Sunday, November 15, 2020

Weekly Wrap-Up 11/15

 Hello my friends.  Hope you are all well and safe.
It is a warmer morning, but very wet and windy.  Temps will be dropping all day and back to cold tonight.  We have had quite a roller coaster of weather this week.  We actually broke records several days for the warmest temperatures for the day (for November).  We have also had a night in the upper 20's.  Still no snow (ugh -such a nasty word in my book).  Looks to be normal and a little above normal this coming week.  I love it!  Each day we get decent weather is one off the list and one closer to spring!!!!

Saturday I looked out the back window and counted 14 squirrels out running, playing and eating in just my yard!  Birds every where.  Oh my.  Some days I feel like Dr. Doolittle!  Always some kind of critter roaming around.

Check this out! (taken through a window and screen)  Squirrel napping in the sunshine!!  That is my little potting table and it laid there and slept for a good 20 minutes.  The red bin is where the empty corn cobs go until I empty in trash bin.  I sure have some content wildlife!

My week:
  • I cleaned out the front flower bed and cut back all flower growth from front walk
  • Raked again and put leaves on the garden.  (one more BIG raking this coming week - leaves all down now)
  • Got to have heat off and windows open at least half of the week
  • Cut my hair at home
  • Changed out the battery in my watch with one on hand.  I still have several batteries left from a 10 pack I got at Dollar Tree for just $1
  • I did go out one day and bought a turkey for .33 lb.  My goodness you can't buy lunch meat that cheap!!!!!  I got a 15 lb.+ for around $5.  The grocery had lots of other great deals going on as well - pre holiday sale.  I also got a few more items for gift baskets (specialty things)
  • My BIGGIE this week - got a new water heater finally!  The leak just kept getting worse - I had small trays that fit under and catching water (which I used) - but I was having to empty at least 5 times a day.  That meant going down basement stairs morning, noon, and middle of the night!!!!!  ENOUGH!
I called and got an estimate and checked several places before agreeing.  Almost twice the price I expected - but it is bigger, it is brand new,  and I have a feeling of safety back (not doing stairs so much), peace of mind and sleeping through the night.  Those things are priceless. 
Did the estimate and repair all in one day.  So thankful.  Had wonderful workers as well - so kind and considerate.
I am blessed to have been able to pay for it and not put myself in any kind of financial bind.
I had been cautious with using hot water the past couple weeks - as I was afraid I would cause it to over work and just thoroughly go.   It is wonderful to use what I want and not worry.
LOL - I took a deep and hot soak in the tub that night!!!!!
  • I have been cooking from home and using what I have
  • Got to hang bedding on the line to dry this week
  • Just doing all the normal stuff we all do!
  • Doing some reading and watching some You Tube
Meals this past week:
Deconstructed egg rolls
Beans & rice and salad
Sausage/egg/cheese and tomato sandwich on toast (dang that was tasty & filling)
Steamed veggies with cheese and tamales (premade version)
Open face cheese steak sandwich and small salad
Baked potato with leftover burrito filling and sour cream
I have munched on fresh turnips (with salt) several times this week and also had carrots and broccoli with dip

I pray you all had a wonderful week.  I hope for your safety and health and that of your families.
Did you stay frugal this week?  Get any pre-holiday sale prices?
I think we have like 39 days or so till Christmas!!!!!!  Are you getting ready?

Pleasant words are like a honeycomb, sweetness to the soul and health to the body.
Proverbs 16:24

If you can't be kind this week - then say nothing at all.  Silence can be golden.
Blessings from my humble little home to yours.


  1. That squirrel looks very contented! I am constantly astonished at the amount of wildlife that exists even in a city of 3million. We have a lot of conservation areas, huge parks and ravines so deer, coyotes and red fox are not unusual, along with the usual squirrels, skunks, porcupines, and of course, about a million raccoons!

    Last Sunday a friend and I went for a long drive and walk along the lake so I treated us to coffees & breakfast sandwiches, but that was the extent of eating out last week - all other food was prepared and eaten at home including a large pot of squash & sweet potato soup and one of mince - something similar to your Cowboy "stew" - is that correct? I also baked a batch of chicken thighs to have with salad so meals were simple but satisfying. I'm trying to use up things that have been in the freezer for quite a while. I do want to purchase a turkey breast, package of turkey thighs and ground turkey so need to make some room.
    Otherwise it was a busy week - went into the office 3 mornings - made one trip to the grocery store to stock up on dairy, fruit & veg (we are one step away from total lockdown so want to be prepared), and then moved around some furniture. This meant doing some extra cleaning and giving away some more books. Every time I do a big clean like this I seem to find more things to throw out or donate to others - it is an ongoing process and gets easier all the time.
    I've watched our online church service so now I'm going to make a few phone calls to catch up with friends After a glorious 10 days or so of amazing weather the temperatures have dropped and today is very grey and wet with severe wind warnings in place - we may experience some power outages later so going to get a couple of things organized.
    Stay well.

    1. Your weather today sounds like ours here. It has been so lovely and now rain, gray skies and tremendous wind.
      Your little trip with your friend sounds nice. I hope you are able to get the turkey you want at a good price.
      All you food sounds so yummy.
      It does get easier to get rid of more stuff once you really get started. I am finding that out.
      Have a good week.

  2. That squirrel is so cute. I'm glad you got your new boiler. It is so good isn't it to be able to pay for these things without anxiety.

    1. Yes, those little critters give me many smiles!!
      Yes mam, it is so comforting to know all is alright and I am still not in debt. Small things mean a lot!
      Have a good week

  3. The squirrel obviously knows it is safe in your yard. What a fun place it must be in your back yard!

    Take care and stay well.

    1. It sure is entertaining!!!! no TV - no problem - I have the nature channel!
      Have a great week.

  4. Not going into debt for needed house mechanicals and appliances is the best! For years I have been stashing funds for that, and my refrigerator is dieing, so a new one comes tomorrow! No debt for that. all of my kitchen appliances and washer/dryer are 21 years old, when I bought this house, so I think a new fridge is acceptable! But yesterday the stove tripped s breaker twice when I turned it on...I'll call the repairman but I suspect that will need replacing soon. Oh well. I love that you care for so many animals. God bless you. Celie.

    1. It is amazing how long the older models lasted! Truly amazing. I was telling someone yesterday that I replaced the water heater and that it was 21 years old - and they thought I was surely wrong. Said nothing lasts that long.
      I am glad you are getting the frig and here's hoping they can easily fix the stove.
      Great job on saving and planning ahead.

      Oh I love my animals. Such a joy they give me.
      Have a great week.

  5. I love how that squirrel is so peaceful and close to your house. He must know it is a safe place. We wake to cows, and chickens and I love it! Our water heater is 25 years old and I know it will go any day now.

    1. They come and look in the doors all the time as if to say "we are out of food". I hear a rooster off in the distance v=every morning, but would love to be around farm animals.
      You have been lucky too with yours.
      Have a good day.

  6. Oh, how precious is that trusting little squirrel napping in the sunshine - thanks for sharing that. It does my heart good. How wonderful you got a new water heater! and I'm so glad they people were nice and you didn't have to go into debt. I have got to get the turkey soon as I don't want to be shopping close to the Day. You inspire me with all you do, Cheryl: feeding the critters, keeping a home, shopping and cooking wisely, making homemade gift baskets and on and on....I always come away with a great idea :). God bless you and yours and stay well~
    Mary B

    1. Thank you Mary so much for your kind words. I hope you get your turkey this week and for a good price!
      I consider my life a simple life and just enjoy simple things. Once in a while it gets interesting, but for the most part life stays pretty simple and easy.

  7. I am glad you were able to get the water heater fixed. Leaking water is never good. We are having a section of our roof redone. Most of it is a flat roof. We did it about 10 years ago. There is a small section slanted from a dormer so we are doing that section now. There has been a leak for several weeks. Hubby tried to fix it himself but it didn't help. Thankfully we also have the money set aside. The man I help came home from rehab so I am over there a LOT. I have been reading but not writing. Sorry.

    1. Hi there - it is good to see you.
      A flat roof can sure create problems. Glad you found the leak and hopefully it will be an easy and pretty inexpensive fix. We sure want our homes safe and stable.
      So happy your friend is home - he is so lucky to have you there for him.
      Take care and stay safe. Miss you blog.

  8. You've done amazing things this week Cheryl. The sleeping squirrel was adorable. You're living a wonderful life. I hope that when I get well, I can get busy and start saving. Since I started working, I feel like I spend more than I save. Just tired when I get home. Being stay at home really is where it's at.
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

    1. Thank you. I sure hope you get well quickly - I hate that you have gotten sick.
      Some times it can actually save money staying home. We can often spend more than we make. Just having that down time and peace of being home is wonderful. It helps stay healthy as well.
      Take care and feel better soon dear.

    2. Our weather has gotten colder once again, and in peeking through the drapes this morning we have gotten and will be getting snow today.

      Things have been fairly quiet around here, staying home counting up those no spend days (because I am not going anywhere to spend money) and hoping to put up some Christmas decor this week.

      God bless.

    3. Jackie - our weather seems to change daily. Snow - oh no. I am just not ready for that!
      Go for it on the decorations. Enjoy them all. Bring as much joy as possible in your home.
      Take care and blessings.

  9. You have been busy! A good water heater is a necessity. Glad you were able to find someone to install it in one day. We use a maintenance man who works at Methodist Hospital and he does odd jobs on the side. Very reasonable.

    If a person stays home, she can't see pretties in the stores and think "oooh, I think I would like that". And she is not out shopping and suddenly hungry. A lady could blow $$$ in a few hours. lol

    Today the sun is shining beautifully. The Urban Farmer pulled some weeds and I hung clothes on the line. He is now making peanut butter fudge.

    The dozing squirrel is so cute. The few we have around here chitter at the dogs so they will come and play.

    I have a Thanksgiving card ready to mail to a nursing home resident. Linda at Linda's Life Journal has a sweet little lady that she had been visiting until COVID 19 hit and now the nursing home is completely shut down. Some elder care facilities are sad enough without cutting off all human contact.

    1. Next time I need something bigger done done - I may hit you up about your handy man!
      My neighbor can help me out some - but he isn't spring chicken any more either. I can ask the young man next door or across the street about tiny things, but they aren't real adept!

      It is pretty today and sunny. Still pretty darn chilly and breezy. Yesterday was a flying monkey doozy of a day!!!!! Boy that wind.

      Nice of you to send her a card. I have a couple for family and a friend to go out.
      Have a good one.

  10. I'm so glad you got your hot water heater much work and you are safe now too. All worth it in the long run. Especially for that hot bath.
    I love that squirrel taking a nap..he must feel so safe at your house.

    1. Thanks - peace of mind and safety mean a lot.
      He is a cutey!