Thursday, June 14, 2018

Have Some FREE Fun

Summer is here, the weather has warmed, and we all get out more.  There is no need to spend a fortune to have fun, either by yourself or with the family.
There are lot's of things to do that can be fun and even helpful that cost nothing.  Many of these ideas can be put into use all during the year - not just summer.

  • Look into library activities.  There are lots of things for kids to get involved with during the summer.  Many libraries even have activities for adults (book clubs, lectures, etc.)
  • Take a nature walk.  Walk in a park, the woods, by a lake or ocean - whatever is close by.
  • Plan a neighborhood social/potluck - get to know the neighbors
  • Have a picnic - it can be at home or in a park
  • Backyard camping is always a fun thing for kids
  • Bird/animal watch - it can be fascinating
  • Take pictures - photography is easy and the more you do it the better you get.
  • Visit a FREE day at a museum or zoo.  Many patriotic holidays are offered as FREE days.  National parks generally have a couple FREE days a year as well
  • Geo caching is a big thing now.  It's a literal scavenger hunt using GPS.  Go to and look up your zip code and see what is available in your area
  • Take a bike ride
  • If you have a projector - try having a 'backyard drive-in' movie.  Put up a white sheet and show old movies or family movies
  • Have a yard sale - WIN - WIN - you make money as well as get rid of stuff!
  • Front porch sitting!  Sit and read a book, listen to nature, talk to passers by, meditate, etc.
  • Take a nap!  Remember it's not a punishment any more like it was when we were kids!
  • Volunteer - check out a food pantry, the local animal shelters, parks, hospital, etc.
  • Play under the hose/sprinkler - great fun for kids (and adults too!)
  • Help an elderly or disabled neighbor
  • PLAY - horseshoes, volleyball, Frisbee, kickball, corn hole, bubbles, etc.
  • Take a FREE community class - how-to home repair, cooking, gardening, identifying local plants/birds, canning, etc.  Many craft shops offer FREE craft classes for kids too.
  • Clean out the garage - maybe not so fun - but frees up space!  Same with closets.
  • Walk a farm market or flea market JUST to get ideas and look around.  You don't have to buy.  It is a great way of socializing with others getting fresh air, and people watching!
  • Yoga - learn some Yoga positions from a class or watching You Tube and relax!
  • Do crafts - make cards or start of projects for the holidays and gifts
  • Genealogy - research your family history.  It is easier all the time with the computer and the internet.  This can be fun and it can be done all times of the year. 
  • Garden - raise your own veggies.  Healthy food and enjoyable.
  • Have a neighborhood clean-up
  • Walk an area creek and find interesting rocks.  Take the kids - they will love it.
  • Go fishing
  • Have a family reunion & pitch-in

There are endless ways to have fun that cost nothing or next to nothing.
I hope you all have a lovely summer.  Let you creative mind take over and have some FREE fun.


  1. This is a great list of free things to do for the summer, Cheryl. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. Most of what I do is alone and I need to get out of the house more. These are great ideas; thanks!

    1. Me too! G can't get out and do things with me - so I am on my own.
      Fresh, exercise, and meeting new people - all positives!!

  3. I live alone also, and sometimes have to force myself to get out and be with others Just take one step outside your door, and go one place to get your courage up. Especially if you go to church, or volunteer somewhere or even get involved in a free class through your library, you will meet other like-minded people and will find a "partner" or group of people who you can pal around with.

    1. Wonderful suggestions Norma. Baby steps can take you leaps and bounds!

  4. Hi Cheryl, All I need is the energy to do those things now! I did pick up a stroller for Nora free along the road as we went by and a booster seat for the table and two containers to keep magazines in. Can't resist free! Nancy

  5. Great ideas! Thanks for the tips!
    My daughter bought a sprinkler at rural king yesterday (I loved looking at the bunnies and chicks), and as the heat index is expected to be 105 tomorrow, I may run through the sprinkler with her. :D

    1. Rural King is a fun place to go. So much to see!
      YAY - that would be fun. I still go stand in the rain and stomp in puddles given the chance. I would do a sprinkler!
      Stay cool!