Sunday, June 23, 2019

Weekly Wrap-Up 6/23

Good morning all.  Hope you all had a great week.
Geesh we had rain and more rain this week.  I had the back yard flood 2X this week.  Finally it went down enough and we had a sunny day on Friday - and well I just couldn't put off yard work any longer!  I had not mowed the back for 2 weeks because of rain.  At least it looks better now.

My garden plants are hanging in there.  It seems the volunteer tomatoes have more blooms and little tomatoes than the other plants!  So far so good.  It is going to be a late harvest year for sure.
Humidity and heat are coming back this week.  I guess beggars can't be choosers!  Heat and humidity or constant rain - such is life.

Momma kitty isn't feeling well the past day or so.  It appears she has another bad tooth and it makes her sluggish, skittish, slobber, and just not wanting to eat much.  I am putting her meds in wet food, now to get her to eat it a little more.  Poor girl.

My frugal week:
  • I finally got the basement dry.  Shop vac , fan, and dehumidifier = dry basement.  Boy, that was a horrible rain that caused that.  It was hard work, but all is good now.
  • I did a lot more sorting, de-cluttering, rearranging, and cleaning
  • I cut my hair at home
  • Cleaned the hard wood floors really well (hands & knees).  I need to go over them again, then put on conditioner
  • I received a dozen roses from my sister this week.  She came by and brought them.  She is like me - she found a tremendous mark-down at Kroger.  Dozen roses on clearance for $2.  Those pink ones smelled heavenly!
  • Received a rebate check from Menards for $28.80
  • Used rain water on my hair a couple times this week - sure makes it soft
  • Used all leftovers in an egg dish - beans, rice and fried corn all went into a stove top quiche of sorts.

The bottom picture show part of mixture in a single serving pan.  I couldn't turn over in the pan - still too moist in center - so I flipped it onto a griddle to finish cooking (top).  It sure was tasty.  I have a second one cooked and in the freezer.
  • Took the entire oven apart and cleaned.  I mean ENTIRE oven - you could see the floor I remove so much!!!  I did an oops earlier and melted a rubber spatula in the oven.  It was the same color as oven and had fell up against the wall - didn't see it until too late.  What a smelly, icky mess.  I really worked hard to get all the solidified rubber off!  All clean - and lesson learned!  NO MORE rubber spatulas!
  • Mowed and trimmed while we had dry weather
  • Ran to Kroger and got 5 packs of cheese (8 oz.) on the weekend .99/ea. special.  I also got a cantaloupe in the .99 bin.
I did several things this week that just wore this old gal out.  My back was so tired and sore a couple nights.  It felt good to keep busy - however, it sure didn't help me sleep any better.  Sigh!

Meals this week:
Fish and fries and home canned slaw
Skillet quiche and sausage patty
Can of cheesy chicken, broccoli, potato soup and a fruit smooth
Corn on the cob and turkey burger (from freezer)
Refried bean and cheese tostadas
Cold cut sandwich
Black bean and beef taco salad

How was your week?  Did you get any good deals?  Any goodies from the gardens yet?
Give us a shout out and let us all know what is happening in your little spot of the world.

I hope you all have good health and safety this week.  May frugal deals and ideas abound!
Blessings from my humble little home to yours.
God bless.


  1. I like your use it all up quiche. That was a great way to not waste any food. Glad your basement is nice and dry now. Sounds like you've been keeping yourself busy, can't beat that. I hope you have a great week.

    1. Thanks. It sure did taste yummy! Busy is my friend anymore!!
      Have a great one!

  2. Goodness, that must have been a lot of work to get the basement dry. It's been dry here, though we've had a bit of rain this last few days. I'm lucky to be high enough not to be impacted by it.

    Your mention of washing your hair in rain water took me back to my childhood. We didn't have running water until I was a teenager (unless our running to get it counted), so we used rain water for everything. Best conditioner ever!

    1. It was a lot of work on the basement, but worth the effort. I am not in a real flood zone - but backyard is lower than most - so I get water and if we have horrid rain that is blowing due East - it seeps in.

      I love rain water. I use it as much as possible for plants - inside and out and sure do like taking advantage of it for my hair. It just makes it so very soft. Can't get any cheaper than that!

  3. We don't have much in the garden this year but picking strawberries. Gooseberries will be soon. Salad leaf is ready too. Bought some half price oranges reduced to clear. Your dinner looks good.

    1. I don't have a lot growing either - but it will be good if I get anything from it! Sounds like you are getting a few goodies.

      I love making leftovers into new things and omelets and quiches are favorites. Lots of eggs to use as well! Just using what I have!

  4. aww I should try rain water on my hair...such a good idea. The heat is on here too...I'll try not to complain (too much). Have a beautiful day Cheryl.

    1. I know right???? Rain, heat, humidity, cold, snow, ice -- we just aren't ever happy!!!!!!! LOL
      It sure makes your hair soft.

      Have a great one

  5. Busy girl! Hands and knees? I'm impressed! I'd need a crane to get up. I really damaged my knees in my youth and I can't kneel on them anymore without major pain. I had to invest in a long handled brush for shower cleaning a couple of years ago.

    Brace yourself for more rain. We got a humdinger last night. 70 mph wind with torrential blowing rain. All night. Then we got woken up just before 5am with a tornado warning, sirens, and a "take cover now." We spent an hour in the basement until we were sure the worst of the storm was past. No actual tornado but downed power lines and trees nearby. Rude awakening!

    I'll do another post in a second with my homemaker report. :)

    1. Yeah, hands & knees. I can still do it, but not sure how many more years that will happen. I am lucky I know.

      Just had a big storm blow through. It went from sun to coal black skies in about 2 minutes. I ran out to close the greenhouse up and ran downstairs to put the plug in. It only lasted about 25 minutes - so not too bad.
      I am so over storms! I would just like some 70's and breezy, sunny days for a while.
      Look forward to your other post!

  6. Lovely roses you got and that stovetop quiche looks tasty!

    I got some of the Kroger deals too. The 5 cheeses, 5 salsas, milk for $1.79 gal. and a pound of bacon for 2.99.

    I also got a Menards rebate but mine was only $5 ish.

    Meals this week were:
    Haystacks (sorta like nacho s but healthier)
    Caesar chicken salad
    Mozzarella bacon bites with marinara
    Bierock casserole
    BBQ kielbasa rings and baked sweet potato wedges
    White chicken enchiladas
    BLT salad

    Left us lots of leftovers for this weekend so no cooking!

    I never got to the master closet but got most of the bathroom pantry done. I also got the guest closet under control and took a nice big box to Goodwill.

    This week I'll definitely do that master closet!! And I need to do some weeding. The ground is nice and soft.

    My reading hasn't changed.
    The Warriors by John Jakes (6/8)
    Best Kept Secret by Jeffrey Archer (3/7)
    Mrs. Dunwoody's Excellent Instructions for Homekeeping
    No audio book until Monday.

    Have a good week! I hope I don't bore you with my blathering!

    1. I love your posts.
      Your meals all sound so good. It is nice to have leftovers and not have to cook for the weekend!

      Good going on the Kroger deals. I have lots of m=homemade salsa and still a lot of bacon in the freezer - so didn't need those things.

      Closets are always something. I need to work on a couple of those and I dread it.

      Sounds like a good week.
      Home next week is just as good for you.

  7. Beautiful roses. Even better price. :) I am sorry you are dealing with all this rain too. It is a nightmare. :) DH's work hours have been cut drastically due to all the rain. There is a ton of work, especially with storm damage but the contractors, inspectors, construction crews just can't get into the sites. Frustrating times for the construction industry.

    I have one tomato on my vine. DH & I keep admiring it just waiting for it to turn red so we can pluck it, lol. My mint has grown so beautifully. I am one of those girls who loves mint and does not care it's invasive. :) My pepper plant is huge. Even though I had a ton of flooding my garden is faring well. I did lots of containers this year. Things put in the ground, they just flooded away.

    Normal frugal and quiet week- my more unique things were- I was getting rid of a shirt. I took it to my art studio and cut it up for scrap materials. I love doing things like that. Now, I have this beautiful shirt material and all sorts of ideas- flowers, fancy new applique patches, pretty pieces for junk journaling. The guys at DH's work saved soda lids for me so now I have a bag full of tiny paint palettes. I got some beautiful vinyl glitter on clearance last weekend. I spent the week making beautiful intricate vinyl stickers for just pennies on the dollar. If I bought them they would cost a fortune.

    1. Glad to hear that your garden is continuing to do well. That first tomato always tastes so good.
      I think rain can sure mess up some things. I have been hearing about contractors, like your husband, and also landscapers who are dozens and dozens of jobs behind. Not to mention the farmers - many have decided to not even plant this year.
      It sure would be nice if folks could get caught up.

      It sounds like you have been crating many pretties. That is neat that you do so much art. It is always so nice to find new ways to use things. Love giving new life to things.

      Have a good week.

  8. OUr garden is starting to go crazy, and I would love it if you would come and clean my stove. Please, please pretty please? Basements that take on water are such a pain.

    1. Glad your garden is going crazy. You will have so much good food!
      I sure would if you didn't live so far away! My kitties would be upset!
      Yeah I love the space of a basement - but it is a hole in the ground - so there is that!!!!! LOL

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  10. We had a basement that would always get flooded, we lived on a slope. I spent a few weeks meticulously caulking everything, inside and out and then did multiple coats of Zinssers Water-Tite (the water based inside, because of fumes and the oil based outside because it holds up longer). The basement was just a bit damp when the Missouri flooded this past spring. Whereas the neighbor's basement had several inches.