Thursday, April 18, 2019

To Preserve and Protect

I think this is why human beings are on this planet.  Our job is to preserve and protect the earth.
We only have this one planet, and thus far I truly don't think we have done a crack up job of taking care of it!!!!!
I will not refer to humans as the superior being - as there are times I don't think we are.  Animals do not go out of their way to trash the world, to ruin nature, to fill the earth with filth and rubbish. to cut down all of our trees and put up parking lots.  They hunt for food and use what they kill.  They make their homes to flow with nature.

I think we really need to educate the youngsters of today.  I am a firm believer that if WE don't - the concern and respect for the earth will be gone in a few years.  Many young people don't have a clue where their food comes from and how it evolves to get to our plates.  They don't realize that we can ruin this planet to a point of no return.
YES, there are some young folks trying to get into farming and learning the old ways - but I think they are few.  I would love to see people turn off devices and get back in touch with nature.

Earth Day is April 22nd.  This has been celebrated for about a half century now.  It is a gentle reminder to us all to do what we can to take care of what we have.  There are many ways to do that on many levels.
  • Reduce, re-use and recycle - number 1 in my book!
  • Quit using plastic whenever possible.  Many stores have obligated to stop giving plastic grocery bags completely in upcoming years.  Some states have already outlawed them.  Plastic and Styrofoam does NOT break down.  Use cloth grocery bags and produce bags.  Quit buying individual serve containers.
  • Use more glass containers.  Buy in bulk (less packaging) and store products in your own glass containers.  Use glass as leftover jars. 
  • DO NOT litter!!!!!  If you see litter - PICK IT UP!  Don't wait for someone else to do the right thing
  • Plants trees and bushes - they help keep your air clean 
  • DO NOT use chemicals on the land - keep it natural.  Yes, there are ways.
  • DO NOT use chemicals in your home.  You are contaminating the air you, your children, your pets, and everyone else is breathing.  Natural ways of cleaning is so much healthier and it works.
  • Be resourceful and mindful of all of your utilities.  Do not waste water or power.  Collect rain water if possible to use on gardens and plants or even for gray water for your home.  Turn off lights when not in use.  Keep your heating/cooling to a reasonable level - fresh air is wonderful!
Next time you hard boil eggs or boil potatoes or steam veggies - let that water cool and use it to water houseplants or garden plants.  It is full of nutrients.  
Another re-use of water is when canning.  After I am done with my water bath canner for the day - I carefully take it outside and pour that scalding water on weeds/grass at the fence row or around the porch or driveway.  They die lickety-split!
You can use tub water to flush toilets or even to water plants.
Shower water can be caught in a bucket and re-used.  Otherwise it is just flowing down the drain for no reason.

This is what I use for areas that I simply want no growth.  I use in the gravel area out back and behind the shed (where mower won't fit).  I also use to keep the fence row (under the fence) clear.  It works quite well and there are no harsh chemicals to harm animals or humans.  The stuff you buy at the store is horrible!  Yes, you may have to repeat this every so often - but to me it is worth a little extra work to keep the animals safe.
NO it doesn't really work as fast as it says in the picture - but within a day two weeds and grass are dead.
Do not spray on desirable plants!

Yes, this is what I use as a fertilizer as well.  Many of us have used or still use Miracle Gro - but read the labels!  There is nasty stuff in it.  I don't want that leeching into my food.  I will continue to make my own.
Also think about using chopped and blended (with water) banana peels, egg shells, homemade compost, manure tea, etc.  There are so many natural things that will make your garden flourish and they are all healthy for your body!

Let us help the earth and leave it a better place for the future.  I sit back and watch the state of the world now and often wonder what it will be like when the babies being born today get to be our age (if that even gets to happen).  It is sad.

We need to do our best to protect and serve the earth - it is a wonderous thing that we have been gifted.  We need to educate and teach anyone who will listen.



  1. Amen sister, I am trying as much as possible to eliminate plastic and reuse as much as possible.

  2. Good advice! I love your last sentence!
    We took our kids camping at an early age, and my son was involved in cub/boy scouts. I like the "leave no trace" principles when camping.
    Unfortunately I think greed and apathy are destroying our world.

    1. Kathy, sadly I think you are correct. People just haven't figured out the true IMPORTANT things in life. And it might be too late when they do.

      I like the no trace principle as well.

  3. Cheryl, you're preaching to the choir. I'm a long time tree hugger. I bought fluorescent bulbs for my house back when they were $20 apiece in the 80s! I could only afford 1 per month back then. I'm on only my 2nd cell phone ever and that's only because it literally lost all reception and they sent me a free replacement. And, my personal pride... I've never bought a new TV. When they die, I always buy one at a garage sale. The ones I've had are so outdated, the thrift stores won't even take them. Most people only think of the end of the product and recycling. I worked in an electronics firm and the chemicals used to manufacture things like TV and phones are ghastly. That pretty much cemented my aversion to many things. My nephew regularly asks us, "How are things in Bedrock?" I'm always joking that if anyone ever robs us, they'll feel bad after looking at our stuff and leave $20 on the kitchen counter!!

    1. Love it!!!!!! Bedrock - that is hilarious!
      I have a very hard time walking into craft stores that sell fabric - the smell just makes me cough and sneeze and gag. Material is so saturated with chemicals. Anytime you get something new like furniture or rugs - there is that smell.

      I love that you don't buy (literally) into the hype! I am on my 2nd flip phone - because the first became obsolete. LOL.
      I wish we were all more like you. Sure would send a message to manufacturers!
      Thank you for what you do!

    2. Mine is a flip phone, too. I use my DH's work phone for this.

      I admittedly drive my friends bananas. We got a toaster oven for a wedding gift. By the time it reached 20 years old, the knobs were broken and only one heating element worked. I used this old hinge to turn the knobs and rotated the bread and it was almost even! My best friend kept telling me she was going to buy me a new one, but only if I promised to toss the old one immediately. I told her I'd put the new one in the basement until the old one died. She growled at me! Sure enough, the last element died and I finally replaced it! Nope, I'm not replacing anything until it's a goner. Tree hugging and cheapskating go hand in hand. It's nearly impossible to do one without the other.

    3. I think we may sisters by different parents!
      The on/off know on drier broke off several years ago - I glued it together and it still is working. Also the handle on the lint trap broke - glued about 3-4 years ago. Still going strong. Drier is 33 years old.

      I really could use a new loveseat in l.r. - BUT I keep adjusting and working with this one. I add padding to make it comfortable.

      As long as it works - it is doing it's job. That is how I look at things. May not be pretty - but functional is good!

      Yes mam - they do go hand in hand!

  4. Thank you for the weed killer and the fertilizer recipes. I knew I had seen them somewhere but could not remember. Tis that time of year again. ;)

  5. Lovely advice. I do think my Generation on down are very mindful of the Earth. I do see a lot of Generationals embracing minimalism, environmentalism & they make it a priority in their lives to protect the Earth.

    I know when I became an environmentalist my older relatives taunted me for it. Told me because I chose to use glass what was that going to prove? Why was it important for me not to have a yard. Don't I worry about curbside appeal? I could go on and on wiyh the taunts and ridicules for my chosen career. I love my big blue planet. I am not ashamed to say that.

    I don't think it's an age thing about educating. I think there are a lot of ages that need educating. :)

    1. YES education is key. We need to educate everyone. I don't give a patoot what others think. I do what I think is right, and I am considered old fashioned by some of the family - but tough. I know I am doing the right thing.
      You go girl!!!!!

  6. Replies
    1. Thank you very much. Hope you visit with us often and share ideas!

  7. I think I will try the weed killer and home made miracle grow this year. Thanks!!

    1. You are quite welcome. Hope you like them too!

  8. I love this post, Chery. What a great tip to water your plants with the vegetable water. I have an area where I am going to use that Weed B Gone. It's n part of our gravel driveway too and I don't need anything growing there. Thanks for all the great tips.

    1. You are so welcome. Why should we throw all those wonderful vitamins away - when something can use them?

      The drive is a perfect place to use that -I have gravel out back that I use it on too.

  9. In the weed killer, I recently read that you should use plain old table salt with the vinegar and the epsom salts actually nourishes the plants! Regular salt kills them. Just a thought! Jane

    1. Hmmmm - never heard that. I do know just a tiny bit of Epsom salt can be mixed in with fertilizer. Using a lot, as in this recipe really does work. I use it myself, and have for several years.
      Something to ponder on. Thanks.

  10. I have my container of egg shells on the kitchen counter. I crush them up and put them where I grow my tomatoes. My coffee grinds go by my blueberry bushes. My banana peels get put in all of my gardens. I always use my hard boiled egg and veggie water. I also pour any water left in cups into my plants.

    I clean with vinegar and Simple Green. There are good options out there they just cost a little more. I am willing to spend it.

    1. You are doing great with re-cycling and being 'green'. Thank you.
      I hope we all do a little - it makes a big difference.

  11. Hi..this is exactly what i wanted to say but you beat me to it..wonderful..we get the mick taken out of us for being tree huggers,greenies and eco warriors..but we need to do something..the world needs more of us to help it along and i love recycling,redoing and being my own person to do my own thing that doesn't cost anything or hurt the enviroment.
    I am teaching my girls about it all and i now have 2 new little earth guardians by my side.
    Would it be possible to direct my followers to this blog post.

  12. Hello there. You are so correct - it costs nothing to take care of the world. Recycle what we can, pick-up what we can, teach what we can, plant what we can, etc.
    I am so happy you are spreading the word and teaching the younger generations as well.
    We all need to do what we can.

    Feel free to copy and paste this page to yours. Or you can list the name of the blog and give a post date. But yes, feel free to pass on. Thank you.

  13. Thank you so much..spread the word is my aim

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