Thursday, June 13, 2019

More With Less

Sorry I am running late this morning.  It is a gloomy day, I am in a mood, and I had to take my car in for brake work (long story).  UGH.  But, here I am!!

I am going to show you a quote that I LOVE and that I LIVE by.  It is a favorite.  

Living on less is a good thing to do.  It's the only financial advice that will work for almost everyone.  It's about a quality of life you cannot buy, a sense of satisfaction you cannot fake, and an appreciation for others that gives life value.  It's also about helping save the planet and sharing with those in need.  Living on less can be funny, but it is NOT a joke.
Jeff Yeager - The Ultimate Cheapskate

Please read that a couple times.  Read it carefully.  It is just so true in every word.
Living a good life really hasn't got a lot to do with money.  YES, if you do not have proper housing, nourishment, and clothing - money can elevate your position and help.  It can get you a better more secure life.  Extreme poverty is a horrid thing.
But, for the average person - money is a means to an end.  It pays bills, it provides lodging, it provides food and clothing- it gives us the basics.  In REALITY that is all we really need.

OK, it is nice to have fancy things, take vacations, play, give our kids what we didn't have - but those aren't necessary to living your best life and they probably won't make you any happier or satisfied as you are coming to the end of life.  We all leave this planet.  You can't take it with you (though some would love to try to).

Having a comfortable and decent life is about so much MORE than money.  
 * Making memories with one another.  * Loving unconditionally.  * Being a good friend or neighbor.  * Helping those in need.  * Being kind.  * Learning new ways and ideas.  * Using what you have and doing well with that.  * Just being a good person to yourself, others, and the earth.

A dollar saved (by not frivolously spending) is a dollar that you don't have to earn!  You can save any amount of  money if you set your mind to it, but you only get so much time on this earth to earn and save and experience.  There aren't any do-overs with that!  Time has a limit!!
I would rather spend my days, however many I have, experiencing life and people and things, than on working for hours on end to have a few more dollars.

I realize that we all have to work to get by.  That is a given.  But how we get by - is what we can change.  Making the most, spending the most, and having the most - sure as heck won't make you any happier!  Holding your loved one, hearing a child laugh, watching the beauty and complexity of nature, and living in the here and now WILL.

ABSOLUTELY TRUE IN EVERY WORD!!!!!!!!!  This is how we need to live our lives.  I know I am probably preaching to the choir - as you all seem to get it.  There may be someone who hasn't seen the light or is just coming aboard the frugal train that needs to know - THIS IS LIFE AT IT'S BEST.
Don't make things more complicated than they need to be.

Frugal living can be wonderful.  Remembering that "less is more" is the key.
Have a happy day everyone!


  1. Replies
    1. Me too. He seems kid of crazy - but very smart as well!

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  2. So true. I gave many things to be a stay at home mom to my kids and I would do it all over again. I wanted to have the time with them. I can work when they went to school.

    1. Great example! Yes there are more important things than money.
      I am sure your and your children are glad you did.

  3. So true. Our world is so peculiar these days! People buy bigger homes than ever with loads of luxuries...and working so much, they're always empty. This was especially true when I lived in Los Angeles. People spend $200+ on event tickets and spend the event on their phone! I just recently saw a news clip and they were asking people how they were deciding where to go on vacation... More than one said it was based on what would look better on Instagram!! Seriously?!

    My life would be positively dreary to them. I love to stare out my window and watch the bird bath! We look forward to our first shaved ice of the summer. I get all excited when my husband comes home from his morning walk and says, "I trash picked something for you in the garage", and I find something like 2 cabinet glass doors! <----currently mounted over my fireplace after a good cleaning and a couple of nails!

    Fun, cool things, and memories don't have to cost a fortune.

    1. Oh my goodness - that it is crazy. No, I can't imagine. Social media has become an addiction to many. It is so sad that electronics are priority over one on one interaction with LIFE.

      I am with you. Those simple things bring me the most joy. During my life I have thought about places I might want to visit - but didn't. No regrets as I spent a life with people I love - that was the best.

  4. Reading the comments if I spent $200 on an event you better be betting that I am eyes forward on that event and not missing out, lol.

    I love my simple life. I truly find joy going to the library every week and getting new treasures. That is a world to me. I love being in my art studio, with the wind coming thorugh my window and creating beautiful new items from frugally found objects. I look forward to this every night.

    No, it's not nice to have fancy things. Fancy things take a lot of work. I want to enjoy birds and not taking care of fancy thing. I don't subscribe to the giving kids what you didn't have. Give kids time, hugs & kisses. Take it from me who has lost two children in a span of a decade that is what is important. I am so glad that I told my son I loved him every day and made him laugh every day. Kids want your wisdom, adventure and support. All the rest is just noise. I think the best thing ever happened to me as a Mom was that I was poor. I know that seems so weird. I spent so much time with my child. Days in the park, long walks, lots of book reading, cuddling up with PBS, cookies and snuggles. I wouldn't trade those days for anything.

    Last Winter when everyone was making lottery dreams somebody asked my DH what he would do with it if he won. My DH said he would live on what we made now, maybe a little extra. The rest he would give away. Everyone was shocked about that. DH & I love simplicity and breathing.

    I really loved you shared your post. It is something strongly I feel about. Apparently because I wrote a book. :)

    1. Your testimonial is wonderful.
      I agree if you have books - you have the world of adventures. Watching, listening, reading, creating and just 'being' are the wonders of the world.
      That is neat that you say 'being poor' was the best thing that happened to you. So true. You provided many adventures that RICH kids would not get. I know we both believe that we are "richer" than any of those with excess money!
      Years ago we used to play the lottery. Every Sunday Glen would call in the living room "are we rich yet?" He knew my answer! "We are already rich". Every Sunday!!!!!!

      I would not live much different either. I would continue to live small and simple. I would continue to yard sale and thrift. I would continue to hunt for bargains. I WOULD give most away to charity.
      That kind of money could ruin lives for sure. I wouldn't want that responsibility or heartache.

      You can write a book anytime!! We all learn from each other. Thanks.

  5. Love this Cheryl! I love the grandkids are already having a great time going to garage sales. They know where they can get things for cheap that others have gotten tired of or have outgrown. It like finding treasures and they love the hunt.
    I hope they always remember the simple in their lives and reflect about how much fun it was. Have a great day!

    1. Thanks Vickie. You are making great memories with those kids. Teaching great lessons as well.
      I do believe sometimes the hunt is the fun part! Just talking to folks, looking around, and hunting for that ONE thing!

      There is so much good to be said about a simple life!

  6. So true. We are working on living more simply on less and making the absolute most of what we have and what comes our way. This has reduced all our costs and grocery bill, gift costs and a whole lot more. Its a bit like make do and mend. If we do this in good times and in bad we will have spare for the bad plus the skills to get through! I love it too. Just prudent and wise!

    1. Absolutely. You are so correct - prudent and wise. We all need to know how to live more basic. Someday we may HAVE too. The word is so electronic and digital and will come to a stop when it all goes down. No one will know what to do - except us smart folks!!!!!!
      Your little farm should sustain you well!