Sunday, March 22, 2020

Weekly Wrap-Up 3/22

Good day to all.  Hope this finds you healthy and safe.
All is good here.  Me and the kitties are here and enjoying each others company!  Same with the birdies and the squirrels.
Our weather has been all over the place again.  We had decent temps, but rain.  One night we had thunderstorms.  It got to almost 70* on Friday morning and then was in the 20's but midnight!!  Geesh.  Looks like more spring like temps this coming week, but again spring showers are predicted for most of the week.  UGH!
I am enjoying each day however.  I do get outside EVERY day, several times a day.  Feeding cats or birds or squirrels many times.  This is something I always do - 365 days a year I am outside several times a day.  Fresh air just fills my soul with happiness!!!!!

The first daffodils opened on Friday - the first full day of Spring.  The forsythia are starting to pop as well.  I see buds on all the trees and the birds are singing every day!  I take JOY where ever I can.

My week:
  • I did run out a couple times.  I went to the drive-up at the bank and got some funds.
  • I ran into Kroger for more cat food.  Got many more cans - good for quite a while now.  I also saw baby wipes and got the limit of 4.  My niece has a kiddo under one and has another one on the way - it will help them out.
  • Same day I stopped at the nursery/feed store and got a lot of extra bird and squirrel feed (they would never understand why Momma wasn't feeding them!).  I was the only customer in there.
  • Another day I ran up the road to Post Office and got enough stamps to last for quite some time (I don't pay on-line)
  • While out I figured I'd run a little further up the road to Aldi (it was early morning).  I got a few things for treats (chips) to add to stock and I did get a 10 lb. bag of potatoes.  They had just put out a skid of them.  My neighbor couldn't find any anywhere, so I got them and we split them.
  • Stopped and filled my gas tank and filled my gas can (got a .20 discount per gallon)
  • I worked out in the yard cleaning 2 days the first of the week.  Boy, am I out of shape!  It felt good being outside and doing stuff though.
  • I have been working in the basement a lot.  I am going through all my home canned goods and sorting and moving things around (checking on what I actually have).
  • I have been working on straightening and de-cluttering down there as well - so much to do!
  • Making a list of things I want to accomplish inside this week when raining.
  • All normal things - eating from home, laundry in cold, drinking water, tea, and Kool-Aid
  • Found a container in the freezer of Mexican chicken - thawed and made that into a few different meals.
  • On a super frugal note - I have started saving some of my newpapers (JUST IN CASE)!!!  Never know when it may become TP!  LOL.  If not - I will use in other ways.  Normally I recycle any way
Meals this past week:
Loaded cheeseburger sliders (on biscuits - no buns)  and chips
Eggroll bowl topped with chow mein noodles for crisp
Fried potatoes/carrots and cabbage (no meat day)
Bean/cheese/salsa tostados (no meat)
Poor man's Swiss steak and mashed potatoes
Mex. chicken/rice burritos
Mex. chicken/rice  turned into chili (froze some for another day)
Been eating fruit, carrots and dip, and PBJ's for snacks

I noticed at Kroger pickings were slim.  Many things gone and others were in short supply.  Aldi was much better - they didn't have any TP or much meat (they did have chicken, hams and frozen meat).  Fresh veggies were full and most everything was available but limited in number you could get.  It was early and they had just opened - so they were stocked up.
If folks would give them a chance to re-stock instead of panic buying - things will level out.  They said they have plenty of stock - but they are so busy with customers that they can't get it out.  I have heard many shop managers say that on the news.

I got to talk with an out of state friend this week and got calls from several relatives.  Everyone is just checking in with each other.  I had another past neighbor that called to see if I needed anything.  I have and have had the best neighbors.  The kids next door came over with their little one and we set out on the porch and visited for a while.
I love how people are reaching out again.  Families are having meals together once again.  Neighbors are helping neighbors.  People are learning new skills.  There is some GOOD coming out of this situation.

I plan on staying home this week and getting the basement in better order (it really has been avoided for ages).  Work outside when I can.  

I hope you are all doing well.  Are you staying in?  Have you got yourselves all stocked and ready?  Are you working on home/yard cleaning?  

I pray you all stay healthy.  Take care and spend your time being thankful for what you DO have.  Put your positive hats on - and think happy thoughts.  
Turn off the news and just  take time to observe and LIVE (even if in your own backyard!)  Fresh air is what we all need - and sunshine when you can get it!  That seems to make things seem more right!

Blessings from my humble little home to yours.


  1. I saw a weather post on Facebook the other day and thought to myself that was way down low on the totem pole right now considering the Coronavirus Pandemic, which is unusual because the weather is usually right up front in my mind. It's odd how things can change so rapidly. Sounds like you've been keeping busy like I have. It would be hard for me to get bored at home as there is just so much that I could do here. I hope you have another good week, Cheryl.

    1. Our perspective changes all the time.
      I have been keeping busy and hope to continue too. You are right, there is always something to do.
      Stay safe and have a productive week.

  2. Will be getting some vegetable seeds this week. It is almost spring here. Looking forward to having a garden again with ds2 helping. I'll be starting warm weather seeds in a few weeks. Lettuce and spinach and kale soon.

    1. It sure won't be long. I look forward to digging in the earth.
      Good luck with all your plantings!

  3. Hi Cheryl! Remember me? I've been AWOL awhile but trying to keep reading your posts regularly. My DH lost his job AGAIN in September. More than 4 mos. of unemployment until he found one. Now this! But, he's still employed tho he's not working and health insurance is covered. Phew! I'll take all blessings and be grateful.

    I couldn't find your post on treats for wildlife. Do you happen to remember when that was?

    1. Hi there - glad to see you back. It sounds like you have been through a lot - but you are a wonderful example of those who have bad things happen and still get through it.
      Sorry - but thanks for sharing.
      Squirrel cookies - are just a combo of any thing I have. A little flour, honey or sugar, seed, peanuts or other nuts, and egg, old oats (or instant oatmeal packet) or cereal, Kayro syrup - whatever you got. (NO chocolate). They like them kind of sweet. It just needs to be cookie consistency. I drop by tsp. on pan and bake till done (few minutes) They sit and eat and eat.
      If you need a suet recipe for the birds - let me know.
      Glad you are back!!!

    2. You might Dec. 3, 2019 post for bird goodies - suet. I mentioned spreading them out on baking pan and cutting for squirrels. The squirrels seem to like the baked cookies best!

    3. Thank you!!! You made my wild buddies very happy!!

  4. I cant wait for warmer weather to work more outside. This week they promise warmth but tonight there will be an inch of snow.
    It's funny how one store will have something but it's gone other places. I'm glad you found those baby wipes for your niece. I know she is so thankful. Stay well.

    1. We are getting sleet right now! Crazy. Yes, I think soe stores have had more time to re-stock than others - try early mornings.
      I am glad I found the wipes as well - she hasn't mentioned them - but she will eventually I am sure and I will have some to gift her!

  5. Cheryl, could you please share your recipe for home canned slaw?

    Thanks! Nichole

    1. Easy Home Canned Cole Slaw
      1 med. head of cabbage - shredded
      1 larg. carrot - shredded
      1 bell pepper - diced
      1 sm. onion - diced
      Place all in a bowl and add 1 Tbsp. salt and mix. Let it sit for 1 hour.

      Syrup -
      1 C vinegar
      1/4 C water
      2 C sugar
      1 tsp. mustard seeds

      Drain the slaw (veggies well) they will have accumulated liquid.

      Boil syrup ingred. for 1 minute - slightly cool and pour over veggies.
      Pack in jars and process in water bath for 15 minutes.
      Super easy and very tasty. Stays crunchy!!!!

  6. There is always something to be done around the house, isn't there. Spring is starting to make it's way here. A few more weeks and we'll be in the full swing of it.

    Stay well!

    1. Yes Mam. It won't be long and we will be complaining about all there is to do!!! LOL

  7. We didn't have toilet paper when I was a child just newspaper but I'm sure the inks were different as they didn't come off on your skin as they do now. I can't understand what this panic is about buying all the loo rolls. Coronavirus does not give you diarrhea.It's good to get outside. I try and walk by the river and fields every day. I'm also planning on getting my new patio sorted.

    1. Not that I think it merits hoarding toilet paper, but a number of patients complained of digestive issues/diarrhea before they had respiratory issues. As far as I've read, this has only been studied in patients from China though.

    2. Jean - I don't really understand either. There is always a wash cloth and soap and water or other washable cloths. People have become so accustomed to having every comfort. These are uncomfortable times for sure.
      Hoarding of anything is NOT cool. Some people have stored enough TP to last a normal family for ages. It is sad, especially on food - when some people can't just get enough for a week.
      Take care and have fun working on the patio!

    3. Nichole I am sure there have been some with those symptoms - but the people here are just hoarding. It is just sad. Most people have heard nothing about that - thus they are just being greedy.
      We all just need to be kind to each other now.

    4. Yes, I agree that it is simply greed.

  8. I'm glad you are finding joy. It sounds like you have had a busy week.
    I'm enjoying the signs of spring. My daffodils are blooming as well as my peach tree. The woods are greening up and soon I won't see the neighbor's house.
    Hope you have a good week and continue to find joy.

    1. Well, I try to find joy in the little things. Nature, my kitties, keeping in touch with people, kind people …. whatever ways I can find it. So much negative - we need to make our own joy!!!!
      Can't wait to see trees blooming! I love spring.
      Thanks - have a good one.

  9. So we are in lock down mode in NY. Thankfully we have plenty to keep us busy. I have been working on the garden. Hubby built me a garden work bench out of stuff we had. I transplanted my tomatoes into larger pots. I planted more seeds. I did celery, cauliflower, more peppers and cabbage. Hubby and I are talking about extending the garden more. With everything going on, more food is always good. I could always give more away. My son is still working. Poor kid walks in the door and I disinfect him. He then gets right into the shower and I toss his clothes into the wash. Hubby is on week 2 of working from home. We have most of the kinks worked out. We did our bills and went over our budget. We aren't looking at our investments at this time. My friend was just furloughed and her husband owns his own store and it is closed. I am worried for them and so many others. Oreo is loving this though. She is getting so many walks. All of us are spending so much time with her. She is going to be sad when life goes back to normal. Stay healthy.

    1. Glad you have your home and garden to keep you busy. Yes, any food grown will go to good use for SOMEONE!
      Glad your hubs can work from home. OH MY - same here - I don't even want to know about investments. It will come back eventually - but better out of sight right now!!!!!!
      I hope your friends do OK. Hopefully they can get some help from the relief pkg. that they say is available. Maybe unemployment for her.(?)
      I do feel sorry for small business owners - this is just awful for them.
      Walk that sweet baby and enjoy the fresh air. Take care and stay healthy.

  10. Hi Cheryl, your posts hallway calm me, and I need that right now.

    1. Bless your heart - glad to help.
      Deep breathes!!!!!!

  11. No, I have not been busy. DH is out in the "front". That is what I am calling it because he's an essential worker. The news called it war. My stress levels are high. I am trying. The good news he got one of the guys (temp worker) out of his truck and he can now practice social distancing.

    The other partner in his truck was so relieved of the changes to. His Mother is a nurse and she gave him a big bottle of hand sanitizer medical grade to keep the guys safe. I am grateful to her. DH also has some and lots of wipes for the truck to sanitize it. It's not perfect but better than before.

    Our city will probably go in lockdown tomorrow.

    I am sad to report first Covid death. Nursing home in our area. I know many of the women in there. They are like family. My Mother & her friends know practically everyone there. We are expecting more deaths soon because of the nursing home outbreak. None of us on the outside of the home were expose since they have been in lockdown since Kirkland.

    It is so devastating. Not processing. The reality has set in. It's not a news story any more. It has become part of my history. I use to say when one of my elderly friends passed away "What an honor to live so long!" My elderly friends said that gave them comfort. What am I supposed to say now? It's not the things that elderly usually pass away from. This is sickening, cruel and murderous.

    1. I am glad your husband got the extra person out and they can practice distancing.
      Our city announced essentials only stay at home yesterday. I am good and plan on staying in.

      This is sad and horrible and I know it is causing stress and depression in many. Stay away from the TV and news - no matter what your hear right now - it doesn't help. Get outside and get fresh air and sunshine. Play that music loud and DANCE! Seriously - it helps.

      I have to look at it as people only die when it is their time to die. I CAN'T believe anything else - just because of what I went through with Glen. I don't believe there are any accidents in life. That is just me and my thoughts - it may help someone else.
      Those people are in the presence of something far greater and better than we are.
      I send you hugs my friend. May you have a nice day!