Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Enchilada Sauce and other Knock-offs

 Good morning.  There seemed to be some interest in the enchilada sauce I canned last week.
It is very easy to make.  You can use fresh tomatoes (as that is what the recipe called for) or you can use canned - whole, diced, crushed or add in plain tomato sauce.  What ever you have you can use.

It calls for the sauce to be very chunky - I used the stick blender on mine as I wanted it pretty smooth like the kind you buy.

ENCHILADA SAUCE - for canning
12 C of tomatoes (with a cup or so of water added)

Lemon Juice

6 tsp. chili powder
2 tsp. cumin
2 tsp. oregano
2 tsp. garlic powder
1 1/2 tsp. seasoned salt

Cook up your tomatoes until soft and smooshy and some of the liquid is cooked off!  Like I said I blended mine up to a sauce consistency.  I also ONLY added about 1/2 C of water to mine - as they were juicy.
ADD 1 Tbsp. of lemon juice to each JAR and then add 2 tsp. of spice mix to each JAR (pints).  Add in tomatoes -   leave 1/2" clearance.  Clean tops and add lids and water bath 40 minutes after boil begins.
That is it!!!!!!
If using half pints - adjust the lemon and spice mixture added to each jar accordingly.
This was 2 batches.  So easy.  I did the 2 half pints, as I had a little left of tomatoes and spice for each batch.

I mentioned I made a BIG MAC type sandwich at home last week.
2 all beef patties, lettuce, cheese, NO pickle for me (don't like on sandwiches), added tomato and "special sauce".
My sauce was  a mixture of Thousand Island dressing, pickle relish and a squirt of catsup.  Tasted just like McD's sauce!  Just mix together till you get the right taste!  
Simple and homemade!!!!

I hade a 'poor mans' Philly beef and cheese and baked beans on day as well.
BAKED BEANS - was a little can of Bushes beans - a little brown sugar, a nice squirt of catsup and some onion powder.  Tasted pretty darn good  jazzed up.  Not like homemade made but sure better than just emptying a can!!!
I got these little individual cans on clearance a while back for .69 each.  Use what you have and jazz it up a little.  

I used lean ground beef.  Add beef and sliced peppers (from freezer) and some sliced onion and I even added a few frozen mushrooms to pan.  Seasoned and let it all cook together.  Drained fat.  Gave a good dash of Worcestershire sauce and a good dash of Italian dressing.  Let it all simmer together so flavors meld together.  Perfect!
I placed on open face hamburger buns (what I had) and topped with Swiss cheese.
Sure made for one tasty and hearty sandwich.

So there you go.  An easy-peasy canning recipe.  And a couple knock-offs I made for dinner.  Some days I see something on a commercial or a show and it just sounds good.  I figure I can use what I have and get close to the same results.
We all get into the mode that we want something different - just experiment a little.

Hope this gives someone some ideas.  Use what you have and have fun!


  1. Good morning! Thank you for the caning recipe. it really sounds good. I have meats to can up here pretty soon too. But I've been gathering things to put in the trailer. We didn't get rid of much when we sold the other one. Have a great day!

    1. You are more than welcome. I haven't braved canning meat yet - one day!
      That will be so much fun getting the trailer all put together. You guys will have some wonderful road trips for sure.
      Have a great one!

  2. My son and I enjoy wieners and beans every so often, and I like to add a bit of dry mustard and some sauteed onions to them. It adds a little extra kick and is sooo good.

    Do you know I've never eaten enchiladas? I'll have to look up a recipe as the canning recipe sounds delicious!

    Take care and stay well.

    1. That sounds like a good way to make beans as well.
      Oh my, I love Enchiladas - so many different fillings you can use. Don't feel bad I read about a grown woman and her children who had never had PBJ sandwiches before, just yesterday. She has been in country several years - but her kids have been raised here. They didn't like them! I can't imagine!!!! LOL

  3. Thank for the canning recipe...sounds really good and a true money saved. Also liked your other meal ideas. I love reading your blog as it is so down to earth plus things we'd actually eat or fix.

    1. Basically all of today's recipe are just things we have around the house in the pantry.
      I am a simple girl who likes simple foods!

  4. Thanks for enchilada recipe. I love mexican food, and I made enchiladas last night. Of course I had to make fresh salsa too.
    We like Philly cheese steak too, but I hadn't thought to use ground beef. I bet that is just as tasty and I usually always have ground beef in the freezer.
    Thanks for the ideas.

    1. I love Mexican food too - one of my all time favorites.
      It sounded good and I figured I would try it with ground beef. It was quite tasty. Beef is beef!

  5. I am going to copy your recipe out for the enchilada sauce as perhaps next year weather permitting we will have enough tomatoes to do this.

    God bless.

  6. Enchilada is a handy ingredient to have in the pantry. Not just for enchiladas, you know. It's fun to create new dishes. I have some cooked chicken in the refrigerator and will prepare some sort of stir fry for lunch with noodles.

    1. It is like marinara to me - so many uses. You can make Mexican pizza, My SIL makes some egg plant oven dish and uses it, so many uses.
      Love stir fry - was thinking about that this morning. I think that is on Thurs. menu!!