Sunday, March 8, 2020

Weekly Wrap-Up 3/8

Hello all my friends!  Hope this finds you well.
It sure is a pretty morning here.  We had a bit warmer weather most of the week.  Thunderstorms hit on Tuesday night.  Friday got cold, cold, cold!!!!  My oh my - it was windy, cold and snow flurries!
Looks like we will have above normal temps all next week - but wet!

I have noticed all kinds of things popping through the ground.  Lillie's, tulips, and daffodils and even saw a few red sprouts of peonies!!!!!  Looked out one morning (wish I had the camera close) and there were 3 blue jays and a big woodpecker on the feeder together!  What a sight.
I saw my first two - red-winged black birds of the season this week, and yesterday I saw my first two robins!!!!!!
The squirrels are making new nests and 'remodeling' their existing ones.
This morning the woodpecker sounded like a jack hammer!!  Boy he sure was a head banging!!  LOL
Looking off into the neighborhood, you can see a golden/red hue on all the trees.  They are showing their buds!
Yep, spring is in the air!!!!

Neighborhood news - the kids that live next door said they are going to stay at least 2 - 3  more years until they can build something.  I am so very happy.  There is so much to be said for good  neighbors.
The people on the other side of them FINALLY got evicted.  Thank goodness.  NO ONE is sad to see them gone!  Our elderly neighbor who owned that house, sold it and there will be a new landlord.  He seems nice and is doing a lot of work there.  Hoping we get a good neighbor.

My week:
  • Changed out handbags - spring is a good time to change!
  • No heat on a few days and the door was open and aired house
  • Cleaned out another drawer
  • Picked up a ton of sticks AGAIN.  Between the wind and the squirrels who are working on nests - sticks were everywhere.
  • My brother & SIL came by one day.  They wanted to get some ham seasoning from me - no problem.  That is why I buy in bulk.  He brought me homemade apple butter!  He didn't need to - but it sure will be good on biscuits
  • Straightened the pantry again.  How does it get so messy???
  • My other thumb nail broke below the nail bed too - so I trimmed all my nails down - give them a chance to grow out together!
  • All normal stuff - changing out bedding, laundry in cold, cleaning and de-cluttering
  • I ran to the bank one day - hadn't been since the holidays.
  • Also hit some stores while out.  Ran into Kroger, Ollies, and Fresh Thyme (for suppliments).  Didn't really need anything - it was such a pretty day I wanted to get out.
  • At Ollies I did buy 4 yard flags.  Last year a friend gave me a flag holder - so I got flags for each season.  They were on sale for 3.99 each.  Generally they are about $15 around here.
               I have the spring one hanging outside already - it is full of tulips and spring colors!
  • I ran across to super Kroger and did get fresh asparagus for .99/lb.  I love asparagus.  I also got myself a pair of jeans!!!!!  YES I DID!  They were 25% off and cost me $15.  Those are the first (at a store) pair of jeans I have purchased in years.  I usually get them at a thrift/yard sales.
I am happy to report that at all three stores I went to there were plenty of supplies on hand.  Nothing was missing.  I actually walked all the aisles just to check.  Plenty of everything and no shortages.  Shelves were stocked full!
It was amazing to me as I noticed while driving - all parking lots (malls, stores, restaurants, bars, etc.) were full of cars!  

Meals this week:
Tuna salad sandwich and fruit
Small pizza
Leftover tuna salad mixed with slaw and crostini 
Beef/veggie skillet 2X
Chicken & stuffing and steamed asparagus
Fried - chicken/stuffing patties and asparagus/carrot/tomato salad
Eating lots of fresh fruit as snacks
          Beef & veggie skillet.  It sure was tasty - and filling and used things I had on hand.

How was your week?  Did you get any deals?  Did you stay on the frugal band wagon?  Is your yard coming to life?  Let us know what is going on in your part of the world!  
I love how we have had a lot of new people posting - it is nice to see so many sharing ideas.  You guys are ALL the best!

I pray that you all will be safe, healthy and happy this week.  
Blessings from my humble little home to each and everyone of you.


  1. Sounds like you had a really good week; things are looking like spring here, too. Can't wait! No shortages in my stores either and people are just going about their normal activities and living their lives. The veg/beef skillet looks really good; sort of like beef/veg soup without the soup part. Does it have celery and onion? I'm trying to get serious about dropping some weight, and veggies help a bunch with that. Hope you have another great week!

    1. It did have onion - as do most things I fix! I love veggies and had a lot of things that needed to be used.
      Glad to hear all is well in your area too.
      Have a great one!

  2. I did a huge food shop this week (hadn't purchased so much as a fresh veg since 2/19). $314 and we're set for March except will need fresh veg in another 10 days.

    My day lilies are up about 4 inches. Tulip greens are up in the neighbors side yard that I see out front. We're zone 6 so it's still wintery and we'll get more frost into mid-May.

    I'm staying in and working on quilts.

    Hope everyone has a fantastic week! :-)

    1. Sounds like a good stock-up. Good going on being able to wait so long!!!
      I love all the signs of spring.
      Have a good week.

  3. Sounds like you had a nice week. The weather here like yours is starting to really look and feel like spring. We went to Walmart in Fairview Heights IL on Friday. The isle with Clorox and Lysol cleaning products was completely empty. The toilet paper and paper towel isle was also wiped out. We saw many people with carts of water and paper products. Luckily we didn't need any of those items but I am going to look out for them here at our local stores and stock up a little more.

    1. Isn't that crazy. I don't understand how hoarding is going to help anyone.
      Glad you didn't need those things.
      Love the sights and sounds and smells of spring!

  4. In spite of reports of panic buying over here, i didn't see any sign of it in Aldi on Thursday and no empty shelves. I loved apple butter when I was in the US. Never seen it here so maybe next Autumn I will have to make some.

    1. Glad to hear you are not seeing a problem at the store.
      Apple butter is so good. You need to make some and start a trend amongst friends and family!!!

  5. Sounds like a good week! If the robins and blackbirds are there, spring can't be far behind. I'm so looking forward to seeing them here in a few weeks (probably 6 weeks or so).

    1. I always look forward to the many birds returning. I just love watching them.
      Hope you see them soon.

  6. Hi Cheryl! I changed my purse too. Spring is starting to show her pretty colors here. The birds are singing their sweet morning songs. It is storm season.

    I haven't seen a lot of shortages here. I haven't really looked either. I am buying what I need to stock up on. I mentioned that on a different post. I am just back to reading and posting after taking a social media break.

    1. Hi there - I wondered where you went. Glad to see you back. I can understand taking a break for sure.
      Spring is surely in the air!

  7. We had wild weather last week and it turned cold here too. Supposed to rain again tomorrow. I'm used to it by now. LOL

    Our daffodils are growing and out purple hyacinths are all in bloom. I love them as they smell so good.

    Good deal on your new jeans. I definitely stayed on the frugal bandwagon this week and hope to this week as well.

    1. I love the smell of hyacinths. So sweet. Mine are just popping through now.
      Thanks - I thought it was a good deal.
      Stay dry and have a good one.

  8. It turned cold here also, but the sun is shining and I noticed my peonies are coming up. Finally I have peonies! I have had trouble growing those for some reason. Can hardly wait until they bloom. I love spring! Although the spring in my step is not working....

    1. I guess old man winter doesn't want to totally let go!
      I think peonies are my favorite flower - I know my favorite scent.
      I hear ya on the spring in the step!!