Sunday, June 17, 2018

Frugal Happenings 6/17

Good morning to you all.  Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there.

We woke to a scorcher of a day.  It was 80* when I got up and the humidity was about the same!  You could cut it with a knife - I do believe.  We are supposed to hit a record high today of close to 100* actual temp. UGH!  It wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the humidity.  No cooler temps till mid week. 
Making sure to keep plenty of water available for birds, squirrels and cats.  The birds sure do enjoy their daily 'swims' or 'baths'.  They line up on the handrail waiting their turns!  Can't say that I blame them.  Kitties spend most of the day under the deck in the shade.

They garden is growing like gang busters!  I have a banana pepper about 2" long, little squash starting, tomatoes on vine, and the cabbage is starting to head.  Cucumbers are blooming, so hopefully soon we will be picking fresh veggies!

Noticed this week that the lightening bugs are back.  I just love seeing them - it reminds me of childhood.
We had a neighbor 2 doors down move this week.  He was nice enough, but I sure won't miss his very foul mouth! 
We also got a new neighbor next door, on the triple lot.  We know him.  He and G have been friends since they were kids.  He's renting with his adult (autistic) son - and he is making a lot of positive little changes to the property!  It will be nice to have someone I trust and who could help (if need be) in an emergency.

                       We have a lot of assorted lilies blooming now.  They are all so pretty.

My frugal week:
  • We had a lot of rain first part of week - so worked indoors a lot.  I re-arranged a lot of the extended pantry down stairs.  Cleaned and straightened
  • Re-arranged and organized the upstairs pantry
  • Came across my electric skillet in storage downstairs.  I haven't used it in ages.  I got it out and brought it upstairs.  I forgot how much I do love cooking in that thing! 
  • Got the 'new' rain barrel raised up so as to be able to access spout with hose connector 
  • FOUND a small hand gun that had been "lost" for several years!!  Oh my - we have looked every where and it was just very well hidden in the basement.  G was a happy camper. 
  • Worked on my sewing/craft area and got a lot straightened - so much more to do.
  • Cut G's and my hair and colored mine at home.
  • Line dried laundry
  • Patched and repaired 3 pairs on my old jeans
  • Got lots of yard work done on Thursday - the best day of the week.  It was cooler and no humidity or rain that day.
  • First of week was wet, but cooler than predicted.  I got have AC off for 3 days.
  • I fixed our backdoor alarm.  We both feel better about that, mainly in case G is alone - he will be for-warned if someone is entering that shouldn't be!
  • Ran to Kroger Friday.  I got grapes for .99/lb., 2 cantaloupe 2/$5 (they are huge), and milk for 1.69/gal.  That is all I got this week.
  • I forgot to mention last week - when I went to Office Depot, they had school notebooks for .25/each already.  I got several for the kids holiday baskets.

Meals this past week:
Homemade 'sliders' (like White Castles) and fries.   Sooooooooooooo good!
Shrimp poppers, spicy mac-n- cheese and garlic bread
Cube steak, leftover mac/cheese and salad
Homemade pizza (supreme-like)
Homemade sub sandwiches and chips (they were way better than Subway!)
Beef Manhattans
Open face Sloppy Joes and salad

I did seem to get a lot accomplished this week - and for the most part, nothing cost a cent!  I love weeks like that.  It is always nice to get things organized and in order again.
It is truly amazing how quickly it gets messed up.  Come home in a hurry to put things away - and poof there goes organization out the window!!!
The work never ends that is for sure.

How was your week?  Did you get much accomplished this week?  Did you stay frugal?

God bless each of you and get you through your most trying days. Hold tight to one another, love openly and deeply and help another.
Prayers for health and happiness in the coming week.

Blessings from our humble home to yours.


  1. What a great week Cheryl. It's in the upper 90's now here. So hot! Your garden is growing so well. You'll be harvesting like mad soon. I'm glad you found the handgun. One of our handguns is in a safe...hope we find the key soon.

    1. I can't wait to harvest our own veggies again. It is 97* right now here. HOT!
      At least you know where it is - and it is safe and secure. I guess it doesn't do any good in there though! Good luck.
      STAY COOL!

  2. Wow, 100 degrees is going to be hot for you. Good thing you are taking precautions for the animals to keep cool. How neat that your garden is beginning to produce. We did get some things done this week, but not as much as we always hope to get done. LOL I hope you have a great week!

    1. Oh it is hot! Baby veggies - looking forward to full grown!
      I don't think we ever do as much as we have planned!
      Have a nice one!

  3. It's supposed to be a hot one here this week, too. I just love watching lightening bugs too. Praise the Lord for good neighbors... happy for you!

    1. Hope you can stay cool my friend.
      Yes, good neighbors are a blessing from God!

  4. It is great when you can get lots done without spending any money. My list for the week is here:

    1. Sometimes I am lucky. I have so many things to do and get done - I could probably never spend a cent and stay plenty busy!

  5. Good morning Cheryl - it's hot in FL also.Trying to keep the ac off - can most of the time too. My apt. is situated so that only one window gets direct sun, and only for about an hour. The others are shaded by a couple of trees and since I am on the first floor of a 2 story building, I am naturally cooler without the sun beating down. The ducks have hatched many babies, and they are all sweet. I harvested my first tomato on Sunday from my patio garden boxes. I don't think the squash and cucumbers will produce anything more than the blooms they have already. Maybe time to pull them and plant something else - I am thinking herbs. Everyday I ry to keep up with a little cleaning before I go to work and keeping iced tea made and ice cube trays emptied and refilled. I do so miss my washer/dryer though. Having to take extra time out of a day off to go to a laundry mat and sit for about 1 1/2 hours just isn't my idea of a good time. I always take a book to read, and pen and paper to make lists of what else need to be done, ut it just doesn't seem too frugal in my eyes, not counting the cost,Better go for mow.

    1. Oh wonderful on a fresh home grown tomato!!!!! YUM. Did you get any squash or cukes or just blooms?
      herbs always grow nicely in pots.

      I am glad you can keep cool without the AC on all the time.
      I bet the baby ducks are so sweet.

      I always hated laundry mats - but at least you can read or makes lists.
      Have a wonderful day and stay cool!