Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Searching, Sorting & Ideas

It is a very rainy day in this neck of the woods.  Not a good day to attempt outside chores (although I did work in garden during a cease of rain).
I decided today is as good as any to start digging into areas of my storage that I haven't looked at in ages (the result of having  full basement), and sorting through things, and making some crafting plans.  OH MY!  This girl is a bit bewildered.  I have a ton more stuff than I remembered having - and it is in no good order!
We are going to have more rain this week, so just MAYBE I will make heads or tails of it all.

I did come across so interesting things I had forgotten about (from sales past), and crafts supplies I need to make into pretties!

I came across these little crock type mini loaf pans.  I think I got these for like .50 a piece a few years back.  I may be baking some sweet breads (in my tin foil pans), then wrapping and placing them in these pretties for little side gifts.  How cute?  Two gifts in one!

I have several of these orchard baskets that I have kept.  They make real cute "goodie"
 baskets.  You can cover the outside with paper or leave as is for a rustic look.  I always place a checked gingham cloth napkin inside at a diagonal (hanging over edges) and then load up with home canned/baked goodies.

Look what I found!  No it is not from childhood - it was purchased a few years back.  A metal loom and all the strands to make potholders!  What a cute nostalgic novelty to maybe add to gift baskets.

Pretty hankies and quilt square material!  I also found a box (think copy paper box) just about full of 3 x 2 quilting pieces, and big tote with 4 x 4 cuts, and lots and lots of small random rolls of end pieces from bolts from the fabric store.  I also have a tin full of older vintage hankies.
I also have denim and t-shirt material galore.  There is lots of odd and end pieces of fleece, and 2 trash bags of old neckties that were my dad's and G's dads.  Many of the vintage ties of daddies are silk.  Once I get those all sorted, I will take a picture.

I have had so many plans to make quilts for myself and others - maybe this is the winter I get busy with it.  I have even thought about tie pillows for the siblings.

Do you have a stash of hidden/forgotten crafting goodies?  Do you plan projects, then never get to them?
I sure hope someone says YES!!!!!  I don't want to be the only one who never gets projects done!

I am going to do more searching and sorting this week.  Maybe I can make some great plans for gifts and home projects that MIGHT get done this year!
I'll let you know.


  1. I used to love making potholders as a child on that loom that you have. So many wonderful memories! I also had a set of those small bread pans and made loaves of banana bread in them and gave them away one Christmas. They were a huge hit! As for the hankies, I have my grandmother's hankies and my mom and I have been discussing making a quilt out of them for me. I want the one that I carried with me for my wedding to be the centerpiece of it. :)

    1. Debbie, I want a hankie quilt too. I have had plans for years to make one. I have some of grandmas, moms, and even a kids hankie that was my sisters.
      Love the sentiment of having your wedding one in the center!

  2. Love those little mini loaf crock pans. They are so cute! What a great gift with a loaf of your quick bread.
    I had one of those looms too. What a fun gift.
    I have lots of unfinished projects. Several latch hook things I was going to turn into pillows. I have been trying to think what I can do with my Mom's embroidery pillowcases and table runners and such.
    Hope you have a great week.

    1. Kathy, I used to do latch hook years and years ago. I still have a couple small rugs I made back in the day.
      I thought the little pans would make a cute gift too. Shoot I could even stuff them with cookies or candies and gift.

      Could you turn pillow cases in to shams? Maybe add some ruffles around the bottom edge and use them for pretty. Tables runners could be used as is (what are we saving our stuff for?), or incorporated into a table cloth or into a quilt, or even into a Christmas tree skirt.
      I bet you could find all kinds of ideas on Pinterest. I love that site!!!!

  3. Cheryl, I'm with you. I have several projects unfinished. LOL. I made a list earlier this year with 7 "unfinished" projects and told myself not to start another one until those are finished. I've finished one and started and finished others. Sigh - maybe one day. Love your blog. Thanks, Cindy Norred

    1. Cindy, why do we do that? I am notorious for not finishing or getting to things.
      Glad you have started your list and accomplished marking something off it! YAY
      Thank you for your lovely compliment.
      Please come again!!!!!

  4. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I was tempted to say No, but that would have been a lie of gigantic size. As I have mentioned before I am on a use it up year for my crafting and have stayed on track most of the time. I have splurged a couple of times but that was on yarn for projects I wanted to do and did not have the materials in my stash. I bought the yarn and I completed the projects.
    I am a lucky person to have one of the three bedrooms in the house as my sewing room. I have a cupboard that is chocablock with crafting bits and pieces. I have several storage cabinets that have a lot in them. At the start of the year these cabinets were overflowing, now not so much. It has been an interesting year as I have had to really think about what I have to work with. I have the materials and come up with the project, rather than the other way around.
    I love the idea of the silk ties. Would it be possible to make pillows out of these? When my Gran passed away(many years ago) my Mum made us kids a bear out of Grans clothes. I still have my Grandma Bear, faded and worn with time, but still very much loved.

  5. Well glad to hear you testify!!!!!!
    Half of our basement was turned into a family room years ago, and now we don't use it for that - so it has become my craft area (large table & sewing machine), and extra pantry storage, and gift closet.
    I also have an area behind that room for extra storage - seasonal stuff , etc.

    I am determined to use what I have.
    I have been thinking about pillows. I have a sweatshirt that I have had ready to applique on for ages, and I will use a tie on it.
    I will post pics of any project I finish!

    Love the Grandma Bear idea!

  6. Tied pillows? Guess I will have to look on Pinterest to see what they look like. I can think of way too many things to make but afraid I don't accomplish that much! I keep plugging away! Good luck to you! Nancy

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  8. Well of course I have unfinished projects! So many, like you. Now that canning is over at my house anyway, I need to find my next project. Probably cleaning that dang sewing room, I've only been working on it forever.
    I was cleaning out a dresser drawer yesterday and found $15, don't know how long that's been there!
    I also found some old handkerchiefs like your picture above.
    I like that Grandma Bear idea too!

    1. Laurie, I have been cleaning and de-cluttering forever and it doesn't seem to change!
      WOW nothing like found money!! YAY

      So any projects, and so little gumption!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Replies
    1. They are cute aren't they. If I remember right they cam from The Christmas Tree Shoppe, in case you have one close by.

  10. I like the idea of a silk tie skirt, saw one on pinterest that was very pretty.

    And yes, I too have loads of projects to finish, and have recently dug into a box of worsted weight and will turn it into christmas hat gifts.

    1. Oh a skirt - that sounds pretty.

      You go girl, that will make some great gifts. Everybody needs a warm hat!!

  11. I love the little crock type mini loaf pans, Cheryl. I like your idea of giving them along with a baked treat, that would make a perfect gift.

    I have a few things stashed to use later on such as an embroidering stencil for dish clothes for every day of the week. Someday I plan on making those. I saw them in the background of a YouTube video one time and asked about them because I thought they were so nice.

    I once saw a photo of a quilt made from ties. It was round. If you Google "quilt using men's ties" you'll come up with some ideas. Hope you are able to use up all that you have on hand. We will love seeing the photos of anything you create. :)

    I hope you have a blessed week.

    1. I would like getting a little baked good in a pretty pan - so I think others would too!

      Your project sounds neat.
      I have a book on tie projects - it's just getting around to it. There are so many ideas!

  12. Those orchard baskets are so cute. I can just imagine what pretty gifts you could put in them. I spent many hours too on a loom like that one. I made a lot of potholders. Great ideas!

  13. Our orchard sells peaches and pears in those baskets and they do make great goodie baskets. I always keep them.