Tuesday, September 26, 2017

The Time of Our Lives

I feel totally comfortable saying that myself and many people I know, just aren't happy with the times we live in.  Everything has changed, and I don't necessarily think that is a good thing.
I know the change of the seasons has been bothering me and my moods lately, but the I think the state of affairs and the social climate of the world has a lot to do with it as well.

I want to GO BACK IN TIME!!!!!  I don't want to be a kid again or even back to my early life - as I wouldn't be who I am today.  I just want to go back to a time when all 'seemed right' with the world.  I wish as an adult I could time travel.
I know people worked hard back in the day - but ideas were simpler.

I am so sick of all the complaining and hate.  I am sick of all the feelings of entitlement.  I am sick of  no one taking responsibility for their own actions.  I am sick of all the ME - ME attitudes.  I am sick of all the electronics of the world.  I am sick of people today being blamed for the past.  I am sick of disrespect on so many levels.  I am sick of all the political correctness IN ALL WE DO AND SAY.  I am sick of entertainers and sports people thinking we care about their political views - YOUR JOB is to entertain us! 
It makes me sad that we have turned our backs on patriotism, country, and God.
It breaks my heart to think what the youngsters in my family will have to deal with as they get older (if they even get that opportunity).

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Read this carefully - do you remember this time?  I was little in the fifties, but this was so our life.  I realize this is talking about food - but everything has changed.

Our phones were party lines - shared with another family (at first).  Then it was a rotary dial - you answered  NOT knowing who was on the other end!!!  Imagine that.
We colored with a color book and crayons - not on a computer.
We played board games, hopscotch, Jacks, and 'house' (it wasn't a bad thing then). 
We could create anything with a cardboard box and a little imagination.
We ate bologna sandwiches or PBJ's with Kool-aid on the front porch at lunch - and called it a picnic.
We grew gardens and cooked from scratch.
Family was always there for each other.
Neighbors were friendly and worked together to better the neighborhood, and help each other.
Parents weren't afraid to let kids play outside (out of sight).  Little did we know that all the neighbors were keeping an eye on us.
We wrote letters and thank you cards.
We walked to school.
We read 'actual' books.
We had Christmas programs and Bible classes (off site).  If you didn't want to participate you didn't have too - the programs still happened for those who wanted to participate.
We said the Pledge every morning before school
We watched the Road Runner, Popeye, and Foghorn Leghorn cartoons - and we weren't damaged by the violence!
No one in grade school had heard of sexual harassment
There was no nudity or cussing on TV (of course we had 3 channels)!
There were no seat belts, we rode in back of pickup trucks, and drank from hoses.
Boys looked like boys and girls looked like girls. 
Words meant what they meant - not something new that someone made up!!
We worked hard for what we had and earned the extras.

OK, I could go on and on and on.  You ALL know what I mean. 
This total social climate we are in depresses me to no end.
I just want to live my life in peace, and not be bombarded with sex, cussing, and PC crap.

I guess this is probably why I like the folks I meet on the blog (and some other ones), because we try to be prepared for hard times, we help one another, we work hard for what we have, and we learn from one another, we help others, we have respect, we pray for each other - we have good wholesome values.
THANK YOU - you all help me keep my sanity in this crazy, stupid, wicked world!!!!!!!!!

Blessings from me to you.


  1. Amen sister, we live in the great crush of time.

    1. Yes we do. Everyone is in a hurry to be some where, everyone knows everything, and they want to tell you how to think and act.

  2. I'm younger, but I remember and miss a few of the simple things, too. That being said, I tend to see political correctness as being kind to people and taking their feelings into account... we should be embarassed that we haven't always done that. When my generation looks back on a time like the '50s, we see the negative things like segregation, gay people living closeted lives, women staying in marriages that they couldn't legally leave... I'm happy to be living in this time of progress. But I wouldn't mind more time without cell phones!

    1. I guess we all look at things differently. I believe in being kinds and thoughtful, but I also believe that no one persons rights should be more important or more valued than another persons.

      Yes there were things in years past that were just wrong and embarrassing in history - but there are things today that are just wrong as well. It seems people can't just find a happy medium - they have to go to extremes.

      I have watched much change in this world in my 60+ years and have learned with age, not all that is done in the name of progress is good.

      Blessings and happiness to you.

  3. I understand...it's so different than when we grew up. Cheryl though my Mother always said that all was not good in the "good old days." There were drunkards, racists, and wife beaters. Still are as a matter of fact.
    That said I'm not as happy with this world we live in now either. Since January our lives have been in turmoil and everyone feels free to say what ever is on their minds whether it is bad or not. Children are picking up that too because they hear it at home. Hopefully we will get back to a better time soon before it all goes down the tubes. We need to be loving and caring for each other again!

    1. You are right - there were bad things back in the day too.
      The fact that children feel so entitled today, bothers me.
      It starts at home - we have to educate and show the young people right from wrong. They need to learn "just because you can - doesn't make it right'. I do believe the Golden Rule should still apply.
      We have to lead by good example - not bad.

  4. I miss the simpler times of my childhood, although I grew up in the late 60's. I wonder if I would have felt more at home in the 50's. I worry about what kind of future that my children will have, or even if they will have a future. Then I remember what Brenda from Coffee Tea Books and me said about a time such as this...we are right where he has placed us. I have to take comfort in that.

    1. Kathy - TRUTH. God is in control! But He also expects us to help ourselves and live according to His word.
      I so worry about the young people. I see these babies come into the world - and think what have we done to their future world? Will they get to be our age? What will it be like?

      I miss the simpler times too. I am not huge on change!
      I will continue to pray and put it all in His hands.

  5. I'm proud to say that we still say the pledge of allegiance at the schools where I sub and everyone stands. Times were certainly better back then and children were more respectful of adults than they are today. It's sad, but true. I enjoyed reading your blog post. :)

    1. Belinda - I am so glad to hear you say that you say the pledge at the schools. It doesn't happen every where.
      Children were more respectful of adults than today for sure, but adults seemed to be more worthy of respect!

      Regardless of what others think or how they act - we should still respect our elders, that is just good manners.
      Thanks - and thanks for re-assuring me that all is not lost!

  6. I know what you mean. It is scary to watch the news anymore and scary because we are old, bad health and can only do so much. But thankful for God's loving care and we pray for our country. Nancy

    1. ABSOLUTELY! I pray that God will keep us all safe and healthy and that He will heal this country and this world.

  7. Cheryl we currently have a murder trial happening. A young man found a young woman, who was on her way to work, and he beat her to death. The beating was so brutal that her gender could not be identified at the scene. The young man did not know her, she was just the first person he came across and decided to kill. He has admitted that he killed her but has pleaded 'not guilty', as it was the demons in his body that did it.
    There is no evidence that he had any mental instability and he had never mentioned these 'demons' to anyone.
    I am mentioning this as you have said that people need to take responsibility for their actions. Here is a prime case of a young man saying yes he did murder the young woman but he is not responsible for her death! How is this possible? How is this even getting a hearing?
    I believe that the world seems more turbulent than in the past, simply because we have access to what is happening now! When Hurricane Irma was smashing into Miami, I was able to watch it live here on the other side of the world, as it happened. Having the internet and access to information 'now' is both a blessing and a downfall. I don't want to lose this access but I could live without it.
    It's a conundrum.

    1. Jane so true. We have access to news 24 -7 now. We are pretty much actively involved in so much. I need to unplug sometimes - just get away from it all.
      How sad for that girl and her family. I do believe there are people who are just plain old evil - but they know what they are doing.
      Blessings across the sea.

  8. My sentiments exactly. I was born in 1948. Growing up I don't remember the news being as morbid as it is now. I think the first "murder" I remember hitting the front pages of the Chicago newspapers was Richard Speck murdering 7 nurses. As a teenager, I remember going to the movies, sitting through 2 of them with an intermission in between for 50 cents. Then I came home at night through the residential side streets and never worried about being mugged or beaten, shot or stabbed. Seeing the world the way it is now compared to then, I now realize why old people are not afraid to die! Sometimes I get so depressed listening to all this "garbage" that I wind up thinking "Stop the world,I want to get off!". There is hardly anything worth watching on TV anymore - nothing to compare to "I Love Lucy". We don't watch TV anymore except for the local weather report occasionally. I am worried about my grandchildren and great grandchildren. What will their lives by like? They won't have any idea of "life" knowledge such as how to supply their own food (vegetable and animal), canning, sewing, etc. or how to deal with calamities. They think the "government" will take care of them! Sorry, I said way more than I intended to.

    1. Kris I totally understand. I could have written a book.
      My husband likes all the crime shows - I tend to watch HGTV, Cooking, shows on Alaska and living off the grid - that kind of stuff.
      The news is bad enough, without watching crime as entertainment.

      I have younger (teen) nieces and nephews who can't read an actual clock!!! They have never been taught to. Everything is digital!
      If "IT" were to hit tomorrow - biggest part of the younger generation would probably die - because they would have no clue how to survive.
      It really is sad.

  9. not much to add that wouldn't be a five page essay!

    I understand your frustration Cheryl and hope that all of us can keep the silver linings and good things about life in the forefront of our hearts and minds.

    I used to keep a Blessings Log daily to help me do this.

    1. Blessing log - great idea.
      I think we help each other so much - this is such a kind, caring, bunch of folks.
      I am blessed to have you all in my life.

  10. Simple times mean different things to everyone. To me it meant feeling safe to walk to the store at night, mail delivered to your door, eating a meal with the whole family sitting around the table and talking to each other about our day, watching tv shows that ended on a good note, dressing up to go to church, talking to the neighbours, and saying Merry Christmas, just to name a few. Now I panic if I have to be out after dark, I have to go a block to get my mail from one of those community mail boxes, I have to quickly catch up on my kids days of events as they rush in and out of the house constantly checking their phone, I have to try to find shows and movies that don't give me nightmares, I look out of place at church because I'm not wearing jeans and t-shirt, I've have new neighbours look at me like I'm an alien when I brought a plate of cookies to say hi, and I get glared at because it offends someone if I say Merry Christma instead of Happy Holidays. Where is our country's show of togetherness when we have different groups who want to change the words to our national anthem because it offends them, or don't stand up to sing it, or worse yet, don't know the words. Go by any fast food place near dinner time and it's crowded with people picking up food to take home because it's easier after working all day instead of making something at home, and see businesses like ToysRus going bankrupt because kids don't play with trucks, dolls, puzzles, or read books anymore. They want electronics and can get everything on their 'Apps'. I enjoyed being home when my kids came home from school to fresh baked cookies and milk and we had time to talk about their day. I enjoyed making dinner for my family and we could sit and talk instead of going off to our corner to watch tv or scroll through the phone. I enjoyed tucking them into bed and actually reading to them individually instead of sitting them if front of a computer to have a robot recite a story to them. Times today are too rushed, greedy, and competitive. People want everything new right away, new house with new furniture especially new updated appliances and that very large television to watch mindless shows on, and a new car in the driveway. And so much debt people are in getting all this new stuff instead of saving and buying what is needed and not what is expected. Nothing is wrong with buying second hand, or saving up to buy only for birthdays or Christmas. Buying what you want everyday doesn't leave room for that surprise of getting it a few times a year. Times are no longer simple but are expensive. Really - Paying 5$ for a fancy latte which is really only coffee and milk. To make ends meet both parents have to work, so less mothers are able to stay at home to raise the children. The government should have allowances for stay at home moms to be able to get some money while raising their kids, after all it's many jobs in one. Maybe then there wouldn't be so much crime, racism, and poverty. I can keep what's inside my home simple but it's when I step out the door that things change. It's like when Dorothy opened the door after landing in Munchkinland and it wasn't the same anymore.
    I was born in the wrong era but is any era perfect. Probably not.

    1. PREACH IT!!!!!!! My main sentiment AMEN, AMEN, AMEN!!!
      You just relayed my life in your eloquent way. There is not one thing that I disagree with.

      It sounds like you and I (and some others) should have been Mrs. Cleaver or Lucy! I would have been in my element then.
      I really can't add a thing to what you said - just know I agree 100%.

      I am so happy for this group and many of the friends I have made on-line as we have so many of the same ideals. It is just lovely having others to share with that really understand.

      We sure aren't in Kansas anymore Toto!!!!!!
      God bless.

  11. I'm right there with you Cheryl. I believe in kindness, common sense, community and conversation (not screaming and throwing out hateful labels left and right). I took about a week off of social media for the most part so I could spend time with loved ones and I almost regret logging back on. I came back to news of a terrorist attack in Canada, another in Paris, a rapper who cancelled playing a concert because (gasp) security dared to tell him that he had to go through a security check just like everyone else that came into that venue and more people being totally disrespectful to our country and our veterans. I kind of want to retreat back into my little media free bubble again but then I would miss out of all the pictures that my family and friends share on facebook and on all my friends in bloggy land.