Friday, November 27, 2020

Friday Chit-Chat

 Good morning all.  I hope all of you U.S. folks had a great Thanksgiving.  Many may be having it today or tomorrow.  It doesn't matter.  We should be thankful each and every day for WHAT we have and WHO we have in our lives.  I understand we are celebrating the 'first' gathering - but we can be thankful for our ancestors every day.  Without my ancestors coming here and going through all they did (and surviving) I wouldn't be here.  One little change could have made a difference on my existence.

Lots of leftovers here.  I have a friend stopping by today for lunch and we will use some of those leftovers up.  Then I will find new ways to remake them or maybe some will be frozen. 
I watched Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving last evening!!  I had pre-recorded it last weekend and I watched it for the first time in years!   So sweet and such a good message behind it!
Debbie in KS I watched Michael West's - Gobble Gobble - You Tube video.  That was cute!

No shopping going on here.  I have no desire.  It is amazing to see as I am watching the news this morning - that 'perhaps' people are actually listening a bit this year.  It looks like the numbers of people at the stores is quit small compared to past years for Black Friday.
I have never been an on-line shopper - doubtful I will start this year.  Most are getting goody baskets - things I make, can or special items from grocery.  Other than that - money will be gifted.  I have the littles all done - so teens will get some personal likes/goodies (treats and snacks) and $$.
I was talking to one of my nieces last night and she said she started my 'tradition' of goody baskets with her oldest and is giving just a couple things to younger (teen) children and then money.

This is my newest 'child' Blackie.  He showed up several months back and wouldn't even get close to me or anyone.  I slowly set and bribed him with goodies and now he LOVES me!  He hangs here pretty much all the time now.  He even defends the the yard from unknown kitties!   He gets along pretty well with Momma and Fluffy.  Fluff isn't all convinced about him yet - but she abides him.
I walk outside, and as soon as he hears me open the gate - he comes running to Mom!!  

It is going to get cold this coming week - so planning on finishing up some needed to do items outside this weekend.  It will be a good time for people in my area to finish up any outside decorations - because it is going to way chilly next week. (highs at freezing or below for a few days).

If you are so inclined to shop this weekend - please remember tomorrow is SHOP SMALL Saturday.  Shop those small business instead of the big box stores.  You can get such wonderful and different items.  You may also be helping to put a meal on their table instead of getting some CEO richer!  I doubt I go out tomorrow - but I do plan on stopping in a couple small businesses in the little burg up the road in the coming days.  They look interesting and I may find something I 'can't live without'!
Small businesses have taken such a hit this year - please do what you can to help!

I do need to go to the feed store tomorrow and get stocked up for the remainder of the year.  I am usually in and out in a few minutes.  Got to keep my critters fed!

Seeing a bit of sunshine at the moment!!  YAY - it has been a few days.  That can sure change my attitude and mood.

Well gang, I am off for now.  I will be back Sunday with the weekly wrap-up.  Have a great weekend and stay safe if shopping.  Eat up all those leftovers and stay frugal.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Cheryl. I love your new kitty, Blackie. It's good that he is getting along with your other two cats too.

    1. He showed up a few months back - but since has decided to stay!! So I am at his beckin' call - just like the others!
      Thanks - hope you had a great day!

  2. We have a feral who has been hanging mostly in our yard for about ten months. Apparently, she was pregnant and at one point brought her approximately 5 week old kitties to our yard to live. I desperately wanted to keep them all but knew I couldn't so we trapped them, one by one, and took them to a shelter for their forever homes. We finally trapped her, got her spayed and then brought her back. She is still terrified of us, but if we leave the door open slightly she will come in if we sit very still. She adores our inside cat.

    NOW, there is another cat feeding in the backyard. We are pretty sure she recently gave birth, in part because she eats an ENORMOUS amount of food. We have not seen her kittens yet, but if we do we will follow the same procedure.

    I guess we have our retirement time (and money) mapped out for us. HOME FOR UNWED CATS

    1. Oh my that is funny. I swear somewhere there is a sign for kitties in our neighborhood - that says "cat lady this way" FREE room and board".
      Same here.
      My Momma showed up all skinny one day - and I fed her and gave her water - next morning she brought her 4 babies here. Guess she figured I was nice to her ...... They all stayed and were all fixed. I still have 3 of them here - Momma and 2 offspring - 2 others passed. I pretty much bet Blackie is an off-spring of one I had that is passed now.

      You need a sign made - that is a hoot!

  3. I laughed out loud at Anne's comment. But it's wonderful that she and you take care of the ferals, and manage to tame them too. It makes me so sad that people think of cats as being disposable. It's a simple thing to spay and neuter them and ensure there are fewer discarded pets out there. Okay, I'm off my soapbox now.

    Sounds like you had a nice Thanksgiving. There will be no Black Friday shopping here either, though I do admit hitting Michaels earlier this week (in person) to pick up some early B.F. deals.

    Take care and stay well!

    1. Read my reply to Anne!!! We are 2 of a kind.
      We even have a low cost spay/neuter facility here in town. Most bigger towns do.

      Well I bet you missed any crowds going early. Good for you.
      Have a good one.

  4. No interest in buying anything at all today. Instead I kept busy working around the house. My kind of day.

    Blackie is a handsome lad.

    God bless.

    1. I stayed home as well. Had a friend come for lunch and then did some work around the yard.
      SAVED $$$
      He is handsome - such a sweet guy.

  5. Hello, dear Cheryl~
    Love that you watched Charlie Brown Thanksgiving; missed that! We had Living Strings Christmas music and Percy Faith Orchestra music (from YouTube) on our tv yesterday and today. So many precious memories it stirs! I even listened to the KMART Christmas music for a while - LOL!
    Oh, you have a little black kitty =^.^= they are extra-special to me as we love and miss our Ursula-kitty....we had her for 19 years. TYSM for taking "Blackie" under your wing and I thank God for people like you and Anne....and all the others who take the precious lives of animals to heart (like God intended!). Okay, off my soapbox now ;)
    God bless you and your expanding critter family, Cheryl.
    Mary from San Diego

    1. Hello Mary. Your music sounds delightful. I had some music on for a while yesterday - just holiday songs.
      I have always been a rescue person when it comes to animals. Every kitty I have ever had in my entire life has been a rescue. They are God's creatures as well - we should do what we can to help them. They give me back so much as well.

  6. So happy your Thanksgiving was good. You new kitty is very pretty. We do very little shopping and most of it will be online so the packages can be sent to Texas with no muss, no fuss.

    1. Thanks. I do less shopping each year. Adults get food goodies and teens like money. Very few little ones any more.