Wednesday, April 21, 2021

When Things Don't go as Planned

 We all make plans and somedays those plans just go in toilet.  You know what?  That is OK.  Stuff happens.  
It can be anything.  Woke up to this,  this morning.  Sure wasn't what we thought April would bring - but April Fool!!!!!  Stuff happens - and we just need to regroup and make news plans.  Not just weather - but in everyday life.
      This was yesterday after about an hour of snow! Pavement stayed clear thankfully!
         The overlook of the neighborhood this AM.  It is beautiful - but REALLY??????

Stuff happens everyday and we just need to regroup.  Don't give up - regroup!  
Life has a way of smacking us down, but stand firm and get back up and move forward.

No budget is going to work perfectly from the start.  It will always need to be tweeked.  Prices go up, things break, can't find things you need, etc.  Always be prepared for the unexpected.  The more more ups and downs you have - the better you get at budgeting.
I really hate the word budget - in my life it has always just been "spend less than I make".  That is what a budget is to me.  I know that is over simplified - but it hasn't failed me.  You do what works for you!

It is your money - you earned it.  Use it as you see fit.  Nobody else has to agree - it isn't their business.  Your budget and everyone else's budgets are going to be different.  Yo do what works for you.

You are going to overspend sometime.  That happens and it's OK.  Don't beat yourself up.  There may be a special evening out or trip that you take or a new appliance - whatever.  We can't stop living and enjoying.    There are times in life we have all seen the numbers at the end of the month NOT where we expected.  Then we feel bad and irresponsible and defeated.  STOP IT.  Put on them big girl panties and get back to it.  Life is going to happen and we are going to spend and the budget is going to go all to hell at some point -  IT HAPPENS.

Find someone of like mind to bond with.  Someone you respect or admire - someone that is getting it right - someone that will 'help' you and not reprimand you.  You don't need to be told "shame on you" - you need to be told "it's ok this time, just get back at it".  You need to be told "good job".  You need to know you are doing OK.
If you are being met with negativity - then remove it - you don't need that.  You can be your own worst enemy, you don't need outsiders being negative too.

Give yourself time to get it right.  It isn't an over night success kind of thing.  It takes months and years to get to a stable and safe place.  If your plan isn't working in say 6 months - change it up a bit and keep going.  We never get it right the first time.  Budgeting, planning, saving, and having a secure future IS work!!!!!  It is rewarding work and it takes time.  It evolves for sure!

I love this!  Frugal and saving people just keep going and trying.  Be an Energizer bunny!!!!  We know what lies at the end of the road is GOOD.  There is always another opportunity to make things right and to get ahead.
Whatever you do, don't beat yourself up when things don't go as planned.

Work can slow down, sickness can happen, emergencies happen, prices go up, everything can change in an instant.
When you take it slow and steady - you will be OK.
Slowly stock those pantries (they WILL be needed).  Slowly add to the emergency fund (it WILL be needed).  Slowly pay off your debt.  Slowly get yourself where you want to be.
It isn't a race - it will happen when it is supposed to happen.  Quit competing against yourself!!!!!!!
Remember - slow and steady wins the race!

Just remember - nothing ever goes as planned - stuff happens.  Dust off, get up and keep moving in a forward direction.
That is what life is all about.
Have a great day!


  1. Great post Cheryl. Some take things way too seriously. It's good to prepare but everything in moderation. Including moderation. We had snow but thankfully not as much as you. We have a pair of doves that live in our yard and I felt so sorry for them huddled together in a tree while it was snowing. I hope this is the last of winter. I had a super frugal moment this week. My husband and I do not eat out often but there is one place that is very expensive but has wonderful food that we go to once or twice a year. He has been asking me to make a reservation and I told him that I just can't justify paying that much for a meal right now with the way things are going with food costs, etc. Literally two days later I received a very generous gift card (enough for two trips) for the restaurant as a belated Christmas gift. So now we get to go and I don't have to feel bad about spending. Things do always usually work out. Have a great day.

    1. I thought about all the birds and squirrels - poor babies - they thought spring had sprung as well!!!
      YAY - what a wonderful gift to receive. Sometimes waiting really reaps its own rewards.
      I hope you guys really enjoy the meal - I bet you savor every bite!

  2. Great and mindful post today, Cheryl. I am feeling down today---rainy. Chauvin verdict yesterday with all it implies. Life in isolation still. But I will make a big effort to look at all the GOOD.

    1. Sorry you are feeling low. We all have those days - but I try to remember no matter what garbage is taking place (and there is a lot) that there is waaayyyyyy more good and lovely to appreciate.
      Smile sweet pea - God gave you this day - take care of it.

  3. Amen! An absolutely wonderful post, filled with lots of reminders. We don't always need to wait for the storm to pass, we just have to learn to dance in the rain. Hugs!

    1. Yes in-deedy. Dancing in the rain can be the FUN part!!!!

  4. You are so good for me, I just need to let go and Let God.

    1. God is always in control - we just need to let him lead!
      Sometimes we mortal humans have trouble with that!!

  5. I woke up to about the same amount of snow this morning! I was very glad that I went to see the cherry blossoms during yesterday's walk!

    It is certainly true that things don't go as planned. I am about two payments away from paying off one CC but got hit with another unexpected bill this morning. Due to some incorrect information I will now have to pay a significant amount for 2020's CPP - Canadian Pension Plan. No one's fault really and besides, nothing I can do about it. I've arranged to make monthly payments so I'll just have to knuckle down and get if paid off as quickly as possible. Perhaps it;s just as well I'm back under a "Stay at Home" order - nothing to do and I can't even get a hair cut - so not much to spend money on!
    I did an inventory of my small freezer compartment yesterday and I have about 75 servings worth of proteins in there plus a pantry that is full so grocery shopping will be kept to a minimum for the next month or so and that extra money can go to debt. This is when having a well stocked pantry really pays off!

    1. Sorry you were hit with snow too. It was pretty, I do have to say that.
      Bummer on getting the unexpected bill. That really stinks. You will get it all taken care of in no time.
      Super wonderful you have such a wonderful pantry and freezer. That will help tremendously!
      Preparing and planning does pay off.

  6. We had 3/4" of sloppy, wet snow with flurries the rest of the day. All gone now. The birds were all over my feeders, hanging on for dear life in the high winds.
    I don't like budgets, too restrictive. However, I grew up with frugal parents, so saving and living beneath my means comes naturally to me. I do think some people need the structure of a budget to stay on track.
    As far as life throwing curveballs... In April 2017, I suddenly lost my job when the company closed. I was unable to get even an interview for the next three months. In July Husband suffered what we thought might be a stroke and ended up in the emergency room. It wasn't a stroke, thank God. Thanks to Medicare and good health insurance, we paid little out of pocket. He could no longer drive, so we decided I would stay home and take care of him. Then from August to October: the furnace required a major repair, the stove, water heater, and washing machine had to be replaced, and the dryer required a new timer (I fixed that myself). In Oct & Nov, Husband had long overdue cataract surgery. Had we not been frugal, we'd probably still be paying credit card debt. Since we had the money saved, we were able to write the necessary checks with money left over for living. Fast forward to this past February when I broke my wrist and required surgery. Thanks to good (and expensive) health insurance (I'm not old enough for Medicare), our portion of the medical bills, while over $1100, is not a financial disaster.
    I'm so glad Husband and I are on the same page regarding finances. A frugal and simple life is a happy life!

    1. It is back to pretty today here as well. It sure was windy!!!
      I was raised the same way - so being frugal just kind of came natural. You are right - some people DO need the structure of a budget and that is perfectly fine.

      Geesh when it rained it poured for you. My oh my. Seems like that is how it happens. After losing Glen I farted around (couldn't face things) and postponed getting his retirement and Disab. I went basically a year with NO income at all. I lived off what we had saved. Thank goodness we had lived the way we did - it made life possible.
      Having insurance of some sort is so important. I now have Medicare and it is so much cheaper than insurance was. I need to have cataract surgery too - just keep putting it off.

      You are fortunate to have a spouse who is onboard. Many don't and it sure does make a difference.

  7. Another excellent post! Gotta keep on keepin' on. We can roll with the punches because we know who our Coach is and He never fails us.

    I went out to check on any damage to plants this morning and there is one snowball-size chunk of snow left. It will melt quickly this morning. Jim says it will be in the 80's next week.

    1. Yes mam - we really aren't in control - we just think we are!!!!
      we help - but there is a far greater force in cotrol.

      I am not sure how the grape arbor will fair - time will tell. Crazy old weather! Hope your plants are OK.