Sunday, October 22, 2017

Frugal Happenings 10/22

Good morning my frugal friends.  What a lovely morning it is in our neighborhood.

We have had cooler, yet decent temperatures, this past week.  We did have to turn on the furnace for a cycle, on two different mornings.  Rain coming in tonight and possibly for the next couple days - then much more fall like temperatures.  Highs in the 50's and 60's this coming week.

I have done yard/garden work every day this past week.  So much to do, but I am trying to space it out, as not to kill my back! 
Have been watching the squirrels  carry around walnuts and hide them.  Not sure where they are finding them - but they have been busy.  Every time I go out back, I have to have peanuts in my pocket, as they run up to me and put their paws on my leg, looking up begging!!!  I have created little beggars!!  They take them from my hand.  Too cute.

The allergies have been in full force this week with being outside so much.  I do look for relief from that.
I got the garden pulled out except for cabbage and broccoli.  There is much of that left.  The volunteer tomatoes are still around the yard as well.  Get a few every day!

God's "good morning" to us this morning.  It was the most incredible sunrise!!  Looked like a painting!

My frugal week:
  • Used a $6 off any sale coupon at Kroger.  Got 40 lbs. of cat litter for a grand total $1.04 (mainly tax).  YAY
  • While at Kroger I had to look at clearance - (called withdrawal!!).  I did buy 4 packs of gourmet smoked garlic powder ($1 ea.) and 4 - 12 oz. containers of specialty mocha coffee ($2.29 ea.) on clearance.  NOT for me - these ALL GO IN GIFT BASKETS for Christmas!
  • Bought gas and got it for .20/gallon discount.
  • Had our yearly furnace check under our maintenance agreement - no charge
  • Used a ham bone from the freezer for making beans - boy did a lot of good ham come off the bone!
  • Made cornbread and used bacon grease in it for extra flavor - YUM
  • Got out my fall candles and melts (candle scraps).  Love the smells of fall
  • Did lots and lots of yard work - FREE exercise
  • Stopped at the church thrift store while out.  I got myself 4 tops for a total of $4 ($1 ea.).  I also got a 2 pack of English muffins (18 muffins) for FREE.  One pack in the freezer for later.

A cute holiday t-shirt (new),  sweatshirt with cardinals, brand new denim fall shirt (extra button pack still attached), and a heavy zip up cardinal sweater (I will use as a jacket).  I love cardinals if you couldn't tell!!!
  • Went to my first craft bazaar of the season (just up the street).  It was so disappointing.  Few crafts and lots of pre-made stuff.  Not like years past.  Bought nothing.
  • Making tea, filtering water, using Soda Stream and making meals from pantry/freezer.
  • Line dried laundry
  • Picked more flowers for bud vases
  • We were gifted a pound of 'fried' chicken livers from G's aunt and uncle!  YUM
  • I did stop at Aldi and spent $6.50 on grocery items.  I got 4 lbs. of fresh brussel sprouts and 3 lbs. of baby carrots.  That is all I bought.
Meals this week:
Leftover cheeseburger soup and sandwiches
Cube steak, mac n cheese, and steamed broccoli
Soup beans with ham and cornbread
Chicken livers, mashed potatoes and gravy
Leftover beans and cornbread
Smoked sausage, cabbage and fried smashed potatoes
Homemade 'loaded' pizza

It is hard to believe that Halloween is about a week away, and Thanksgiving is just 4 1/2 weeks away. 
There will be lots of frugal finds in the next few weeks.  After Halloween sales of candy (great for Christmas stocking stuffers and baking), and baking and Thanksgiving type foods will be on sale every where soon.  Turkey, ham, potatoes, sweet potatoes, veggies, and baking goods will be at their best prices.  It will be time to fill the pantries and freezers on the cheap!

What did you do at your frugal home this week?  Any good deals to be had? 
Is anyone making any Christmas gifts?

I hope you all have a blessed and safe week.  May the Lord give you health for your body and love for your heart.
Blessings to all.


  1. I get so disappointed in craft shows that bring in craps not crafts. But crafts are expensive to make and know one wants to pay for your time.

    1. I always see some pre-made stuff, but this one was really bad this year.
      I hope a couple others I go to later on will be better.
      But you are so right, nobody wants to pay what things are worth.

  2. How neat that the squirrels are taking peanuts right from your hand. I used to have a rooster who would take snacks right out of my hand. It's a lot of fun!
    Good deal on the cat litter. I love to look at the clearance section at Kroger, they have the best things there.
    I did a little Christmas shopping on line today. I won't be buying much this year. I bought off of Ebay, which was cheaper than Amazon after price comparisons. Sounds like you had a good and frugal week, Cheryl. I hope this next week is good for you. :)

    1. YAY - good going on getting some gifts - and doing it from home!
      Our list gets shorter each year.
      Yes, Kroger has the best clearance - which is why I needed a break from grocery shopping! LOL

      have a wonderful week!

  3. Your new tops are cute and they suit your love of wildlife

    1. Thanks. I like them. I needed a couple new items for winter - my wardrobe is so many years old!
      Sweet compliment - "love of wildlife".

  4. I had never heard of squirrels eating out of one's hand. I was disappointed in the last craft show I went to aso. Have not been to one this year yet. Nancy

    1. Really? I manage to get squirrels to take nuts and cookies from my hands every year. I have done this for ages. They are very gentle.

      I will try another craft show or two this year - but I doubt that I go back to where I went Sat. again next year.

  5. I love your choices from the discount table at Kroger's for gift baskets. They sound wonderful. I would love for a squirrel to eat out of my hand. How fun.

    1. Thanks Vickie. I always try to add things that people wouldn't buy for themselves.

      The squirrels are just so sweet. They know me for sure!

  6. I am partial to denim shirts and that one with the flowers is very pretty, also a very smart sweatshirt jacket, what great finds!

    Our chickens eat from our hands, and sit on our laps outdoors, we have special shoes we use to walk in the chicken yard with and are careful to wash up and change clothes when we come back inside.

    We got the last of the sweet peppers off the vines and made stuffed pepper soup, and put the rest in the dehydrator. We will do sausage and cheese stuffed poblanos tonight, and later in the week (taking advantage of the cheese sale), will do a ham and cheese salad.

    Harvest time is always wonderfully full of good things!

    1. Aahhh how cute on the chickens. I love the pictures I see of loving chickens!

      Yes, harvest tie is full of yummy bounty. We have freeze coming next weekend, so the remainder of broccoli and cabbage will have to come out this week.
      I will pick all the green cherry tomatoes (maybe pickle them).
      You soup and the stuffed poblanos sound heavenly.
      Take advantage of that cheese sale!!!
      Good eating!

  7. I love your squirrel story. We have birds that pop onto the chairs on our veranda and warble until we come out and give them some bread.
    Bluey bought a box mix home for Profiteroles. He paid 50c for the mix. I made these up and they were a hit. He has bought another box and has requested these get made up again.
    One of the daughters good friends has her Engagement party this coming weekend. I have made a quilted table runner and some cotton cloth table napkins as a gift. The daughter has bought small ceramic tiles and is modge podging B&W photos of the happy couple onto these. Felt will go on the bottom and these will be drinks coasters. There is not a lot of money in this household but there is a lot of love and creativity and a craft room with lots in it. These gifts were made with what we had, photos printed onto paper on the computer and modge podge we have had left over from another project.
    I was feeling like I never go anywhere or do anything yesterday. We have had a week of rain and being stuck inside(not complaining about the rain at all)so I may have had a little cabin fever. Yesterday dawned bright and sunny. About morning tea time I filled the thermos with coffee, grabbed a book and my little dog and went down to the beach. I sat in the shade at the edge of the beach and read and drank coffee. The 14 year old Jack Russel sniffed everything around me and then came and plonked down next to me. I had a lovely time, got some fresh air, enjoyed my book and relaxed. A nice cheap way to spend an hour in the morning.

    1. It sounds like you are a nature lover as well!

      The future bride is indeed a lucky girl. Your gift as well as your daughter's sound lovely. How very thoughtful. She will surely love them and they will beautify her home for years.

      Your day at the beach sounds heavenly.
      Have a blesses week.

  8. I am in love with that Fall themed denim shirt you got! Cardinals are also some of my favorite pretty and they remind me of my grandmother who also loved them. You did well!

    1. I thought the denim shirt was pretty too.
      I have always heard that when you see a cardinal - that the spirit of a loved one is nearby. Comforting.
      Have a great week.