Sunday, March 29, 2020

Weekly Wrap-Up 3/29

Good morning my friends and welcome to a new week.  This is day 9 for me staying at home.  No need to leave for anything just yet.
Hope you are all staying in and staying safe.

This week has been forsythia, daffodils and bright gold finches!  AND bunnies!!!!  Oh yes, I am seeing bunnies again!   Yellows and greens are the colors of the week.  The yards are greening and everything is popping up and growing.  The peonies are really jumping up and my rhubarb is such a pretty plant at this time.  Roses are getting new growth.
And then there is the mud!!!!!!  It sure has been wet this spring and there is just so much mud.
We have had decent temps this week.  Wednesday was so foggy in the morning - you could hardly see across the street!  Last night we had quite a thunderstorm come through and there is a small lake in the back yard  this morning!
Today is crazy WINDY!!!!  Big wind advisory till tonight.

MY week was a  lot of small things:
  • Did a huge vacuum - under, behind , on and over things.  Moved so many furniture items
  • Cut some wild onions to use in cooking
  • Made up a new bottle of dish soap and one of shampoo
  • Cleaned out some really old jars of home canned goods I came across - emptied and cleaned jars
  • Cooked up some dry baby lima beans
  • Did some yard work and clean-up.  Had a couple perfect days for cutting and pulling and bagging things
  • Cut the front grass!!!!!!  IT HAS BEGUN.  (Amazingly it got the neighbors out doing the same)
  • Got the rain barrels out and set up
  • Did a little cleaning in the garage
  • Heat off and windows open a lot this week!
  • Put the spring decor on both doors
  • Mended my work tennis shoes (I'll show that this week)
  • Stayed home all week and spent ZERO money!
  • Cooked up enough ground meat for a couple meals
  • All the normal things - made a gallon of tea, also drinking favored water, laundry, cleaning, etc.
Meals this past week:
Baked potato topped with leftover chili and sour cream
Baby lima beans, smoked sausage and salad
Beef burger patty and pizza rolls
Scratch pizza (used half of gr. beef I cooked)
Pizza pasta - (other half of meat, pizza sauce and mushrooms left)
Egg sandwich and tortilla chips and homemade salsa
Spicy beans and rice with smoked sausage and biscuits
Homemade pizza - it was so yummy.  Pizza pasta and garlic toast for another day.  Just using what I have.  This week seemed to have an pizza theme!

How has your week been?  Are you keeping busy?  Are you finding new things to cook/bake?
There were no grocery ads here this week - probably a good thing - no risk of being tempted to go out!

This coming week I may do some extra posts.  I think I will post some ideas or recipes that I have snipped that are for some super easy dishes.  I think many people are getting into stretching the food pantries as far as possible (and budgets) and easy and fun recipes may help.
We need to look at this situation as our "new normal" for a while - so we might as well learn and practice some new things and ways of doing things.

Try to watch, read, and listen to positive uplifting things. Pass on positive words and hope to others.  Smile and laugh whenever possible.  I am so afraid stress and worry is going to do more long term damage that the current situation.  Don't be a victim!
Please know I pray for you all and hope you stay safe and healthy.  We are all in this together - we need to be each others support and rock!

Blessings from my humble little home to yours.
God bless you all.


  1. Good morning. It is rainy here today in NY. I have been trying to keep busy. We have been playing games and going on long walks. I tied up my raspberry plants. They are already setting buds. I transplanted more veggies into bigger pots and planted more seeds. I lined my kitchen shelves(had everything). Hubby has been cleaning out the basement. Still doing good with food. Just taking it day by day. Stay healthy.

    1. Sounds like you are keeping busy. Even the smallest things makes a day brighter.
      Glad you are yours are well.

  2. We've had sunny dry weather all week (after a winter of seemingly non-stop rain) so have been busy tidying and digging over the veg plot, cutting up the wood for next winter (we had 3 diseased Ash trees cut down in January), doing some reading, a jigsaw, some hand quilting and lots of cooking. We haven't been out to the shops for a couple of weeks now, but are well stocked. Our middle daughter brought some perishables in the week, but of course, had to keep 6 feet away - and all we wanted to do was give her the most gigantic hugs.

    We are trying to buy a new polytunnel after the one we bought in January turned to have half of it missing. Looks like there's been a run on polytunnels, as well as loo rolls, breadmakers, bread flour/any flour, yeast, etc etc . . . Frustrating.

    1. Hugs are being missed by many. Nice that she brought you some fresh goodies.
      It is funny that so many are now buying up so many small appliances (kind of neat) - but we all know that when this is over people will be glutting the thrift stores and yard sales with these items. I guess if people can wait - there will be deals to be had!
      Good luck getting a polytunnel.
      Stay busy and healthy

  3. This has been a frugal week for me. Got the last of the groceries very first thing last Sunday morning. Haven't spent any money since. Did have to go out Wednesday to pick up prescriptions and went through the CVS drivethru. Copay is covered through the insurance company HRA.
    We exercised every day this week. Still on track for 20 in 2020. In addition to lifting weights, I got the treadmill up and running in the kitchen. I put a grab bar (that I happened to have already) on the wall beside it, and the kitchen table is on the other side, so Hubby doesn't fall off. I walked on the trail last Monday, but there are too many people now. One woman got all upset that I went off the trail to get 6 feet away from her! So I've been walking to our mailboxes every day instead. It is a one mile round trip, up a pretty steep hill on the way back. I figure that is as good as using an elliptical at the gym.
    We are having a very windy and warm day after warmth and severe storms yesterday. I tried to hang my sheets out on my new clothesline tree and learned that 50 lbs. of sand in a 5-gal. bucket isn't enough ballast to keep the pole up in heavy wind. So the sheets went into the dryer while I pounded the pole base most of the way into the ground with a 10-lb. sledge hammer (see exercise above LOL!). I think I hit slag, as I can't get it all the way into the ground. I now have three loads of laundry out there happily drying. I haven't lived where I could hang out laundry in 20 years but still had my clothespins and bag). The trailer park management finally decided that we can have a clothesline tree in our backyard as long as it can't be seen from the street. Heaven forbid that we have anything so tacky as a clothesline in a trailer park!!
    Planted peas this week. The daffodils are finally blooming as the crocus are ending, and the grape hyacinths are set to bloom any day now.
    I finished the library books I had checked out but wanted to read the last two books in the series I've been reading. I downloaded a free e-reader application (Adobe Digital Editions) and borrowed the next book electronically. I'm loving how I can adjust the type size larger to make it easier to read. Maybe I'll finally be dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century!
    Some of us from Project Linus are making cloth masks to go over the N95 masks. The hospitals here are in pretty good shape for now, but we have had requests from a pediatrician's office (simple masks for all the kids and parents who come in) and a local EMS group. This is not a PL project, just a bunch of us who want to help.
    Our county went under a shelter-in-place order last week, but I can't see much difference in the behavior of my neighbors. They still go-go-go and have guests over all the time. Hubby and I don't understand it. I don't plan to go out for at least a couple more weeks, by which time we will need perishables. I made a mask for myself to wear then, too. It won't be nearly as good as a N95, but I figure every little bit helps.
    Hope everyone has a great week and stays healthy!

    1. It sounds like you have found NEW ways to exercise! That is a long way to the mailbox. Good job on setting up the treadmill too. I am so glad you got the clothes tree up and situated. I just love the smell of laundry that has been outside.
      It is soooo stinking windy here today it isn't funny. We are having 50+ mph gusts. Sun is out 0 but boy is it windy.
      Nice that you have the masks to wear if you need to go out and you are still helping others! Love it.
      Stay safe and healthy.

  4. I am so grateful that we have plenty of food and plenty to keep us busy. No excuses for gloom and doom here. But the figures are rising in our little county so we are being very careful. I think extra posts would be great right now as you have the ability to calm people.

    1. I have so many things I CAN be doing - it is just motivating myself to do them!!!!! But you are right - no need for boredom or doom and gloom.
      Thank you - that melts my heart.
      Stay safe.

  5. I would love to see how you mended you shoes. The easy recipes sound good too. Can't wait to read your posts.

    1. Going to show the shoe repair this week! SMILES
      Nothing like having a good and easy recipe - I hope they will help everyone.

  6. Lost four people to Covid that my family knew this week. DH has his scary important government papers he has to carry with him to show that he's an essential worker. Lots of hard reality here. Lots of fear knowing that my DH is not safe while people will not stay in place and are greedy. Putting my husband in danger every day. We have a shelter in place order but people are still swamping the stores. Parking lots completely full every single day. I think it's easier when you are home and safe. It is not a reality but a news story. I keep telling everyone that is a privilege now if you are home and safe. If your new normal is safe at home then you have a gift. New normal for family of essential workers is waiting for them to come home, waiting for the incubation period that starts it's clock every day they are out and living in fear. Not much joy in our home with funerals we can not say goodbye or attend. Days filled with watching people hurt others. Stay at home, hold your loved ones tight and protect those who are out in this. They have loved ones at home to they want to spend the rest of their lives with.

    1. I am so very sorry for your families loss.
      I have many nurses in my circle of family and friends and many also working in nursing homes and many in grocery. YES, it is very worrisome - as they all have children and their own individual families as well. I just have to put my faith in something greater. I know that not everyone feels that way.

      I wish I had answers for you. I am sorry your hubby has to go out each day. I realize there are many 'essential' workers out there. It is not a realistic possibility to close everything - I truly don't know where you draw the line.
      Please know I pray for you and wish you some small joy in your life. HUGS from afar.

  7. Your meals look yummy esp the pizza. I'm glad you are enjoying the flowers and bunnies. I haven't seen a bunny in years since I think we have coyotes in the area.
    I'm staying home except for a grocery pickup. Going to gain weight since I have been baking more. Lemon loaf, apple fritter bread, choc chip cookies. Starting sour dough starter which is new for me so not sure it will work.
    Thanks for your blog. It brightens my day.

    1. I love pizza - of you can't tell!
      Last year was the first year for bunnies around here in years. They are just so cute.
      Oh all those goodies sound yummy. Mmmmmm. I am being pretty good about sweets.
      Thank you dear. That makes me feel good.

  8. thank you for your posts. they are a reminder to stay calm and do the best you can in this situation.worrying is not beneficial at all. I think this being stuck inside for long periods of time with stress form job losses will cause a lot of problems. living alone is not fun either. take care xx Ann

    1. Thank you for your kind words. Having been alone this past year for really the first time in my life - has not been easy. I guess it does make this 'stay at home' thing a little easier - as I have become kind of a hermit!
      Try to stay in touch by phone and such with family and friends. Talk to your neighbors from afar if possible.

      I am afraid stress, worry, and depression is going to have a far worse long term effect on people than this virus.
      I hope you are well and take care!

  9. I cannot believe how far behind I am with your blog...been reading and not commenting...just had to say the pizza meals look delicious.