Sunday, October 28, 2018

Frugal Happenings 10/28

Good morning all.  Here we are - just about done with October.  The holidays will be here before you know it.  It just doesn't seem possible.

Leaves are finally starting to change color.  The horizon looks very pretty.  I drove past the park this week and there were many varieties of trees changing color.  It is getting pretty - if only for a short while.  Temps have stayed in the 50's this week.  We have had rain off and on.  Daylight hours are getting shorter and shorter and then we have daylight savings time to deal with next weekend - YAY (no one ever said)!  UGH - I just hate the fall time change more than any.  It seems it is always dark.

This past week wasn't my most frugal week ever, but a lot of things just HAD to be done.  I guess that is why we are frugal most of the time, it doesn't hurt so bad when you need to spend!

My frugal week:
  • Line dried a few things and hung the heavier stuff in the basement to dry.  Only used drier to fluff
  • Processed my home canned kraut
  • Had to make a run to the Vet for flea meds for kitties
  • Topped gas tank and got a .10/gallon discount.  Didn't spend much last month at the store - so few points.  BUT all savings add up!
  • Received a $150 check from bank points we had earned.  That will go for Christmas funds
  • Got a $20 refund from utility company
  • Stopped at a new branch of the church thrift store (real close by).  It is small and crowded - but the ONLY thrift store in that community.
  • Got FREE bread at the thrift store
                                          G has been wanting muffins for a while - so perfect
  • I also found a Vera Bradley handbag unlike any I have or have seen - it was .99!!!!!!!
All clothes, shoes, and handbags are .99 each at this thrift store 
  • I had to go renew driver's license.  I am still wearing older glasses (I haven't gone to eye doc yet since breaking mine) - and I aced the eye test!  I now have a picture that looks like a mug shot!!!  LOL
  • I got the oil changed and the Blazer checked out
  • Ran to the bank and cashed those refund checks (I did all my errands together - all in same area)
  • Ran into Ollie's.  I shouldn't have done that!!!!!  LOL.  They have such cheap books and I can NOT just say NO!
The most expensive one was 3.99 - so it wasn't bad.  I will read and then probably gift a couple of these at Christmas
  • I organized my gift storage tote.  I needed to see exactly what I had - so now it is all organized
  • I de-cluttered some more in the basement and did some straightening  (Rainy days are good for this)
  • Reorganized many of my home canned goods downstairs
  • Have another box ready for donation
  • Had our fall furnace check done - no cost this time (we pay once a year for maintenance)
  • Made 2 pints of beautiful chicken stock for the freezer from bones left from a whole fried chicken
  • Found a surprise outside even after the cold temps.  Got a sweet little bouquet that I have been enjoying and OH the smell is so sweet!

Meals this past week:
Chicken/rice/broccoli casserole & salad
Homemade fried rice and veggie lo-mein
Stew and bread/butter 2X
Ham & beans and cornbread
Fried chicken and salad
Taco Bell (my birthday choice)

Leftovers been used for lunches.  Have beans left and they will be used for a couple different meals and then go in freezer.

I spent money, got money, and got some deals.  I guess not a bad week when you stand back and look at it. 
I have a list of things I want to accomplish this week.  I will give it the good old college try!  It seems time is slipping by so quickly.

How was your week?  Did you find any great deals?  Do anything frugal?  Let us know.
I love hearing from everyone.

Prayers for each and everyone of you.  Be sweet and kind, keep your heart pure, and help one another.  Stay frugal my friends.
Blessings from our humble home to yours.


  1. You had a busy and productive week. Oh we ran into Ollies too...just bored and wanted something to do. I love their books but I ran away. Great idea though for Christmas gifts!

    1. It was pretty productive I guess. I can never make it out of there without getting at least one book.
      Have a good one.

  2. I've only been to Ollie's one time in my life. We have a local one, but I never go inside. Maybe I shouldn't. I'm a sucker for books, too. lol I've made my own kraut before, but it's not something I love. It was a staple for the mountain folks, when we lived in that area, and that's where I learned to eat it a little. We no longer live there, so I no longer feel obligated.... ha! Sounds like you had a great week and you should share your driver's license photo with us!!

    1. Maybe you should stay out of Ollie's if you love books. They have incredible prices on them.
      We love kraut, especially homemade - it just has better flavor.
      Noooooo way am I sharing that picture! LOL You can't smile, no glasses, no jewelry - it's dreadful.
      Have a good week.

  3. My biggest disappointment was that Dollar General doesn't seem to be doing the 3/$1 Libby vegetables this year. They've been 2/$1, but that's it.

    Only went to the market once this week and it was only for basics like milk, bananas, and such. I've been unsuccessful in finding Arm and Hammer washing soda. Neither Dillons nor Target carry it anymore. Hmph!

    I haven't done a menu for the week yet. I usually do crock pot chili on Halloween to make things easier. I need to bag up candy Wednesday afternoon...and try not to eat a lot of of it. Bahaha!

    As for other things going on, I'm:
    Reading The Furies by John Jakes
    And A Woman After God's Own Heart by Elizabeth George
    And The Darling Dahlias and The Texas Star by Elizabeth Wittig Albert
    And Jeremiah (Bible-you know the author lol)
    Watching...last season of The Americans
    Embroidering butterfly squares for my quilting group and getting ready to launch the first part of my new Christmas plan.

    1. You are most definitely keeping busy - my goodness.
      I am not sure if you have Meijer groceries in your area - but keep watch - they often do 3/$1 veggies as well.

      Sounds like you had a frugal week. Enjoy your chili on Halloween!!!

    2. If you have a Save a Lot or an independent regional store, watch their ads. I paid 33 cents a can for the Best Choice brand of green beans 2 weeks ago. Corn n peas were included in the sale.
      This is the lowest price I .y area.

    3. 33 cents has been the best price in my area at Save a Lot n the independent local store. I bought 12 cans of cut green beans 2 weeks ago.
      Hope you can find some veggies at your buy price.

    4. I will look at Sav a Lot ads. I go in once in a while just to see unadvertised specials. Good deal to stock up on for the winter!

  4. Oh happiest of birthday wishes! Hope you had a special day!
    Sounds like a productive week for you.
    It is definitely not going to be a frugal week for us, as we are having our driveway paved. It has been like driving over the grand canyon since it has been washed out so much this year. Hopefully the paving will last a long time.

    1. Thank you!
      It may not be frugal - but think how it will improve the value of your home, and how much you will enjoy it for years to come. Good luck with it.
      Have a good one.

  5. Wow, you have been busy! Those drivers licence pics are the worst!
    I have never heard of Ollies, I'd love to have one close by!
    I'd started working on the Christmas shoe box donation for the church. After reading all the does and don'ts and back and forths in the comments, I was ready to throw my laptop and the Christmas box out into the yard! I calmed down since and am going forward!! LOL
    I hope to get a lot done this week, in the way of cleaning and preparing for winter weather.
    Have a great week!

    1. Phyllis I agree license pics are bad. My last one was decent and last time I got to renew online - so got to keep that photo. This time I had to go in and yuk on the photo. So many stupid rules now!

      Wow, you would think if you were willing to give, there wouldn't be too many rules. What a shame. You know that probably deters a lot of people from giving.

      Good luck on your cleaning - I noticed my knick-knacks on shelves in kitchen are sporting HAIR now -so time to get them all down and wash. LOL

  6. I am trying to use up the older stuff in my freezer so I cooked a ham and turkey this week. All meals have been made around that. I froze several portions of soups for easy meals. The driveway is finally finished and we sold the car that my youngest was driving. It was turning into a money pit. We (hubby) is looking for a new to us car for her. My full list is her

    1. Good job on using up freezer food. Making way for new deals this holiday!!!!!!
      Glad the drive is done and you are happy with it. You had a really good week. Good luck with finding a car!

  7. I wish we had the variety of stores that many of you have. Also sweet find on the bag I love it!

    1. We do have quite a variety of stores to chose from. I never realized not everyone did. I guess I should consider myself lucky.

      Thank you - it was different colors from everything I have. Funny, this is the only one I paid ANYTHING for - my friend gave me several new ones that was left in a house she bought years ago! SCORE

  8. I hope you had a wonderful birthday!!! I know it wasn't restful from all the things you did! Happy Birthday!

    1. Aahhhh thank you. The week was busy, but I had a good birthday. I didn't have to cook!!!!
      Thank you.

  9. Cheryl, I forgot to tell you that Taco bell is giving away a free taco Thursday from 2-6 pm cuz of a stolen base during the world series. Check the details, but maybe you can get an even better deal on your bday dinner!

  10. Great week for you! My husband broke one of our toilets (LOL) so we have a big replacement/repair bill to pay. How does one break the toilet you might ask? Somehow he got dizzy when he lifted the seat and backed up and fell and the water tank part cracked and water went everywhere at 4 in the morning!

    1. Oh noooooo. The tank can be repaired and fixed - hope your hubby is ok. That is scary. Hope he is doing well.
      What a mess that had to be! YIKES