Thursday, April 1, 2021

HAPPY APRIL - A Time of Rebirth

 Good morning!  April has arrived!  Here we go starting our second quarter of the year!!   WOW

April - Latin word aperio which means "to open (bud)".  Some say the month is named after the Greek goddess of love - Aphrodite.

In our hemisphere it most definitely the time of rebirth.  Trees, flowers and weeds all start sprouting out and up.  Color comes back to our world.  It seems to be a time of hope and looking forward.  Natures is renewing in all ways - even the birds and critters are birthing new life.

The dandelions are beginning to flower as well as the wild violets.  I saw a bunch of violets the other day while out walking the yard.
Please don't kill these plants - they are so important for our bees.  We need the bees to pollinate our plants.  They are gardens friends.  God put these plants on earth for a reason and I doubt it was for us to kill!!!

April is a month of so many birth dates for my family.    It for sure was a time for new life in many ways.  It is also 2 years this month since my sweetie went to his new heavenly home.  Loss for us here on earth - but a great re-birth for him.
We may not always think of all the ways re-birth happens - but there are many.  Births, deaths, nature, weather,  attitudes, etc.
I think April just puts people in a better mood!  Everyone is ready to see things come back to life, to see color, to smell flowers and  feel fresh air, to hear birds, to see the squirrels antics, soothing spring showers, soft breezes....... so many things to love.

Life is short - enjoy each and every day to your best ability.  Everything can change in a fleeting moment.  Put aside your complaints and grievances and celebrate LIFE.  LIVE people - live wonderfully.  Live fully.  Enjoy the moments - as the moments are what makes it all worthwhile and beautiful.

May the month bring you joy, happiness and the spirit of love in all ways.
Hope is faith.  We have hope for a new day, new beginnings, health and happiness - that my friends is FAITH.   
Celebrate this  day you have been gifted.
Celebrate the Savior who gave all for our lives.  Celebrate His gift of promise.

May you all have a blessed month.


  1. The rebirth of all the trees, shrubs and flowers always fills me with wonder and hope.

    God bless.

    1. Me as well. It is amazing how everything works together and knows when to thrive. God sure did create some wonders!

  2. Miss Jackie is right...the rebirth of all living things brings wonder and hope. When you think of what our Messiah went through for us, it also fills me with wonder and hope.

    April is a bittersweet month. For folks like you who have lost a precious loved one, there is still rebirth in our world. Flowers blooming and green grass brings a song to my heart.

    1. We can endure whatever we must - when you think of what Jesus went through.
      Yes it is - but I know it was a rebirth for my dear as well. I feel his energy is around in all things of wonder.

  3. Thanks for this cheerful post. So much hard stuff going on, it’s nice to read encouraging words

    1. Thanks - Just want to add a little smile to someone each day.

  4. What is that saying...something about he who plants a garden and expects it to grow has faith...I cannot find it but have heard something along those lines all my life. Maybe it was just something mom said.

    I guess April is going to end on a cool note...but that is okay.

    1. It is the truth. We plant anticipating it will grow and produce - that pretty much says faith.
      Just like making plans for tomorrow - we don't know for sure what the day will bring - but have faith and make plans!