Sunday, June 3, 2018

Frugal Happenings 6/3

Good morning - here it is JUNE!  Oh my.  Time flies when you're having fun  OR getting older!!!!!
Hope you are all doing well.

It has been a scorcher around here this week.  It's been really, really hot and humid!  Didn't get a ton done outside - just too hot.  We did get a little rain - which is so needed.  Could definitely use more. 
I feel so sorry for those living is south eastern states - they are getting TOO much rain and flooding.  It's horrible! 
We had the craziest winds on Wednesday.  I went out 4X and picked up limbs and sticks.  It sure did clean out the trees!
We ended the month with it being the hottest May on record!  One of the driest too!  May should be our rainy month.
This week temps should maintain in the lower 80's and less humidity.  YAY!  Pollen is very high and my allergies are raging.  Such is life - I'll take it over snow/ice!

The garden has really grown a lot in the past week and a half.  It is amazing what the heated soil and a little rain can do.  I actually have a few buds on the tomatoes and peppers and the starts of buds on that volunteer squash - that thing is huge!

My frugal week:
  • Line dried ALL the laundry
  • Saved all the juices from the watermelon and froze.  We like to add it to tea or to add to homemade jellies
  • Made peach/pecan ice milk from peaches that needed used.  It made a quart and it was yummy (a little left).  May make more this week
  • Made a batch of strawberry/yogurt frozen treat.  Mixed fresh strawberries, yogurt, a little sweetener and a little milk - poured into ice cube trays.  A lovely cold treat!
  • Did accomplish SOME weeding this week
  • Did lots of cleaning inside since it was so hot outdoors
  • Replenished cabinets from downstairs pantry.  Brought up teabags, coffee, pasta, dressing, sugar, flour, TP, sweetener, and spices.  It's nice to walk downstairs and SHOP!  Filled up all the jars upstairs again.
  • Did run out and filled the gas tank on Blazer (it had been almost 2 months) and filled the gas can for mower (hadn't filled since mid summer '17).  saved .30/gal.
  • Doing all the regular stuff around here - there are so many frugal things we ALL do - that it's just daily stuff!
  • Stopped at Kroger when out,  just to look.  I got 4 boxes of wide mouth lids and bands in blue on clearance for 1.49 each (all they had) and a .99/bag of huge bell peppers.  That was it!

Meals this week were pretty simple:

Poor man Swiss steak, garlic/ranch mashed potatoes and salad
Chicken/ham/cheese/veggie wraps
Chef salads
Breakfast - sausage gravy/toast & scrambled eggs
Pasta/veggie salad (tons of veggies)
Leftover pasta salad and cold sandwiches

We enjoyed watermelon, strawberry/rhubarb pie (made last weekend) fresh peaches and strawberries, and homemade ice milk and yogurt this week for snacks.

Not real exciting, just plugging away every day. 
How was your week?
Any frugal finds? 
How are the gardens doing?
Stop by and say hello!!!!!

May you all be blessed and protected by the Lord this week.
Prayers for all the farmers, that their fields  thrive and produce.  Prayers for safety to all those in the flooded south and for those facing other natural disasters around the globe.

Blessings from our humble home to yours!


  1. I was just reading this as I finished eating a bowl of watermelon. I couldn't help myself but I poured the juice right in my glass a tea. Pretty good! Thanks for the idea!

    1. Love it. Glad you like it. It is really refreshing and no waste!!! I like to freeze into cubes and add as well.

  2. Hello Cheryl,
    I posted about our yard sale doings.
    I needed just a few groceries so we took an ice chest and stopped at Walmart and Aldi on the way to church. I don’t usually shop on Sundays but it was cool this morning, we got ready early and it was frugal to stop on our way. I did find 3 kinds of breads on the Walmart clearance rack. I will freeze them after I break them up into smaller bags.

    1. They do have great bread mark-downs. I am not a big WM shopper - but I do like looking at the bakery markdowns.
      Sounds like you had a nice day.
      have a great one.

  3. You got great prices on the lids and bell peppers. That is a great idea with the watermelon juice. I will have to try it.

    We have been busy here. All of my gardens are done. I even made a small strawberry garden. We only had one really hot day so far. I am not looking forward to 90 degree temps. I like 75 degrees. Still haven't used the AC. We have been getting bye with fans. The rest of my list is here:

    1. Oh my goodness - we have been using AC most of May. Upper 80's and 90's and humid equal ICK! I am with you I love about 75.

      Glad you have your gardens in - happy growing!!!

  4. I like your comment about replenishing cabinets by going downstairs. Before my daughter was born, I lined our attic with bins from newborn to two years old. After she was born, if she were outgrowing her clothing, I would simply go shopping in the attic. It was great fun, LOL.

    1. What a great idea on baby clothes. That would be good with kids under 6 or 7 I would think.

      I love being able to 'shop' from downstairs. Such a savings and sure is easy!

  5. Hi there Cheryl ~ We've had torrential rains every single day (thankfully not ALL day) for the last two weeks until this weekend when it finally became more scattered. Everyone runs out to mow or do some weeding as soon as there's a bit of clearing. And there's been terrible local flooding too, but we've been blessed to avoid that.

    I've read that we should be on the lookout for snakes with all this rainy weather and I honestly didn't give it much thought. But two days ago our neighbor killed a copperhead! I'm on the lookout now, believe me!

    I've run outside every chance I got to do some weeding or planting (perennials I bought on sale), but my roses and peonies have been reduced to mush by all the rain.

    One thing I did accomplish before the rains set in was to make dandelion jelly. I've never done it before and it's pretty labor intensive so I may not try it again, but oh my, what a treat! Delicious. And recently I found a recipe for Queen Anne's Lace jelly, so if I can find some that's not been sprayed, I may try that as well.

    You did so well at Kroger; I often find some pretty good deals, but not this past week. The produce looked awful! I'm headed to the farmer's market next weekend.

    Thank you for this blog and for sharing so much information with us. To think I've been letting the dog enjoy the watermelon juice!!


    1. Hello Mindy Glad you are joining us.
      I am so sorry for all the rain you have been having. It sure is sad to see some of the pictures from south.
      I am glad you are getting some slack to get and keep up on things. All that rain will surely make the weeds grow if nothing else.
      SNAKES! EEK! My one true fear.
      I remember in my younger days sitting on a picnic table that was right on a lake edge (actually touching water) and looked down and there was a big copperhead and a bunch of young. Needless to say I about soiled myself!!!!!!
      Please be careful and watch your pets.

      I am sure the god has enjoyed the watermelon juice too!
      Thank you for your kind words.
      Please continue to hang out with us and join in the convo!!!!

    2. Minday we have had rain too and I too dashed out between spells of wet to finish the planting and weeding. Because of the overcast, it was nice and cool, and I didn't melt when I would get a little bit wet !

    3. At least the weeding will be easier. I like to weed after rain - they pull out so easily.
      We are having a wonderfully cool morning and the windows are open and a nice breeze coming through!!!

  6. Your weather is the opposite of mine. I am looking for some lids on sale and I keep my eye out but so far no luck.

    1. Not sure if that is good or bad!!!!
      Hope you find some lids soon. Don't know if you have Rural King around you - but they always have great prices.
      Have a good one.

  7. We've had thunderstorms here for the last two nights and had flash flooding both here and in Montana the previous week. Strange weather. What a great deal you got on those lids! I'm sure they will come in really handy here very soon.

    1. Debbie - flash flooding is horrible. Hope you and all you know are safe.
      Yeah, I really didn't need the lids (I have plenty) - but you can't pass up a deal like that. Someday they will be used. Maybe for gift jars!

  8. Hi Cheryl, You are doing great at keeping up! It is a struggle here to stay on top of things. Between the weather, bugs and Coco gardening is a challenge! Keep on keeping on! Nancy

    1. Nancy - that's funny. "Coco gardening". I am sorry your fur baby WANTS to help!!!!
      Weather has been wacky!
      Seems like there is always something to keep one busy for sure.

  9. Cheryl, yesterday was the first day of no rain here in N. FL. But it was 96* with 90% humidity - not nice at all. today will be 92* with 0% humidity - wind coming from the NW instead of the SW over the Gulf of Nexico. You got good deals. My 2 tomato plants are producing some fruit - nothing red yet though. My cucumbers and spaghetti squash (all veggies are in 2 planters that sit on the patio railing) are in flower but no fruit set yet. I had momma duck and her 9 ducklings on the patio as I was getting ready to come to work this morning. My kitten (Missi) wants to sleep with me, but only until I realize she is there. She will understand soon enough that even if I am awake, it is a safe place to be. She is still scared of me, Have a great day.

    1. Norma - wow that weather sounds nasty! I can handle heat - it is just the humidity I can't stand. Many years ago I used to visit Florida yearly and it seemed it did rain some every day - then the skies would clear.
      Glad you garden is doing good. It won't be long!!!

      I bet the Momma and babies are sweet. I love ducks. Missi sounds like a sweetheart. I love when they want to curl up safely when they are little. Mine still like to sleep with Momma, but they take up more room!
      Have a good one.