Sunday, April 4, 2021

Weekly Wrap-Up 4/4

 Good morning.  Happy Sunday.  It is Easter- Resurrection Day!!!!  He is risen and we are blessed.

This past week we have had weather that seemed to encompass a good 4 months worth of weather!!  It was something.  Warm, cold, hot, snowflakes, rain, wind and calm, sun and gloom.  We had the coldest start to an April in 29 years!!!
Flowers blooming and things greening - and then we have a hard freeze.  Goodness - it has been crazy.
It is a beautiful Easter morning - sun is shining and the sky is blue.  It  will warm nicely today, and during the week.  The moon has just been crazy bright and lovely all week.

Isn't this the most incredible picture?  It is in Colorado, USA.  It reminds me of HOPE!  (not my picture)

It has been a very quiet week again.
  • Sticks - oh my!  Every day I go out and pick up so many sticks and limbs
  • Mowed the entire yard for the first time!  LOVE the smell of fresh mowed grass
  • Aired the house a couple days
  • Picked 2 more bouquets before the freeze - daffodils and hyacinths (oh the smell!)
  • I ran to the bank to take care of some business (only day I left the house)
  • Dropped off birthday cards at P.O. (had the cards in my stash)
  • Stopped at 2 dollar type stores on the way to bank.  Got some canned cat food.  You get it where you can find it now days!!!!!
  • Cooking from scratch, using all leftovers, normal house work, just all the normal stuff
  • Renewed library books online
  • Trying to figure out this years yard.  Moved a few things around, making some plans
  • No grocery store this week - figured it would be awful busy
  • Did some fence visits earlier in the week
Meals this past week:
Mashed potatoes with country gravy and green beans (no meat day)
Homemade KFC type chicken bowl
Turkey cheese burger and chips
Grnd. beef/beans/corn - nachos
Mac with leftover beef/bean/corn added topped with cheese
Pizza bites (freezer) and fresh veggies and dressing/dip
Cabbage/rice/ham seasoned w/soy sauce

Yep, pretty darn quiet.  Weather wasn't conducive to being outside a lot.  That is ok - just working around the house.  My house doesn't really get messy - so not a lot to do, except the normal dusting and vacuuming.  Still trying to do some de-clutter.
I am looking forward to warmer weather each day - so much to do outside.

How has your week been?  Any frugal finds?
It sure was quiet on here this week!  I guess everyone is spring mode and prepping for holidays.
I hope you all get to have a nice Easter and spend some time with family.

Blessings from my humble little home to yours.



  1. Friday morning we broke a record from 1967. It was 21 degrees. Brrr. Yesterday was a beautiful 70 degrees. Crazy weather. I hope you have a wonderful Easter.

    1. I know it sure has been crazy on the weather front. We had a 20* morning as well.
      Thank you and wishing you a happy Easter as well.

  2. Happy and Blessed Easter, to you Cheryl!
    Biggie this second vaccination! Yay!
    Here in southern Indiana the freeze reeked havoc on blooming fruit trees and blooms. Our magnolia tree had been so full of gorgeous blooms that turned black overnight. Sad face! But, there is a reason for all things. Onward and upward!
    Bought groceries Tuesday after shot...and yes, the stores were fuller than I preferred. In and out as quickly as possible.
    Small get together today....doing carefully.
    Love reading your menu...always sparks new ideas of what I can make. Thank you and hugs!

    1. Hi Linda - happy Easter.
      I can see a Magnolia tree across the way from my back yard and it was so pretty. BOOM - now dingy and black - such a shame. It seems to happen about every year. I hope it is early enough for the fruit trees to bounce back!!!
      Have a wonderful family get together and happy Easter. Carefully is the word!!!!!

      Thank you!!

  3. We had an inch of wet, slushy snow on Thursday and temps in the low 20s a couple of nights. 60s and sunny today. The crocuses are done, and the daffodils are lovely.
    I saw the surgeon on Tuesday, and the bone in the wrist has been pronounced healed. No more brace during the day, but I wear it at night to keep me from curling my wrist down. Still going to PT twice a week, but now we are working on strengthening in addition to flexibility. I have to be careful not to overdo it. I have some arthritis in that thumb which is pretty painful when it gets activated.
    Frugalities this week included finding 5 cans of pumpkin at the mailbox station. I see pumpkin bread in our future! I read books that I own and checked out a few more from the library. Am walking down to get the mail instead of driving and found a nickel. Eating from the freezer and pantry, so buying mostly perishables.
    Meals this week will include hamburger stew in the crockpot with biscuits. I'm going to try salmon patties. I think I am strong enough to shape the patties. Made chocolate chip cookies from pre-made dough (on sale) as a treat last week. Not strong enough to handle making them from scratch.
    I'm getting back to blanket making, but I have to limit myself. I haven't tried using a rotary cutter, but I found an old one that has a better angle so I can control it better. I always wear a cut-resistant glove and have a fence on the ruler so I don't cut myself.
    Hope everyone has an enjoyable day and a good week!

    1. Yay glad to hear all is healing. More freedom for sure. Just don't over do it!
      This has been a strange weather spring for sure.
      Hamburger stew sounds so good. I love that stuff. Salmon patties should be pretty easy for you to do - not like it is a tough mixture to shape. Enjoy them!
      Glad to hear you got a few freebies - always nice to have.

      Have a wonderful week!

  4. The weather has been nuts here as well. A lot of wind brought down a whole bunch of sticks and big limbs so my husband has been busy with that. The grass will get mowed this week since it has shot up with all the rain we have had.

    We hit the discount grocery yesterday because their Facebook had a post of 2 lb boxes of angus burgers for 2.99. We went and bought three boxes and also found boxes of 100 packets of raw sugar 2/$1 plus the usual Pepperidge Farm bread for $1. We came home and threw two of the burgers on the grill and they were so good that we did some freezer reshuffling and went back for three more boxes. We are set for burger grilling all summer. How could I possibly beat the price of 50 cents for a 1/3 pound burger? I also had the opportunity to grab some super toy deals on Amazon so those are ordered to be tucked away for Christmas.

    We have our middle son's family flying in for a visit this week and they have a new baby we have not seen so we are a little excited!
    Have a good week!

    1. The rain is what caused our grass to grow so much as well. Weeds are flourishing!
      What a deal you got. Wow, I would went and got more too. That is fantastic. Nothing like getting set for all those summer cook-outs.
      Good going on the toy deals too.

      I am so happy you get to see your son and family and give lot's and lot's of baby hugs!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Fence visits are the best! I hope to see more people out soon. Your ahead of us some. Grass is greener today burgers are a couple weeks from mowing. Spring is so pretty.

    1. Yes indeed spring is sure pretty. Just nice to see the world come back to life - it is energizing!

  6. You are so right about our crazy weather! It seems so many parts of the country are experiencing the same thing. Today (Monday) has been wonderful. We worked in the front year, racking up the sweet gum balls and last fall's leaves. The Urban Farmer usually mows them up and the mower died so he just left them. I'm sure our neighbor to the north is meticulous so he probably wasn't thrilled with blowing leaves.

    You have been busy (as usual *smile*). Freshly mown grass, the first of the season, always smells so fresh. The Urban Farmer did buy a new mower at Home Depot and it fired right up (as it should) and did a fabulous job. It has a mulching feature which is nice. You can also control how much mulching you want.

    We got one of the famous Costco roasted chickens the last we went and it was huge and super good. There was one breast left and I made a deconstructed chicken pot pie and it was delicious, even if I do say so. We went to Rural King and passed the location for the Costco in Avon. The houses have been torn down and they will probably start on the site very soon.

    The daffodils survived the cold temps, as well as the hyacinths. Such lovely smells. Lilacs seem to be on schedule unless we get some more really cold nights. The peonies will be next! Too bad all these beautiful flowers don't bloom longer.

    1. Glad you got a new mower and love it. Your area is really growing. My goodness, so many new businesses coming to you. That is good (I guess). No more small town.
      It seems my daffodils lived through the cold as well. I love lilacs and peonies - the smells are so wonderful. I sure wish they bloomed all summer.
      Have a good one