🏻
    I like idea of small photo albums for recipe books. I have some recipes in regular notebooks and they take up so so much room on the counter when they are open.

    1. Hi Rhonda - the nice part about the picture albums is they fit a recipe card and it keeps the card clean - unless you need to pull the card out to read the back. Also they are small.
      I keep mine in a cute little box on a shelving unit next to the stove.

      Hope you had a good week!

  3. Howdy! We have daffodils coming up here to. There are never enough for me to pick and bring inside though.
    You did good at Menards. I was able to get some closeout Omeprazole when I was at Fred Meyer last week. Hardly ever find deals on that.
    We had a pretty decent day yesterday it got to 60 I think and the house stayed warm all night as our temps only got down to 43. But the rain is coming in and will be with us at least all week. I wish I had a rain barrel, lol

    1. Laurie - I never see sales or mark downs on Omeprazole either - and I sure jumped at it. Funny part was it appeared the clearance was because of the type box. The same thing sitting next to it in a different box was $10 higher.

      Rain barrels aren't that pricey - you should get one or make one! Your garden will love it.

      Have a great day my friend

  4. I was curious what heaters you use for the food bowls? I keep trying ones for the bird water but they usually fail after a year...this year we put out a dog bowl that is deeper than the bird bath, so the birds came to it instead, they joined our chicken at it, her beak could break through the ice for them.

    1. Ellen I actually have a birdbath that fastens to the 4" handrail and it is electric. It isn't close enough to plug in - so I have a heavy duty extension.
      They other bowls are heated 'dog' bowls in the smallest size. They plug in directly to outdoor plugs. These are used by the cats and squirrels.

      I have one of the electric rocks that goes into a birdbath - but haven't used it for a few years.
      Our birdbath is where G can sit and see it the most.

      I think I got all of them over the years at Menards
      Hope that helps