Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Stay on the Path and Keep Calm

 Just a bit of encouragement today.  I know many think the world has gone crazy and people tend to panic very easily.  Now is the time to stop and take a breath, calm your nerves, and stay on track.  We all need to keep on the path of stocking and providing for our families BUT with CALM!

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Stuff has gone on since the beginning of time.  Today we hear about pandemic, government mistrust, financial woes, severe weather, you name it.  There is a lot and yes it is disturbing - but sadly it is all part of life.  None of those things are new!  Have you read the Bible?  My goodness, it is full of disasters and hardships and blessings.  Same thing today - we have a boat load of crap happening - but we have blessings every day as well.  MAYBE, just MAYBE we should concentrate on those!!!!
That is what I chose to do.

Panic only causes more problems.  Surely everyone remembers how things were  in the early days of Covid.  Empty shelves.  WHY?  People panicked.  Sure things weren't being replaced as quickly as before, but panic was the start of the shortages.  This happens every where.  I never once felt panic over supplies during that time.  I have always tried to stay stocked for whatever.  Tons of people do.  That is what people do to prepare for anything!  You never know what can happen.  
You would think people would have learned a thing or two in the past year about being prepared. 

I am not saying you have to plant, grow, harvest and be off grid to be self sufficient.  I know that isn't possible for most.  Be PREPARED!  Stock those pantries and freezers however you can.  Keep supplies on hand for medical, health and beauty, growing (if you garden), repairing, cleaning, etc..  
Do not slack in preparing your lauder for whatever may happen.
If you find a deal or see something you use regularly - get it.  Get it while you can!  Don't hoard and don't panic - just slowly and continually add to your supplies.  If and when supplies at the store are low or gone - you will be fine!
You and only you can prepare your home.  That is your job!  That is your responsibility.

Quit reading/watching the panic spreaders of the world.  Blogs, Vlogs and most You Tube channels are just people like you and me.  They are not experts.  They are not world leaders.  They are not News. 
They are opinions - and we all know about those!!!  LOL
I don't watch a ton of news or listen to much of government - WHY?  They tell you what THEY WANT you to hear.  It most likely isn't true and it is generally pretty slanted. (doesn't matter liberal or conservative).
I trust my gut.  My gut says always be prepared.  My gut has never led me astray.
I learned this early in life.  It isn't a new thing.  S**t happens - and well, this girl prefers to be prepared.  
I refuse to succumb to panic.  Stuff happens and has happened since the beginning of time.  **it WILL undoubtedly hit the fan again and again.  Are you going to spend every day forever in panic mode?  NO don't do that.  That sucks the joy from life.

I try to stay away from current events on here - but preparing is just good old common sense.  No matter what garbage is going on in the world - preparing should always be a constant.

Keep on your path - it may be long.  It may get bumpy.  It may contain lots of ups and downs.  It may have lots of bends in it.  It may get muddied.  But never stray off  of it - keep going and preparing.
Slow and steady in all ways.  NO PANIC - no stressing - no hoarding - no keeping the blinders on - just do it.
This should be as regular as breathing.  It is that important. 

Each day you awake - celebrate.  See the wonders of the world that the Lord has given us.  The little things are just as important as the big things.  Look at the world eyes wide open.  
Prepare but LIVE!
You get one chance at this.  PLEASE don't spend it giving voice to evil and adversity.  Give your voice and energy to beauty, nature, family, Lord and life.



  1. Replies
    1. Thank you for this post. I find all the negative news just makes me stop in my tracks. I can't seem to move forward and enjoy life. Working on this. But I'm always prepared!

    2. Kiddo I understand fully. I try to stay away from all that crap too. Over it!
      Today is all I can handle and that is all I know I have - so I am going to make it special!!!
      Luv ya my friend!!!!

  2. Great post Cheryl. I was raised to be prepared and have never stopped. It is just another form of insurance. It gives me a little peace of mind.

    1. ABSOLUTELY! We insure our houses and cars and even ourselves - why not insure our peace of mind and our families future!

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you. And yes, please avoid hoarding. While certain items were in short supply, and they may be in the future, if you were planning all along and restocking as you go, there will be no shortage. Just because chicken breasts go on sale, there is no need to buy every single package. Re-stock what you need and leave some for your neighbor. It's the right thing to do and the practice works better for the budget, rather than buying everything in one fell swoop.

    1. You are welcome. I agree with everything you said. Even if you keep 6 months worth of food for example - replace what you use regularly and you still have 6 months. No need to be greedy and hurt others at the same time.
      There is plenty - just use common sense.

  4. Amen, Sister! Thanks, I needed that ;)

  5. Amen! We are stocked up. I will not put in a big garden this year but I will support my local farmers market. We will continue on as we always have done.

  6. Cheryl I think of my Grandparents. Born just before WW1. That was their childhood. Then the Great Depression. Then WW2. The holocaust happened in their time. They went through polio and the Spanish flu. I am amazed imagining it! They had no communications with anyone overseas or away at war besides letters. Oh my. I learned from them but wish I asked more!

    1. It is amazing the things they all went through. My folks talked about rationing and scarlet fever out breaks. Lost my grandfather in 1918 flu epidemic.
      They survived so much and like you said - it was like being stranded on an island, as they had not much communication with the outside world like we do.
      I learned so much from my parents and I am so thankful for that.

  7. I love your posts! I especially like this one because you put into words what I try to do each day during this difficult time.

    1. Thank you.
      Glad you you staying on track and moving forward.
      Keep the calm!

  8. Excellent post! I know Who holds the future. Our Elohim provides for us and also gives us the knowledge that we need to use those provisions. The Urban Farmer and I also are assured that Yehovah will give us a spirit of discernment regarding what is right and just and what is not. This knowledge gives us a peace that is priceless.

    1. Yes mam. My faith and the Lord get me through each and every day. I would certainly be lost without.

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    1. I have truly NOT been anxious over this past year. I know people may not believe that. I have been angered at some things in society - but never anxious.
      Peace and calm to you.