Thursday, June 27, 2019

When There's A Will.......

We have all heard that statement - when there is a will there is a way.  It sure is true.
I like getting creative with ways to do things and sometimes I just have to figure a way.  Being by myself, there isn't always someone to help, and I sure am not running next door to ask the neighbor every time I have a predicament.

You have to think outside the box a little.
Remember last weekend when I told you about the mess in the oven?  Melted plastic!
I scraped as much as I could off - using the end of a wide screw driver and a small chisel.  Still some of the burned on plastic was not budging.  I thought about using the sander - but didn't figure it would be powerful enough.  Then I happened to remember Glen had a Dremel tool that he often used with his gun repairs.
I found that puppy and put a metal disk on it and grinded the crud right off the oven pans!!!!!  It sure was noisy - but it worked.
When there's a will...………………….

My kitchen cabinets are oak.  The cabinet boxes and the doors are solid oak - but the shelves are particle board or something like it.  The underside of the cabinets have some faux paper stuff that is supposed to look like wood!!!
Well that has lasted for over 30 years, but one cabinet is starting to peel.  Of course it is the ONLY one that you can see the bottom of (over the sink)!!!!!!

I got some cheap peel and stick parquet looking floor tiles (small pack) and decided to put them up under the cabinet.  I cut everything to fit - they just didn't want to stick as well as I wanted them to.
Piece by piece I super glued the back in many areas and put them in place.

OK, we all know super glue bonds and dries to your FINGERS in 2 seconds flat!!!!!!!!!!!!!  LOL
Not that fast on the tiles. - I had to get creative and use something to hold them in place till it dried.
Out came the yardsticks.  I used 2 at various points and propped them up either on the sink divide or on top of a can of juice sitting in the sink!  WOOHOO it worked!
They held in place until dry and then I went on the next one.
When there's a will...………………..

I am going to be painting the bathroom (maybe this week or next).  The upper walls and the chair rail will be painted the same color.
Over the years Glen often used the chair rail to hang on to when he was unsteady - therefore much of the paint wore off in places.
Me being me - did not want to buy a gallon of primer (I already have paint w/o primer).  So I bought a pint of paint w/primer in white (paint sample) which I will use to cover all those areas that need it - then I will paint over it with my colored paint.
This cost me $3.88 vs. paying $15 - $20 for primer (or more).  I will be using the paint I have here - so it will freshen up the bathroom and cost me hardly nothing.
I have a couple other projects to do in there as well - but have all I need to get creative.
When there's a will...…………………..

My backyard shed is looking kind of rough on the west side.  All other sides are bright and white and looking great.  The west side gets all the weather.
I bought a quart of good white paint with primer and it will do my just fine to freshen up the west side - may even have a bit left for a small project.
Didn't have to buy a gallon (which I didn't need) and perhaps not use it and it be a waste.  No wasted $$.
When there's a will...…………………….

Need storage?  Look around the house - find baskets, crates, etc. to use in a new way.  Great for storing toilet paper, small towels, snacks, package mixes, t-shirts, books, etc.

Need a new table cover/runner?  Look around the house.  Utilize an old vintage table cloth (fold and use) or a dresser scarf,  parts from an old quilt sew into something new, pretty hankies, etc.

Need a new valance/window covering?  Think pretty hankies, extra bed linens, vintage table cloths, cute hand towels (cute in bath), pretty napkins, etc.

GET CREATIVE.  Come up with a new way and uses for things.  No need to spend a lot of money!
What have been some of your most creative fixes?


  1. Great ideas. I am like you in trying to save and make do with what I have. I love the dilemma of the tiles, What a good idea!

    1. Thanks. Every little bit we save is some we don't have to earn!

  2. I bought a sari for £1 in a charity shop and made it into curtains. I have some more stashed away for when I move. We have always used what we have before rushing out and spending money. As you said there's always a way.

    1. I bet that is pretty. SO many options - if we just think about it.
      What a neat idea.

  3. Love your solutions! We get pretty creative here too.

    1. Aint it great? I just love all the creative ladies here. I bet you have had some good solutions!

  4. I love those small cans of paint, I bought one to touch up the baseboards before I listed the house for sale. After a good scrubbing, I just painted the areas that were most scuffed up. Good enough!

    1. Super idea. I had never really thought about them before - but they have a lot of uses. They are so inexpensive too!

  5. Cheryl, You are always in my thoughts for comfort.

  6. Thank you for all the great tips and ideas! I love "shopping" my house for decorating, storage, and fixing things.

    1. It sure saves money and it saves the environment a little as well.
      You are welcome.

  7. I prefer to make-do or buy it from a thrift store. These are great ideas.

  8. Love your creativity! Thanks for sharing your solutions.

  9. Add me to the make do/thrift store club. I prefer it that way. I like keeping my money and not giving it to stores so they can get richer and I can get poorer, lol. I am really artistic and being creative is just my soul so making do is naturally ingrained in me.

    I laughed about your primer. In a good way. :) You are gessoing. :) I was thinking that. In art painting a lot of artists use acrylic paint to cover their canvas instead of buying gesso. I do both because gesso has more tooth, while acrylic paint is more smooth since it's plastic. When I paint my walls I always think primer is a gesso. :)

    1. Well I guess I did something creative and didn't even know it!
      That would be a good idea for canvas painting.

      Yep, I sure like keeping $ instead of giving them away.

  10. You get an A+ for thrifty and frugal! I'm so glad you figured out a good way to take care of that cupboard.

    We've moved into our new home, and there is so very much to do. I just don't know where to start. Still lots of boxes in the garage. I think I need to have a yard sale!

    Be blessed!
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

    1. I can't even imagine how much you have to do. Moving would be such a nightmare.
      You have plenty of time. A little at a time.

  11. I have become very good over the years of not wasting things. I used to be horrible-but now realize how much I wasted over the years. Pretty sad!
    Have a blessed day- xo Diana

    1. Isn't it amazing once you realize it? I am sure we all have - becoming aware is a huge step.

  12. Glad to hear you are staying busy and finding ways to get things done.

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