Sunday, September 13, 2020

Weekly Wrap-Up 9/13

 Happy Sunday everyone.  My goodness, we are almost half way through this month already!  Crazy - how time flies.

This morning I went out to pick-up the kitty dishes (wet food) to wash and there was this bright glowing orb in the skies - it scared me!!!!  LOL.  I haven't seen a clear view of the sun in days - it has been so cloudy.  That has kept the heat down - which is good.
It was supposed to rain overnight and was sorely needed - but all we got here was sprinkles.
Next week is supposed to be low humidity and 70's - aaaahhhhhh.

The hummingbirds are still here and drinking lots and lots.  I see formations of geese about 4X every morning and evening.  They go west each morning and then back east in the evening - honking all along the way!
The blue jays and woodpeckers haven't been around much lately.  Miss their antics.
The outside kitties sure do like the cooler weather - lounging in their chairs and in the greenhouse - and not having to hide in the shade.  Momma is doing much better.
Mr. groundhog is sure getting fat!  I am still not sure where he is living.  I see him in my yard, neighbors yard and the one behind me.  He scurries under decks and buildings in all places - guess he has a lot of homes!

This week:
  • Used leftover refried beans in a lasagna I made - added protein, didn't waste, but you couldn't even tell it was there
  • Used dehumidifier water in laundry
  • Cut a bunch of stuff from the back fence - some small wild trees coming up and lots of spent flowers
  • Picking tomatoes - still getting tons of cherry toms.  I checked out the price of organic cherry tomatoes this week - boy have I raised a fortune!!!!  They were 5.99 for a 12 oz. container.  YIKES
  • Watered plants with water from rain barrels
  • I ran to Kroger and Ollies - just because this week (had to get out).  I wanted seedless grapes that were on sale and sale cheese (4/$5 - for 8 oz. pkg.).  I got a bunch of DEALS!!
Cauliflower and onions - both .99 ea.!!!!  Markdowns bags.  Ground beef - 85% lean was clearance at 1.99/lb.  They had lesser lean on sale for 1.88 - decided to get this (that is 12 meals for me - .50 meal for meat).  

Diced tomatoes with garlic - .49 can (12 cans) and 4 cans of southwest pinto beans for .49 each
Multi packs of cookie sprinkles - .99 ea.  Honey mustard sauce - 1.29 and 4 packs of smoky mac n  cheese (instant - for just in case) for .39 each
                                        My FAVORITE flavor of ice cream!!!!!!!!  1.29 each!
Look at the size of these grapes!  Compare to my thumb nail - huge!!! Pictured is just one stem of grapes - more in the bag.  Juicy and sweet too!
Lastly - Ollie's had spices on sale.  Every kind you could imagine.  Not those tiny jars either - these are the bigger bottles - it fills up my hand.  .97 EACH!!!!!  I got stocked up.  They even had this size jar of dehydrated onions and garlic for .97.  Surely can't dehydrate my own that cheap.
  • Cleaned out all the upper kitchen cabinets and loaded up 3 boxes of stuff to donate.  I cleaned the tops of the cabinets as well - I have storage up there too.  3 boxes so far to deliver to thrift on Tuesday (closed Mon.) and 2 bags of trash!  UGH. It is amazing what we accumulate and keep!  I mean how many small appliances does one person need?
  • I received a letter this week!  A snail mail letter - doesn't happen much today.  I also wrote one in return!
  • I organized spice and baking cabinet
  • Using what I have, cooking from home, just doing all the normal stuff
  • Got to have the windows open some and fresh air!
Meals this week:
Lasagna and garlic toast
Lasagna and salad - (froze  remainder)
Ground steak burger, baked beans and fries
Ground turkey burger (reheated from freezer), macaroni and sliced tomatoes
Fried green tomatoes and dressing/turkey fritters (last ones from freezer)
Ham and cheese sandwich and salad
Slice of pizza (from freezer) and salad

I started the week slowly - lost my oomph!  Cooler days prevailed and helped boost me.  I ended the week on a roll.  So much to do - just minimizing stuff.  I feel so much happier to open a cabinet and see it neat and orderly - with far less in it.

How was your week?  What has everyone been up to?

PLEASE pray for all those being affected by fires and smoke.  Many of our friends here are  in that area.  It is so terribly sad and heart breaking.  Many people have lost everything.  Sadly we heard about this months ago with our Australian friends and now our west coast friends are being hurt.
Prayers that fires are contained and put out soon.  Prayers for rain.  Prayers for comfort.
I can not even fathom.

I pray that this week we can all live and act more 'Christ like'.  We need to be kind and caring and loving.  May the hate and nastiness stop immediately - it only causes more division.  PLEASE  pray for our world - prayers are surely needed.
Blessings from my humble little home to yours.
God bless.


  1. What a great week you had, Cheryl. And what great deals you got at Kroger and the spices at Ollies...I would have stocked up on those too. We have an Ollies in Chattanooga, but we've not been to Chattanooga since the pandemic started. I hope you have another good week this week too. :)

    1. It did turn out pretty good. I won't be doing any more shopping for quite a while - but plan on de-cluttering more!!!!
      Have a good one.

  2. Sounds like you have had a good week. Like you we are praying for those affected by the fires and this terrible virus. Take care and stay safe.

    1. Thank you for your prayers - it is all so sad.
      Have a great week.

  3. You got some great marked down items. I love when I find marked down meat. I have never seen marked down ice cream. I love butter pecan. We had a very expensive week but it was planned. We got a 17 week old puppy. Her name is Charlotte and she is so sweet.

    1. Oh wow - how neat is that!!! I hope you post some pictures of her on your blog soon. I love puppies. The little guy next is growing and so playful and doesn't mind well at all!!! LOL He is a cutie though.
      Congrats on the new family member!!!

  4. We never get clearance like that! Our clearance yesterday had candy, a few toys, sunscreen, and Kaopectate!! We did a sunscreen cuz we have 2 more months of yard work. Dillons had cheese for $1.25/8 oz. so I got 8 of them to freeze. We also bought a flat of sale PB for the local food pantry. 99 ¢ each.

    Got something done this week!!
    *Worked on doll house
    *Taught myself to use a small knitting loom and made a child sized scarf to donate
    *Switched from our spring/summer ivy dishes to the brown transfer ware set we use in fall and winter
    *Dyed my hair at home, as usual
    *Washed and put fall quilt on bed
    *Finished fall decorating. Hung gold twinkle lights on mantle to warm up room.
    * Cut husband's hair
    * Completed 4 more masks for gifts
    Meals were:
    Ham subs
    Chef salad
    Corn Chowder
    Sm. Roast with potatoes and carrots
    Orts and ends
    Aldi pizza

    View from the Corner Shop (ww2)
    John, Proverbs, and 1 Samuel
    The Witness by Nora Roberts
    The Fix by David Baldacci
    And I finished the Flavia De Luce book, The Dead in their Vaulted Arches
    The Flavias are my favorite right now. She's a smart British tween in the 1950s who loves chemistry and solving mysteries. 100% clean!

    The cooler weather has been heavenly and I'm heartbroken that I'm not able to get out there and weed! I've been watching for the Monarch butterflies to begin their trip south but no sign of them just yet.

    I have many friends surrounded by fires. One is on evacuation alert near Eugene, OR. I talked to her yesterday and their cars are loaded up just in case. My other friends are currently safe, but suffering from asthma and sinus problems from the smoke and ash. I sure don't miss that from my life in Cali. I remember one year that I got a respiratory infection, pink eye, and my eyelids got a blistery rash from an allergic reaction- we think from Eucalyptus trees burning. My poor puppy was sick with a respiratory infection right along with me. That was the closest we ever came to losing our home there.

    Sorry so long winded! Have a good week!!

    1. You had a busy and productive week. This week is to be cooler here - by the end of the week, they are saying 40's at night.
      The butterflies have been so pretty to watch.

      I can never read more than one book at a time. I get them confused!
      I hope your friends are safe and don't lose their homes.
      Have a good week

  5. Your grocery prices are outstanding. I'm happy if I find ground beef on sale for $3.99 a pound. I bought a bottle of red chili flakes this week - $6.99 and that was lowest price I could find. Thank goodness it lasts a long time.

    With the storms and the fires and the pandemic and, and, and....this year has just been something else. We all need to look for one another. Hopefully things improve soon.

    Take care and stay well!

    1. Wow, glad our prices aren't like that. If shipping weren't so expensive, I often think it would fun to buy for each other.

      This year has been been one for the record books for sure. We do need to help each other and just be kind.
      I sure hope things get better soon.

  6. You found some great buys! If we would all follow the greatest commandment to love one another, none of this craziness would happen.

    1. Love is what we all need to show and give. People sure do sadden me. Not the same as when I grew up.

  7. I do feel so sorry for the fire ravaged areas. Such devastation!
    Thank you for the hint about the lasagna ...I'll remember that!

  8. I took a load to Goodwill last week. First I went to the GW in Paris, since it is country drive that I enjoy. Did not even think about calling first. I got over there only to find that it is temporarily closed due to shortage of help.

    I never was one for small appliances, but there are a few I would have liked if I had room to leave them where i could use them easily. Roger's mom loved them all. Do you remember there was a spell probably in the early 80's where there was a all these little appliances for everything. I cannot even think of all of them. One we had was for hot basically electrocuted them. LOL