Sunday, October 15, 2017

Frugal Happenings 10/15

Good morning frugal friends.
It is another dreary, wet morning here.  We have had a couple days of sunshine this week, otherwise it has been gray and wet!
This coming week, will be normal fall temperatures and it looks like it may be clear and sunny most of the week.  YAY!  My mood really needs some sunshine.

It is also that time of the year that we have what are called milkweed bugs in abundance!  They are all over the garage and the power meters.  They don't really hurt anything, except you just have to dodge them when walking or working outside.

You know it getting close to the holidays when you get the complete list of fall festivals/craft shows in the paper.  Today was the day.  I will probably attend a couple, as I love getting new ideas.
Christmas is 70 days away!

My frugal week:
  • NO A/C or heat at all this week.    Lot's of fresh air.
  • Saved another cereal bag for the wax paper
  • I actually RECEIVED the $50 Visa GC this week.  I just did the survey last week!
  • I did get grass mowed and more yard work done on the couple dry days we had.  Slowly getting there
  • Hung laundry outside to dry
  • Picked the balance of regular tomatoes from plants.  Squash and regular tomatoes are now done.
  • Still picking lots of cherry tomatoes and peppers, and we have broccoli and cabbage growing quite well and producing.
I pick about this many cherry tomatoes every couple days.  The volunteer plants are loaded with little green ones!
  • Found lots of great crafting materials while going through things in the basement this week.  Lot's of projects can be made while spending no money.
  • Washed storm doors and more windows.  Kitties seem to leave lot's of kitty kisses on them!
  • Cut what will probably be the last roses of the season, for my bud vases.
  • Made a 'sticky bun' cake.  Used a cake mix from pantry, and added extras of butter, brown sugar and pecans and all I can say is "MY GOODNESS - YUM"!
  • Changed out purses for the fall season
  • Got the NEED to see people - LOL - so I drove up the road to the library.  I walked the aisles for a while and talked with a couple people in the outdoor sitting area. (The library is in the park).
  • NO grocery shopping at all this week!!!!!!!!  I DID NOT go into any stores!  YAY ME!

Meals this past week:
My version of Pozole' soup - 2X (used leftover Mex. chicken from freezer in it)
Cream cheese/ham/veggie roll-ups
Meat pie - made with stew from freezer
Baked fish, fried green tomatoes and stuffed jalapenos
Cheeseburger soup (homemade)
Tangy hamburger hash and salad

It has been an interesting week.  G said he expected me to get the 'shakes' from not shopping!!!!  I have to admit, I REALLY wanted to go out.  I resisted and was a good girl.
I am just trying to use what we have and get a little more experimental on cooking!  That part is fun.

It has been nice realizing that I am not 'alone' in the unfinished projects area!!  Also  enjoy learning from each of you.  I think it is so neat that everyone shares their hints and tips.  Life is a daily journey of learning.

How was your week?  What were your frugal accomplishments this week?

Please know I pray for ALL of my on-line friends daily and I pray you are all safe and healthy in this coming week.  God bless each of you.


  1. Rain is dreary isn't it? As much as I dislike getting out in it, we did get some last week with the storm and we really needed it. I keep a large black container under one of our rain gutters to keep fresh water for the animals and it was getting low due to the lack of rain, but it's nice and full now.

    I cannot believe Christmas is 70 days away! We are having a birthday celebration right now for my daughter who turns 20 on Tuesday, but after that I will have to get started on Christmas.

    I love that your garden is still producing! It's beautiful. :)
    Great job not going into the stores this week. We had a good frugal week and hope we have another one this week and I hope you do as well. Thank you for praying for all of us. That means so much to me.

    I hope you have a blessed week, Cheryl. :)

    1. Yes mam, rain is dreary - but it has been needed, as we had an exceptionally dry Sept. Rain water also waters the birds, squirrels, and outdoor kitties here. I like to keep some in old milk jugs for hair rinse - oh my how soft your hair feels after using it!

      Happy birthday to your daughter. I need to get busy, and I don't have any excuses, like some folks!

      Glad your week was good, keep it up!

  2. I think we could do without grocery shopping next week too Cheryl. Thanks for the idea. It has rained for 3 days here too and I believe I got cabin fever also. Felt good to get out today and see people at church. Winter will take some time to get used to! Your menu sounds delicious-I especially love the cheeseburger soup day. Have a great Sunday!

    1. Cabin fever is a definite here! I really hate the shorter daylight hours, then the rain and gloom on top of that - oh my!

      I may have to list the recipe for the cheeseburger soup. It sure was yummy.
      Have a good one. Hope you manage to stay out of stores this week!

  3. It is raining here as well. Mind you there will be no complaints from me. Our area has received a prepare and plan notice, especially for those in low lying areas. We will be fine and have all we need to get through. My garden is loving the rain. When it eases off I go and have a look around and marvel at how much everything has grown. All this lovely rain is flushing and filling our underground aquifers.
    Bluey has been to the shops a couple of times. He was saying how bread and milk are walking off the shelves and how people have trolleys overflowing. We have a well stocked pantry and have no need to think this way. I have allowed the butter to get low so Bluey plans on picking some up today.
    With the rain I have been in the craft room and have now finished off 3 once upon a time WIP's (work in progress) or UFO's(unfinished objects). As it is still raining the sewing room is where I will be found today.

  4. Oops forgot to say why we love the rain. We have been in drought for so long and were looking at another summer of drought conditions. The rain hasn't broken the drought but it certainly has eased the conditions here.

    1. Jane I am so pleased that you are getting the needed rain. It may not break the drought, but it surely must be appreciated.
      I take it the prepare and plan notice is for flooding (?)

      It sounds like folks there do what people here do at the mention of the word snow. The stores will be packed and the shelves will be wiped clean. I sit back and chuckle, because it never affects us either.

      Glad you are getting some of the projects done! You go girl!!! You give me encouragement.

  5. We are in drought conditions here in SW MO - down 5". Leaves are falling but I don't know if it's from Fall or drought. We had flood conditions this spring!
    I sure do understand the kitty nose prints on storm doors. I also have paw prints as they scratch on the glass to try and get my attention.
    I've got the opposite problem that you have. I don't want to go anywhere lately. I have to force myself to go to town to do banking and shopping. Sometimes I can go over two weeks without leaving the house.Many times I complain that my husband never takes me anywhere - then when he asks I don't want to go! Am I going through some kind of phase?? Maybe it's all the depressing news.

    1. Kris I hope you get some rain soon.
      The kitties inside and out can sure leave their marks!!!

      I get that way sometimes soon. I know I have things to do, and just keep putting them off, because I don't want to leave.
      It could be the news. There is always something happening - it is kind of scary going out ANY WHERE! No where seems safe anymore.
      I always say a prayer before I leave the drive that the Lord will protect me and bring me home safely and that he will protect my hubs, kitties and home.

  6. Hi my friend! We had a glorious weekend weather wise but are getting a windstorm, coupled with rain, coming in tomorrow. The rain should last for about 5 days. YUCK! I was looking at your meals and oh do they look good. I'm trying to cook mainly from foods we have on hand but did go to the grocery store and picked up chicken, milk and bananas at super low prices.

    1. Debbie, sounds like you get to 'enjoy' the gloom we had last week. I am finally enjoying sun all this week.
      Thanks on the meals - just trying to be a little more creative. You are doing great on the grocery budget!
      Have a good day!