Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Garden Walk & Update

Good morning. 
I figured I would give you a garden tour today.  I am at almost exactly ONE MONTH from planting (a couple days plus).  It is amazing to me how much things have grown!
I am so excited to soon have wonderful food coming into the house from my own back yard.

Does that amaze anyone else?  At 63 years old - it still amazes me that I can walk outdoors and pick dinner!  That is just too cool. 
Nature is just too amazing to comprehend at times.

Sweet banana peppers - 4 plants.  I will be picking some this week for salads!  Tons of blooms and peppers

Bell peppers - 4 plants - they are loaded.  It sure looks like it will be a good year for these.  YAY  I see lots of yummy eating.
A view on the raised bed.  Broccoli in front - then cabbage - tomatoes to right and squash at back left.  This does not include all the plants in pots.

Okra - 4 plants - is starting to set.  I will be picking some to fry up this week!  We love fried okra.

Look at these tomatoes!!!  There are 5 in this bunch and they are big!  12 plants - 2 are cherry.  Plants are  loaded!  Anxiously awaiting that first bite of a fresh tomato.

Cucumbers are really starting to vine and bloom.  Lots of little cukes are appearing!

Don't know if you can see them - but there are 3 zucchini in there!  One I will be picking today or tomorrow!  YUM

Our volunteer 'squash plant'.  The plant looks just like our yellow crookneck squash - but the fruit not so much.  Through research we THINK it is a golden nugget or ornamental pumpkin!  I have never grown a pumpkin EVER.  So it must be what they use in crossing to get yellow squash.  It is all good - we will use whatever it is.  Look forward to a new adventure in eating!

Opal basil - I started this from my parent's home years and years ago.  It comes back every year and we use it a lot!

Thyme is flourishing - about time to cut some and dry.  I love the flavor it adds to soups and stews and meat dishes.

This sunflower is squirrel/bird planted and approved!  It will be a triple flowering plant (see the 2 buds?)

The grapes are loaded and healthy - despite a DRASTIC haircut last fall to the vines.  Looks like a good jelly year!

 Cornflowers (Echinacea) is starting to pop color at various places around the yard.  I think they are so pretty - it's just a happy plant to me!

I just love the color combo of purple and orange.  Both of these came from starts of my parents' home as well.  (many years ago)  The original plants these came from were in my parents' yard BEFORE I was!!!!

Lastly, a tried and true oldie - Rose Moss or Moss Rose, however you say it.  I love the delicate little 'roses'.  This reminds me of HOME!  There is some trumpet vine (hummingbird vine) coming up in the pot as well - volunteer.  I will let it thrive!

There is much more to show from around our little 'homestead' - but this is enough for today. 

I just love taking a walk amongst all the pretties and goodies that nature has to offer.  Life is just so amazing to me - as there are so many gifts that we receive and just never stop and appreciate.
Aahhhh the wonders of nature and God.  My humble thanks!

Have a blessed day my friends!


  1. Oh I loved your garden walk! Your pictures of your plants are beautiful. Lots of great looking veggies, and how special to have flowers and herbs from your parent's home!!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it. I love seeing others people yards and houses - so I thought others might as well.

      I feel blessed to have so many things from my folks' home. It is like they are always with me.

      Can't wait to eat some of these goodies!

  2. Wonderful pictures! Happy eating!

    1. Thank you Carol! I can't wait!
      Thanks for stopping by and please visit again!

  3. You've a great looking garden. I wish you were close by to get some help from. I just found my large flowering pots all torn up from maybe a bird or something. It made a nest at the base of my beautiful volunteer hydrangea and torn it up. Even my overhead light looks like some crazy bird is building a nest in it 16 feet up. I plan to blast that nest out tomorrow with a blower. If I don't, the birds will sit on the bars of the lantern and poop right in front of my door!

    1. Oh so sorry your pots are getting torn up. I hope there are no eggs or babies in the nest.
      My folks always had doves that made a nest in a hanging pot of flowers every year. They just watered around them. They were fun to watch.
      We had sparrows make a nest on our porch light once - I avoided going out the front door, because momma would really get upset!
      I think they feel safe up high and close to a building.

      I wouldn't want them messing in front of the door either.
      Good luck with that.

  4. Yes, it's amazing! I planted zinnias from seeds this year and am amazing at how fast they grew and bloomed. How can people NOT believe in an amazing God? Your garden and flowers look great!

    1. I truly do NOT know how you can't believe. Every single flower is different. A tiny seed can give us food for our family. Every creature is different and here for a reason. I could go on and on.
      I am always in awe!

  5. I am amazed at 1) that those little tiny seeds can grow into magnificent things to eat, 2) the abundance with which plants want to grow, 3) watching carefully, how much and how easily you can see what a plant wants by its demeanor (leaves curled, open, turned over waiting for rain) and color (yellowed from watering, holes from birds and insects, brown from drying out, splotchy from fungal or disease).

    All your plants look as happy and cheerful as you, Cheryl! :-))

    1. They talk to us - don't they? Think about how many zucchini a seed will yield or a tomato seed. It is just amazing and awesome.
      My babies are doing good - I hope they continue.
      Thank you for the sweet compliment!!!

  6. Hi Cheryl, You have an amazing productive garden. Nothing like growing your own! I think it is amazing too that you plant a little seed in the ground and it grows into food. What a wonderful gift from God. Nancy

    1. Thanks you so much Nancy. I hope it continues to thrive. So far I have been fortunate.
      God is certainly good!

  7. I love shopping in my garden. It still amazes me too. You will be eating well.

  8. My goodness you garden is busting at the seams with so much goodness. Mine is struggling this year with our cooler weather.