Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Few Fun Tips to Save $

I am sure you are like me, in that you love to find new ways to save money.  We like to use what we have and get creative.  We like to find inexpensive alternatives.  We like to have fun with things.

Here are a few ideas.  Some you may already do - but I hope you get a couple new tips you can use!

  • When you cook rice for a meal - make a double batch.  You may as well utilize the heat.  Put half of it in a freezer bag.  When ready to use - heat for 2-3 minutes and you are ready to go.  Saves cooking time and your time!
  • Make a big batch of mashed potatoes ( or have leftovers) - place a nice helping in muffin tins and freeze.  Pop out and place in baggies - pull out a re-heat a serving as needed.
  • Have fun with summer deals.  At the Dollar Tree buy several colorful plastic sand buckets (normally for kids).  Use them for a festive touch at the table (or picnic) to hold bread sticks, crackers, popcorn, chips, etc.  You could get different colors for different holidays!
  • Make your own tortilla bowls for taco salad.  Lightly brush each side of corn tortillas with olive oil.  Press into a oven safe bowl.  They don't have to be smooth - can be rippled.  Place in a 325 oven for 8 - 10 minutes, until crispy and golden.  Fill and enjoy!!!!
  • Make an easy throw for your couch or chair.  No sewing required.  Simply buy a 2 yard piece of fleece.  Trim edges, and make 6" fringe along one or two ends.  That's it!!!
  • Get cloth napkins.  Buy at thrift stores or yard sales.  You can make them as well.  It saves money (no paper) and it really jazzes up a table.
  • Freeze empty plastic soda bottles.  Fill 2/3 with water and freeze and then use in your coolers.  Solid ice keeps longer than pieces.
  • Need new dinnerware?  Think about mismatched.  That is very trendy right now.  Buy all solids colors or floral or geometric. etc.  Get them for pennies at yard sales or thrift stores.  Tables really look pretty with mismatched table ware.  Can do the same with glasses and flatware.
  • Make gravy look dark and rich in color by adding a spoonful or two of brewed coffee.  Makes the gravy dark, but does not change the taste (not the same as redeye gravy).
  • Make a tin can lantern from your trash!  Clean out various size tins cans and remove labels.  Fill 2/3 with water and freeze.  While frozen use a hammer and nail/awl to poke holes or design in can.  Thaw and empty.  Place candle in cans for pretty lights.  Citronella candles would be great for outdoor parties and sitting.
  • Use a counter top paper towel holder for holding rolls of various tapes.  I keep one in my kitchen base cabinet - and my tapes are always within reach and easy to find.
I was always trying to find a certain roll of tape for various projects - now they are together in one spot.
  • Buy cheap baskets at yard sales or thrift stores - clean free of dust - then paint.  Use a sponge (if desired) to lightly add a second color for a rustic look.  You can have pretty yet inexpensive baskets to use for towels, crafts, magazines, TP, etc.
  • Cut the stem end off bell peppers and scoop out the membranes and seeds.  Use the pepper (whole) as a serving 'dish' for dips.  Pretty and natural, and you can eat them when done!
  • If you have any vintage looking tablecloths that are stained - think about cutting into napkins or make a table runner out of the unstained part.  It still gives you that vintage look.  Stained ones can also be used for picnics.
  • Microwave whole onions in a covered container for 1 -2 minutes.  Makes them super easy to peel and takes away some of their 'hot' when using them fresh in salads or on sandwiches or burgers.  Great way to 'cool down' a hot onion!
  • Buy fancy or fun interesting plates at yard sales.  They are great to use for a special platter of homemade goodies to give to that special someone.  Place a little note with them to keep the plate or pass it on to someone else to brighten their day!
  • Need a stake for a vining houseplant - walk outside and get a sturdy stick.  It's all natural and just blends in with the plant.

I hope this gives you and idea or two that you can use to save a little money or time.
It seems we never have enough of either!!!!!



  1. I love the tape idea. And the rice and potato will try these.

  2. I just made extra rice for dinner to freeze some of the extra. Nothing like pulling it out for a side dish after a hard day. I like the sand bucket idea, that's cute. The tape idea is a great idea! I need to do that one.

    1. Anything that helps on a busy day is a favorite for me! I like the buckets too.
      The taper holder has saved me so much time hunting!!

  3. When my kids were younger, they often broke my dishes. Finally, I started collecting white dishes. They're mismatched, but it doesn't matter if one gets broken.

    1. That is great. They match yet they don't.
      Love that idea.

  4. I also make extra rice (I only eat brown these days) and freeze. I also have on hand "ready rice" that is reheat-able as part of my stockpie. I have also frozen extra mashed potatoes for years. And I keep a bag of potato flakes in the freezer to add to soups, etc to thicken them up if too thin. I have been pretty lucky in that I picked a correlle pattern that was popular. When it started falling out of popularity, I was able to add pieces to replace the few that had broken, and some others that I had never seen before. Then I moved, and gave all that away to start afresh. What I have now is a china pattern that I have already broken a piece from the set, and since they have gold rims, can't go into the microwave for heating anything, thus forcing me to buy a couple of new correlle pieces for that purpose. Luckily they were easily found hn the thrift store. Have a great day.

    1. I like to keep potato flakes on hand as well. great for thickening!

      Our dishes are multi - colored, kind of a knock off version of Fiesta. I bought several years ago at a great price.
      They are heavy. So I have a couple of correlle pieces that I use for everyday. They are much lighter for G. I think I got the Correlle for less than a dollar each at the thrift store.

      I don't think I would ever buy 'edged' dishes again for that reason. I like to stick them in the microwave too often.
      I gifted my China set to a young friend when she got married. I had used twice since getting them in '74!
      Have a good day.

  5. Those are some great ideas. When we are going to have a party I save up cardboard containers from OJ and put water in them and freeze. I then rip the cardboard off on the day of the party and I have giant big ice blocks.

    1. that is a great idea for ice blocks. I remember my Mom doing something similar.
      Thanks for the tip!

  6. Excellent tips, thank you. However, using the dollar sand buckets are cute, they are not food grade plastic and contain many seriously harmful chemicals.

    1. Vanessa - that is probably true, but folks buy plastic dishes and trays at dollar stores too - and they aren't really the best to use either. Each person needs to decide what they want to use (since they would be used for a short time).

      Thanks for thinking about safety - that is important.
      Have a good day!!

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