Tuesday, November 17, 2020


 Nuts, nuts, nuts.  Tis the season!  I love nuts of all types and I am so very thankful that I am not allergic, nor is anyone in my family.  I love baking with nuts, I love mixing other items with nuts, I just love eating them.
One of my fondest memories from Christmas is my stocking!  There was always an orange in the toe and then lots of nuts in shells - then other goodies.  We always had a big bowl of nuts in shell on the table during the holidays and the nut cracker was at the ready!  Messy yes - but something I will never forget.  That was just part of Christmas!

Sometimes you know you get a deal - then you actually realize what a deal you got.  I got one for sure with some nuts last week.  I generally only buy nuts on markdown or clearance, as they are so expensive any more.

I found these on the clearance rack for 3.99 a bag for a pound bag.  The tag says regular price 7.99!  I knew it was a deal at half price.
This week I saw this ad for Meijer and the price was decent - but still 6.50 a bag.  I did really good with my purchase!!!!!!!

I make up lots of mixes.  I add all types of nuts, dried fruit (raisins, craisins, etc.), M & M's, dried bananas, etc.  Makes for great gifts and such a yummy and semi-healthy snack.

This has always been a favorite of mine - since I was a child.  Mom would take me downtown around the holidays and it was magical.  We would always stop and get a tiny little bag of these (I am sure it was an extravagant purchase for her).  I felt so special.  I have found these at Kroger in their bulk section for 2.99 for 14 oz.!!!!!!  Oh my goodness - what a deal.  There is a Nut House up the road and IF you can find them there, they run 9.99/lb.!  I have been buying these every time I go and they will be a special item added to gift bags.
The same with these at Kroger - only they are only 1.99 for 14 oz.  I was just dumbfounded at the price.  As you can maybe tell - these are being enjoyed at the current time!

I found these goodies on the clearance aisle as well.  The boxes of candy are the movie size boxes and usually run $1 each.  The raisins are over a pound.
All of these will be used in some way in one of my mixes.  It is fun to get the items needed for such a good price.

I also have salted peanuts - I always have those around.  I think Kroger brand runs around 1.79 a jar.  The M & M's were on clearance.  $5 for 2 lb. 10 oz. bag!!!!!!!  WOO-HOO for sure!!!!!  The candy will be used in mixes and in cookies.
I have a #10 size can of dried bananas on hand - so there will be some nice jars of mixed fruit and nuts given this year.

I have hazelnuts in the freezer that I got on clearance and will be used in brownies, candy and cookies.  My pecans (in freezer) were also purchased on clearance at 6.29/lb.  I have been using these items off and on for months and still have plenty for holiday baking.

Keep your eyes open and always check the clearance aisle and sale prices.  It sure can make holiday baking and eating a much more frugal adventure.
Look at places you may not always think of for baking needs.  Many of the large hardware box stores - Menards and Lowes for example - often sell items like this for really good prices.  Keep an eye open at Aldi, Big Lots, Ollies, etc.  You just never know where you may find a fantastic deal.

Think outside the box a bit with your gift giving.  There are no rules or recipes (in my book) when it comes to mixing up goodies.  A pretty jar or even a baggy holds your yummy snack.  You can buy or make granola and add nuts and fried fruit to jazz it up.  Package and gift for a fun and very useful gift.

Just remember - we all have to eat!!!!
Give something exciting to eat and enjoy!   
My FAVORITE type of gifts!


  1. AH the big bowl of mixed nuts in the shell. WHat a great memory! Woe to the one who steps on a walnut shell in their sock feet! I have been stocking nuts as I see great deals too. A friend is giving me a big bucket of pecans from their tree this week so evenings will find me cracking nuts in from of the TV until they are all done and in the freezer but I am so grateful to get them.

    1. Boy do you have that right. That was awful to step on one of those shells.
      Nuts are just so expensive anymore - you have to watch for deals. They freeze and last well.
      YAY! I would love to have someone gift me fresh pecans in shells. What a treat and gift.
      Happy cracking!!!!

  2. What great memories this post brought! Always an orange or tangerine in the toe of the stocking, filled with mixed nuts in their shells, along with a few trinkets! Oh, how I remember those Brazil nuts, and their sweet taste. I always get my roasted peanuts at Menards - so much cheaper than the grocers, and their raisins have been reasonable, as well (the bags in the bulk candy and dried fruit aisle, not the name brand). And Aldi has kept their walnut and pecan prices low this year. I also like that Menards sells small tins of specialty nuts, which I keep on hand for times when family friends (in my bubble) stop by.

    1. Lori Brazil nuts were my favorite too. I know a lot of people didn't like them, but I loved them. Tried so hard to get it all out in one piece!!!! LOL

      Menards always has a lot of inexpensive grocery items. Pretty darn neat. Mixed nuts are always good to have. I need to get some, thanks for that reminder.
      Glad you got a few good memories today! SMILE

  3. You really found some bargains. I remember many years ago, when we really didn't have much money for gifts, giving my children some of their favorite foods for gifts.
    Blessings from Harvest Lane Cottage,

    1. Thanks. I still do that with many family members - it is their request every year. Certain cookies or candy Mom used to make, home canned goods, sweets breads, etc.
      Food is always a hit.

  4. I'm waiting for our Aldi to have shelled hazelnuts.. Christmas time is the ONLY time I can find them!! We all love them in our home made Chex mix!!

  5. Your stocking growing up sounds like mine.

    Great bargains.

    God bless.

  6. I love nuts of all kinds--ALL kinds- except I am not overly fond of peanuts (unless they are in peanut brittle-lol). I always looked forward to Christmas when I was a kid- my mother bought a big bag of mixed nuts. I would always eat the Brazil nuts first! lol. xo Diana

    1. I like chocolate covered peanuts and of course peanut brittle!
      I am amazed how liked the Brazil nuts. Everyone used to think I was nuts! LOL

  7. You found some great buys! Nuts can be very expensive. We keep different kinds and I put some in snack bags so we don't take the container and continue to nosh out of it. Growing up we had access to black walnut trees. My sister-in-law used to make a spice cake with black walnut frosting.

    1. Black walnuts was a favorite of Glens. He loved them. Not so much for me, probably my least favorite. They are really strong in flavor.
      To have access to a free source of nuts would be a blessings for sure.