Tuesday, October 2, 2018

The Many Days of October

Well here we are on the downward spiral of the calendar year. 
Here in the U.S. it is fall - the beginning of the end to many activities and to gardens and flowers. 
In the southern hemisphere - it is spring and time for the reawakening of the earth.
It is amazing to me that things can be so different on any given day, just depending on where you live.
God is awesome.  Yes indeed, there is a time and a season for everything.

LESS than 3 months till Christmas!!!!!!  Oh my.  I hope everyone has a good start on their gifts and/or ideas - or perhaps you are done!

The weather is changing for sure.  The first week of fall sure felt like fall!  The first week of October is a different story.  It is back into the 80's this week.  We do have some leaves falling - but it has nothing to do with frost/freeze that generally make the leaves change color & give us so much beauty.  Peak times for color around here is still a few weeks away.

I think we should make one of these for our homes.  It would appear to be far more accurate than the weatherman!!  Isn't it amazing that there is a job out there that you can do correctly about 50% (or less) of the time and still get paid???

Fall festivals/holiday craft shows are starting all over the place.  I imagine that farm markets will be ending this month as well.
People are really gearing up and thinking about the holidays.
Kiddies will become ghouls and goblins this month.
It is becoming time for hearty comfort foods to come back on the menu.  That is one thing I look forward to.
Apples, pumpkins, squash, cider - YUM!

Beginnings and endings - that is October.

Me and my home:
  • I WILL finally get around to making jelly from all the frozen fruit I have.  Much will become gifts.
  • I WILL start working on sewing and mending - the pile is still waiting.
  • I WILL (and have started) work on getting rid of more stuff I do not need, want, or can use.  Today a bunch of stuff went into the trash/recycle bin for pickup - don't know why it was even laying around.  I have several boxes of stuff for donation ready.
  • I WILL enjoy all the fresh air and sunshine I possibly can
  • I WILL continue to fall clean
  • I WILL start working on sprucing up the bathroom
  • I WILL work on pulling the garden and doing more yard work
  • I WILL TRY to get started on some special gift projects that I want to give this year
  • I WILL strive to save money where I can and continue to build my panty.  I am always looking for new ideas for building pantry.
            I WILL continue to strive for a simple life versus one filled with stress and drama

I hope my head and my body WILL work together this month!  So often I have plans out the wazoo, but I just get in a funk mood and don't do them.  I pray for the strength to stay focused and get my plans done!   Will definitely incorporate the '15 minute plan' this month.  I always get more done that way!

What does your October look like?  
What do you have planned for this month? 
What ways will you incorporate in your life to stay calm and simple and frugal?
Do you have any traditions or special events you do in October?

I bet we can all use some new ideas.


  1. Love the forecasting rock!!

    October looks very busy, as is normal. We have a lot of church activities.

    We're hoping to take a day this month and go to Independence KS to see the Ingalls house. It closes for the winter next month.

    I'm really wanting to make the month a screeching halt to what I think has been a pell mell year of little control and more like a runaway caboose. Not good. I wrote up a new plan last year for the holidays that begins this month and ends in February. It's for my own sanity and I refuse to participate in miserable chaos again this year.

    Our only traditions are going to the pumpkin patch (did on Saturday) and watching Hocus Pocus.

    We are preparing to redecorate our master bedroom and bath. :)

    1. Sorry life has been so hectic. Hopefully you can get some calm and rest. Sometimes you just have to grab the reins and take back control!

      That would be cool to see the Ingalls house. I loved that show/story.

      Good luck with the decorating!

  2. I'm going to do my best to have a simple peaceful October! But for starters we have a lot of winterizing to do around here. And our calves should start being born in a couple weeks. Maybe October wont be peaceful or simple after all!

    Do you make your own yogurt? That's one thing Id like to start doing.

    Learned a couple in gardening class have a 120 x 26 hoop greenhouse. They've invited us over, can't wait to see it. Can't wait to see how it holds up in the wind! I thinks we could build our own, but waiting on the wind test!

    I need strength to focus too, know what you mean on the mind and body thing!! I'm reading the blog the art of doing stuff, only to have even more projects taking over my brain!!

    1. Congrats on a new baby calf coming. Hopefully life will be peaceful.
      No I have never made yogurt.
      That is a big hoop house. You must have a lot of land. I have seen those on TV and they look pretty neat.

      Focus is always a big thing for me. Here's hoping you stay focused an calm!

  3. I love the weather stone... too funny! My first week of October is busy with yearly dr. appts, etc... I always stress during this time. Hopefully, the rest of the month will be smooth sailing. Happy October to you!

    1. God luck with all the doctor appointments. Hoping al is well.
      Happy October

  4. LOVE the rock, but here in Florida the list would look a lot different, lolol. I WISH we had a fall down here, but I don't have to travel too far to go see one. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I am not crazy about winter, but I do realize it is needed. I can't imagine not having the seasons - that I would miss. Spring and fall are my favorites.
      Have a good one.

  5. It was only 71* when I got up this morning at 5 am. It is supposed to get to 88* and then 89* the next couple of days - so much for the "great October" cool down the weather people predicted for us here in N. FL. I am looking forward to soup, which I have been saying for 2 months now, but it has just been too hot. I a so ready for hot crusty bread and soups and stews, lots of hot cabbage dishes, and wonderful warm desserts. Have been helping to deal with a family member who was rushed into emergency surgery last week. Because of age, he will recover more slowly and not "bounce back" as younger folks do, but he will get better. And I have to start to look for a new-to-me vehicle as mine was diagnosed with "terminal transmission syndrome" yesterday. Thankfully I have some money stashed and will start looking as soon as the "holiday sales" on used cars comes around. I have to be careful in this neck of the woods that I don't get a "flood car" from Hurricane Irma. And for the meantime, my mechanic says I can still drive this one until I start to have problems. Looks like Christmas for others from me will look a little sparse.

    1. Doesn't sound like much of a cool down to me either!
      I am ready for all those fall/winter foods and goodies too. Yum.

      Hoping all goes well with your family member. I know you are doing all you can. I will keep your family lifted in prayer.
      Oh man, that stinks that you will be car shopping. Fall usually offers a lot of car sales. Hope you find something just right and affordable.
      Have a good one.

  6. You’ve made me feel very motivated, it was the ‘I WILL’ list, I think I should do one and I definitely subscribe to the idea of calm and contentment xx

    1. I am so glad you feel motivated. We all need to do lists now and then to motivate ourselves.
      Good luck and blessings.

  7. I saw a similar stone in NH. We loved it. I always say that about the weather person. I am looking forward to apple and pumpkin picking and leaves changing colors.

    1. Not so much pumpkins for me - as apples and all other fall goodies!
      have a great one.

  8. My I WILL list involves christmas knitting, getting the hoops installed over the lettuce/greens bed, continuing to address bumblefoot in our chickens, celebrating birthdays, bringing in one more load of wood, continue to ask hubby to put aside funds for flooring and also heating that doesn't involve dirt and dust, pay off credit card, get fit, lose weight, smile a lot.

    1. oh yes, and find new friends as one has died, one is moving away for the winter, and one is retired and now does everything with her retired husband...ah woe is me...