Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Simple & Fun Easter Yums

 Easter is upon us and many are getting together for some family time.  I have heard many say they plan on keeping it simple this year.  Many are doing buffets and hoping for nice weather so that people can sit indoors and outdoors.  No set seating, and serve yourself.  Nothing wrong with that.

Brunches are a big thing.  I have heard taco bars, quiches, fancy sandwiches and different salads, pitch-ins, and so on.  I hope you have a great time regardless of what you do.  I have a couple get togethers coming up this month for very special occasions so I will be staying home on Easter and observing the day in peace and quiet and reference.

Desserts and snacks can be fun and easy.  Homemade and semi homemade.  Have fun and make some tasty treats.  You will be a hit if you do.

*Dip strawberries in chocolate - add sprinkles
*Melt and spread almond bark or chocolate and add spring colored M&M's
*Cupcakes - make them to look like grass and eggs.  Color coconut with green food color and then top     with jelly beans
*Jelly bean fudge - white fudge with a bag of jelly beans added
*Dip Oreo cookies (or others) partially in colored almond bark or chocolate

*Color your own sugar for decorating.  Add a drop or two of food color to regular sugar and stir till   blended - can make any color!
*Make up a batch of SPRING trail mix - add pastel colored M & M's to standard trail mix recipe
*Fruit kabobs
*Make fruit pizza

*Make cookie or cookie bars - add pastel colored M & M's
*Make cute cutout cookies and ice
*Dip pretzels in colored chocolate
These are Harry & David treats and cost about $50 a box!  Hmmm - not that difficult to make!

*Fruit plates and dip
*Of course there is always the colored hard boiled eggs.  Use food color, Kool-Aid, or natural items (beet juice, etc.) to make your colors.  I like coloring eggs whether having company or not - it always makes me smile to open the frig and see colored eggs!!!!!
*Maybe make a 'gingerbread' type house for Easter out of graham crackers
*Cookie - ice cream sandwiches are always a hit.

Have fun and make some fun treats - regardless whether you are entertaining a few or just yourself.  Make something that makes you smile!  
The world needs more smiles!!!!!!!!

Never forget the reason for the day.  We are truly so blessed.


  1. I love the jelly bean post. I have copied it to send to my son and family. We had a lovely family day outside yesterday, saw son, daughter in law and three small grandchildren, have not seen them for months, they live a few hours away. Got to make the most of a warm day in the UK.
    Easter blessings to you.

    1. I am so happy you got to have a family day. That is wonderful. I like the jelly bean post as well.
      Wishing you a blessed weekend.

  2. I made my pie today and tomorrow is cookie baking after shopping. So looking forward to having our sons for the weekend and one for a bit longer. Not too worried about them bringing the virus into the house as one should still have some antibodies and the other is more or less stuck by himself.

    God bless.

    1. How nice that you get to have a long visit. I am happy for you and them.
      I bet all those goodies will be tasty.
      Have a wonderful weekend and blessings.

  3. We are watching the Littles on Saturday and will do an egg hunt and then have a light snacky-type meal of meat & cheese tray, crackers/chips, veggie tray and desserts. Rice krispie treats and chocolate pie.
    On Easter we will be home. And I'm ok with that. We both have been fighting a cold so having a quiet weekend will be nice.

    1. It sounds like your Saturday will be perfect in every way!
      Yum on rice krispie treats - I love those.
      I agree a quiet Sunday is good for me too.

  4. It'll be a quiet Easter but with plenty of food. Ham, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, stuffing, deviled eggs and rolls. Plus desserts. Wishing you a very Happy Easter. Stay Safe!

    1. All the food sounds so yummy! I hope you and yours have a great one.

  5. Cute ideas! We will be having traditional ham, cabbage, Mac and cheese, beets, deviled eggs, and rolls. I was thinking lemon pie for dessert, but haven’t decided for sure. Happy Easter to you!

    1. Oh that all sounds so good. Enjoy your day and your family.
      Thank you and the same to you!

  6. The fruit pizza looks so good! I need to figure out how to make it for two people.

    We celebrated Passover last weekend and had lamb. It was really good although next time I'll be sure to trim all the fat. Cooked it in the crockpot so it was easy.

    Enjoy your weekend. I think the weather is supposed to be a little nicer. Sure hope the weatherman is wrong about the 20 degrees for tonight!

    1. You could maybe use large sugar cookies and mix of cream cheese/sugar - then top with whatever fruit you want.
      I have never had lamb.
      I hope they are wrong as well - that is cold.
      Have a good one.