Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Love of Vintage

The other day I made mention that I like vintage utensils.  I like most things vintage - I guess that is good, since I am probably now considered vintage!

It just seems to me that when I get my hands on something old and it still works as well as the day it was made - well, that says a whole lot.  Most stuff today is made to be disposable.  If it breaks - you don't fix it - you trash it.
There is just something wrong with that way of thinking in my opinion.
I realize that there are some things that we have little choice but to buy new - but when I can I want what has worked for years and years.
Much of my vintage items came from my Mom.

These are items I use all the time.  The sifter on the right I use for dry herbs and the one on left is for flour.  The item in front with green handle is a jar opener (from Moms) - it's an oldie but a goody.

Love the meat tenderizer at top.  I DO use the hand mixer a lot.  My ladle is used every time I make soup.

Do you know what the item top right is?

This sits in my sink to catch any food from dirty dishes.  It gets emptied into the compost.  I found this at a yard sale for .50 at couple years ago.  I love it.

We don't eat bacon a lot - but love the press.  The drainer bowl is used whenever I blanch veggies.

You see anything up there that you may have or remember from the past?  The big bowl, pitcher and glasses are my favorites.

Do you know what all the objects in the pictures are?  Do you have any of them?
What vintage  (old) items do you use regularly?
This stuff is USED at my house - it isn't just for keepsake.

I have lots more - so maybe another day! 
I don't need new and fancy to get a job done - simple and proven works just fine for me.
Just a simple girl here.

Have a great day!

WOW - just noticed my ceiling really needs painted!  That looks awful!  LOL


  1. I love vintage also. I have some things that belonged to my mother-in-law, a biscuit cutter, a hand mixer, a pie crust crimper, etc. My favorite thing of hers is a cheese slicer. I've used that a lot. I really like that thing in your kitchen sink. I'm going to look for one of those. Food always goes around the strainer in my kitchen sink and right down the drain. Oh, and I'm guessing that utensil in the upper right hand corner is an egg separator?
    Enjoy your blog!

    1. Hi there. Yes mam, it is an egg separator!!!
      I really love the little white strainer too. That was my problem - I had a garbage disposal and it quit - and I found that little gadget about the same time. It is porcelain coated metal.

      The yard sale I got it at, was basically an estate sale and everything was old.
      I have my neighbor's biscuit cutter - she gave it to me before she passed.

      So glad to have you stop by. Thank you for following!
      Have a lovely day.

    2. I like having some of my mother's utensils too. Once I found a better potato masher at the Amish market.

    3. Ellen call me crazy (many do), but I think it makes things taste batter! LOL
      Blessings my friend

  2. I use my old potato masher when I do strawberries and I have my Mom's old meat grinder I love. I would like to pick up a hand mixer like yours. Nancy

    1. Nancy that's a good idea on the strawberries.
      I have a hand meat grinder that is old and I have used once or twice. It sure is harder to use.

      have a great day

  3. I have many of the same things you do. ;) My favorite potato masher is an older one with back and forth S curves if that makes sense. I use mine to mash everything and to separate my ground meats while I cook them. It separates everything so nicely and is much easier for me to use since I don't have a lot of strength in my hands. Be blessed!

    1. Debbie I know exactly what you are talking about. Good idea to use on frying ground meat! I would never have thought of that!
      Have a good weekend.