Sunday, June 2, 2019

Weekly Wrap-Up 6/2

WOW - here we are in June already.  Amazing.  It is really hard for me to keep track of the days any more.  They all just kind of meld together.
We had rain and more rain the first part of the week and lots of humidity and heat.  Had to use the AC a couple times.  There were some nasty storms that blew through the state this week as well.  Luckily I had no damage from them - but many did.  Several tornadoes touched down.
It has returned to lovely 70's, and sunshine for a couple days.  Enjoying open windows and fresh air!!!

I have enjoyed the blue jays this week - they sure are noisy!  Such a distinctive call.  They sure do love them some peanuts!!!  I have seen a baby bunny running around.  It doesn't even have a cotton ball yet, just a white spot.  It is maybe 4" long.  I sure hope cats don't get it.  It is just too cute.
Cardinals abound in the yard.  So many kinds of birds and critters - some days it is hard to believe I live in the city.

My week:
  • I finally got the remainder of my garden plants in pots.
  • I was pulling weeds out of the garden area and came across 4 volunteer tomato plants.  Leaving them there and put cages around them.  FREE tomatoes!!
  • Cooked a couple big b/s chicken breasts - which became a few different meals
  • Laundry in cold and line dried a bit
  • Had a meeting with insurance/investment guy.  I knew I would be OK - but it looks better than I anticipated.  Glen took care of me for sure.
  • Went to Harbor Freight and bought a expandable/collapsible ladder (goes to 17') and used a 20% off coupon.  we have needed one for ages.
  • Neighbor -  Lee and I cleaned out my gutters.  Oh my goodness - what an absolute mess.  They were FULL of gunk! (overflowing when it rained).  They are all clean now.  The ladder thing sure was tiring!!!!!!!
  • Next - that meant I had to wash down the house and the awnings - as they were a mess after gutter cleaning.  Then I cleaned the entire drive and the Blazer needed a bath.  I still have to redo windows.  Exhausting day.
  • Mowed the yard and trimmed and pulled weeds as I could in between rains.
  • Been using the dehumidifier and ceiling fans as much as possible instead of AC all the time
  • I received a refund check on G's supplemental insurance & also received one life insurance check
  • I ran to the feed store Friday and stopped at 3 yard sales on the way back home.  Haven't done that in ages.  I did get some deals (some for gifts).
  • I got 5 story books, an embroidered hoop (needs edges trimmed), 3 vintage linens, 1 Christmas linen, 1 multi-story book, and 24 pretty card envelopes for a total of $5.50
All this for $5.50.  The story books are for a new niece.  The envelopes will be used for homemade cards and I love old linens
  • Second sale - nothing.  Last one (almost didn't stop as it was a bad traffic spot).  I thought I did good before - this one was fantastic.  Everything you could fit in a plastic grocery bag was $1.  YEP,  I got a very high quality table runner (winter scene), kitchen holiday towel, 2 rustic hand towels, 1 tea towel, and 3 lovely tops for me.  The tops all have some open  lace on them and will be worn over tank tops - nice for dressing up a bit from t-shirts!  ALL FOR $1!!!!!!!

Click on pictures to enlarge
The blouses are so pretty - the picture doesn't do them justice.  As you can see by the last picture - they table runner still had a tag on it and it alone sold for $29.99.  I think I got some deals for sure.  Probably didn't NEED any of it - but that day it made me happy!

My simple meals
Chicken breast hoagie (bun from freezer) and salad
Chicken and seasoned rice
Salsa Mac n Cheese and a hotdog
Cheesy veggie mac soup (leftover mac and a can of condensed veggie soup together)  Tasty!
Summer sausage/cheese and crackers (too tired for anything else)
Chicken/salsa/cheese/jalapeno flatbread (bread from freezer and all ingredients on hand)
Fried chicken tenders and French Fries.  Used cheddar/bacon dressing as dip

Seems this week was themed - chicken!  I tend to do that now.  May be ground beef, chicken, sandwiches, etc.  Whatever is easiest!

How was your week?  Did you get any frugal deals?
How are the gardens doing?

I pray that each of you have a lovely, healthy and safe week.  
PLEASE let's all keep the farmers in our prayers.  It has been devastating in so many areas for farmers due to all the rain and flooding.  It is going to be a tough year for sure.
May the Lord help us all consume less and conserve more.

Blessings my friends, from my humble little home to yours.


  1. You did very well at the garage sales! I stopped at a couple yesterday (first time in ages for me too) and only found purchases at one. I got two long sleeved t-shirts, a pair of Calvin Klein jeans, and a pair of pj's for my 2 year old grandson for $4. I was very pleased.

    1. You did very well also. Great finds. It sure is amazing how far %4 will go when we want it to!

  2. Great deals! I love the table runner with the snow and cardinals. Won't that brighten the table in winter. The blouses are so pretty too. I need to check out some yard sales. A church down the street is having a yard sale next saturday, and they charge $2 for everything you can put in a bag. My daughter loves going there.
    Your meals sound good to me.
    Looks like I have caught my husband's cold, so I am going to thaw out some pork to dump in the crockpot this week in case I don't feel like cooking.
    Hope you have a blessed week.

    1. Those bag sales are great. It sure is amazing how much you can fit into a bag, when folded properly!
      Oh no, I hope you get to feeling better quickly. Summer colds are the worst.
      Take care and don't over do it. Blessings my friend.

  3. Wow you did well at the yard sales. We don't tend to have them here in the UK but car boot sales are popular although none around here lately. I love the blouses.

    1. Never heard of a car boot sale - is it the same? People selling their unwanted items?
      I really like the tops as well. They will be nice for summer days.

  4. Good garage sales can just make a heart skip a beat, huh? The Methodist church in town and others around usually have the best sales.

    I laughed about your chicken week cuz when I was planning my weekly menu, it was all chicken. I changed a couple of days.
    Meals last week included
    Chicken taco salad
    Tuna Melts and pasta salad
    Parmesan noodles with kielbasa
    French dips

    Currently reading
    Only Time Will Tell by Jeffrey Archer
    The Warriors by John Jakes
    Mrs. Dunwoody's book of Housekeeping
    The Secret by Beverley Lewis (audio during sewing)
    The Book of Luke
    The Book of Proverbs

    Glorious sunny weekend!

    Our blue jays are quite bossy!

    1. It is funny how menus work out. Yours sounds yummy.
      I can't read and mentally maintain that many books at one time. You are good!
      Yes, those blue jays can be bossy and forceful. They get what they want.

      I had always liked a good sale - maybe I was do since it had been so long!

  5. I love yard sales, however I need nothing and I like to buy so I have to be careful when I go. I also love chicken and could probably eat it everyday. I am happy you are staying busy.

    1. Yeah, well I didn't need anything either - but it was a nice time for a total of $6.50. Cheap entertainment.
      I love white meat chicken a bunch - not much on dark meat.

      Thanks - just doing odds and ends to keep occupied.

  6. You found some great deals Cheryl. I love old linens too.
    I love blue jays but they seem mean but I'm glad they come by. They are very pretty. Have a great week.

    1. Thanks, I thought I got a few goodies! Blue jays just look so majestic.
      Have a good one.

  7. Oh wow, you did great at the yard sales, Cheryl. I love the vintage linens, they are so beautiful. You must have been exhausted after the gutter cleaning. It's so nice to get something like that checked off your to do list though. Kudos to you!

    1. I can't remember being that tired and sore in a long time! One good thing - I slept like a log that night. Haven't done that in quite a while. I just fell into my bed.
      I am so happy to be done and it really relieves my mind. I feel like the chance of water damage is now gone.

  8. I've learned to avoid Garage Sales & the Thrift Stores unless I'm looking for something specific. I tend to over-buy when I am meant to be decluttering my house (not add to it!) Especially in the book area.
    However several weeks ago we found a Step 2 wagon with the door for $20 (retail $70); an Alphabet Train for $4 (retail $55), a like-new Pack & Play with the bassinet for $5, (Retail $55), a bathroom step stool for $1 and several books & clothing for the grands. We really needed the P&P since local Grand #3 made her appearance last week and her big sister is still using the P&P we had. Big Brother is old enough to sleep on the futon. Everything else went to the kids' house.
    In the food area: I'm on a Tomato-Cucumber Salad kick. I add in whatever extras I want each evening. Tonight I added an avocado & some wonderful creamy Israeli Feta I found at the Natural Foods store when I stopped for eggs. I've had American made Feta but this is over-the-top more wonderful! Tomorrow I think I'll grill some chicken and add that along with some baby spinach and french dressing. Salads & summer.

    The book of Psalms (Summer Devotions)
    Deepo's Secret (Low Carb Indian Cookbook)
    The Dean's Watch by Goudge

    Good you for cleaning out the gutters. We have to do it twice a year due to the trees. It is a job.

    1. What great deals you got on all the items for the young-ins. I totally understand not going, because of needing nothing. That is one reason I hardly ever go. I guess when we do decide - it must be something calling us to find certain bargains.

      Oh yum, tomato and cucumbers - I can't wait for fresh. I like tomato, cucumbers and onion together. All your choices sound good. ENJOY
      Yes, summer is the time for salads.

  9. Cheryl I just read all that you've been up to and I am exhauseted for you. I might just go and have an afternoon Nana Nap for you.
    I have had a quiet week as I had hurt my back. I really need to hit the garden with some love. Even though it is winter here it is very much like the weather you are having. I have a lot growing on in the garden and really need to show it a bit of love.
    Remember to look after you just a little. Much love.

    1. I am so sorry you hurt your back. Take care for sure. Nice hot baths are my go to for a sore back.
      I could sure enjoy THIS being winter. It always amazes me how different weather is in different places. Of course when you get summer it is HOT! Far hotter than I would like.

      Take care and enjoy all your garden harvests!

  10. I am so glad that you and Glen planned for the future. Have you thought about getting covers on your gutters? We got them bout 10 years ago. They weren't that expensive and they are the best thing. Hubby just pulls out the leaf blower and hits the tops and everything comes off. No more scooping everything out of the gutters. You got lots of great deals. My son and I went to a few yard sales the other day. We left empty handed as there was nothing that we needed. I love when I get volunteer plants. They tend to be good produces for me. Enjoy your free tomatoes and your week.

    1. I am thinking about gutter covers now! We just never really had a problem before. This was an absolute mess.
      Glad you could walk away because of needing none of their treasures.

      Volunteers usually do really well. I am anxious to see what they produce!
      Have a good one.

  11. I love blue jays. I agree they are noisy, lol. It is so much fun listening to them, isn't it?

    A deer ran across the road by my home this week. She was so pretty. She stopped to look at me. We just sat looking at one another.

    I love your beautiful finds. The embroidery treasures made me gasp. So beautiful and such works of art. I always consider embroidery and cross-stitch a honor to own. I am a stitcher so this is probably a stitcher thing, lol.

    The tops are sooo cute. You are going to look so cute in them.

    Yes you needed the new pretty things. They made you happy. Found objects are blessings. :) I am glad you find so many beautiful treasures.

    I love your theme idea for food. I do this too. DH & I are such simple eaters.

    I did find some lovely frugal deals this week. Went thrifting and found many things I needed- computer chair, harness for my baby girl (dog), dishes, etc....

    The best part of my week the man who raped/stalked me many years ago went to prison this week for a historically long time. It actually made the news too because the judge was so harsh. His sentence was for another victim. The sentence was given to him for all his victims. He will probably never see the light of day again. It has been so shocking and happy for me. I am still processing. I don't have to hide any more. I can do things like blog, breathe, and not have to have police protection. I don't know what to do. DH & I are making plans now. This has been a monumental week for me and the other victims. We can heal now and feel safe. I can't believe I don't have to hide or live a life of being stalked. It is surreal. This is the first time in my life I will never have to worry about violence or fear. It is over for me.

  12. I love embroidery items as well. years ago I did quite a few and Mom always made things. Such treasures.

    It is fun to find little treasures and they did lift my spirit.

    Oh my. God bless you. That just had to be horrible to endure. I am so thankful the man is behind bars. I pray he never gets out for anyone's sake. This will be a huge game changer for you and your husband. Breathe, take your time, and go forward and flourish.

    God bless.