Thursday, October 8, 2020

Inventory and Basics

 I mentioned on my weekly wrap-up that I did an inventory of my dry goods.  WOW!  Is all I can say.  It is amazing how much one can accumulate and not be aware.
I will survive for ages!

I can be happy with pretty basic meals.  I am not a fancy food eater AT ALL.  During my inventory I found I have "pounds"  of basics.

*Dry beans and peas - just about any type you can imagine.  This is the largest inventory item I have - a pound of beans gives a few meals and great protein.  (prob. 45/50 lbs.)
*Rice - homemade rice-a-roni - and rice with soy (TVP) - I have bunches and bunches - can be used in so many ways.  Extender, fried, side, casseroles and soups, with stir fry - just no limit  (total prob. 30 lbs.)
*Pasta - all shapes and types - pounds of it.  So many uses - great carb   (prob. 30 lbs.)
*Seasonings and spices - more than I imagined.  Can make a bland dish taste much better.  Great barter tool as well.  Many bouillon cubes and powders as well
*Dehydrated potatoes and veggies for soups - about a gallon and a half - that is a lot of veggies
*Flour and sugar - LOTS and lots
*Tomato products of every type - home canned and store bought.  I can do anything with tomatoes - eat, season, soup, blend with other things, you name it.
*Pickles and relish - all home canned.  I know it isn't  considered FOOD per se - but you know what - it would keep me from starving!!!!!!  Great for sides and seasoning.
*Jams and Jellies - not really food - but great to add flavor to things, over things, in recipes, add to the blandest of food for flavor
*Oats - both quick and regular.  I don't really like oatmeal at all - but this girl could eat it (jazzed up) if I was hungry.  I keep on hand a fair bit.  I use as an extender in meat, use in suet for birds, baking, etc.

Simple ingredients can keep you alive.  It doesn't have to be fancy or exciting.  All basics can be perked up with flavoring and spices and herbs.  Mix them together.  Think about surviving well!!!!!
I will not go hungry.  I have items I can barter with and exchange with family and friends for other things.
I try to keep a variety of canned meats as well (as well as frozen) just in case.  If I lose power - first the neighborhood will eat well for a day or two - think major BBQ!!!!!  But I will also have meat on the shelf for later.

Dry beans and peas - a good variety
Pasta - all types
Tomato products
Flour, sugar and baking goods and Spices (cornmeal as well)
Potatoes - canned, dehydrated or instant
Popcorn (real not microwave)
Canned, dry or frozen veggies and fruit
Ramen noodles - I know (but a cheap add in if hungry)
Peanut butter - great protein  ADD Jams or jelly and you have a meal
SOME canned meats

Think about maybe having some powdered items as well - milk, cheese, egg replacer, bouillon
I also have powdered butter, nutritional yeast and many odds and ends.  You would be amazed at what you can find in powder form!!!!  Do some research - you may be surprised.  Look around at health and natural food stores.  Even the regular grocery stores are starting to carry a lot more different items.
Get informed and get prepared!

Take an inventory and see what you have.  How long could you survive?  Hopefully for a long while.
The items above are all INEXPENSIVE items and can be added weekly to your stash.  
Again, this may not be how you are used to eating - BUT it could save your life in a really bad time.

Are you prepared with all the basics?
Get busy now!!


  1. Good morning, Oh my yes you have a lot! Just reading your post made me think about all I have too. I keep adding a few things at a time. I did get the powdered eggs a couple of weeks ago and I was thinking about powdered butter also so that is next on the list.

    1. Good morning- yeppers I do!!! LOL
      A few things at a time really does add up - truthfully that is what I have done!
      I have the powdered butter - just in case. But now I also know how to make it with powdered milk. All good.

  2. I think all you mentioned is food, even if it is just a flavoring. I would not eat TVP at all because of health concerns. Do you use powdered eggs? If so, what brand?

    1. I have egg replacer - Name is EnerG Egg Replacer. It is an egg substitute - made mainly for people who can not eat eggs. It works wonderfully in recipes. Not really a powdered EGG - as you don't reconstitute and eat on its own.
      I freeze eggs when I can (in muffin tins) and then pop out and place in a baggy.
      I probably do need to get powdered eggs - for eating as well.

    2. I can eat eggs. thanks. When I had chickens, I froze eggs in 2 0z and 4 oz and 8 oz Ball canning jars, according to how many I needed for recipes. It worked wonderfully.

  3. Doing an annual inventory and organization is always eye-opening for me, as I tend to buy / stock items when they're on sale. And, if there's not space with other similar items, they get shoved in where they fit. Once I inventory and organize, I make a "stock up" list to have handy. Much of this list will go on sale around the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. There's very little on the list this year and I could eat comfortably from this stash for a probably a year! While I do have dried split peas, I want to add some other dried beans to have handy, just in case -- even though I have probably 6 cans of red kidney beans already in inventory! I will note, though, the importance of rotating and watching dates on some products. Instant oatmeal -- especially the cream and fruit flavored packets DO go bad, and some packaged goods like granola bars and crackers and cheese or PB do pick up packaging flavors and will deteriorate after a year or so.

    1. It is very eye opening. I figure no matter how simple the ingredients I will still be full and not starve.
      Dry beans are just a good and frugal add in to any pantry. They last for ages.
      I have never purchased the flavored packs of oats - oats not a big thing for just eating to me. LOL
      I keep lots of cheese and often freeze it shredded for cooking. I keep peanut for a long while - have never had a problem.
      Crackers do go stale sadly - I have stuck them in the oven for a while to refresh. Hate to waste.
      Rotation is very important. Thanks

    2. I often keep some flavored instant oatmeal packets on hand for cold winter mornings. The variety pack provides me with options. It's the "fruit and cream" ones that I've had go bad. The cinnamon, maple, raisin ones seem to last longer.

  4. Sounds like you are well stocked and have plenty of supplies. Great job!

    I mostly have basics...wheat berries, flour, sugar, rice, beans and yeast so I could fix many things for a year or so. Smaller amounts of canned goods, tomatoes, fruits, veggies, tuna, pb, pasta etc. Freezer with turkey, beef and pork. I'm trying to pick up ingredients that we have for holidays. It might be a sad Christmas without our cookies and gingerbread. Need to freeze some eggs. I like your idea of putting them in a muffin tin and putting in freezer bags. Do you put two eggs in each tin?

    1. No I usually do one egg per section - fresh and then pop out and bag. That wat I always have just what I need. They are fine for scrambling as well.
      Now is the time to make sure you have what you need for holiday baking. Got to have our cookies and candy!!!!
      Glad to hear you are so prepared.

  5. I too have most of the basics covered. Living on an Island when bad weather can stop the ferry from coming over certainly makes you clever with a good store cupboard.

    1. Wow I didn't realize that you live on an island. How cool.
      I would guess that you for sure would have to stay stocked. Weather would surely make that a problem.
      Good job.

  6. I'm taking inventory too. I have a notebook and I'm going through my emergency foods and putting them up in cabinets in my sewing room.

    Your list is very, very, very helpful! I see I need to fill in some things! What is the time period you are preparing for? One person said 3 months. What do you think? Where are you putting the items? Any ideas?

    One thing I recently found was inexpensive bpa free food grade pails in the paint department at walmart. They also sell the lids to go on the pails. I figured that would be good for some bagged things to store in. Also bay leaves are good to keep critters out. : )

    Love your blog, and I also wish it were more simple times too. The culture makes me sad sometimes and I missed loved ones greatly.

    Blessings to you Cheryl.

    1. A notebook is what I use as well. I have my pantry, extra storage in the 2nd bedroom and then the basement.
      I use a lot of gallon glass jars (old pickle jars). I use the bay leaf as well.
      I have always tried to have a year or more on hand. Pet products are the one thing that doesn't go that far out and I purchase regularly. I probably have 3-4 mos. of that.

      I am glad the list helps. Thanks for the info on the pails.
      Thank you and have a great day.

    2. One more question...Sorry, not trying to be a bug. : ) Are you storing canned or dry pet food? We have a lot of both dogs and cats. Thanks ahead of time!

    3. I have both wet and canned. They get some of each. I probably have 3-4mmonths of wet (dated pretty far out) and dry I keep in bags. I have several months of that as well. I need to have more dry I think. I keep cat litter in the garage or back end of the Blazer. I currently have 3 months of that.
      My goal is more of all - but I also have plenty of tuna and salmon (if I had to use it) or I could make them something.
      Pet supplies of some sort is something I get EVERY time I go to the store for groceries.

      Depending on where you need to store it - think about getting metal trash cans for the dry - just so no problems with pests.

    4. Thank you so much Cheryl. Kitty litter...forgot about that. I need to get going on pet supplies, I have a large bag of kitty food and prolly need to get that into an air tight container.

    5. You are welcome - I guess it worse came to worse we could find alternatives to litter, but I prefer to use what Coogy is used to. Got to take care of those babies too!

  7. Great list of basics!! It would take me a great deal of time to catch up with your pantry. I am working on it though.

    God bless.

    1. Thanks - glad the list is helpful.
      Slow and steady wins the race!!!! Good job.

  8. While I don't have quite your quantity I do have pretty much everything on your list - including Bob's Red Mill egg substitute (plus I freeze eggs). I also have powdered milk and would like some powdered buttermilk and butter.
    I sometimes think that I should buy more and then I remember that even a small can of fruit is 3 or 4 servings for me so 10 cans is enough for a month or more. I also forgot that I have some extra cans in a back cupboard - these items are coded 2022 or later so I separated them out from the main stock. Good thing I did as I have just enough room after switching cupboards about a week ago.
    Right now I'm looking at adding treats and some luxuries - today it was a can of chestnut puree - delicious in desserts but expensive.

    1. Much of what I have was collected for 2 - now it is me. I have plenty to eat for ages. Good job on rotating, that is important.
      I have never heard of chestnut puree - I bet that is tasty. Sounds like a real decadent treat!

  9. I have never heard of freezing eggs.

    1. Really? It is so easy and great to have them on hand in a time you can't get out shopping. They are super for baking and scrambling. I have been freezing them for several years.

    2. Eggs by me have been 57¢ a dozen at Aldi. You can get 4 dozen at a time. Every time I am near an Aldi I stop in for eggs. I freeze them in 2 for baking and 8 for breakfast for the 4 of us. They are fine for baking, scrambled eggs and omelets.

  10. Good post on basics for the pantry and freezer! We are pretty well set and if our chickens keep laying, we will have fresh eggs. I need to check on my supply of detergent and dish soap. We have a 50 gallon water reservoir also. I am lovin' this weather! Enjoy your weekend.

    1. Thanks Donna. Glad to hear you are pretty well set. I think I am good on dish, laundry and people soap. I can always use bar soap for other things if needed.
      Water reserve is great.
      Have a nice weekend.

  11. I totally agree with your list of must-haves, Cheryl, and have them all. However, I don't have even half the amount of dried beans you do :D I do want to get some more, cuz they were NOT to be found in the stores when we all went in to lockdown last March. Trying to have enough of everything on hand that was scarce back then...within reason ;). Even melatonin gummies were hard to come by. My DH needs them to sleep. Thanks and take care :D
    Mary in San Diego

    1. Mary - I may have gone a bit overboard!!! LOL - but I won't be hungry. I can share and help others too.
      Yes, make sure you have whatever you couldn't find first time around and plenty of it!!!! Check for resources on those gummies - grocery, health store, natural markets, ethnic markets even places like Swanson's online.
      Hope you get all you need to feel safe!

    2. Cheryl, as long as the food isn't being wasted, I don't think you can go overboard. I worry that we are heading into tough times. Food in your pantry is as good as money in the bank.

  12. We have all the basics but I really need to do an inventory and get things organized. Blah!

    1. It is a chore - but I find it goes quickly ONCE I get started. Just getting myself started is the chore!

  13. I did inventory last month. I made a list of the few items that I did not have at a 6 month supply. I have been working on getting them all to 6 months. Who knows what is going to happen this winter? Glad you are also well stocked. I wish more people were. With all of the special diets in our house it is important to have a well stocked pantry.

    1. Good for you girl. I am glad you are on top of it. yes, it would be so nice if people stocked - they may be sorry later!
      You go girl. Miss your blogging!!!!!!