Sunday, September 27, 2020

Weekly Wrap-Up 9/27

 Hello to all.  Happy Sunday and last weekend of September.  The time is just flying by this year.
We have had really nice weather this week.  Pretty much perfect in my opinion.  70's during the day and 50's at night.  Still absolutely no rain!  Driest September in decades.  The weather folks are saying perhaps we will get some rain later tonight.

It seems this will be what happens here this coming week.  High's are supposed to be only in the 60's and lows in the 40's.  It appears fall has come around.  There is still a lot of green to be seen on the trees around here.  No bright colors yet.  I imagine after some rain and colder temps that colors will appear.

I accomplished some this week, but I was just in a very reflective mood.  This would have been the week of Glen's 65th birthday (the 24th).  Instead of getting to give him grief about 65 (LOL) - he had his 2nd heavenly birthday.  I sure do miss him, but I know he is enjoying the bliss and wonderments of heaven - something we can only try to imagine.  

I want to thank you all for participating this week and giving so many stories and ideas on budgeting.  I think there were many great ideas - and I can almost guarantee that your answers helped someone who is struggling.  THANK YOU

My week:
  • Still picking tomatoes.  I think this week I may pull out the regular plants and harvest everything to ripen inside.
  • Did more yard work - here and there.  Just deadheading lots of plants.
  • Froze the balance of the chili for another day
  • Chopped up some tiny colored peppers I had and froze for future use
  • Cleaned out the bedroom closet (again).  I had an added shelf that was moving - so I screwed that in for safety - and just got rid of a lot of stuff
  • Dropped 4 boxes and a big bag of stuff at the church thrift store
  • Picked up a FREE loaf of thick cut bread at thrift store 
  • AC off 95% of the week.  I turned on for one cycle on 2 different late afternoons
  • I ran to Kroger when out.  They had ground beef on sale for 1.77/lb.  I needed a few refrigerator items.  GOOD NEWS - ALL shelves were well stocked and full.  There was canned goods galore and lots of tomato products, pumpkin in cans, paper goods and cleaning supplies, soda pop of all kinds (had hardly nothing for well over 2 months - can problem?), lots of variety of meat and no limits on anything,  There were also assorted sizes of canning jars!!  It looked like the good old days!!!!!  (I understand not all areas are so blessed yet).  Just trying to give some encouragement.
Checked clearance area and found this pasta.  Basically bow tie!  .49/lb. box and dated 2023!!!  Got 7 boxes - all that was left.
  • Did a decent clean up of the main part of garage.  Looks so much better.  Need to work on de-cluttering out there at some point and work on the shelves.  AT least the floor area is clear!
  • Brought in all items that might be freezable - paint and such
  • Started working in basement - OH MY GOODNESS!  I did get the craft table cleaned off.  I went through a huge tote and sorted saved jars (not canning).  I cleaned the little hall between laundry room and living area.  I brought up a lot of things to just trash. (at least I started this project)
  • I went through what items I have purchased for Christmas baskets.  Not as much as I thought.  I need to get busy with that.
  • Used rain barrels to water plants
  • Doing all the basics - cooking from home, laundry in cold, line drying, airing house, drinking water - porch sitting!
Meals this past week:
Mushroom/Swiss steak burger and macaroni w/tomatoes
Grilled cheese and tomato soup
Breakfast - waffle (last from freezer), sausage patties and fried egg
Beef/bean/cheese  Frito casserole
Leftover casserole and salad
Pork chops, kraut and fried smashed potato
Broccoli/tuna macaroni with cheese

Now that the weather is cooling I am thinking about all the comfort foods!  
I am proud I finally started working in cleaning the clutter in the basement.  It is a very daunting project - and I usually just go look and walk away.  At least I have started!  Baby steps!!!!!

The kitties are enjoying the cooler temps.  The squirrels are now eating lots more around here.  I still see them running around with walnuts - but they are back to eating corn, sunflower seeds and peanuts!  Birds still seem a bit scarce - but they will be back soon.  My hummies are gone!  Haven't even seen a stray. 😢

So tell us - how was your week?  Gardens, canning, freezing??  Deals??  
Are you doing any fall cleaning?  Look forward to hearing from you all.

May you and yours be safe and healthy in the coming week.
Blessings from my humble little home to yours.

I can do all things in Him who strengthens me.
Philippians 4:13


  1. That is one of my favorite passages. I say it to myself all the time. We are still having some hot temps here this week. I hope it cools down soon as hunting season starts Saturday. I'm cleaning the freezer out and rearranging in hopes of a deer! LOL Have a great day!

    1. I love that passage as well. Oh, I hope you get a deer for the freezer - good plan to anticipate getting ONE! Positive thinking - brings it to you!!! (here is hoping).
      Have a great one my friend!

  2. Wow, your weather sounds wonderful being able to have the a/c turned off 95% of the time. I can't wait until we get there. That is wonderful news about Kroger, full shelves. I haven't been yet, but am so glad to hear that news. What a great deal on the ground beef and pasta, I would have stocked up on both of those. Happy Birthday to Glen in spirit this week. I hope you have a good week, Cheryl. :)

    1. It will be even cooler this coming week. I love it.
      It really made me happy to see full shelves. I hope it returns soon every where.
      Thank you dear. Have a great week.

  3. Sounds like you had a good week! I was at our Kroger yesterday and there were still a few empty spots, but not as many as in previous weeks. I was able to score a light for our bathroom fixture (it is one of those long thin lightbulbs) for $0.75 (original price was $8+). I wish they would have had a couple more and I would have bought them for backups. LOL Happy Heavenly birthday to your Glen! Hope you have a great week!

    1. What a deal!!! Yes, too bad you couldn't get more. Love finding deals like that.

      Glad your stores are getting better too.
      Thank you! Have a great one.

  4. Cooler temps are coming here this week and I can't wait!

  5. Sounds like you're in my area -- grew up in SW MI, now live in the Chicago 'burbs. Looking forward to the rain that's predicted to begin this afternoon, and kinda looking forward to the cooler temps that they're saying is headed our way (tho, not necessarily the 40s!). Last week was a tough one, especially when it came to planning anything. Medical test on Monday had to be postponed to Tuesday because they failed to tell me complete prep procedures, blood work on Weds., then the refrig started acting up. Thurs. spent waiting for repairman, only to find he didn't have the correct parts with him, so back on Friday. Was supposed to have a window repaired on Friday afternoon, but they sent the wrong size. Argn!!!! So, virtually nothing on my "plan to do" list got done. On the bright side, my test results are in and there is no urgency to see me in-office; we're doing a teleconference on Weds. And, the refrig part they thought they needed to replace was not what was needed. The part that needed to be replaced was significantly cheaper, so it was $100+ less than the estimate. But, as a result of the repair taking longer to do, the refrig door was open for the better part of 5 hours (they est about 90 mins and said I only needed to clear the top shelf, so nothing else went into coolers). I needed to clean out the refrig anyway, so I took the opportunity and tossed anything that could be "iffy", washed shelves and sides, and replaced the box of baking soda. Always try to find the silver lining, life is too short to stew over the negative. Sunday blessings, everyone!

    1. Bummer - what a week. I hate it when things like that happen. It does sound like good results all the way around though!
      Exactly - sometimes we have to look a little - but we can find the sunshine after the rain!
      Hope this next week goes better. Have a good one.

  6. Yay for some cool weather! We've had to use the AC in late afternoon and nights. But I think we're back to open windows at night. 40-50° is my magic sleep temp.

    Felt super productive this week!
    *cleaned out 2 kitchen drawers
    *Made toilet bombs
    *sorted all my fabrics by color. Labeled and boxed them. I used those clear box spring mix containers from Sam's Club. Perfect size and free!
    *cleaned out 3 desk drawers and emptied one completely! I now have a drawer simply for pens and pencils.
    *repainted gourd ghosts that took a big hail hit last year.

    Meals were typical. All stuff I've listed here before. Looking forward to tomato soup and GC, now that you mentioned it!! Nothing better after church on a cool Sunday.

    I finished 3 books and started 3 more. Started-
    *The Chimney Sweepers Come to Dust by Alan Bradley
    *The Search by Suzanne Woods Fisher
    *Spuds, Spam & Eating for Victory (WW2 rationing).

    I'm hoping to get a lot more done this week. The cooler snap always energizes me.

    1. The cooler weather always energizes me too.
      Sounds like you accomplished quite a bit. Good job.
      I so enjoyed the tomato soup and grilled cheese - that is a favorite fall dish for me. Takes me back to childhood.

      I need to get some Suzanne Woods Fisher again. I really like her work and it has been a long while since I have read her.
      Have a good week

    2. Her books are just up my alley. I like reading about home, faith, and family in a good light. I read those types of books before bed in hopes of mellow dreams. If you haven't read Janette Oke's Seasons books, I recommend them. Make sure you go in order. When I was done, I was wishing we had 8 or 12 seasons!! I didn't want them to end.

  7. Sounds like a good week, good food, progress on the decluttering, and sweet memories.

    Take care and stay well.

  8. I'm blowing our showers your way. They predicted rain/storms between 7-8 a.m. and that's when they came. We didn't get a lot of rain but every little bit helps.
    I had hoped to get some organizing and cleaning done yesterday after I watched the Littles, but ended up running to & from the bean field. Up side: Time spent with the Farmer. Down side: Hit my elbow VERY HARD on the corner of the grain truck box getting out in too big of a hurry. Hurt so badly. So I did the little I had to do (laundry & supper) and spent the rest of the time on ice. Today it's better and I remembered I had Arnica cream in the first aid box.

    This coming week I hope to clean off the porch, can up the rest of the tomatoes as I have jars for and probably pull all but the most prolific plant.
    We'll pick pumpkins this afternoon with ds2 & family.
    I hope to reorganize my pantry and put the large containers, bowls, pots on the unheated back room. Farmer put together a shelving unit we got from my folks' house so I have more room for storage.
    I'd also like to start going through the upstairs storage room. I really can only do this in Spring or Fall as there is no ac or heat up there. I have too many books and just too much saved stuff up there. Some is Farmer's so that I'll keep up there. But there are dishes and decorative items that I doubt I'll use ever (if at all).
    And more importantly, I want to put together a capsule wardrobe. I wear a basic "uniform" to work of a top with the company logo and jeans. We are still not going to actual in-person church but when we do, I'll wear my basic black with a scarf &/or cardigan. I have a lot of items I haven't worn for 2-3 years so they need to go!
    I'll be going through drawers, closets, etc on the main floor and in the basement when the weather gets cold.

    1. Girl you sound like the clean-out bug has hit your house too! Don't use it - get rid of it. Bless someone else.
      It hurts so baaaaaad when you hit your elbow hard!!!!
      Sounds like you have a great plan and I hope you get a lot accomplished.

      The rain should hit here over night and early morning - not predicting a lot - but we need what we can get.
      Have a good and productive week!

    2. Kay, my best friend had that capsule thing down to an art when we were first out of college. Poor lol. She did grey, pink, and black, if I remember. I know pink and grey for sure. She always looked so good and always professional. But if we met after work to go to a Lakers game, she could drop the jacket, add a scarf or necklace, and a light sweater and she just looked great. I took her to the airport once for a 3 week trip to Canada and she had only a carryon and purse. EVERYTHING was in it! She said 2 laundry runs would get her thru. I was in awe. I traveled a couple times a year for my 2nd job and I took 2 suitcases and carried on a toiletry bag!!!

  9. So tell us - how was your week? Gardens, canning, freezing?? Deals?? Are you doing any fall cleaning?

    Well, the squirrels have consumed all my spaghetti squash. They were not near ready for picking. I hope they are happy with themselves.

    The tomatoes are slowly producing. I managed to get another 16 pints of salsa canned Monday. None picked since. There were 2 bell peppers ready albeit small.

    I deep-cleaned the stove and the fridge this week. I dusted and cleaned the bathroom.

    I then braved an airplane to go be with my sister when she had surgery this week. I went a day early so we could drive to the beach for some needed therapy of ocean waves and 7.25 miles of beach walking. I got home late last night.

    1. So sorry they got your squash - little buggers. Drats
      16 more pints is a good thing - yay! My plants have really slowed in ripening and I have a couple baby peppers too.+

      You are brave! I hope all is well for your sister. So happy you got some beach therapy. That sounds heavenly.
      Have a good and restful week.

  10. Oh girl, you've been so busy. I'm still trying to adjust to getting things done after working part-time. Thankful that it only need by part-time!
    Be blessed,
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

    1. That would be a big adjustment - I am home every day. Dividing your time would sure makes things more difficult.

  11. Good morning from (still hot) south Florida!

    We had a pick-up from a charity on Saturday, so I spent a good part of the week adding to that "pile". We had to have them come because the big item was too large for my car---a sewing machine cabinet. It and the old, not-working Singer had to go. They were 3rd hand when they were gifted to me 20 years ago. I got myself a nice new sewing machine! I got a basic one as all I do anymore is mending, or sewing curtains for grand daughter's bedrooms!!

    Added to the pantry with only BOGO's at the grocery. I never see "deals" like you find in food. And our Publix does not have a reduced meat section---not sure what they do with it. Once in a while I find reduced chicken at Aldi's. It is usually a soon sell-by date. I come home and put it in a large pot to simmer and take the meat off the bones, package, and freeze for future meals. Also the broth!

    Sorry you had a hard week remembering Glen's birthday. Sending virtual hugs...

    1. Sounds like you had a nice clean out session at your home. I don't blame you - once things are replaced with better - no need to keep the older things.
      Sorry you don't find good deals at the grocery. Funny, I don't get into Aldi often - but have never seen marked down meat there. I hear people say they find it - but I never see it. (I don't usually buy meat there).

      Thank you!! Have a good week.

  12. That little bit of rain we had this morning was most welcome! Just need some more. Certain anniversaries bring us joy as well as sadness. We are joyful and grateful that our loved one was part of our life but we are never ready to let them go. I still miss my mother and she has been gone 40 years.

    Finding good things on at the clearance shelves in the grocery is like finding treasure. We did find some good buys at Big Lots although some of their canned goods aren't as cheap any more.

    1. We are still getting a bit of rain here - not much. Beggars can't be choosy!
      Yes, I know Glen is healthy and in heaven - but I still miss him. So many people gone.

      I think of it as a treasure hunt as well. Always looking for a deal!
      Have a good one.

  13. You always seem to get so much accomplished! I hope that Glen's birthday coming around doesn't bring as much pain this year and that slowly the wonderful memories will outweigh the sadness.

    We had some lovely Fall weather last week - went back to hot Summer weather on the weekend and today but it is supposed to drop quite a bit by the end of the week and we will get some rain as well. I think that was probably the last of the really hot temps.

    I went into the office 3 mornings last week but will probably only go in twice this week - I can do some work from home and infections are rising again here so trying to be extra careful.

    I spent a lot of time last week switching my linen and pantry closets. I needed some more plastic stacking bins but remembered that I had a lot down in my storage room holding Christmas decorations. I have a new 4 drawer plastic container on wheels which I emptied after the closet switch - so - I put the Christmas decorations that i'm going to keep into this container and freed up 5 bins which I've used in the pantry - I'll donate the decorations that I no longer want, better consolidate the ones I'll keep and didn't have to buy any new bins - Win - Win - Win!

    I ended up scrubbing out my fridge & freezer (just top of fridge) after some chicken blood leaked from a package I was defrosting - Yuck! Emptied, scrubbed and reorganized everything!

    I filled in some more gaps at the grocery store - and even found a couple of good deals on frozen veg, canned pie filling and fresh root veg. I'm now also concentrating on keeping fresh items like milk, eggs, cream and cheese up to date in case we go back into lockdown (or if I just want to avoid stores for a bit). Paper towels are the items that seem to be in short supply at the moment for some reason - and they are often limited. I noticed limits on one or two other things and the occasional picked over shelf here and there but nothing major. I even got Lysol wipes this week - although the limit was one per person and they were kept behind the checkout counter!

    I stir fried some chicken on the weekend and will make a Mango curry with it - that will do 3 meals. I also cooked a pork loin roast for Sunday dinner. I'll slice it all today and put some into the freezer for later. I have a small bin in the freezer that now contains all the things to eat first - once that has been finished I'll go into the big bins and pull out a variety of foods to move up front to be consumed first. I don't want to lose anything to freezer burn and frankly there's not much room for anything else so I need to make some space - Canadian Thanksgiving is in 2 weeks (might have 1 friend for dinner) so would like some room for a small turkey breast, maybe a pack of thighs (my friend prefers dark meat) and a small ham - these are really the only meats that I plan on buying for the next month or so.

    Have a lovely week everyone.

    1. My goodness you were busy and accomplished a lot. Good thinking about the bins and using what you have and just re-organizing things.
      I am glad things seem normal here (as normal as it gets). I don't use paper towels often - so I have one huge pack that will last ages.
      Get your stuff while you can! Best to be prepared.
      I hope you find the holiday meats you want!
      Have a great week

  14. Everyone did so much this week that I almost feel guilty that I spent most of my time with my nose in a book!
    My best frugal find was a 5-shelf bookcase found curbside here in the trailer park. It's a Bush R-T-A that retails on Amazon for $160! Office furniture has become very expensive since so many are working at home. I'm using it for extra storage of pantry items, replacing a smaller bookshelf that will be repurposed elsewhere.
    Your cooler, rainy weather is headed our way, so we have spent a lot of time just sitting outside in the carport watching the world go by. Possibility of frost on Friday. I still have a lot of green and ripening tomatoes on a couple of plants, but will probably move their buckets into the shed overnight. The carrots are done, and I will pick the rest of the peppers this week. Scallions can take a little cold. My second planting of edible pod peas is blooming like crazy, so I should have a few pods to eat next week. I'll bring in the rosebuds and a few zinnias to pretty up the house, too.
    After 7 or 8 years of not feeding the birds after having major raccoon problems, I dug out and cleaned up my birdfeeder and hung it off our front deck filled with black oil sunflower seeds. Also put out a nut & berry suet cake. It took three days, but the chickadees found it first, then the titmice, white-breasted nuthatches, goldfinches, a downy woodpecker, and a carolina wren. We also had a cardinal, doves and sparrows on the deck and steps eating the fallen seed. The feeder is squirrel-proof, with a lid that comes down to cover the seed when something too heavy lands on the perch. In order to keep the large birds from hogging the feeder, I added fishing weights on a trot line clip to each perch and calibrated it so that the smaller birds can get seeds but the blue jays, doves, starlings, etc. are locked out. I also wanted a bird bath, so I used a 10-in flower pot saucer (plastic) in a plant holder that just happens to fit securely to the corner of the deck railing. I had both items on hand. I bring everything in at night because of the raccoons and other vermin. By slightly moving our living room chairs, we now each can see Bird-TV (tm) right outside our living room windows. Perfect for the coming months when we can't get outside to be in nature.
    Meals this coming week: Chicken breasts simmered in the crockpot, mashed potatoes and gravy; salmon burgers; spaghetti; and hot dogs. Apple/Cherry dump cake with extra cinnamon, then Gingerbread for desserts.
    What I'm doing this week: Had the annual crushing of the mammaries (aka mammogram) this morning. New freezer is to be delivered Wed. Husband has surgery to remove a cancerous lesion from his forehead on Thurs. Aldi on Friday. A busy week.
    Books read or reading:
    *"The Wolf Sea" (more Viking adventures) by Robert Low.
    *"The Art of Simple Living: 100 Daily Practices from a Japanese Zen Monk for a Lifetime of Calm and Joy" by Shunmyo Masuno. A good book with useful things to think about.
    *"Gardening When It Counts: Growing Food in Hard Times" by Steve Solomon. I'm actually going to buy this book. Full of good gardening advice with the science to back it up.
    *"The Evening and the Morning" by Ken Follett. This is the prequel to "The Pillars of the Earth", which was a pretty good medieval historical novel. Unfortunately, I just could not finish this new book, despite reading the first 500 (out of 913) pages. There is a pervasive theme of homosexuality (male and female) that runs through the book, in my opinion detracting from the story. I guess you have to have that nowadays to generate a bestseller. I won't be reading this author again.
    By the way, Glen shares a birthday with my grandmother, who would have been 101. She researched her family's history for over 40 years, and I have her notes and letters.
    Hope everyone has a safe and frugal week!

    1. Your week sounds divine to me. Sitting and reading in comforting this time of the year.
      YAY on figuring a way to feed the birdies and still not the racoons! Watching the birds is so much enjoyment and it will give you loads of pleasure this winter.
      Coogy watches the out the door at the birds and we call it Kitty TV!!!!!
      Talking MAYBE light frost end of the week here as well. I will pick all the regular tomatoes and just cover the cherry plants. Hope your stuff survives.
      Great going on the curbside shopping - super find.

      Your meals sound good. Sounds like a busy week for you. Hope it all turns out well.
      Have a good one

  15. Happy Birthday to your Heavenly Glen, I know you miss him and I think of you often when I am frustrated with Hubs. I too sometimes just turn around and leave a project.

    1. Thank you. It is easy to get frustrated - but that is so much better than alternative. Hugs.
      Glad I am not the only that can just walk away from an unpleasant project.

  16. My week was pretty good. I got a great deal of cleaning done, made the condensed tomato soup for the freezer, finished most of the masks for Kurt's students. Tidied up the room where Kris sleeps (we will be moving the bed to make room for the WIFI extender which is why the cleaning).

    God bless.

    1. Sounds like a busy week for you. Cleaning and more cleaning.
      Have a blessed day

  17. I so need to do fall cleaning...but more than that I need to work in the garage again. I go out there and look and turn around and come back. We got rid of a lot, but there is just so much more. And Roger's cannot turn around in it. And most stuff is/was good stuff. Maybe one day I can actually start, but it is hard to know where to start.

    There is so much good stuff in there...screws, etc. And he has stuff in the basement he will never use...camou stuff. I have been going to give it to a buddy of his to distribute it. A lot of it has been picked up used. I found some real nice pants at yardsale one fall, that had not been used much at all...and gave practically nothing for them.

    Then there is his fly tying stuff...I will never do that.

    But when I hear you or Beck talk about getting rid of stuff, it makes me want to start even more.