Sunday, September 10, 2017

Frugal Happenings 9/10

Hello and happy Sunday to all.  I hope you are all well and safe.
There is so much sadness from nature happening now - it can be over whelming.  My thoughts and prayers are with all those in the path of hurricane Irma, those affected by Harvey, those in fire areas, and those affected my earthquakes.  So sad.
This just reinforces in my head more reasons to have stockpiles and to be prepared for anything.

We have had great weather this week.  Monday as really hot and we did need the AC, but after that it cooled a lot.  Nights have actually been in the 40's and 50's!  I love this kind of weather.
The garden is still producing on it's second go round.

I got to go to an event last evening, that was a reunion from the grade school I went to.  It was all inclusive of every year in existence (it's been gone since 1980).  It was a great time.  I got to see so many old classmates and teachers and had dinner with people that I have now been friends with for about 56 years!  Many of us met in first grade, then went on to high school together - and many have stayed close all these years (although we don't see each other often).  It was a priceless experience.

Here's a GOOD MORNING from Pooty -wishing you a great day.  She HAD to help with laundry!

My frugal week:
  • Worked on the big flower garden out back - cleaning and pulling stuff.  What a mess!  All the rain and heat this summer took a toll - weeds galore
  • Line dried a ton of laundry
  • Been harvesting and eating more garden produce.
  • Picked what is probably the last of the grapes - got several pounds again
  • Put up the fall door decorations and a couple things in the house.  Using what I have.
  • Colored my hair at home
  • Gave myself a nice mani and pedi - complete with polish!  I hardly ever polish any more.
  • My printer decided not to feed paper - so I problem solved and cleaned and adjusted and now it works great.
  • Started working on fall cleaning and more purging of stuff (it never ends - too much stuff!)
  • Restocking upstairs pantry from supplies on hand
  • Went to the library
  • All the normal weekly stuff - making tea, filtering water, saving cereal wax bag, washing baggies, eating all leftovers, etc.
  • While out to the library - I decided to go to a Kroger I rarely visit (not the best area).  I got a deal on chunked pears - 12 cans at .22 can and mixed veggies - 12 cans at .31 cans (all they had of both).  Both are dated 9/2019.  I don't usually buy mixed veggies (not my fav) but who the heck knows what could possibly happen in the next 2 years!  They may be very valuable to us!  They will be used!

Meals this week:
Zucchini/corn casserole and fresh chunk veggies in Italian dressing
Jazzed up leftover casserole and salad
Cube steaks, mac n cheese and sliced tomatoes
Chili (2X)
Cold cut/cheese/tomato sandwiches and chips
Night out for me and G ate last of chili
Had yogurt, apples, nuts, and ice cream for snacks

It has really been a quiet and uneventful week here.  I kind of like it like that!  NO drama.
I stayed home biggest part of the week, just tinkering around here.
If you didn't get a chance to read Thursday's post, you might want to check it out.  I listed some fun recipes that you might enjoy!

I have been waking up each morning and laying my head down each night - being so thankful for the life we have.  So many are battling nature and loss right now - I just can't see myself being ungrateful about anything.  Nothing we are experiencing can compare.
We are so extremely blessed!

I pray you all have a safe, healthy and frugal week.
Blessings from our home to yours.


  1. Cheryl, Glad you had such a good time at your event. Always nice to catch up with old friends.
    I didn't shop too much this week just for a few things we needed. No wants!
    I have been eating out of the pantry and freezer. Butch is still eating his tomato sandwiches/blt's until there are no more tomatoes. Hopefully till hunting season starts.
    Picked 4 crabs this morning, I think I got about 1 1/2 lbs. Looking forward to some crab cakes!
    I finished the queen sized afghan that I was working on and that's about it for my week.

    I have been watching the weather channel about the storm and praying for people in it's path.

    1. Glad that Butch is so enjoying his tomatoes! Sounds like you kind of are too - not much cooking! LOL
      YUM on the crab - how fantastic. I love crab.

      Is the afghan a gift or for yourself? That sure would be warm on a bed.
      The storm is so stinking scary!
      Have a great week.

    2. I haven't decided yet if I will gift it or keep it.

    3. Someone would love it as a gift - but it sure would be warm on the bed.

  2. You are so right, Cheryl about appreciating what we have right now. When we stop and look at what is going on in the world around us, I am very grateful as it makes any problems I have minuscule in comparison to what others are going thru. I'm praying for them right now.

    1. Belinda - yeah, we really can't complain. We do - but we shouldn't. No matter what is happening in our lives, someone else is going through worse.

  3. You know Cheryl those mixed vegetables would be so handy to throw in stews etc. So you got quite a deal! Love that..and your beautiful cat!
    I'm so thankful to for our life also and praying for everyone in harm's way right now.

    1. Oh I will definitely use the veggies in soups or something.
      My baby is pretty isn't she? We love her.
      We are all so fortunate.

  4. All of the disasters that are happening really do make you thankful for trying to be prepared. Also thankful for what we have. We have so much and it is so easy for me to forget this and whine.

    1. Yes mam it is. We all do it, but when we stop and think - well maybe life is just plain wonderful!
      Have a good week.

  5. Just to add to the tale of woe, a neighbouring area was issued with a fire warning of prepare to leave, yesterday afternoon. It is so dry and the winter and spring so warm that the bush is tinder dry. Summer is looking scary.
    Bluey does our cooking and the shopping, I do the baking. I write a list of the things I see us running out of on a blackboard in the kitchen and he heads off to see what deals he can get.
    He has come home this past week with nearly 10kgs of tomatoes that he got for free. I dried and stored half in herbed olive oil and made tomato sauce(ketchup) with the other half. We had all the ingredients so it was only the cost of the power to make up these pantry items.
    Two 2kg bags of frozen chicken breasts at $6/bag came home. This was a super deal and will see us right for chicken for a while to come.
    I went into a specialist lighting and fan shop and purchased new ceiling fans for the house to replace the old rusty ones. We have been saving for sometime for these. I got such a good deal I was able to afford to buy a simple oyster light to replace the yukky 70's light fixture in the dining area and stay within the allocated budget.
    I feel that I live a very blesses life to have all I need and a lot of what I want. I pray for those who are not as lucky as I am.

    1. Jane we will add your area into our prayers. Dry weather makes things so scary and hazardous. God bless you all.

      How neat that your hubs does the cooking and grocery shopping. What a deal on the tomatoes - FREE is wonderful and the chicken. Good going for preserving so much.

      How wonderful on your great shopping skills that you could get the light as well. It makes you feel so good to get something new like that. Congrats!

      Same here - we are blessed to have all we NEED and much of what we want. Blessed indeed.
      Stay safe!

  6. It seems that when we are partnered with someone who also shares a love for frugality that we can be even more successful at making the most of what is available.

    I think of those without power for days and weeks on end, and how they also learn to be functional without the everyday necessities we have come to rely on.

    I wondered Cheryl, will you be in the last of the hurricane, I saw an updated map that had Indiana/Illinois in the southern regions at the tip of the predicted hurricane 'cone' path?

    1. Ellen, many folks will have to rely on their wits to get by for a while I believe. So many of us have such an advantage, because we know what we can do to survive. Many, many people don't have a clue how to "unplug".

      They say light rain and a little wind by mid week - only about 30% chance in my area. Not really a worry. It drives me crazy when people this far north talk about getting ready for the 'hurricane'! LOL NOTHING could possibly compare to what those south have had during this storm. I think summer storms we have would be worse than what we will get this week.
      Thanks for asking and thinking about us.
      Blessings my friend.

  7. Still on a fairly no spend track, although I did stock up on some beef after hearing of all the cattle killed by Harvey ( what I bought was on sale). Sugar went on sale for $.99 a 4 pound bag - lowest I've seen in a while. Our local store AND the warehouse were completely out, so I got a rain check.

    Fantastic deal on the canned foods, Cheryl!
    I thought I was the only one who saved waxed cereal bags. 😀 We buy very little cereal, but when we do, that bag is mine.

    1. Good going on the beef stock-up. I am sure it will get a lot more pricey in days to come. great price on sugar. LOVE rain checks!!! So many never think of that.

      I haven't purchased wax paper in years - keep cereal and cracker bags all the time. Why not - it's FREE and not going in the landfill.
      Have a good one.