Sunday, March 5, 2017

Frugal Happenings 3/5

Good morning my lovelies!  I hope everyone has had a wonderful week.

We are still up and down with the weather.  March definitely came in like a Lion - so here's hoping for a good ending!  Sun is shining today, skies are blue and temps should get in the 50's.  All is good!

We had to make an unexpected visit to the Vet this week with indoor boy Coogy.  Friday I noticed he was trying and trying to potty and couldn't.  Spit up a little and just kept pacing the house.  Being gun shy now, I called the Vet and they got me right in.  He is fine!  He had obviously been constipated, and the Vet said it sometimes happens just like with people.
LESSON LEARNED:  Place kitty in carrier and drive around a little first - it literally 'scared the poo right out of him'!!!!  LOL
Un-frugal was spending $50 - BUT we had a weekend of peace of mind!  And we found out he a healthy kitty in every way!  So it was worth the unexpected bill.

My frugal week:
  • Ran to the library and got some new books to read.  Very informative.
  • Had Subway sandwiches for dinner one night.  Had $6 foot longs till end of February and we used GCs.  Extended the use of cards with sale price - FREE is good!!!
  • Been doing LOTS of spring cleaning.  Bedroom closet and all drawers in bedroom.  Bathroom storage and medicine cabinet.  Hallway closet.  Can not believe all the stuff I found that we had forgotten about!!!! (WILL DO a BLOG on non-consumerism this week and will explain)
  • Had to break down and buy a new wiper blade for the passenger side of Blazer.  Got a deal at $10.50 and they put it on for me.  It sure feels better being able to see out both sides clearly!
  • Mailed 2 cards this week from cards I have on hand. (I buy at yard sales and thrift stores)
  • Stopped at a different Kroger (I was in the area) and found a 10 pack of Ivory soap for 2.99 on clearance. (Rumor has it they are going to stop producing).  I also got 2 pork cube steaks on clearance for the freezer.
  • Mailed in a rebate form for Menard's.  $5.49 - it's still money back!
  • Signed in for extra Kroger reward points
  • Bought a McD hamburger ($1) while out this week - I was starving.  Did survey on receipt and got a code for a FREE quarter pounder with cheese!  Cool - thanks for the heads up Ellen!!!
  • Made hard boiled eggs for quick meals and for topping salads
  • Stopped at Aldi for eggs and found a Crofton water filter pitcher on clearance (with filter) get this - for .99!!!!!!!!!!!  They filter is worth more than that - and my Brita filters I have on hand are the same filters!  WOOHOO.  Wish they would have had more than one left - I would have bought them all for gifts.
This is definitely the deal of the month for me!

Meals this week:
FREE Subway
Homemade ham/cheese hot pockets and salad
Homemade French bread pizza (bread from freezer)
Homemade chicken noodle soup/with veggies added - 2X
Jalapeno/cheese smoked sausage sandwiches and chili/cheese dip with tostados
Mac N Cheese with jalapeno sausages added and side salad

All in all we had a very good week.  G's home visit doctor came by and did a check-up and all is well.
I plan on continuing in my spring cleaning efforts this coming week - oh there is so much to get rid of!!!!
I have bags I am readying for the church thrift store.

What have you all been doing?  Any fun things happening in your neck of the woods?
Give us a shout out.
May you all be blessed in this coming week.

Have a great week my friends!


  1. I'm so glad G's is well and so is the kitty. I feel that is why we save so we can have peace of mind and spend when we need to. I'm with you working on my closets -how do we accumulate all this stuff?
    Have a great week!

    1. Vickie those were my exact words this week when I was cleaning. Oh my.
      yes, I think we all have different reasons for being frugal - peace of mind is definitely one of mine.

      Have a good week.

  2. I am wondering if you tried the hour bread recipe over on the Bluebirds site yet? If so, how did it turn out. I have to get some of the yeast as I just have regular yeast but want to give it a try I think. Nancy

    1. Nancy, no I haven't tried it yet, but it is on my list. I just saw that yesterday. Sounds wonderful and EASY! My kind of recipe.

      Have a good day.

  3. You saved money in so many ways this past week! You're so frugal and have an eye for finding some great bargains. I've been trying to be more financially resourceful this year as well. Sounds like a lot of people are spring cleaning and decluttering. I'm do the 40 Bags in 40 Days challenge. It's such a good feeling to get rid of things that are no longer wanted or needed.

    1. You go girl on the 40 bag challenge. I am not sure if I will have that much - but I am getting rid of stuff. Of course, I have been trying to de-clutter for a long time. 31 years in the same place makes one complacent with way TOO much stuff!

      It seems I am often in the right place at the right time. I know people who do much better. I do try to save where I can.

      Keep plugging away of your resourcefulness!!!!
      Have a lovely day!

  4. My friend is also doing the 40 bags...she is having fun with it, old photos and such...I am getting paperwork organized, found three of our vehicle titles! and got the knitting patterns into a notebook. If I was REALLY good I would get them on digital form, but .... I do what I can do...

    1. Ellen - I would have trouble throwing out old photos! We do have just about everything (photos) on a digital format. Several years ago we even invested in a gadget that transforms negatives to pictures on the computer. Well worth the money spent! Everyone in the family knows that if they want pictures, where to go!!!! LOL

      We also have all our important documents saved to digital - even insurance cards, titles, license plates, etc. You just never know!

      It is awesome getting organized. Keep on truckin' away on it!
      Have a good day.

  5. Cheryl, you are truly an inspiration! what was that gadget for the negatives to digital?

    1. Awww aren't you sweet!

      The gadget does negatives AND slides and produces a digital picture in your computer which can then be printed. Wonderful for all those old, old things.

      Brand : Hammacher Schlemmer
      Called: The Slide and Negative To Digital Picture Converter.

      I guess the name of it pretty much says it all! LOL
      I do believe back when we bought it that the cost was around $80. We had tons of our parents slides and negatives - so it was worth it.

      I looked and a newer model today is around $150. I well imagine that you could probably find a different brand that would be cheaper. H.S. is always pricey.

      I still have all the actual pictures, and I make gift scrapbooks from time to time for nieces and nephews. They love all the older pics. They could also be used in crafts
      We have also made CD's of digital pictures for many family members.
      Just some ideas.

  6. You had a great week! That pitcher was such a great find. I'm so glad your Coogy is ok. I worry so much about my fur babies too.