Thursday, March 5, 2020

Fix This and That

Sometimes there are some very easy fixes for things.  Everyday things break, get messed up, or just wear out - that doesn't necessarily mean they are done.  All of us frugal gals know when there is a will there is a way!!!!!

It has happened to all of us.  There are some easy fixes (or disguises) for those scratches.  Most come from items we have around the house.
*I like using Old English - I always have that on hand.  I have had 2 bottles (light and dark) for years.  A little goes a long way.  It is really good for concealing scratch marks.
*Use an eyebrow pencil to cover a scratch - then buff
*The right shade of crayon will work.  They do sell furniture crayons in different colors - but if you have kids around, check the crayon box!
*Tea bags - a couple black tea bags in a few tablespoons of hot water makes a great scratch cover.  Dab on with a cotton swab and wipe away excess liquid
*Nut meats work well - walnut, brazil nuts, pecans, almonds, etc.  Rub the nut in the same direction of the scratch until colored.
*Shoe polish hides all kinds of irregularities.  Use a cotton swab to apply.

I recently broke my thumb nail down way below the quick.  It is too far down to just cut off without pain and bleeding.  My fix - SUPER GLUE
It sure does work.  Cut your nail down to a comfortable place and then CAREFULLY apply a thin coat of super glue.  If bumpy - you can file when dry.  Can be reapplied as need until the nail grows out.
You can see how low the break is - I covered with super glue.  I have even trimmed the nail down further so I don't keep hitting it.  Make sure not to get glue on your skin!!!!!!

2/3 C -  99% rubbing alcohol  (you can also use witch hazel)
1/3 C  -  Aloe Vera gel
Add 8-10 drops of essential oils if desired
Some people like to add 1 tsp. or so of Vitamin E - (open capsules if you have them and use)
Mix and keep in a squirt bottle.

WIPES (for on the go)
If you can't find sanitizing wipes - just keep a couple soft cloths (t-shirt squares or cotton washcloths) in a baggie dampened with alcohol.  Take these with you when you go out - use for cleaning cart handles, door knobs or just cleaning your hands.  These can easily be laundered and re-used over and over.  
You could also make a bleach based liquid - but would need to be careful with getting it on clothes or fabrics.  Alcohol WORKS GREAT!

You all know I color my hair at home.  My hair is short, therefore I don't need to use a whole box of dye - that just gets wasted.
My little kit works great for me.

I use a color that is lighter than my natural color - due to the gray in my hair.  WHEN I do decide to go natural the change won't be so shocking!!  I get three dye jobs out of a box of dye.  (Pretty cheap, especially when you get dye on clearance).  I use one of those little cups that come with some over the counter medicines to measure equal parts of solution.  Mix in an empty bottle (that I have kept) and then with gloves - I squirt over hair and use a small comb to comb the dye through my hair.  A bit of the gray still shows through (on sides) which is fine - as it looks more natural.
Wash the cup, comb, gloves, and bottle to use again.
**Those little OTC medicine cups come in handy for all kinds of things!

Take time and think outside the box.  There are so many fixes we can do - that just makes life a little easier and little bit more frugal.
Get creative.


  1. I will have to try that dye idea for root touch up as those kits can be expensive. Although I do try and get them with coupons and sales.

    1. That works excellent for touch-up! Just equal measure of the 2 ingredients - shake and apply.

  2. For the broken nail, I have used clear tape and duct tape (clear tape is easier and less messier, but duct tape doest the work, that is keeps the nail togerher until it has grown enough to be properly cut). I don't like super glue because it's not very safe.
    Today there was a situation no superglue nor duct tape was useful, hb dropped another plate (two weeks ago it was one of our sons...) on the floor... With ketchup on it... Oh dear. That's why we have nowadays only those cheap Ikea plates.

    1. Tape is a great idea as well.
      Oh no, sorry about the plate. I can't remember the last time I dropped a plate or something. Probably just jinxed myself!!!!
      What a mess to have to clean up.

  3. Thank you for sharing...especially about the broken nail. I have that problem sometimes. It's miserable when it happens...especially since it's usually when my nails are looking great. ~smile~

    1. Isn't that the truth? My nails all get nice and long - then one breaks and it's all down hill. Once one goes they all go. I guess that gives them a chance to grow out nicely together again!
      You are welcome.

  4. We recently developed a hole in the hose that runs from our shower head in the bathroom. It was spraying out of the tub into the bathroom itself. So, I used some heavy duty duct tape on it. Worked like a charm!

    I like the super glue nail fix too. I will have to keep that one in mind as it happens to me too.

    1. Duct tape - the fixer of everything. LOL. I love that stuff and keep several colors!

  5. I've become more adept at making small fixes around my home. I think sometimes I was afraid I couldn't figure it out, but I've learned that with the aid of on-line videos I can do a fair amount. The scratch fixes are great ideas.

    1. You can do anything you put your mind to. Love the fix-it videos too.

  6. Ouch on the nail. I wouldn't have thought about using superglue, so thanks for the tip.
    I definitely need to do something about the furniture scratches. Cats are sure destructive but I love them most of the time. ;)
    Have a good weekend.

    1. Welcome. Mine finally quit scratching furniture after a few years! Yep, you got to love them! More joy than frustration.
      Have a good one

  7. Thank you for the tips you shared, especially the wipes and sanitiser, very helpful with the flu virus floating around.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend,

  8. Ouch on the nail...hate it when that happens. I don't know if I knew you dyed your hair...I suppose I should have if I didn't. I wish mine would just go on and get white. I don't know how it strikes other people, but when I get it cut, I am always amazed at how gray it is!

    1. Been dying it for years!!!! It is pretty darn gray here.
      One day I will let it go.