Sunday, June 10, 2018

Frugal Happenings 6/10

Good morning my frugal friends.  I hope this finds you all well.

I awoke this morning, and the longer I laid there - the darker it got outside!  OOPS - made it out in time to feed the outdoor kitties in the greenhouse before it started pouring rain.  We sure do need the rain - our grass is getting so brown.  We are supposed to have rain/storms off and on all day and most of the week.
We had a great first part of the week - with wonderfully mild temps and low humidity.  It sure gave me huge opportunity to get much done outside.  I LOVED IT!
We are back to hot now - and will remain so for the next week.  Upper 80's will be normal.

We have had a new bird to our feeders and birdbath.  It appears to be a gray cat bird.  It is really neat looking - it has a very different beak from all the other birds.  We have such a neat variety of birds!

The garden is really growing with this heat.  I can't believe how big everything is getting.  Hopefully God will keep it watered this week, and I won't have to!  His water is always better!!!!

My frugal week:
  • Spent a good 3 - 4 days working in the yard all day.  FREE exercise and it looks good too!
  • NO A/C for 3 days - got to air out the house.
  • Line dried laundry
  • Made a batch of dip
  • Had our A/C checked this week and all is in good order
  • Brother gave me an eggplant plant.  We aren't eggplant people - but sis in law has some good sounding recipes - so we will give it a try!  Got that planted.
  • I finally made my round of stores south of us this week.  I always hit them all up - since they are so close to each other and it saves gas.
  • Rural King - did a huge stock up of canned cat food (10 cases).  They have the best prices in town.  Gallons of white vinegar for 1.97 each (4).  TP - 12 packs of dbl. rolls on sale 3.99 (3).  Got a 50 lb. bag of black oil sunflowers seeds for squirrels/birds on sale for 10.99.
  • BB & B - got a refill on carbonator for the Soda Stream.   Turned another in for a deposit.
  • Office Depot - got ink for printer - good for the remainder of the year.
  • Another day I stopped in Kroger to check clearance.  I got 3 - 15 oz. Suave men's body wash for .99 each (will be gifts in baskets) and Stevia  tablets and drops for $1 each (reg. 3.59 ea.) - great to have for a back-up.
  • Been working on my 15 minute chores off and on during the hottest days.  Little chores inside make a difference.  I seem to get more done that way!
  • Did some re-organizing of things in the kitchen
  • Friday I went to the neighborhood garage sales up by our park.  It is such a lovely historic area.  I probably walked to about 25-30 sales - but only purchased at 3.  RESTRAINT!  I did have loads of fun and good conversation - so a lot of free entertainment!
Here's what I got!
These 2 books were FREE!  Gooseberry Patch are my favorite cookbooks and gotta love Chip & Joanna!

I fell in love with the old blue cabinet - I paid $10 (was asking more).  Another apple peeler - $3 (brand new).  It seems they last me a couple years then break - so I never pay much.  This has suction for the counter top.

Rain barrel - $5!!!!!!!!  I need to raise it up so the spout is easy access - but I couldn't pass up at that crazy cheap price! It is 50 gallon.

Cabinet now in use in the kitchen!
It sure was fun just wondering around that neighborhood.  There are some really sweet homes.  There are many that just look like they should be in a fairy tale.  It has always been one of my favorite areas.  Lots of vintage stuff being offered for sale - too bad I have no room!

Meals this past week: (we were in a sandwich mood some this week!)

Cold cuts and chips/dip & fruit smoothies
Chicken/rice burritos - loaded (used Mex. chicken rice from freezer leftovers)
Hamburger hash, garlic toast and fresh veggies
Tuna patties, mac-n-cheese, and salad
Smoked cheesy sausages on buns with chips
Ham & cheese sandwiches and pickled veggies
Red beans/rice with sausage and side salad

I had a pretty darn good week.  I feel like I accomplished a lot outside, got some good deals, and had fun.  It doesn't get much better than that!!!

I plan on getting some indoor projects done this week - since it will be hot and rainy much of the week.  The pantry is in dire need of straightening again (the gremlins don't you know? LOL)
I need to do mending and sewing.  I need to cut G's and my hair - so we look civilized again!
So hopefully I can get a few things accomplished this week.

How was your week? 
Did you get any good deals? 
I see from some of the blogs I follow (on my blog roll) many went to garage sales as well!

Take care friends and may you be blessed beyond measure in the coming week.  I look forward to hearing from you.  Stay safe and healthy!

Blessings from our humble home to yours!


  1. That cabinet is so cute! We are already in summer mode with best and humidity here in Ga. Ugh!

    1. Thanks I thought so too.
      Oh, we skipped spring all together. It was frost and freezing temps one week and then 80's and 90's the next.

      Stay cool!

  2. Replies
    1. LOL - hate those word fix programs!!!!! It just THINKS it knows what we want to say!

  3. I'm so jealous with your finds..That Chip and Joanna book, that rain barrel, the cabinet, yep I'll have to ask God to forgive me for that jealous problem. Your menu sounds delicious! Have a great week.

    1. LOL - I think you are probably forgiven. I know retail value would have been a bunch of money!!!
      The books alone had retail of almost $50 between them - I would never have paid that - but someone did!
      Have a great one.

  4. Lucky you to have a day of low humidity even if it did not last long. And a new bird, how neat! Bailey and I watched a turkey fly low around us yesterday and run into the road right in front of us and take off, it was amazing to watch. I just love to watch the birds. You had a great yard sale days, free books and a rain barrel for $5? That is terrific!!

    1. Oh I would love to see a turkey in the wild. that would be so cool. The biggest I have seen around here is a hawk.
      I have seen an Eagle in southern part of the state before - oh, and a heron!

      I haven't been that lucky in ages at sales. I was happy.

  5. Great deals! I wouldn't have been able to pass up that rain barrel or cabinet either. Glad you had fun at the yard sales.
    It is going to be hot here too this week, and we need rain. Hope you have a blessed week.

    1. Glad to hear others would have scooped up the deals too!
      it has rained about all day here - and it has kept the temps down. That ends tomorrow. UGH!
      Have a wonderful week.

  6. Cheryl, You got some good finds there at the garage sales! Rain barrel, yea!
    I have been packing and clean out the sewing room getting ready to paint. Most things are in totes so not so bad, they have lids so easy to stack.
    We are getting rain then very hot temps toward the end of the week. Garden is looking good.
    Other than that not much going on.
    Have a good one.

    1. Laurie - it is a real job painting - but it is something I have always liked doing. I guess just the freshness of the room after!
      You are lucky to have the totes - makes life so much easier.

      I had 2 barrels - one home made - but I always afraid an animal would jump on the mesh screen I had on it - and just fall through. This eases my mind.

      Glad the garden is doing well. Try and stay cool. Have a good one back!!

  7. Good afternoon Cheryl. I would hae loved the rain barrel when I lived in NJ But living in an apartment is so different and restrictive. That little cabinet is really cute though. It has been raining every afternoon somewhere in the city every day, except on my side of town. I will get lots of clouds and even some thunder, but it just hasn't rained. But, to ward it off, I bring sneakers and sox just in case it does right before I leave to go home from work. I ruined my oldest paid of sandals stepping in the rain to get to the car one night, so I always travel with a pair in hand now. I have been cooking from home only. tonight though I will be stopping at Popeye's. I have a coupon for 8 pieces of chicken for $5.99, so will take advantage of that. I like it, it keeps the oven from needing to be heated and I budgeted for this. Gotta go. Take care.

    1. Hi Norma - we finally got rain this weekend. Needed it badly. My garden is happy!
      sorry you ruined your sandals - I would keep them for that very reason - stepping in a puddle!

      That is a great price on the chicken. I love Popeye's. It's been a while. That should last you a few meals.
      Have a great week.

  8. We love our back yard birding too. Do you keep a bird list? We just started this past winter and are already up to over 30! I clipped some crabapple branches for a little winter decor on our front porch and 3 turkeys came up on our porch right at the front door and ate off all the crab apples!

    Great sales and I too LOVE that little blue cabinet. Way to go!!!!

    1. Cheri no I have never really started a list - but that might be a neat thing to do.
      I can't imagine seeing turkeys in real life. How neat.
      That's funny how tame they were to come that close to the house.

      Thanks on my finds. I just fell in love with the little cabinet.

  9. YOu did great on your finds! I spent $86 on my rain barrel at the home improvement store a couple of years ago. YIKES! That little blue cabinet is just adorable and I love the color. :) My garden is not doing as well as your's is due to this cold weather we have been having. I am wearing a lightweight jacket today and I'm usually desperately trying to stay cool this time of year.

    1. Debbie, my first rain barrel came from an environmental place and was over $300 - so $5 was well a no brainer!

      I am sorry you are having such cool weather. We have had a few cooler days, but not jacket worthy. Humidity is huge here.
      Hope it turns around for you and you get a good production of goods.

  10. I love the apple peeler. It is on my wants list. You got some great stuff on sale and at the yard sale. We are not big eggplant people either. But I would eat it if I was given one for free. Have a great week.

    1. I have had apple peelers before - but eventually they always break. I was happy to find it.
      I was pleased with my purchases.
      I will give the eggplant a chance!