Sunday, September 20, 2020

Weekly Wrap-Up 9/20

 Good morning to everyone.  This coming week is the official start to fall in our area.  It sure has come around quickly, considering how little we all did this year!!  You would think all the staying home would have made the time seem slower - but it sure seems like it went by quickly.

We are really getting the feel of fall.  Mornings have been in the upper 40's and low 50's.  Days 60's and 70'sF.  I love it.  No furnace yet - but no AC needed either.  It is supposed to get back to 80* this week.   Mornings are dark, when I go out to feed the cats, and all I hear are crickets and a far off call of the rooster.  So quiet.
Today I put on my first sweatshirt of the season and got out my slippers!!!  EEK

I do believe the hummingbirds have gone to warmer destinations in the past couple days.  I saw a couple on Thursday and haven't seen one since.  I am going to put new nectar out today  just in case we get some strays flying south!  I will sure miss my little flying jewels.

We are back to having blue skies and calm.  It was quite breezy for the past 3 days.  Earlier in the week, the skies never had blue, just a haze and the sun looked red when it came up in the morning.  Weather guy said it was from the smoke from out west that got caught up in the jet stream.

We are now to have the sunniest, clearest stretch of weather that we have had in months.  Absolutely no rain in sight (ugh).  Things are so dry.  Sunshine and blue skies are appreciated though!

My week: (was kind of quiet)
  • Still picking tomatoes and eating them every day
  • Did a lot more yard work -  deadheading flowers, trimmed bushes out back for the final time this year, weed whacked - the grass is basically dormant so all there was around was the occasional pop up weeds, started cutting back the peonies (trash bin full) - lots of odds and ends
  • Made a batch of beans and rice and used in different ways
  • Changed the bed quilt to a heavier one for fall
  • Windows open most of the week
  • Laundered what seemed like everything!!!  Clothes, bedding, throw rugs, table toppers, furniture covers - you name it
  • Turned off the ceiling fans for the first time in MONTHS
  • My brother came by to get some ham seasoning I have and he brought me peppers - YUM
                            Aren't they pretty?  The longest green one is 8" long!  Happy dance!!!!!
  • Ran up the road to the library.  Got a couple new books
  • Been watering everything with water from rain barrels
  • Washed ALL the bedding for the kitties in the greenhouse (ready for cool weather) and sprayed the greenhouse with natural flea spray - kitties got their flea meds as well
  • Made my first chili of the season!
  • Washed the full glass panels in the security doors - inside and out
  • I have been doing more de-cluttering and packed another box
  • NO grocery shopping or shopping of any sort 
  • Just doing all the normal stuff we all do - nothing too exciting
Meals this past week:
Chicken chunks/asparagus stir fry over noodles
Beans and rice with ground beef, sliced tomatoes
Burritos (used rice/beans) cheese, salsa & ranch dressing
Chili with crackers/butter - (tossed in leftover beans/rice)
Stuffed pepper skillet & cheesy bread
Chili w/cheese & sour cream and crackers
Leftover stuffed pepper skillet with a baked potato
Tomatoes every day at some time during the day!!!!!

I am ready for comfort food, reading books and nesting all snuggled up in a throw!  Sounds crazy probably - most of us have nested all summer - but there is something different about cooler weather and the beauty of the season.
Yesterday I was tired after working outside and came in and laid down on the bed, and Coogy came in and snuggled with me.  Those are the times I just smile and feel calm!

How was your week?  Are you all ready for the autumn weather?  Have you done any stocking up this  week (in any form)?

I hope you are all well and safe.  I look forward to hearing from everyone - it makes my day!  May I say, we have such a good group here - so sharing and caring - I love it!

BLESSINGS from my humble little home to yours.


  1. We've had that same preamble to fall. I love sleeping with the window open. I saw my first 2 Monarchs heading south yesterday. I took out my pumpkin candle and have been thinking it's time for some pumpkin muffins.

    I had a very busy week but with little finished. Bigger projects that will require more time, but I'm glad they're underway. The rewards will just come a bit later!
    * Made 2 loaves of banana bread
    * Painted and installed a lot of doll house trim.
    * I loom knitted another child scarf.
    * I finally got my first PT appt! I sure hope it helps.

    Meals were:
    *Cheerios with bananas, grapes
    *Chef salad
    *Club sandwiches and chips
    *Taco salad
    *Chili dogs
    *Roast chicken and onion taters
    *Leftover chicken and taters

    Finished both the Nora Roberts and Flavia mysteries. Now reading:
    # View from the Corner Shop
    # John, Proverbs, and 1 Samuel
    # The Fix by David Baldacci
    # The Waiting by Suzanne Fisher Woods (Amish series)

    Hopefully I'll have a few projects to report as done next week.

    The highlight of my week was catching an all out screeching battle between a squirrel and a blue jay in a backyard tree!! They were fighting over the bird feeder! My dog was glued to the screen door and quivering in hopes I'd let him out. The squirrel backed town but not before telling the jay exactly what he thought of him!

    Good week to all! Don't forget to put hot chocolate on your grocery list!

    1. Sounds very busy to me!! I sure hope the PT works for you as well. Praying you get some relief.
      Your meals sound right up my alley. All sound good.
      I have my fall candle going today. I love the smell of fall candles.

      Oh my goodness I bet that was funny to watch. I put nuts out for the squirrels and then some on the feeder (where squirrels can't get) for the blue jays. They sure do love them.
      I think I have plenty of hot chocolate mix already to go - but need to check. Good reminder.
      Have a great week.

    2. Thanks for the PT prayers. I'll sure be happy to have my knee back. A woman at PT said her same injury took a year to heal completely but to just keep doing the exercises and be patient.

      What kind of peanuts are safe for the critters?

  2. I've been in a bit of declutter mode myself even though I did it very heavily long ago. I opened cupboards in the kitchen and found several items unused for a few years. Into the trunk of my car. I went through a stack of magazine articles yet again. This time, I kept just 6 pages so about 3" stack into the recycle. Books from my bookcase I decided I won't even reread once, into the trunk. I took it all to the thrift store on Friday-half a trunk load! I was amazed I came up with that much. Then yesterday, I strolled through my quilt books (about 2/3 of one shelf so not a ton). I found 6 of a quilting style I will never do. I put them on my FB Buy Nothing page-they were picked up within the hour.

    No shopping. Eating out of the fridge/freezer/pantry.

    I have a terrible squirrel living here. The little bugger has eaten through 4 spaghetti squash (where is that face of horror emoji when ya need it!) He's made a terrible mess and I'm out 4 terrific squash! I hope he doesn't attack the remaining-they simply are not ready to pick!

    I quilted 2 quilts this week. 1 is a baby quilt that is now bound and finished. And a super king size Snails Trail that is quilted, trimmed and awaiting binding.

    Like you, I am thoroughly enjoying a brief cool spell with all the windows/doors open all day long and a wool blanket on the bed :-)

    For now the fire smoke out here has cleared but it is expected to return as we heat up again. For the moment, I am enjoying the bright sunshine! It's been awhile ;)

    1. Good for you on finding things to go out the door. It seems I will be finding stuff for ages!
      I bet the quilts are lovely.

      Maybe you could put baskets or something over your squash or surround with chicken wire or something. My brother thought squirrels were getting a bunch of his stuff (they did get some) but his biggest offender he saw - was a young deer!

      Love the windows open. Hope you get many more smokeless days!!! Have a good one.

  3. I love in the So Cal desert with about 7-9 inches of rainfall a year. Ugh! So it's still around 100 degrees each day. It will START cooling in October. No fall clothes around here until possibly November. Haven't actually worn a coat in over two years, a jacket, yes, a coat, no.

    Spent $150 at Winco this week stocking up on more canned goods and cat food. We have a very spoiled indoor cat, and a feral outdoor cat that runs when we step outside, but will consent to eat our food. She gets three good meals a day, and lives in the backyard, but won't let us near her. We bought her a two story cat house for her to nap in, and shelter on the very rare days that is does rain. We caught her once and got her spayed so no more multiple litters of kittens per year. But she shows no gratitude. :D

    Anyways, there is probably now, a cat-read-only sign somewhere that announces there are a couple of suckers living in this house as there is a new feral coming around for chow. And we are feeding him also. Husband and I both seem to have a mother's heart, and no one should go hungry. It does keep our cat food bill high, though.

    1. Oh my that is hot for too long for me. You sure do need rain. I hate that CA gets so little.
      Good for you on stocking up.

      'My' Blackie -started out feral - and decided I give out pretty good food! He finally let me pet him after much patience on my part - and now he 'loves me sooooo much'. LOL He comes running every time he sees me - nobody else - just me. He gets shelter and food and even got flea meds the other day.
      I seem to always be adding car food to stock!

      I have always said the same thing - somebody must have posted a sign "Crazy cat lady lives here".
      Oh well - they are sweet.
      Have a good week and stay cool.

    2. Oh, bless your ❤ Anne. My bestie lives in the desert too- in Quartz Hill. She feeds and spayed a couple of ferals too. My mom lived in Ridgecrest for several years. I loved winters there.

  4. I LIVE in the desert is what I meant to say.

  5. We had chili one day this week too. The weather has turned cooler and it was perfect chili weather. We had cloudy days this week off hurricane Sally and one day of rain, which is good. I hope you have a great week, Cheryl. :)

    1. Chili hit the spot for me - I have been craving it.
      Lovely weather! You have a great week as well.

  6. I still have a few hummingbirds coming around, and I'm about 600 miles north of you in Wisconsin. I hope these stragglers leave soon and get where they need to be! Celie

    1. Well, maybe the ones you are seeing will need a quick meal when they get in my area. I will provide it for them.
      It is amazing how far they go.

  7. We've had a very busy couple of weeks. I had the optometrist and we both had the dentist (on different days). Husband has a haircut this week, and we have two medical appts next week.

    I bought new glasses, including new frames. The optician explained why the ones I bought at the thrift store wouldn't work for my face and prescription. She told me I had a 30% discount on frames through my health insurance and added another 10% off to that. The exam was also paid for by the insurance, so that freed up enough money I didn't feel too guilty buying new frames. My old frames had taken quite a beating in my fall a few weeks ago. I'll wear these glasses for a number of years (since I've given up contact lenses), so they'll be worth it.

    I ordered a new freezer yesterday. It is to be delivered Sep 30. This is a 10.6cf GE garage-ready chest freezer that I wanted last Spring but dithered too long about buying until they were out of stock for months. At $600 it was no bargain, but we hope to get many years of use out of it. The refrigerator I ordered over two months ago has been delayed again to around Nov. 8. Good thing my old one still works!

    We have had unseasonably cold weather here, with frost on the roofs last night. I had picked all the bell peppers, but covered the tomato plants, which still have quite a few slowly ripening cherry tomatoes.

    I took advantage of the cooler weather to dig out two grossly overgrown hosta plants in my front flowerbeds. That was a heck of a job! The one plant was at least 6 ft in diameter, and the roots were wound around the electrical wire to the yard light, which made it rather challenging to remove. I then covered all the nicks in the power line with two layers of electrical tape and dug a deeper trench, since the line had frost-heaved above ground in places. I placed the line in the trench (only about 5in deep before I hit rock), and covered it with bricks before putting the soil back. This way I can tell where the line is when I am planting. I am planning to put in a pollinator-friendly front flowerbed. It already has a purple butterfly bush and orange butterfly weed along with tiger lilies and spiderwort. I'll plant zinnias, cosmos and marigolds from seed. Might try snapdragons, too. The soil is mostly clay and slag (on top of an old coal mine) in Zone 6a with a partially shaded western sun.

    We haven't seen a hummingbird since Sep 4. The older robins and starlings cleared out a couple of weeks ago, too. The squirrels and chipmunks are very busy now.

    I've been tackling some home maintenance during this cooler weather, too. Checked the water pipe heat tape under the house. Today I flushed and filled the water heater (we have very hard water). Tomorrow I will mow and put the insulation panels back in place behind the skirting after I drop a few mouse poison baits under the house and in the sheds.

    We recently celebrated Husband's 89th birthday with a Guinness, homemade pizza and chocolate chip cookies (per his request). Neither of his daughters or his grandson called, which was sad for him.

    Dinners this week will be BBQ Cheeseburger Macaroni (smelling good in the crockpot at I type), Tuna Noodle Casserole, and Roast Beef Sandwiches one evening. I love chili, but Husband's digestion can't tolerate beans. I'm making a dump cake later in the week, but I haven't decided which kind.

    I'm reading Robert Low's "Oathsworn" series of books (from the library). They are about a band of Vikings in the 10th Century. Much better than I expected.

    In the frugality dept, all laundry went on the line, I combined a number of errands to save on gas, and I made three Project Linus quilt tops from scraps of other quilts. The new freezer is Energy Star rated, so we will get a $25 rebate from our electric company. I found 11 cents in the street while walking down to get the mail (instead of driving).

    Hope everyone has a safe and frugal week!

    1. Well that tired me out just reading it! What a dynamo you are my lady.
      That is amazing that you get the freezer that quickly. Very happy for you. Worth the price for peace of mind.

      Tell hubby HAPPY BIRTHDAY from me! That is quite a milestone. So sad his kids didn't acknowledge. Glad he got the birthday dinner he wanted!

      My niece makes chili without beans because her kids don't like them. I like my beans - but you can make it without.
      You dinners all sound yummy.

      You are sure a workhorse out in the yard. I hate digging!
      Take care and don't over do it!

  8. Another busy week! I'm sure you're happy to have the heat mostly behind you. I do like fall...just not what follows. :)

    Take care and stay well!

    1. Oh I am the same way. If we could go through fall and then into spring I would be delighted!
      Have a good week

  9. We've had temperatures in the low 40'sF overnight and up to around 60F in the afternoon so perfect for walking and getting things done! We had some haziness from the forest fires early in the week but the past few days have been clear blue skies and beautiful sunshine - just perfect!
    I've cleared out a few more odds & ends this week and did quite a few loads of laundry. There had been some problems with the pipes in the basement a couple of weeks ago so the laundry room was out of commission in my apt. bldg. for about a week and things had piled up. Everything is washed, dried, folded or ironed, and put away! I've also started switching out Summer clothes for Winter - just a bit at a time as we'll still get some hot days but it's a start.
    I didn't do a big shop last week - just picked up a few odds & ends when I was at different stores (things that I can't find in my local store) but I will need to get some veg this week.
    I made a big pot of mushroom barley soup yesterday, made up a container of tuna salad and then bought some frozen arancini (with different fillings) so that will cover a lot of meals for this week.
    All the walks in the crisp cold air has meant that I've slept very well this past week!

    1. Sounds like your weather has been similar to ours.
      Glad the pipe problem is fixed so you could get the laundry all done. I slowly switch out clothes as well. There will still be warm days.
      Your soup sounds wonderful. Sounds like your meals are pretty well taken care of.

      Cool weather helps me sleep better as well.
      Take care and have a good week.

  10. I went into the garden mid day. I was surprised how many tomatoes were ready to go. I managed to chop up 16 cups. So, add the rest of the ingredients, and a lot of time, and I have 16 pints of canned salsa cooling on the counter! Wohoo!!!!

    It's notable as my garden has been a dud this year for the most part.

    1. YAY! So glad you got enough for salsa. 16 pints is a great amount. Good for you.
      Sorry your garden didn't do well - seems many did not.

  11. I made tomato and apple chutney/pickled beetroot/pickled red cabbage for the store cupboard. I also added meat loaf to the freezer.

    1. Way to go. How wonderful all that will be in the cold winter months!

  12. This is indeed a very good group of women who shares ideas and encouragement. Don't you just love this cooler weather? It's so nice to open up the house before the really cold weather hits. I figured we'd get some of the rain from the storm but not so. Dry as a bone!

    A kitty or a dog makes a good napping companion! My little dog Riley comes to me in the afternoon and says that it's time to sit on the sofa with our blanket and read a while. He naps, I read.

    1. yes I am thoroughly enjoying the weather. Dry here too.
      Our babies are just such loveable companions. I love snuggles

  13. I think this is such a nice place, like having coffee with friends. : )

    For me, I planted some white squash, butternut squash and blue hubbard in some raised beds. I have some greens growing in little cups on my screened porch and I will plant those outside too when they are big enough.

    Today I made a vegan version of Olive Garden's Zuppa Soup! It's one of those things that goes over good in the fall.

    I exercised on my little Walmart eliptical for a little bit and have been taking walks when the weather is sunny.

    I've seen some little hummingbirds here going from little red Salvia flower to flower in my front flower garden. I also have an orange butterfly friend that loves to come swirling around me and hanging around, it's as if he knows me.

    I'm starting to cut out a dusty blue cotton seersucker small check print dress, I've been studying a photo of my real grandma who I was named after with my daddy when he was a little boy back in the 30s. I'm trying to recreate the vibe of my Grandma Amelia's dress back then.

    I drink a lot of iced hibiscus mixed with peach tea, it's a little treat for myself. And when I feel like my throat is feeling sore sometimes I make myself some hot Buttermint tea and it's so nice and soothing.

    I'm reading my devotional in the morning, Streams in the Desert and my Bible, especially Psalms 91. I'm also enjoying a book called 'The Other Side of Infamy' by Jim Downing. My daughter was able to meet him four years ago at the Pearl Harbor anniversary, he was over one hundred years old and sharp as anything.

    I tested out batteries in a new two foot tall Christmas tree I'm going to give to my 90 yr. old mom, maybe it will cheer her up. It has different settings, white, colored, blinking etc.

    I have the old movie, 'Fuller Brush Girl' on in the background with a young Lucille Ball and Eddie Albert, a darling movie. Made me laugh outloud!

    Now it's time for some afternoon coffee, Instant is the choice for me in the afternoon, sometimes I split it half caf. I drink the real brewed stuff in the morning. Now how's that for a coffee club? : )

    These are just a few of things I've been doing, it's nice to know the same moon that shines on me shines on you too. : ) I enjoyed our coffee.

    Oh, and I saw two deer and two separate times in my backyard today! : )

    Take care, God bless, enjoyed my visit. <3 ~Amelia

    1. Oh how sweet - your phrase struck me "it's nice to know the same moon that shines on me shines on you too". That is such a a wonderful sentiment. Thank you.

      You sound like you have been busy.
      I haven't heard anyone speak of seersucker for ages. My Mom and I had many look alike dresses she made that were seersucker (when I was little).
      Your tea mix sounds interesting. I like peach tea.

      I taped a 2 hour show about Lucille Ball the other day - it is all about her life. I haven't watched yet. She was quite the powerhouse - I loved her.
      I hope your Mom likes the little tree and that it cheers her!

      Enjoy the conversation. Thanks for being here.

  14. It sounds like your weather has been like ours. Even the smokey haze.
    Today Farmer started cutting beans. Harvest 2020 has started! We'll be busy (barring any rain) for the next 4 weeks.
    He had his doctor appointment last Monday and will be off work (at the factory) until Oct. 19. That should give the 4 weeks he wants to get the crops out.
    I picked a 5-gal bucket of tomatoes this evening. I think I am basically done with canning. I could probably do another batch of salsa. DS2 brought back 3 empty jars already.
    I got 6 organic butchered chickens last Thursday. I had DS2 take home 20# of ground beef so I would have room in the chest freezer for the chickens. I cut them up and have the breasts, thighs and tenders flash freezing on cookie sheets. I just put 3 pairs of wings and 3 pairs of drumsticks in 2 bags each. we don't eat those pieces as much. I'll probably cook the drumsticks for chicken dishes. I would like to try the wings in the Air Fryer for an easy meal for me when Farmer has something I don't care for. I have several different marinades to use on them.
    I put out all my Autumn decorations on Saturday. It looks so festive. I haven't put them out in several years. (I don't recognize that Oct. 31 event.) Farmer grew pumpkins this year and the Little grands are coming out Sunday to pick their pumpkins. He also grew mini pumpkins and some gourds. I will gather some corn stalks and make my outside decoration this coming weekend.
    Enjoy the cool temps. I know I am! :)

    1. It sure sounds like it is going to be busy around your place for a while. Your husband won't get much of a break with having to take care of the fields.
      Good deal on the chickens. Sounds like you are getting prepared for the winter. I am not much a leg and wing person either - they are good for other things though.

      Your decorations sound lovely. I love fall decorations - they are always so colorful. I like the natural look.
      I am enjoying the temps as well!!!!

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