Sunday, March 15, 2020

Weekly Wrap-Up 3/15

Good morning everyone.  Hope this finds each of you well.
It has been pretty quiet around here.

We have had warm weather, chilly weather, wet weather, and yesterday we had a covering snowfall!
This next week is supposed to be in the 50's all week - but a chance of rain almost every day.   UGH!  We all know that when we need that rain - it won't be around.
At least the sun has come out this morning ( a little) - so the snow won't last long.  I am so tired of gloppy muddy shoes every time I go into the yard.  What a mess.
Oh well, I guess it could be worse.  I am able to go out and I have a yard - so that is good.

Yesterday I got a message from my former neighbors (they moved about 4 years ago).  Said they were going to the store and did I need anything.  How sweet was that?  That is how we should all be - every day.  Watch out for each other vs. all this nasty hoarding that is going on.
I have gotten 2 phone calls this week from family, asking if I was OK and did I need anything.  I love how my little community is looking out for each other.
Please look out for your family and your neighbors.

My week:
  • I did get to do some yard work on a couple days - just starting to clean up a bit.
  • Cleaned all the 'watering holes' for the animals and birdbath
  • Cleaned out the desk drawers - what a bunch of un-needed paper!
  • Checked all the fluids in the Blazer - general maintenance
  • Made a batch of biscuits - for now and later
  • I did go out and check a few stores.  Didn't need anything - I was just curious.  Things were good when I checked - but totally changed in a day (once it was announced that schools were closing)
  • I got 4 bottles of peroxide (I use instead of bleach in laundry) at Dollar Tree and 2 packs of wipes (for my purse).  There was plenty at the time.
  • I then ran to Kroger to look around.  I did get some more cat food, just to have.  I also got 2 - very small heads of cabbage.  It was .49/lb.  That will last me for quite a while
  • Got to turn off heat and air house a couple days
  • Paid all bills, ran to P.O. and then the library (which is now closed till Apr.)
  • All normal things - cleaning, laundry, using what I have, cooking from scratch, working on de-cluttering, etc.
Meals this past week:
Oven fish & fries and slaw (home canned)
Chili/cheese dogs and chips
Mac/cheese with leftover hotdogs and chili sauce added, fruit salad
Taco salad
Big loaded salad and an orange milkshake
Chicken strips, rice and peas
Turkey/rice soup (from freezer) and biscuits with apple butter

How was your week?  Did you get any deals?
I know many who come and visit here have big pantries - what a blessing!  We all knew there would be a time that we could sit back and not panic - regardless the reason!!!!!   Being prepared - priceless!

This coming week, I think I need to get in gear and accomplish a lot of things that I keep putting off.  I plan on staying home for the most part - so I want to accomplish stuff around the house.  Busy, busy hands and minds - good for the soul!

I pray that you and yours are healthy and safe.  May you have a fantastic week and accomplish much as well.  Let's use this time to do all those things we have put off.
Blessings from my humble little home to yours!!!


  1. Weird times we are living in. So glad I have my stocked pantry. Hubby works near a BJs. He usually cuts through their parking lot since it is quicker then the lights. Not this week. He said lines to get into the parking lot are crazy long. Glad I don't have to go their. Youngest daughter's classes are all moved to online. Oldest daughter's work closed down. She still has work that she can do but from home. Hubby is still going to work. So glad he has his own office. My son is also still going to work. It has been very quiet for him. I am still going to the man I help. We went for a drive the other day just so I could get him out. We are not eating out for a while. He has several health issues so I will not take him out in public. We did sit outside for a little while each day watching the birds and squirrels. So glad the weather has been nice so that we can do this. Trying not to watch the news constantly. My neighbor was supposed to have a large St Patrick's Day party yesterday. They do it every year. The bought 10 corned beef and a lot of cabbage. The ended up cancelling except for their kids and grandkids so they had lots of food. They gave me some uncooked food. I made a big batch of coleslaw out of the cabbage and brought some back as a thank you. I will bring some tomorrow when I go see the man I help too. Today is Hubby and my 27th anniversary. We had plans to go out to eat but I cancelled them earlier in the week. I planted more seeds. I started some lettuce and eggplant seeds that my sister sent me. So happy the garden is starting. Plenty to keep me busy with. Stay healthy.

    1. Yes times are crazy. Glad your children have other options for work and school. All the parking lots were full here this week as well. My goodness, you would think someone announced the Zombie apocalypse!!!!!! LOL

      I am glad you are helping that gentleman - I am sure that makes him feel reassured. I don't blame you - no going out to eat here either. Why take a chance?
      What a windfall with the food you received - so kind of them to share (and you as well).
      Heck we can all have a BIG party when everything calms down. better safe than sorry.
      You stay healthy as well. Home is where I will be this week!

  2. That was so sweet of your former neighbors to call and ask if you needed anything. I love that. Our little town has had multiple businesses offer to feed students while they are out of school the next two weeks. All they have to do is show up and they will be fed for free. I just love that.

    1. That is cool. Our schools are providing meals to go - no questions asked. I am glad to see this all happening.
      I would love to live in a smaller town.
      Have a great week.

  3. I love the fact that your neighbor checked on you. Hubs and I are going out to two older couples this afternoon to take a dozen eggs and check on them. We need to share and think of others at this time.

    1. Thank you for looking out for them. We all need to think of others. Many elderly shouldn't be out and about any way with all this going on.
      Good neighbors are blessing from God.

  4. It's wonderful that your former neighbour thought to check up on you. I'm certain that is indicative of the neighbour you've been to them.

    Have a great week!

    1. Thanks. We always got along great and watched out for each.
      True friends and good people.

  5. How kind of your neighbors - it's great to see people pulling together. We are now working from home, and the kids schools are closed for at least a month, maybe two. We waited too long to stock up on books at the library - they are now closed as well. :(

    We have plenty of food, and a good savings cushion to get us through this. We are also helping others who may not be in that position.

    1. Glad you are able to work from home and the kids can learn on-line. I got a notice from the library that no books will be considered over due in the time they are closed. Mine would be due before they reopen.
      Glad to hear that you are in a good place.
      Take care.

  6. I topped off my pantry this week, so other than fresh produce, we should be fine. Our libraries are closed for at least two weeks, as are the schools. I hate to say it, but it is going to take a lot longer than two weeks for this to blow over.
    I convinced Hubby that we are not going to the gym. He finally gets it that this virus could be fatal to either one of us, due to his age and my asthma. I'm hoping the gym will close and not charge our dues for a while, but I'm not holding my breath. It will make it harder for us to exercise (I'm 11 for 15 days this month), but I showed him some things he can do at home with bands and dumbbells. I am also thinking up a design for a cage for our home treadmill so he will have side rails and something to fall into when his balance gets wonky. He will miss doing 405 lbs. on the leg press at the gym, but home will have to do. I can walk at the trail, weather permitting, but his balance is too poor for the uneven terrain.
    It is good that people are checking on each other. We haven't heard from any of our kids/grandkid in months. Hubby and I are very much aware that we have only each other.
    Our Project Linus chapter is closed until further notice. Our client hospitals will not accept blankets for fear of contamination. We will not be meeting at our workshop, either, due to fear of contagion to each other and fear of contaminating our work space and materials. I bought a bunch of yarn at WalMart and have enough fabric, thread, batting and fleece to make at least 100 blankets. Sometimes it pays to have a large stash!
    I inventoried my books and have at least 20,000 pages of available reading. I like epic historical novels and have a lot of Edward Rutherfurd, Edith Pargeter, Ken Follett, and James A. Michener I can read or re-read.
    So for an introvert like me, self-isolating is pretty much going to be business as usual. We do have to cash in a CD at the bank on Wednesday, but other than that, I don't have to go anywhere unless I decide to brave the grocery store very early in the morning.
    Got manure spread on the strawberry and vegetable garden plots just in time for snow last night. Will try to get the peas started by April 1. Can't do much else around here until the weather warms up more.
    So everyone stay safe this week. Keep Calm and Sew, Knit, Crochet, Read and Garden On!!

    1. It sounds like you have a great plan and attitude. I have so many books here that haven't been read - I will never run out of reading matter!
      I am so sorry that your children and grand children haven't been in touch. That is very sad.
      I do have to make a bank run this week as well and I need to drop off taxes. That is it.
      Hope your weather stays good, so you can work outside some.

      Stay safe and healthy!!!!

  7. Out of trials come blessings. I had a heart virus about 2 years ago and Dr did not want me out in public for 6 weeks. Taught me I need to keep supplies in the house. I am set for quite a while. Gramps and I are staying in! If I had not had that illness I would be out there standing in line. My kids insisted we watch church online today. Nice but not the same as being there. Gramps is loving the idea of not going out, I will be going bonkers. LOL. We will survive. Stay healthy and busy. Always love to read your posts.

    1. Hi Grammy - glad you are staying in. Good advice on your kids part! having had such an issue - it is wise for you to stay away from sick people.
      I am not afraid of getting the virus (I am really healthy), but I am kind of scared of all the crazy people!
      I am kind of a hermit myself - so I can stay in no problem.

      Funny, just when I had decided to try to get myself out and about more - this happens. God is telling me something!
      Thanks for being here.
      Stay safe

  8. My daughter received a Project Linus blanket during a serious and scary situation...we hadn’t heard of it up until that time. I’m sad to hear it’s on hiatus as it was such a blessing for us at the time.

    1. How sweet. Such lovely gifts. I bet she and others will still be crafting - they just can't turn them in for gifting now. Things will get back to normal soon.
      Glad to hear from someone that has received such a lovely gift.

    2. I'm glad to hear the blanket was a comfort to your daughter. As I work on each blanket, I always say a little prayer for the child and their family. It is such a pleasure to make the blankets, though it is sad to think that there are so many children in need of them.

  9. Getting the same weather. We did have a beautiful day in the 70's.

    I am so happy you are being checked on. I know you are not to worried. You are in great health. Try to stay home as much as possible. I will worry about you. :)

    I checked on my Mom who is 84 years old with a heart condition. She's not taking it seriously. I told her she will die from this if she gets it. She is more upset she probably won't get to move into her new high rise apartment. I stocked her up but it was like pulling teeth. She's always been like this so it's not an age thing. Then I helped her friends and it was the same thing. :) DH & I have set up a network to take care of them if something happens where we can't. National Guard will probably set up in her area since it's a lot of elderly high rises and high risk.

    I organized items better in my art studio. Bought all the soil for my potted plants. Bought more seeds. Bought a dishwasher, washer & things to revamp the bathroom. I know what a time to do this right? It needs to be done. It's becoming a health hazard.

    Finished stocking up our home and tried to finish stocking up a bunch of ladies who don't take things seriously. It's ok they have two rolls of toilet paper and two cans of food. They will be fine. ;) I am frustrated.

    Our library is still open with limited access. I did return all my books. I am going to use Libby & Hoopla.

    Deals- Got great deals on my new appliances. I am so in love with Menards. I found some great deals on much needed clothes.

    1. Glad your Momma has you. I know some older folks are thinking - I have lived this long by myself -soooooo. They get in a mindset. But I am glad her and the other ladies have you. Just keep bugging them!!!!!!
      Glad you got some things you need for the home. Sometimes we just have to bite the bullet and spend the money. It will be so nice when done.
      I love Menard's - the do have great deals. Everything, literally, from soup to nuts there!
      Have fun remodeling.

  10. We too have our deep pantry and freezers. I find it ironic that ds2 asked me a month ago how long we could last with the food in our pantry. At that time I said 6 months, but if we need to help our kids, more like 3 months. Thankfully their littles don't eat as much as big kids. We just got them 2 boxes of diapers so they should be ok with those for a while. Both Farmer and my off-the-farm jobs are secure. Our jobs are part of the infrastructure of the community and are necessary. I'm so thankful. I do wonder how long things can continue as they are? When will the riots start? Will the food supply run out? Will we need to protect our cattle herd? All scary concerns but I know God is in control so I will hold onto Him.

    1. Just remember that we can all eat less meat per meal or have no meat day - probably hard for those who raise cattle to hear!
      I am glad that both of your jobs are secure. There are many that we just need for every day life in any community.
      I don't know how long this will last. I guess it may depend on locale.
      It is really sad to see the hoarding people are doing and being so selfish. I love seeing the stories of neighbors helping neighbors and family take care of each other.
      God has us and this world in His hands. He is my hope!!!!